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    " Ducklings Handed
12-3 Loss By Hook
Oregon State’s Rooks avenged their grid defeat of a week ago
felling the Oregon Ducklings 12 to 3, on Bell field last night. La
Friday the Lemon-Yellow yearlings conquered their traditional riva
7 to 3.
At Corvallis under the arc lights the Eugene eleven was definite
outpointed throughout the entire game. The team made but four fir
downs as contrasted with 12 for the Beaverinos. Two of the Frosh fri
downs were from passes, while the Orange Babes' dozen were all fro
scrimmage. The Ducklings collected a total gain of 78 yards while tl
Rooks made 195.
Above we have “Speed-Tenor
Lowpass- Lost Chord” Lopez who
will start at half in today’s battle
With the Montana Grizzlies.
Boyer Strikes
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and Oregon would be closed within
a short time.
“We must speak up and out
against this bill which intends to
rob our state of an educated youth,
and strikes at the very basis of our
government,” concluded Gilbert.
Joe Renner, president of the At
S. U. O., urged the support of the
students in the University’s fight
against these two proposals which
will appear on the ballots Tuesday.
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Classified Department
few minutes of play. After a Fro;
penalization of five yards, Li
Lewis dropped back into the kicl
ing position and arched the ba
over the Rook crossbars from tl
15 yard line for 3 points. A blocks
Frosh punt on the one yard lir
put the Beaverinos in a positic
to score in the second quarter. E
mer Kolberg, ex-Lincoln high sta
plunged over the line for six point
With only three minutes to pla
in the final quarter Mountain ra
19 yards for the Rooks' final toucl
Though statistics show the On
gon men in a decidedly unfavoi
able light, in reality the Spirit, c
'38 team caused their opponent
plenty of trouble. Time after tim
they ran the ball deep into scorin
territory only to be halted at th
goal line by an inspired Orego
State line.
Co-captains Vernon Moore an
Chuck Brache along with Ton;
Amato and Leif Jacobsen easil
equalled anything the Beaverin
forward wall had to offer. Dal
Lasselle’s punt returns down th
sidelines proved him to be the mos
shifty runner on the field. Le
Lewis, ace punter, and Willy Wil
liamson, diminutive ball packet
merit notice.
Rooks Fumble
Oregon’s first chance to scor
came when the Ducklings recov
ered a fumble of Rook safety Bol
Mountain. A long pass, Lasselli
to Williamson, set them on thi
Orange 11 yard line, first dowt
and ten. After unsuccessful sallie:
at the striped area Les Lewis com
pleted a very difficult place kicl
from the coffin corner. Frosh 3
Rooks 0.
Then backed by a growing Rool
espirit de corps Elmer Kolberg rip
ped through the Frosh defense foi
three first downs. On the fout
yard line the Rook advance was
finally halted. Then, Dale Lasselle
attempting to punt out of danger
was overwhelmed by a mass oi
Beaverino linemen.
Miller Blocks Flint
Jim Miller, husky tackle anc
Rook captain, blocked the punt.
The ball rolled over the goal line
but spun back and came to rest on
the 6 inch line in Oregon State’s
possession. Kolberg smashed
through the line for the Rooks’
first score. Weaver’s kick was to
the side. Frosh 3, Rooks 6.
The Rook next "fed” the ball to
Jackson, whose head-down rushes
started the Orange Babes on
another touchdown attempt. Jack
son escorted the pigskin to the
puckling 12 yard stripe, where a
long pass was attempted and com
pleted. Ensued a long argument
between the referees. Finally it
was decided that the Rooks had
used the illegal "screen pass.” The
Rooks were penalized fifteen yards
and the ball given to the Frosh.
Mountain Scores
In the second half alert yearling
center, Vernon Moore, intercepted
Jackson’s pass and lumber to the
Rook 40. A pass from Williamson
to Lasselle netted a first down.
But the Frosh offense was stopped
by Bob Mountain's re-entrance in
to the game. Mountain slashed
away through the Duckling line
and gained two first downs. On
fourth down with only 2 yards to
go for score, the Beaverinos at
tempted a wide lateral which would
have scored only for a timely tac
kle by Bill Dick on the one foot
Dick kicked out of danger, but
on the next play Bob Mountain
“spun” out of the grasp of three
tacklers, diagonaled down the field
19 yards for a touchdown to end
the game with a Rook victory 12
to 3.
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Scu-icty Brand Clothes
Clothes for Men
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‘> t Take Floor Again
Monday at 4:(M
nj —
Yeomen, Phi Delt, Phi Sig
st | S.P.E., A.T.O. Fives
! Press Betas
4:00 Beta Theta Pi vs. Pi Kap
pa Alpha.
4:40 Sigma Phi Epsilon vs. Phi
Sigma Kappa.
5:20 Phi Delta Theta vs. La
Casa Filipina.
n I
_ I After letting the “B” quint:
| take the floor for the past few
| days the “A" teams will tak<
_ | things over for three successiv(
r days in the intramural basketbal
s tourney starting Monday,
g One point margins in their firsl
T “A” and “B" contests were dis
g tressing to the Betas, defending ti
1 tlists in both sections, during th«
first two weeks of the schedule
The millrace five eked out win:
1 over their opponents with a 6 to £
/ edge over the Kappa Sigs and a
' 7 to 6 win over the Phi Psis.
5 Looming up as contenders for
“ the headfeathers of the last year’s
' crown winners so far are the Phi
_ Delts, S.P.E.’s Yeomen, Phi Sigs,
5 and A.T.O. ’s.
A paid of ladies rimless glasses
were found yesterday in Johnsor
' hall. The owner may receive them
■ in the dean of women’s office.
Emerald of Air
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Days Are Here Again” and other
hits on George Gershwin’s pro
gram at 3:00; Giovanni Martinelli,
famous operatic tenor, with De
| troit symphony orchestra at 5:00;
Will Rogers at 6:30.
The beach combers of Waikiki
will stop strumming their guitars
and gather around the loudspeaker
on Sunday at 8:30, when Jack
Benny's familiar “Hello folks” is
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far off mid-Pacific. For on that
date station KGU, NBC affiliate in
Honolulu, will be added to the net
work carrying the play and by
play of Jack and his co-workers —
Mary Liningstone, Frank Parker,
Announcer Don Wilson and Don
Bestor and his orchestra.
Other good NBC bets: “Maybel
line Musical Romance" at 12:30,
“House by the Side of the Road”
with Tony Wons at 1:30, “Grand
Hotel”—drama, with Anne Sey
mour and Don Ameche at 3:30.
Cantor and Rubinoff at 5:00, Man
hattan Merry-Go-Around at 6:00,
and the Pontiac program at 7:30.
*71 frO 173 fn] fnl fH) Irfl fnl fnl IrQ frO IrD fill frO Hi] Hi] frU H H3173 fH) fnl fSl fr
VVhat are they saying? The two men above are Southern Califor
nia’s Coach Howard Jones and the Trojan quarter, Cotton-top War
burton, who has not been going so good this year in spite of last
year’s all-American rating. Wonder if Scooter is getting called down
or are they just talking it over?
Fiji, S.A.M. Fives
Postpone ‘B’ Tilt
Because many of their men were
busy in preparation for the home
coming rally parade, the Sigma
Alpha Mu and Phi Gamma Delta
hoop squads came out of a huddle
yesterday with the decision to
postpone their “B” division tilt
that was originally scheduled to
swing into action at 4 o’clock yes
The managers of the two squads
and the donut department heads
have decided to settle the physical
debate at some later date either
today or some time next week.
This one game was the only
one scheduled on Friday’s lineup of
Underwood to Lecture
About Brahms Monday
Rex Underwood, professor of pi
ano at the University school of mu
sic, will present another lecture in
his series on chamber music Mon
day, November 5, at the Hotel Os
He will discuss the life and per
sonality of Brahms. Selections
from Brahms will be played. The
string quintet with the aid of John
Stehn, director of the University
band, will play the clarinet quintet,
and Si Botts will assist in a horn
I rH3 IK fr3 In] fit fnl 173 [HI fn3 fS ffiJ Ir3 frQ fr3 frO IfD (HI Ir3 fr313 fnl Ini fnl
Special Message
to all
Dads and Grads
Welcome Back
To the Campus
Relive your college days by
subscribing to the Emerald—
Phone Graduate Manager’s office
or mail check to the
Emerald Business Office.
One I erm
1 hree Terms
1 wo Terms
5, 10, and 15 Years
Ago Today
Basketball practice was inaugur
ated this week by Coach Bill Rein
hart, who has started the men
right off on hard basketball floor
work without any preliminaries.
1924—WHAT A SHAME! 'Twas
Sunday and the Emerald sports
department was taking its Sabbat
ical rest.
# * *
varsity gridsters defeated Wash
ington in a hard game at Seattle.
Final score: 24-13.
Editor's note: The following is another
‘n the series of articles by Bill Mclnturff
winch tire presenting the various members
ot the 193d Wcbfoot grid team.
** strut his stuff before the Home
coming crowd today, comes from
South Bend, Washington. The
flashy right half starred for two
years at St. Martin's junior col
lege in the northern state before
transferring here. Although tip
ping the scales at a bare 170,
Johnny played the fullback posi
tion while in junior college.
The name is pronounced "Rysh
man" with a long “i” not "Reesh
man." It is a good old German
name, rhymes with Eleischman.
Announcers please note.
Reischman amazed Oregon fans
when put on display in the initial
Gonzaga game. A newcomer, he
blocked and cantered like a veter
an. As substitute for Van Vliet
and Bobby Parke, Johnny has had
some trouble rating enough play
ing time. Nevertheless the fiery j
Washingtonian has shown himself ,
almost on a par with the veterans ■
in all the games in which he has -
played. I
Frank Levings has been appoint
ed general forensic manager by the
forensic council and members of
the speech division.
• h ,w f- aln c fc I*
Show of 1001 Wonders!
Warner Baxter, Shirley Temple,
James Dunn, Stepin Fetchit
Miriam Hopkins, Cary Cooper,
Fredric March, E. E. Horton
Iguesso Finds Joe
Lillard; Picks Ducks,
Looks Over Hoopers
Emerald Sports Editor
Jc Mrnn1rl,F ~ 4- -4-'.,_:_4
K W A V ic T m inoort'o oreniri f n v Vi
-*■ happen in the afternoon grid conflicts and he once more plays the
loyal Oregon Duck and picks the Webfoots to waddle to victory over
Montana here this rainy day. But the score, the little one affirms, will
not be a wild three or four touchdown defeat of the Grizzlies but only
by a two goal margin.
* * * * *
Gonferentially speaking the quacker names Stanford and Washing
ton to continue their drive for the 1934 glory crown by winning with
quite fair ease over the Uclans and our neighboring Beavers. In the
California-Santa Clara fracas the non-conference lads will give a few
downward jerks to any ambitions the Bears might have.
* * * +____
ucspnu JDing uiusuy on me
bench and leading scorer Ike Pet
ersen capering' around the Gonzaga
Bulldogs look like bad picks
against the San Francisco Dons.
Minnesota, Purdue, and Pitt ap
pear to be the best bets over lowly
Michigan, Chicago, and Elmer
Lay den's Irish.
* * *
By scooting into an intramural
game or two and pestering the
Emerald donut reporter, the pro
phecying duck has decided the
Betas arc due to take prety much
:>f a riding in the hoop competition
from now on. A few individuals
pleasing to the eye so far are:
\rne Lindgren, last year's ail star,
Dave Silver, Bob Anderson, Mal
;olm Bauer, and Glen Palm.
If “Sawdust-field” Dick- John
lon, Guard sports editor, doesn't
,vant to take a pretty stiff rim
ning tomorrow in the pressbox he
tetter crawl in with a disguise and
lot plant himself anywhere in the
icinity of his pal “Turf-field”
Oregon: Montana
Simpson .LE. Rhinehart
Eagle .LT.Babich
Carter .LG. Anderson
Fury .C. Sayatovich
Hurney .ItG. Carpenter
Frye .RT. Cosgrove
Riordan RE. Heller
Reisehnian .. QB. Emery
Lopez ...RII. Vesel
Van Vliet .LH.Hilcman
Michek .FB. Story
Gregory, who now and then writes
a bit for the Oregonian about why
the Duck, Beaver, and Multnomah
field stadiums should be turfed.
* * *
Hawking around in his spare
time, Iguesso last week bumped
into Dusky Joe Lillard, former
Duck star backfield man, winning
a ball game for the Los Angeles
Westwood Cubs pro team over the
Moraga Wolves, by tossing a pass
for the victory touchdown.
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