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    x Intramural Basketball Tournament Nears End; Championship Game Next Monday
Capture Hoop
P] ay off Frays
ATO Quint Enters Finals
In Baketball Tourney
SAE Plays Yeomen Today
For Privilege of Being
Other Finalist
4 P. M.
S. A. E. vs. Yeomen
The ATO quintet battled their
way into the finals of the intra
mural hoop tourney playoff yes
terday, and the S. A. E. squad
succeeded in winning the right to
play the Yeomen to decide the
other finalist.
A. T. O. upset S. A. M. in a close
battle and knocked the Sammies,
who were favored to win, out of
the title chase by a score of 14 to
12. S. A. E. trounced the Beta
squad, 29 to 9 and demonstrated
to the railbirds why they are the
favorites to cop the donut crown.
In the S. A. M.-A. T. O. contest,
the victors started out with a bang
and scored five counters before
their bewildered opponents could
come to. Don McKim, A. T. O.
forward, ran wild in the first
quarter to score six points and help
his team take a commanding lead
of 8 to 3 at the finish of the pe
The A. T. O. team increased its
lead at the end of the half to take
an advantage of 11 to 5. The Sam
mies got busy in the third session
and scored six counters while hold
ing their foes to a single tally.
As soon as the last period com
menced, Les Goldschmidt put in a
Sammie foul shot to tie the knot
at a 12-12 count. With the teams
battling to get hold of the ball,
Bill Lake put a long A. T. O. bas
ket into the hemp two minutes be
fore the game ended. The Sammies
had three opportunities to tie the
score and take the lead, but they
all went astray.
The S. A. E.-Beta game was
just too much S. A. E. With the
Hansen brothers, Paul Bale, Jack
Robertson, and Dick Walton mak
ing good all kinds of shots, the vic
tors outclassed the Beta quintet.
Walton commenced the scoring
festivities by sinking a basket
from the foul line, and the S. A.
E.’s took a lead of 5 to 1 at the
end of the first quarter. They in
creased it to 14 to 3 at’the com
pletion of the half and went into
the last period leading 22 to 9.
Ted Hansen, S. A. E. tipoff man,
contributed a beautiful shot to the
victors’ cause in the second quar
His supreme dramatic
achievement—his out
standing contribution
to posterity!
madman—genius—master in
The sad-faced master of comedy
adds his genius to that of the
mad genius—as his valet . . • '
. ° _ - 1
Moraga Wingmen!
Fred and George Canrinus, a pair of husky brothers, holding down
the end positions for the Gaels during the present season, who will
finish out St. Mary’s present season against Oregon.
'J’HE following freshmen will
appear at the Library steps
at 12:45 p. m. today.
Courtney LaSalle.
Duncan Ball.
Dick Douty.
No lids:
James Gemlo.
George Vance.
Joe Renner.
Bob Prescott.
Howard Steib.
Roy Gagnon.
George Bagley.
Herman Levin.
Kermit Stevens,
President, Order of O.
ter when he jumped high into the
air to tip a wild shot into the bas
Ken Scales, in the game for the
Betas only a short time, manufac
tured two nice shots to lead the
losers’ scoring parade with four
The lineups:
ATO (14) Pos. SAM (12)
McKim (8).F....(4) Rotenberg
Ray (2).F.(1) Kessler
Reynolds.C.(2) Campf
Knowlton.......G (5) Goldschmidt
Hine (2).G. Donin
Vaughn.S . Harris
Lake (2).S
SAE (29) Pos. (9) Beta
B. Hansen (6).... F ...,W. Siegmund
Bale (7).F (2) D. Siegmund
T. Hansen (10).. C. Gunther
Walton (4).G. Near
Robertson (2).... G ... (1) Chapman
Gearhart.S. Berg
S.(4) Scales
S (2) E. Siegmund
Portrait of Washington
Arrives at Alpha Delta Pi
To commemorate the George
Washington bicentennial, 2,000,000
copies of Stuart’s portrait of
Washington have been printed and
will be distributed to every school
room in the United States next
year. Stuart was working on this
portrait at his death which accounts
for the blank space at the bottom
of the picture.
The first copy to come to the
state of Oregon was received last
week by the Alpha Delta Pi house.
The general distribution of the pic
tures is scheduled for February,
Dramatists Work
On Presentation
Of StudentjPlays
More than 50 men and women
are at work in the drama depart
ment on the two plays now in re
hearsal, "The Trojan Women” and
“Journey’s End.” About 40 of
these are members of the two
casts under the direction of Mrs
Ottilie Seybolt, head of the drama
department. The others are work
ing under George Andreini, drama
assistant, as costumers, electric
ians, designers, scene painters, dy
ers, and in other capacities, even
to acting as living models.
One may look away at any mo
ment from the imaginary 1917
world war trenches, now repre
sented on Guild hall stage, to find
himself confronted by a tall bru
nette, or a short, titian blonde
modelling the latest 1931 version
of the Greek tragic actor of 415
E. C., and awaiting the stamp of
approval so that the seamstresses
may begin duplicating the design.
There will be more than 21 cos
tumed in the revival from the
Mrs. Seybolt says tnat she ex
pects at any moment to hear the
“Armorer’s Song” ringing from the
workroom for the shields are yet
to be made for the characters Hec
tor, Menelaus, and Talthybius and
their spear bearers. If the men
members of the Guild Hall players
or classes in technique of acting
seem to be developing a martial
tread, they are probably respond
ing to the urgent admonition to
live their parts as much as possi
Girl Scout Head To Give
Course in Organization
Miss Thelma Mellick, member of
the National Board of Girl Scouts
at New Yorw who is traveling
around the country giving courses
in leadership in Girl Scout organ
izations, will give a course at this
University to girls who are inter
ested in Girl Scout work.
There will be no fees for taking
this course. The first of these
meetings for the elementary course
will be held Monday, November 30,
from 7 to 9 o'clock in the evening
in room 21 Gerlinger hall; for the
advance course, the first meeting
I will be held Tuesday, December 1,
* * *
A Risque,
FORD STERLING in Beauty Secrets of Hollywood
Madigan Grills
St. Marys for
Webfoot Fray
Gaels Ready for Turkey
Day Contest
Lemon and Yellow in Trim
For Annual Big Game;
Gee in Lineup
MORAGA, Calif., Nov. 23.—
(Special to the Emerald.)—St.
Mary’s is ready! Coach Slip Mad
Slip Madigan
i g a n announced
that his Gael out
fit would be pre
pared for the
Oregon invaders
when they take
the field in Kezar
s t a dium Thurs
day morning in
their annual
rhank s g i v i n g
battle. Last year,
the southern
team barely managed to eke out
a spare 7-6 victory over the Web
feet and Dr. Spears is on edge to
get back this margin and also end
up the present season with a win.
This late in the season a victory
for the Oregon team would mean
all the difference in the World be
tween a just fair team and a team
that ranks at the top with the
best of them. To take St. Mary’s
into line would mean that Oregon
breaks 2 to 1 against California
teams while a loss puts the per
centage just the other way.
Injured List Vacant
Since their defeat at the hands
of U. C. L. A., the Gaels have been
in intensive practice for their com
ing two tilts with Southern Meth
odist and the University of Ore
gon, and, notwithstanding their
two setbacks by the Olympic club
and the Bruins, they will be at
top form for the Webfeet. Madi
*> —
gan has learned his sad lesson of
putting only four days between
two hard games—by losing both
of them through the loss of a good
part of his regular squad playing
the game from the sidelines due
to injuries. This week there are
no injuries to mar St. Mary’s
chances. The much-needed rest in
the middle of a tough schedule
has worked wonders with the Mo
raga outfit and the “Four Horse
men” backfield of Beasley, Ahern,
Brovelli, and Toscani, of all-Amer
ican reputation, will again be seen
in action at full strength.
(Special to the Emerald.)—Fresh
from a 13-to-6 victory over U. C.
L. A. last Saturday in Los An
geles, Coach Clarence W. Spears
and a squad of 33 Webfeet pulled
into town yesterday. Soon after
arriving, they left for a secluded
spot south of here, where they
will remain until Thursday morn
ing, when they meet the Galloping
Gaels of St. Mary’s in the Kezar
stadium here.
Doc Spears reported that the
Ducks came out of the Bruin con
test without a single casualty
Leighton Gee, who was kept out
of the Los Angeles game because
of a strained leg muscle, is rap
idly recovering and will show San
Francisco grid fans how a footbal
should be kicked.
Spears Confident
The Oregon eleven will work out
The "Four Horsemen” of The Gael Backfield
These four gentlemen—left to right, Tosennl, rright half; “Angel7’ Brovelll, fullback; Beasley, left
half, and Ahern, quarter—are attempting to duplicate the feats of the original Four Horsemen of Notre
Dame this season and will test their mettle against Oregon day after tomorrow.
twice before the St. Mary’s con
test. The Thanksgiving day game
is scheduled to start in the morn
ing in order to give spectators an
early start for a turkey dinner.
Dr. Spears is confident that the
Webfeet can keep up their string
of impressive showings with a
creditable display at San Fran
cisco, although the genial Web
foot mentor is his usual gloomy
self when discussing the possibili
ties of a certain victory. In an
interview before he left Eugene,
Spears gave the Gaels credit as
having one of the best teams on
the Coast and in a position to give
a good account of themselves
against any kind of competition.
Oregon Improves
Since their early-season defeat
of the Trojans, St. Mary's has been
one of the primary “points” of the
Oregon team and Thursday’s game
will no doubt see a repetition of
the stirring exhibition of football
that these two teams put out here
last year. If anything, St. Mary’s
has the edge due to the experience
of their material and a not-to-be-!
forgotten victory over the Univer
sity of Southern California which,
due to the Trojans’ showing last
Saturday, is quite a feather in the
cap of the Moraga boys. Never-,
theless, football at its best is un- j
certain and, with the immense im-j
provement shown by Oregon, last
Saturday, in comparison with the
first time the Northerners were
down there, would show that the
Gaels have struck a -tartar.
Prose and Poetry Croup
To Meet at 8 P. M. at Hall
Eleanor Wharton, freshman in
English, is to lead the discussion of
Rabindranath Tagore, Indian poet,
at the meeting of Prose and Poetry
group of Philomelete tonight from
8 to 9 at Suhan Campbell hall.
!Miss Wharton will give a short
history of Tagore’s life and work,
and several of his poems will be
All women interested are invited
to attend.
======= with Walt Baker —
HE national interest and the unexpected result of
the Notre Dame-University of Southern California
game last Saturday stole a little thunder from the
Oregon-U. C. L. A. fracas in Los Angeles on the
same afternoon. Such is not to be greatly won
dered at because of the previous outcome of the
Trojan-Webfeet battle—the most clastic result was
the small gate of only 15,000 fans that turned out
to see the game.
But nevertheless, Doc Spears and the boys
walked away from there with much of the lost re*
spect and reputation that they left behind the first time. It isn’t
every team that can come back in the same city in the same season
in the manner in which the Oregon squad demonstrated. And the
final test of the complete ability of the Ducks to take their beatings
in the ordinary course of a season will be the St. Mary’s game day
after tomorrow- the third real battle in 12 days. Can they take St.
Mary’s? This is the question that the fans from that part of the
country as well as those in the North are asking the dopesters.
You can’t figure football. St. Mary’s beats U. S. C. and yet loses
to the Bruins. U. C. L. A. loses to U. S. C. and yet beats St. Mary’s.
Oregon turns the trick on the Bruins so what will the Webfeet do
to the Moraga Marauders-or vice versa? One way to figure it is
; that the Gaels are 6 points better than S. C„ who is 53 points better
than Oregon—result: St. Mary’s 59, Oregon 0. That’s a pretty steep
figure for anyone to bank on, so here’s another one. U. S. C. and
U. C. L. A. are having their own little fisticuffs over athletic relations
and so they refuse Los Angeles the treat of seeing the two teams on
the field at the same time. No comparison that way, but the Trojans
took Oregon State 30-0 and the Webfeet played them to a scoreless
tie, and, figuring in the St. Mary’s apparent 6-point advantage over
S. C., the Gaels are only 36 points better than Oregon.
Both of these comparative figures appear out of proportion to the
distributed strength of the two teams. So while we seem to be in
the prediction business, and since we only missed last Saturday’s
figure by 7 points, it appears to our no doubt biased eyes that Oregon
j is just 6 points better than the Gaels.
This may be biting off just a little bit more than we can chew,
but from the looks of comparative performance, she stands as is.
Make no mistake, this St. Mary's team has lots of fire and still has
enough left in the bag of tricks to put up stiff competition for anyone
—but along comes Oregon. The “inexperienced” team that started out
the season under such a handicap is no longer in the greenhorn class.
Seven top-notch games since the start of the season have put on the
finishing touches to a real football machine that can stand up with
the best of them and give a good account of itself. Although we
have the highest respect for anyone that can do in the Trojans, still
this early-season victory and the disadvantage that it lays to Oregon,
is more apt to be overridden by this time.
1 From comparative scores of the U. C. L. A. games of the two
schools, the Webfeet are exactly 19 points better than the Gaels—
and here is another prognostication that seems to be at odds with the
- rest of them. Whatever the pre-game dope that anyone in general
j cares to hand out between now and Thursday afternoon, neither one’s
a set-up for the other. Providing Oregon wins, the Webfeet are going
'1 to have plenty to be thankful for—a whole football season.
Callison Calls for
Frosh Hoop Stars
At First Practice
^ CALL for nil freshman men
who Intend to turn out for
frosh basketball was issued yes
terday by Coach Prink Callison.
The first meeting is scheduled
for today at 4:80 in McArthur
court and Callison urges that
any one who has played high
school basketball be there for
tlfe first practice
Prof. Charles G. Howard of the
school of law has been confined to
his home since Saturday morning
with a severe cold. He is expected
to be out again today, pending on
continued improvement.
Oregon Rooters
Yell for Webfeet •
In Faraway 'Chi9
Try to imagine a rooting section
consisting of three loyal Oregon
men in the midst of a crowd of
forty-odd thousand football fans!
That was recently the position of
J. C. Eberhart, '29; James I. John
son, '27, and Sture Johnson, ’30,
when they attended the North
western-IUinois football game in
Chicago on October 31.
"But,” writes Mr. Eberhart, ‘1
think every one of the forty thou
sand there heard our yell when
the loud-speakers announced that
Oregon had smeared N. Y. U. 14
to 6!”
Mr. Eberhart reports that James
Johnson is now an attorney in
Chicago, and that Sture JohnsoD
was visiting him over that week
end. Eberhart is the Payne Foun
dation fellow in psychology and is
doing research study on the atti
tudes of delinquent boys in Chi
"These phone-booth gatherings
of Oregonians,” continued the let
ter from Mr. Eberhart, "are full
of good times despite the limit in
size. I expect to see Ed Manning
(M.A. ’30) at Madison, Wisconsin,
next week-end.”
He also complimented the alum
ni magazine, Old Oregon, saying
he especially commended the birth
and marriage columns. The letter
was received by the alumni sec
Carol Eberhart was a member
of Kappa Sigma, Alpha Delta Sig
ma, and Phi Beta Kappa, said Miss
Calkins. He was also an Oregon
Marion McClain of the Co-op,
has announced that the Co-op store
will be closed evenings during the
Thanksgiving vacation. Otherwise
the store will be open as UBual with
the exception of Thursday, or
Thanksgiving day.
Barber Nook
406 Miner Bldg. — Phone 509
A Kennell-Ellis
is the most, worthwhile and
acceptable Christmas gift
* And the price—lowest in years—with
i Ken Nell Ellis Studio
Home for
Cent per mile via Southern Pacific
Leave Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
November 24, 25, 26.
Be back by midnight, Thursday, December 3rd.
Leave Eugene: Wednesday, November 25th, 3:45 P. M.
Returning: Leave Portland Sunday, Nov. 29th, 6:30 P. M.
Seattle.$6.25 Marshfield - - - - 3.55
Portland.$2.30 San Francisco - - - 13.50
Salem.1.40 Klamath Falls - - - 4.95
Medford - - - - 4.45 Los Angeles - - - - 21.90
Regular Trains Northbound
3:00, 4:08 and 11:40 A. M.—4:35 and 6:40 P. M.
Regular Trains Southbound
1:25 A. M. (Extra fare), 12:45 and 11:35 A. M.
12:50 and 11:10 P. M.
Southern Pacific
FRANK G. LEWIS, Ticket Agent PHONE 2200