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University of Oregon, Eugene
Willis Duniway, Editor J-arry .Jackson, Manager
Thornton Shaw, Managing Editor
Ralph David, Associate Editor
Betty Anne Macduff, Editorial Writer Merlin Blais, Hadio Director
Rufus Kimball, Asst. Managing Editor
Jack- Bellinger. Nows Editor
Eleanor Jane Ballantyne and Lenore Ely,
■Society Editors.
noy sneeay, Literary pernor
Walt Baker. Sports Editor
Doug Wight, Chief Night Editor
Advertising Mgr.
Assistant Adv. Mgr..
Assistant Adv. Mgr.
National Advertising
Promotional Mgr.
Promotion Assistant
Women’s Specialties..
.Harry Schenk
.Auten Bush
.Barney Miller
Mgr._Harold Short
.Dick Cjoebel
Mary Lou Patrick
Harriette Hofmann
Classified Adv. Mgr.George Jiranstator
Office Manager .Jack Wood
Circulation Manager.Cliff Lord
Assistant Circulation Mgr. .Ed Cross
Sez Sue .Kathryn Laughridge
So7. Sue Assistant.Caroline Hahn
Checking Dept. Mgr..Helen Stinger
Financial Administrator ..Edith Peterson
DAY EDITORS: Jessie Steele, Oscar Munger, Virginia Wentz, Eugene D. Mullins,
Sterling Green.
ASSISTANT DAY EDITORS: Esther Hayden, Julian Prescott, Kstil! Phipps.
SPECIAL WRITERS: Thelma Nelson, George Root, and Willetta Hartley.
COPYREADERS: Parks Hitchcock, Joseph Saslaysky, Marie Kylstra, Marietta Mor
rison, Helen Abel. Robert Patterson, Elinor Henry, George Sanford, Valborg An
derson, Larkin Williams, Carlyle Sprague.
REPORTERS: Jim Brooke, Fred Fricke, George Sanford, Sanford Platt, Clifford
Gregor, Sam Mushen, Harold Nock, Maximo Pulido, Willard Arant, Laura Drury,
Margaret Ann Morgan, Genevieve Dunlop, Byron Brinton, Tom Ballantyne, Cecil
Keesling, Mary Frances Owen, Ruth King, Beth Bede, Shirley Sylvester, Donald
Fields, Eleanor Skelley, Elsie Eschebeck, Aileen Kelly, Lee Parkinson, Madeleine
Gilbert, Ralph Mason.
SECRETARIES: Marjorie Haas, Hazel Corrigan, Jeane Holden.
SPORTS STAFF: Bruce Hamby, assistant editor; Estill Phipps, Joe Saslavsky, George
RADIO ASSISTANTS: Jack Bauer, Ethan Newman, Jim Brooke.
NIGHT EDITORS: Lea Dunton, Bob Patterson, Myron Ricketts, Clark Williams, and
Doug Polivka.
ASSISTANT NIGHT EDITORS: Barbara Jenning, Catherine Watson, Elsie Peterson,
Mary Teresi, Roberta Bequenith, Lenore Greve, Adele Hitchman, Geraldine Faye,
Byrne Doherty, Dorothy Williams, Worth Chaney, Ruth McClain, Delpha Hurlburt.
OFFICE ASSISTANTS: Pearl Base, Nancy Archbold, Alma Tyc, Marian Henderson,
Virginia Howard, Laura Hart, Helen Schacht, Helen Kalmbach, Betty Gorrill,
Annabel Tuiloek. Mildred Laurence.
ADVERTISING SOLICITORS: Caroline Hahn, Velma Hamilton, Jay Brown, Bill
Price, Jack Dees, Maude Sutton, Chick Tokk, Grant Thcummel, Gretchen Winter
meler, Clara Mary Fyson, Karlin Beals, Helen Nelson, Bernice Walo, Gabriel
Furrer. Louise Rice, Florence Nomblais, Ella McFall, Joseph Saslavsky, Helen
Sean, Bill Russell.
PROMOTION DEPT. ASSISTANTS: Roger Early, Jerry McGillicuddy, Bill Dobbin,
Betty Goodman, Elsie Peterson. Mabel Darrow, office records.
MARKETING DEPARTMENT: Nancy Huomeln, executive secretary; Betty Mue Iligby,
Alma Tye, Laura Hart, Virginia Kibbee, Louise Bears.
'Investigator No. 2
TT’S a bad year for “investigators.” Two weeks ago campus
"*■ sentiment flared up when Jonathan A. Butler, commissioner
for the Pacific Coast conference, let it be known he had infor
mation cpjestioning the eligibility of Joe Lillard for intercolle
giate athletics.
Now comes another "investigator” with a disturbing report—
but this time it is an attack on health and food conditions here,
but one so unfounded in the light of the present state of affairs
that the campus takes it quite lightly. Dr. Barbara Beattie
(and just who she is no one seems to know) writes in the
November issue of Good Housekeeping magazine on "College
Girls and College Doctors.” In her article she says: "The most
sensational and inexplicable thing that I found was six cases
of smallpox at the University of Oregon.”
True, there was a minor outbreak of the disease here two
and one-half years ago, and it mqst have been at that time
that Dr. Beattie visited the campus. But here is where Dr.
Beattie gives Oregon the worst of the deal. She fails to say
that since then there has been not a single case of smallpox
at Oregon.
The writer goes on to take another crack at Oregon in this
way: "At the University of Oregon I lunched on macaroni, dried
beans, cabbage salad, bread, tea and cookies.” Again she fails
to give the whole story. Where did she get this luncheon? At
the dormitory? So it would seem from the contents of the
Scripps college's dorm meals come in for very favorable com
ment from Dr. Beattie. Yet does she realize that their director,
Mrs. Edna Prescott Davis, was in charge of Oregon's dorms
when she visited here ? Could Oregon’s meals have been so very
bad when they were prepared under the direction of the same
woman who is so highly praised in one paragraph and equally
censured in another? It seems very illogical to us.
Well, who will be "Investigator” No. d?
A Whale of a Fuss!
Tl yf'cCOOL’S whale, or Ethelbert in more common usage, is
**■ dead. Thank goodness! All that remains now is for some
Portland court to find the killers of the whale guilty on some
trumped-up charge or other and to dispose of the remains of
the sea creature.
The case of Ethelbert is a strange one indeed. The stroke
of fate that sent the young killer whale up the Columbia river
to Portland was only the first of the misfortunes of the animal
that finally ended in its death. A stop in Astoria or St. Helens
could have ended happily, with Ethelbert getting away without
a scratch. Fishermen of the sea would hardly get hysterical
over finding a twelve-and-a-half-foot fish in their front yard.
True, they might have killed the fish, but it would have hap
pened so suddenly that Ethelbert wouldn't have suffered over
much and the humane society wouldn’t even have heard about
it. But a stop in Portland is another matter.
After wandering about like a lost soul m Portland waters
for a few days, with thousands of people looking on with joy
at his efforts to escape, Ethelbert suddenly meets his death at
the hands of a harpooner. It seems that Ethelbert was sick
unto death already. Only the poor marksmanship of Portland
gunmen had allowed him to live so long anyway. But to meet
death at the bands of a harpoon without the sanction of humane
society officials is a terrible thing in Portland.
Somehow, we can summon no tears over the fate of Ethel
bert. Killer whales are vicious scavengers of the sea who live
by tearing out in huge chunks the tongues of the larger whales.
They plunder without discrimination and fear not man or beast.
For one to meet death in such a strange fashion need not call
for our sympathy.
On the other hand, if we are one to make a great show of
our sportsmanship and tender regard for dumb animals, we need
not weep over Ethelbert. There is nothing cruel in patting out
of his misery a creature so completely out of his element. And
Ethelbert did die like a true whale fighting to the last. How
humiliating it would have been for the proud killer of the sea
to meet his death at the hands of those seeking to ease him into
another world by humane methods! Better to die at the en i
of a harpoon. Whales in heaven would hardly welcome one who
had been traitor to all the'traditions of the sea!
Oh-oh-oh! Call out the national
guard and the .state militia! Also,
incidentally, the Dean of Women,
and tak" a look at the ugly con
dition ; ,/revailing on the Oregon
campus. Campus co-eds are on the
# * *
Think of it, ladies and gentlemen
and readers of this column, an in
nocent girl, the flower of our wo
manhood, living in a fraternity
house. . . . and a freshman at that!
Oh, oh, oh!
* * *
Listed in the directory is:
Iiallantyne, Eleanor Jane, Cool
dge, Silverton, Journ, F, Sigma Chi
We wonder if this poor, deluded
girl is any relation to our esteemed
Society Editor. We didn’t know
she had a twin sister . . . How
about it, E. J. ?
"Hey, Mister, have you bought
your doughnuts yet?’’ And other
such appropriate phrases. And
that reminds us of the annual
cruller regatta which is being held
today- -The Doughnut Sail for the
Arm’s-Worth trophy.
The gang behind this doughnut
business tried hard to bribe us not
to mention the fact that they are
flavored with all kinds of illegal
flavors. We owe it to the public
to warn them. Here is a verbatim
transcription of conversation be
tween two of the young sales la
dies :
First: Wine heck arc they sell
ing doughnuts?
Second: Well, the Bordeaux ev
eryone in town and it is Sherry of
all of them. It is bad to have debts
Hates Payable in Advance
10c a line for first insertion;
5e a line for each additional
Telephone 3800; local 214
LOST Lower half of new -style
Conklin fountain pen. Between
men’s gym and Sigma Nu. Phone
324 or leave at Emerald business
office in Igloo.
LOST: Gray leather jacket in front
of Phi Sigma house. Please call
Jack Frisch. Phone 900.
LOST Lady’s white gold wrist
watch. Ibecs on face. Reward.
FOR SALE 1931 Chevrolet road
ster, practically new; perfectly
broken in; terms. Will take
$200 loss for short time. Call
300 or see at 302 E. 14th.
WANTED: One representative in
every house to take orders for
Xmas cards on commission. Call
Harold Theda at 2827-J.
WANTED — Men for part-time
work. See W. R. Archer, 995
Alder St., between 0:30 and
7:30 p. m.
ANY intelligent person may earn
good income corresponding for
newspapers; all or spare time;
send for free booklet; tells how.
Heacock, 118 Dun Bldg., Buf
falo, N. Y.
583 13th Ave E. Phone 1393
Style Right Price Right
Upstairs over Underwood &
Elliott Grocery.
roxteACT BRIDGE Culbertson
System. Taught by Mrs. G. E.
Leliinaji. 1771 Alder street.
Phone 1180 for appointments.
Also Hair-cutting
PHONE 1880
Next to Walora Candies
can eat: $5.50 a week. 1317
Phone SOal - - ael Willamette
scattered everywhere and the board
hopes by selling doughnuts to
Claret up.
First: Isn’t that a Clevnar idea?
Second: Not so bad but they
can’t Gin to pay their bills.
First: Why don’t they pay their
.Johns then?
Second: Oh, of all fools, you’re j
the Champagne. Just because!
they have a little money, is no sign i
that they should Port all out.
First: Hey, do you like Bach’s
“Fugue in D?"
Second: Oh, Dumbach! I prefer
his “Fugue in L.”
* * *
What’s this we hear about a fel
low named Carlson going into
physics class every morning chant
ing the Eridal Chorus for Lohen
grin ?
* * *
Wake up, Spence, June is a long
way off.
And now we have another report
from Little Irvin.
Dear Lemon Palooka:—
This is a report on the Pie Reta
Pie house on Stifteenth and Stin
kaid streets.
This house impresses me as hav
ing a lot of money. Platinum is a
valuable commodity especially if
it is platinum blonde.
The gang here has one scholar
ship staff to lean on in the person
of Lucy Pow. It is surmised they
need it.
For some reason I noticed an ex
cess of curtains on the north win
dows. The reason is inexplicable
but maybe they feared some of
the horses in the barn across the
Noise is the chief thing for which
this outfit is noted. Here is an ex
ample :
A well known professor, Ur. Ue
I Bust, was lecturing in a room on
the third floor of Condon hall when
he was disturbed by a commotion
in the street below.
“Is that,” the excellent man in
quired, “a street fight or just the
Pie Pie's?”
Truly when all the faculty knows
so much about the organization, is
I there any need for me to continue.
| Yours sincerely, )
Little Irvin,
Vigilance Committee.
Ye Tabard Inn meets at 7:15 at
Theta Chi house.
Y. M. C. A. Cabinet meets at 4
o’clock today in the Y hut.
Master Dance group will meet
tonight at 8 o’clock in Gerlinger
Alpha Delta Sigma members are
requested to attend a luncheon
this noon at College Side.
Woman in Her Sphere group of
Philomelete will meet in tire Y. W.
C. A. bungalow at 12:30 this after
All men students interested in a
study of word religions are urged
to attend a gathering at the West
minster House tonight at 9 o'clock.
On sale daily until Nov. 13.
Return limit 14 days.
Similar low fares to all main
line points between Portland
and Roseburg.
Emerald to Print
List of Lost and
Found Saturdays
| OST ’suthin’—or are you fig
uring on losing anything?
Then watch the Emerald each
Saturday. The University de
pot, collector of curios and
other strayed objects, will co
operate with the Emerald in
the future and a list of all arti
cles turned in to the depot lost
and found department will be
published weekly.
Every Friday night a list of
the stray belongings will be
turned over to the Emerald for
publication in Saturday’s paper.
The subject of the first discussion [
will be “Shindoism.”
Charm School of Philomelete
will not meet Thursday at 6:45 as
previously announced. Watch
Tuesday’s Emerald.
Cosmopolitan club members will
hold an important business meet
ing tonight at the International
House at 7:30.
Arts and Crafts group of Philo
melete will meet this evening from
9 to 10 in room 102 of the Art
Prose and Poetry group of Phi
lomelete meets tomorrow night
from 9 to 10 at Kappa Delta house.
“Poets and Poetry of India” will
be the subject for discussion.
Congress Club Will Meet .
At College Side Tonight
“Industrial Democracy” will be
considered by the Congress club
at its meeting tonight at 7:30 in
the College Side Inn. Theodore
Pursley, freshman in law, will pre
sent the topic for discussion.
Depression has raised the ques
tion of industrial ownership by
employees as a method for lessen
ing the fluctuations of business.
Several ventures in profit-sharing
and direct ownership by employees
will be brought up for considera
tion in trying to determine the
effectiveness of the scheme in re
lieving the economic problems of
the working class.
One Smoke
for MEN
Iet the little girls toy with their
J long, slim holders—let them park
scented cigarettes with their powder
compacts. That’s the time for you
to go in for a REAL MAN’S smoke.
And what can that
be but a PIPE!
There’s something
about a time-proven,
companionable pipe
that does satisfy a
man’s smoking in
stincts. You become
attached to it—like
She won't borrow the way it clears
your pipe! your head, stirs your
imagination, puts a keen edge on your
And you know the heights of true
smoking satisfaction when you keep
your pipe tilled with Edgeworth. It’s
the finest blend of choice, selected
hurleys. And its mellow- flavor and
ricn aroma nave
made Edgeworth
the favorite
among pipe to
baccos in 42 out
of 54 leading
American colleges
and universities.
You can buy
L d g e \V or t h i he smoke you can
wherever good c,lU your oum
tobacco is sold. Or, if you wish to try
before you buy, send for special free
packet. Address Larus & Bro. Co., 105
S. 22d St., Richmond, Va.
Edgeworth is a blend of fine old hurleys,
with its natural savor enhanced by Edge
worth's distinctive
and exclusive elev
enth process. Buy
Edgeworth any
where in two forms
•—Edgew orth Readv
Rubbed and Edge
worth Plug Slice.
All sices, 15c pocket
package to £1.50
pound hunudor tin.
McDonald—“Guilty Hands,” star
ring Lionel Barrymore and Kay
Francis; showing today and to
Heilig- “The Gay Diplomat,” fea
turing Ivan Lebedeff; showing
till Friday.
Colonial “Lawyer’s Secret,” with
Clive Brook and Richard Arlen;
showing Wednesday and Thurs
State—“Mother and Son,” with
Clara Kimball Young, and “Hush
Money,” with Joan Bennett; for
the last time today.
* * *
New Bills at Theatres
“Guilty Hands,” starring Lionel
Barrymore and Kay Francis, opens
its two-day run at the Fox Mc
Donald today. The picture, said
to be something new in the mys
tery line, is directed by W. S. Van
Dyke, and contains eerie sound ef
Ivan Lebedeff appears in his
first starring picture, “The Gay
Diplomat,” showing at the Heilig
for the next three days. “The Gay
Diplomat” is the tale of an army
officer sent to capture a spy who
proves to be a different one from
the person he suspects.
“The Vice Squad,” featuring
Paul Lukas and Kay Francis, is
showing at the Colonial theatre
Wednesday and Thursday.
A double bill consisting of
“Mother and Son,”- with Clara
Kimball Young, and “Hush
Money,” with Joan Bennett, is
showing for the last time today at
the State. “Raffles,” starring
Ronald Colman and Kay Francis,
is coming Thursday.
* * *
Sail Ho! And now the movies
are going to smack Old Man De
pression for a couple of reels!
More later.
A review by Dr. Robert C. Clark,
head of the history department of
“A History of the Pacific North
west,” a book written by George
W. Fuller and Alfred A. Knoff,
was published in the September
number of the “Oregon Historical
Lionel Barrymore in “Guilty
Hands,” showing at the McDonald
Wednesday and Thursday.
Education Honorary To
Observe Founders Day
To celebrate the founding date
j of the first chapter of Pi Lambda
Theta, women’s education club
honorary, Kappa chapter will hold
a banquet at the Anchorage next
Saturday evening, October 31.
Dr. Victor P. Morris, professor
of economics, will be the principal
speaker, according to Mrs. Veola
Ross, of the University high school,
who is chairman of the social com
Members of the club are elected
from the seniors or graduate stu
dents who have attained high scho
lastic standings in the school of
Alpha Delta Sigina Meets
Today at College Side
Alpha Delta Sigma, national ad
vertising professional fraternity
for men, will meet at the College
Side today at 12 o’clock, noon. Ed
Morris of the Morris Chevrolet
company of Eugene has been se
cured as guest speaker by Harry
Schenk, local president. Mr. Mor
ris will speak on General Motors’
advertising campaigns. Presence
of all members has been requested.
Frederic S. Dunn of the Latin
department will speak at the an
nual dinner of the Presbyterian
church in Cottage Grove on No
vember 2.
Proper alignment of your car gives
1. Greater Tire Mileage
2. Greater Riding Comfort
3. Greater Safety «
4. Easier Steering
bee J3 LINE
233 E. Broadway—Across from Eugene Hotel
Get the
Looking for a place to live?
Need a spare job?
Want to sell anything?
Lose anything7
Need anything?
Tell Your Wants to Us !
We will tell the campus
Oregon Daily Emerald
Emerald Classified Ad Dept.
Phone 3300
Local 214