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    Seniors Lead
Honors Group
Boyer Shows
Changed System for Higher
Qualifications Make
27 Seniors Will Graduate
With Honors in June
This Year
* The list of honors candidates for
“this year, which was released yes
terday from the office of Dr. C. V.
Boyer, chairman of the honors
-council, shows an increase of 50
per cent in the number of students
.working for honors with thesis.
JThere are 36 students on this year's
dist, as compared with 24 last year.
.Twenty-seven of this year's stu
dents are seniors, and will com
plete their work in June. Only
eight students graduated with like
honors last year.
Dr. Boyer announced a change
in the system of general honors
competition which involves the es
tablishment of much higher quali
fications for the course. The new
regulations provide that three re
lated subjects be pursued for two
years each, and oral examinations
will be given to test the student’s
correlation of the courses at the
completion of the work. Five stu
dents, three seniors and two jun
iors, are working for general hon
ors this year.
The great increase in the num
Tickets on sale December 13
to 25, inclusive; return limit
January 6, 1931.
Albany $ 2.10
Astoria . 9.60
Bend 17.05
Corvallis. 1.80
Gearhart . 10.40
Portland . 5.10
Prineville 16.15
Redmond . 16.25
Salem . 3.10
Seaside . 10.50
Spokane 23.05
White Salmon 9.95
Yakima . 19.70
Tickets, reservations, further
information, etc.—
Ticket Agent
—Phone 140—
General Agent
ber of honors students is attributed
to the growing popularity of scho
lastic accomplishment within the
University. Twenty-seven seniors
working for thesis honors com
pares favorably with the eight who
did this work last year. The num
ber of senior general honors stu
dents remains the same.
Following is the list which Dr
Boyer sent the Emerald:
Woodard, Clothiel, or.
Business Administration
Alne, Ernest, Sr.; Garrett, Or
ville, Jr.; Kaynor, Spencer. Sr.
Barr, Charles, Sr.; Harper, Den
zil, Sr.
Dunlap, Catherine, Sr.; Hunt,
Mary Agnes, Sr.; Johnson, George
F. G., Sr.; LaPorte, Lenore, Sr.;
McBee, Herbert R., Jr.; Sprague,
Gilbert Alexander, Sr.; Wickham,
Golda, Sr.
Ansley, Margaret, Jr.; Burnett,
Grace, Jr.; Dickson, Homer, Sr.;
Hardy, Dorris, Sr.; Hartmus, Paul,
Sr.; Hay, Evelyn, Sr.; Holloway,
Florence, Jr.; Jensen, Beulah, Sr.;
Dudington, I. Ruth, Sr.; Mauzey,
Marguerite, Sr.; McKennon, Cleta,
Sr.; Moore, Maxine Kirk, Jr.; Nor
ton, Lucy, Sr.; Sundbom, Elise C.,
Sr.; Wilcox, Mildred C., Sr.; York,
Katherine Mendenhall, Sr.
Douglas, Jesse S., Sr.; Marku
sen, Ida, Sr.; Miller, Robert E., Jr.
Bennett, Beatrice Ernstein, Sr.;
Van Dine, Harry W., Jr.
Romance Languages
Laurgaard, Helen, Sr.
Richol ion, Willmadene, Sr.
General Honors
Bauer, Jack R. II., Jr.; Bennett,
Beatrice Ernstein, Sr.; Calef, Fred
W., Sr.; Doran, Herbert, Sr.; Lyt
sell, Dulcie Mae, Jr.
Charles Smith
' George Knhklank
Stanley Peiser
Join in Extending the
Heartiest of Greetings
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Iri the Same
Old-Fashioned Way.
4 0*
Old eustoms are best,
after all, aren’t they?
Buster Brown
Shoe Store
McDonald Gary Cooper and
Marlene Dietrich in "Morocco.”
Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday,
Nancy Carroll in “Laughter.”
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
and Saturday, ‘‘Min and Bill.”
Colonial -— Lupe Velez in
“Hell’s Harbor.” Sunday and
Monday, Lon Chaney in "The
Unholy Three.” Tuesday, Wed
nesday, and Thursday, "The
Sap From Syracuse,” with Jack
Hcilig Friday and Satur
day, "Scarlet Pages,” with El
sie Ferguson. Sunday, Monday,
ind Tuesday, Wheeler and Wool
sey in “Half Shot at Sunrise.”
Hex — Friday and Saturday,
Gilbert Roland in "Men of the
North.” Sunday to Wednesday,
Maurice Chevalier in “Playboy
of Paris.” Wednesday and
Thursday, “War Nurse.”
State Friday and Saturday,
"Ship From Shanghai.” Sunday
and Monday, William Boyd in
"Officer O’Brien.” Tuesday and
Wednesday, “Party Girl.”
Chaney To Appear at Colonial
The Colonial theatre is showing
the tensely dramatic “Hell’s Har
bor,” starring the fiery Spanish
star, Lupe Velez, for today and
Saturday. On Sunday comes the
splendid last picture and only talk
ie of Lon Chaney, "The Unholy
McDonald Brings Bennett
“Morocco,” starring Gary Coo
per, and featuring the lovely Mar
ine Dietrich, closes Saturday night
for Nancy Carroll’s “Laughter.”
The latter is a dramatic story tak
er. from the popular stage play.
Hellig Brings Comedians
Following the close of “Scarlet
Pages” at the Heilig Saturday,
Wheeler and Woolsey are booked
in the wildly comic “Half Shot at
Sunrise.” It is rated as funnier
than the “Cuckoos.”
State Brings “I’arty Girl”
The State theatre, after today
and tomorrow’s showing of “Ship
From Shanghai,” is to show the
sensational “Party Girl.” It has
proved to be one of the big box
office attractions of the season.
Fox Rex Theatre Reopens
Starting today the Fox Rex
theatre goes back to a 7-day week
schedule and has booked some of
the biggest pictures released so
far this year. Today and Saturday
Gilbert Roland, star of "The Dove”
and “Camille” is feature in a
drama of the northland with Bar
bara Leonard in "Men of the
Starting Sunday and continuing
for three days comes Maurice Che
valier in his latest farce comedy,
We Stay Open
During The
Oregana Lunch
Eust mil
Cut Flowers
And Potted Plants
Raup’s Flower Shop
908 Willamette Phone 616
“Playboy of Paris” in which he is i
supported by Eugene Palette and j
Stuart Erwin.
“War Nurse,” the most talked I
of picture of the year has a .Jocal
showing Wednesday and Thursday.
Friday and Saturday brings
“Tol’able David" taken from the
famous novel by Joseph Herge
sheimer dealing with the people
; that live in the Blue Ridge rnoun
! tains.
Gym Registration
To Re Simplified
For Winter Term
I -
Chart To Enable Student
To Arrange Schedule
In Advance.
_ j
j Students registering for rcqulr-!
' ed physical education next quarter
will find the matter a comparative
ly easy one as the department has
| posted an outline in the basement
of the men’s gym which has the
activity, instructor, days, and
hours of the sport listed. By this ;
chart a gym schedule can be work
ed out ahead of time by the stu
dent instead of taking the only
open hours left after he has signed
for the rest of his course, often
being forced to accept an activity
which he did not wish to take.
Ten sports, formed into 60 ac
tivity sections, comprise the op
tions from which one is to be pick
ed. The sports are swimming, vol
leyball, handball, basketball, box
ing, wrestling, tumbling, golf,
fencing, and horseback riding. A
person registered in an elementary
course this term will enroll in one
of the advanced sections. In addi
tion men desiring to tryout for
Sigma Delta Psi, national athletic
i honorary, can enter a special sec
tion under the direction of Russ
Cutler. A multitude of sports will
be taken up in this class with an
aim of preparing the men for the
requirements of the fraternity.
Gym instructors directing the
. After Your
It’s good for a round of
golf and six arrows
on the Archery
Gray Lynx
Golf and Archery
Oak St. at 7th
classes arc: Paul R. Washlie, Earl
Boushey, H. B. Hunsaker, Russ
Cutler, Jack Hewitt, Prince Calli
son, Billy Reinhart, Gene Shields,
Art Ireland, Clair Meisel, and Bob
Winter Garden
and his
Winter Garden Music
-December 13th
Phene 549
What an appropriate gift for
Christmas! The beautiful poin
settia, which will last forever,
is an ideal gift. There are also
many other Christmas flowers
which the University Florist on
Thirteenth will be more than
willing to help you select. Can
dle arrangements make lovely
centerpieces for the table. Don’t
forget those formats during
Christmas vacation—they call
for a dainty corsage!
Have a Merry
Ey knowing that you have
sent the most individual greet
ing cards of the season to all
your friends. The Oriental Art
Shop has a full stock of cards
suited to all types of personali
ties. Quaint phrases, modern
istic designs, block prints, and
etchings- you will surely find
the greetings that your friends
prefer here. Oh, yes, and then
there are the new Japanese
prints, beautifully shaded and
something that anyone would
treasure. They have envelopes,
too, so they can be mailed like
other Christmas cards.
, Will be here In 10 more days
and “Sue” is positive that every
co-ed will want to look her best
so she suggests that you go
down to the Eugene Hotel
Beauty Shop and let the com
petent operators fix you all up
for Christmas. There are ex
pert operators in marcelling,
water - waving, manicuring or
whatever you desire to have
done, if you are too busy to
go down to make an appoint
ment, just call 647 and they
will gladly make arrangements
to suit you. Don't forget to
look your best for vacation!
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
“Sue” wishes this to all of her Emerald
readers. Just think, Santa will soon be visit
ing all of our houses and "Sue” certainly is
trying to help him in giving you suggestions
of gifts from our local merchants who have
a marvelous supply of appropriate articles.
"Sue” hopes that everyone will have a nice
vacation and will come back next term, and
“Sue” will be with you again. Merry Christ
Gift Seekers
Are invited to visit Densmore
and Leonard’s, where the shop
pers who have time enough to
make careful selection of their
gifts will always find the suit
able article. Exquisite sets of
lingerie in pastel shades either
lace trim or tailored style.
Darling silk pajama sets in the
latest of styles. Then there are
dainty notions such as handky
:ases, fancy garters, linen hand
kies, and various others which
will b\» so appropriate. Drop in
today and see these Christmas
gifts — “Sue” is positive you
won’t come out empty-handed!
Christmas Night
Or any other perfume would be just right if you had one of
those new atomizers known as the Evans “Atarmists” which Lar
away’s Jewelry Store have just received for their Christmas stock.
They may be obtained in gold with blue or yellow enamel for
$10 00, silver with enameled medallions for $6.00, or plain silver
for $4.50. If one doesn't look carefully they might be mistaken
for a cigarette lighter, but with a slight turn of the knob auto
matically opening the lever to operating position, one will discover
that perfume of your own taste will pour forth instead of a light.
There’s a limited number so you'd better hurry and get one now.
Feminine Plural
Is the gender and rv.mber of the new
styles, Fashion decrees. In other words,
fluffy clothes are the mode, and what
could be more suitable than a pair of
dainty mules with fluffy feathers cover
ing their toes? New imported Paristyle
mules with real feathers can be pur
chased for $4.95! At Buster Brown’s,
on Willamette, of course. “Sue” ad
vises a pair for “Her,” whether she be ^
blonde or brunette—she will adore them t
in her favorite shade! Then, too, lovely e
rhinestone heels for formal shoes make
ideal gifts as Buster Brown’s feature
The Ideal Gift
Is the combination toilet set,
consisting of comb, brush, buf
fer, nail-file, and so forth—10
pieces in all—for $12.95. Then
there are just the comb, brush
and mirror for $3.95. You are
able to purchase these in dif
ferent shades, white on amber,
maize on amber, and several
others. McMorran and Wash
burne’s have a very distinctive
variety of toilet goods. Also
the darling manicure sets in
either leather cases or attrac
tive boxes that can be placed
upon your “vanity.” These
toilet sets are just the thing for
the “girl-friend” and she will be
able to cherish your gift a life
Stop a Minute
In the midst of cramming for
that final next week and give
yourself a rest. Call 3204, the
Sandwich Delivery, and order
one of your favorite special
lunches. It will be delivered in
famous Delivery style, and how
good it will taste! Then tackle
the books again and notice how
refreshed you feel. You can’t
be wasting time during such an
intermission, because after
wards you are certain to get
your work “down pat.” Try it!
Then go into the U. of O. Ko
Ed Shop next to the College
Side and you will find exactly
what you want. The “Ko-Ed”
has dainty linen and voile hand
made handkerchiefs with de
lightful designs; clever lamp
shades in odd shapes and a va
riety of shades; cute soap dogs
with the most begging look that
a dog can give ; wood costume
jewelry which will complete the
new outfit or make the old
look new; silver cigarette cases
with enamel designs, and then
there’s the silver finger cigar
ette holder; needle-point purses
which will hold that “extra”
change. Most any kind of a
gift that you want you'll be
sure to find at the “Ko-Ed.”
Compacts, Seal Jewelry, Memory
Books, Diaries, Cigarette Cases, Sta
tionery, Fountain Pens, Books, Desk
Clocks, Paper Knives, Art Supplies,
Oregon Pennants, Pillows, Tenni*
Christmas Cards, Tobaccos, Light
ers, Desk Lamps, Ash Trays, School
Supplies, Desk Sets, Golf Supplies,
Ncvelty Jewelry, Christmas Sup
plies, Toiletries, Pipes, Oregon Blan
kets, Typewriters.
Books Are Popular Gifts
This Year
Mother or Dad would appreciate a
fine book from tlu* Hook Balcony of
the Co-op. We have a fine assort
ment of the best in fiction and non
Our Greeting Cards Are
Kxpress vour individuality by usings
Christmas cards from me Co o,,.
W c have tlic finest stock in town.
5c and Up
the CO-OP
Stationery Is Always
People are judged by their taste in
fine writing papers. The Co-op sta
tionery department i* ready to help
eon with your gift problems.
Leather Goods and Seal
The highest quality in leather goods
and Oregon Seal jewelry is obtain
able at the Co-op. Specially reduced
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A Discount of 20 Per Cent