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    Two Quintets
Earn Right to
Hoop Finals
S.A.E? and S.A.M. Dowr
Betas and Phi Delts
In Semi-Windup
Monday’s Intramural Hooii
Contests Run True to
Advance Dope
4:30—S. A. E. vs. S. A. M.
Yesterday's Results
S. A. E„ 19 ; Beta 11.
S. A. M„ 24;’ Phi Delt, 19.
The intramural hoop semi-finals
yesterday ran true to advance pre
dictions, although there were mo
ments in both games when the re
verse seemed the logical decision
The survivors, S. A. E. and S. A
M., were entitled to their victories
albeit both squads played in spurts
and failed to exhibit consistently
the fine game they are capable of
Beta played perfect ball againsl
S. A. E. in the first quarter tc
command a 5-1 lead at the end
Gunther, who was securing the tij
fr«m Roberts most of the first
half, led the drive. Walgren was
twice left completely unguarded
during the second period, which
gave the victors an 8-7 margin at
the half. S. A. E. shot raggedly
during the third and part of the
last quarter, and Beta was leading
11-10 when Cap Roberts started a
scoring spree. In the last few
minutes of play Roberts sunk four
shots and the game was on ice.
The Phi Delts gave the highly
touted Sammies the scare of their
life when they clung to a respecta
ble lead for three-fourths of the
battle and were only vanquished
when Rubenstein unlimbered his
heavy artillery in the final quar
ter. Barber and Rogers played
rings around the Sammies to
establish a 15-8 score at the half,
while their opponents argued with
the referees.
The Sammies made their usual
Will Be
Made . . .
The Most Important
Picture Ever Produced.
/ffpcult{)a£sfts I
Marguerite Churchill
Ell Brendel
Tally Marshall
Tyrone Power
David Rollins
20,000 more
Finis Written to Oregon’s Football Season for 1930 With St. Mary’s Tilt
last-half stand, however, to whit
I tie the lead 17-15 at the end ol
the third canto. Ike Donin's shoot
ing was responsible for the come
back at this juncture. The final
period saw Ruby flinging them in
from any position while Rotenberg
and Director were giving him some
able assistance.
The lineups:
S. A. E. (19) (11) Beta
Robertson (1) (2)Siegmund
Bale (2) .F. (2) Scales
Roberts (9) .C. (3) Gunther
Boyle (3) .G.... (2) Chapman
Walgren (4) .G. (2) Near
King .S. Hare
S. Rinehart
S. Dixoh
S. Bowerman
| Phi Delt (19) (24) S. A. M.
j Houghton !4) .. F .. (3) Rotenberg
Rogers (5) .F.. (9) Rubenstein
Barber (6) .C. (6) Donin
Marrs (2) .G. Director
j Meyers (2) .G.. (6) Schectman
Volleyball Team
Schedule Given
Manager Announces Rules
Of Procedure
A rearranged volleyball sched
ule was announced yesterday by
' Ruth Johnson, manager of the in
tramural sport, covering this
week’s contests.
The finals, drafted from the win
ning teams of the first week, will
play next week. When not enough
players, including substitutes, are
present on the night that their
j team plays, the team will lose the
game by default.
The responsibility for having
the teams upon the floor by 5
o’clock every evening will rest up
on the shoulders of the various cap
' tains. Substitutes will be given
five points for substituting. When
they go on the floor they are re
quired to report their name to
their captain or to Ruth Johnson.
The schedule is: Monday, De
cember 1, senior 1st vs. Junior 1st
and sophomore 1st vs. frosh 1st;
Tuesday, December 2, junior 1st
vs. soph 1st and senior 1st vs.
'frosh 1st; Wednesday, December
3, senior 1st vs. sophomore 1st and
| junior 2nd vs. frosh 2nd; Thursday,
December 4, sophomore 1st vs.
junior 1st.
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University of Oregon. The direc
torate hopes that, when the week
is over, it will have helped to
bring to the University of Oregon
a spirit which is being manifested
in all the colleges in the country.
According to Cal Bryan, chairman
of the Oregon International week
directorate, the movement is prov
ing quite popular here.
Spears’ First
Year Leading
Ducks Ended
Trip to New York To Meet
Violets Next Oetober
To Be Outstanding:
Games With Gaels, Bruins
May Be Slated on the
1931 Schedule
As far as the University of Ore
gon is concerned, football is a thing
ol the past, for some time at least.
To get an adequate picture of
the 1930 season it is necessary to
go back to a certain day last year
when Cap McEwan tendered his
resignation as coach here. Closely
following this action it was de
cided to get a man for the position
who would be the right man to
put the Oregon team in the class
that it should be as a representa
tive of an institution such as this.
Clarence W. Spears was the
choice and he arrived on the cam
pus early in the spring with the
intention of utilizing the spring
practice session to the best advan
tage in establishing his new sys
Work Confronted Spears
Spears was looked upon as a
success before he came to Eugene
and a great deal was expected of
him. After a hard grind during
the spring session he started out
this year on September 15, with a
lot of work to do and little to work
Eight games have been played
this season, four of which were
conference tilts. Two losses have
been chalked up, one a conference
game and the other the St. Mary's
game. And this we believe is a
good record for any coach in his
first year at any institution.
Many things have been accom
plished during the course of this
' season. A long trip to Chicago
was undertaken in the midst of the
season and Spears demonstrated
that his men were good under the
! very noses of his former critics at
Chicago, taking Drake 14 to 7.
This fact is significant as Oregon
has a trip to New York where they
will meet the New York Violets on
October 31 next year, and this trip
showed that it was possible to keep
the squad in good shape even on
a trip of this length.
Better Things May Come
; The game with St. Mary's also
gave indications of good things to
i come, being an indication that the
i team had recuperative powers af
ter a crushing defeat at the hands
of Oregon State. Oregon against
St. Mary’s was stronger defensive
ly than they were against Wash
ington and had a passing attack at.
San Francisco that was by far the
best exhibited by the Webfoots all
As to the 1931 schedule but two
games are assured at the present
time. One is the intersectional
game with Chick Meehan’s Violets
at New York, and the other is the
1 St. Mary’s game which will be
The gorgeous star of
“Madame X” and
“Sarah & Son’’
in her
greatest role.
Dramatic TNT! A blast of
fiery, emotion-torn action!
» Romance in the raw!
Seldom, if ever, has
the screen seen a
drama to equal this!
played at a place and time to be
determined later.
As to the conference games for
the next year a not-too-optimistic
attitude should be taken. Although
Oregon has demonstrated that they
are to be reckoned with in this
conference it is perhaps doubtful
whether or not it will be possible
to schedule any games with Cali
fornia colleges other than the us
ual game with the U. C. L. A.
With the past season as a basis
for future development Oregon un
der Doc Spears should go a long
ways next year. Added material
will be available and but few loss
es will be registered by graduation.
Things are looking up at last.
Frosli Hoopmen
Attend Practice;
Thirty-Two Out
Largo Turn-Out of EX-High
School Stars Makes
Future Bright
Freshman Daskeioau practice
got under way yesterday as 32
prospective hoopsters reported to
Coach Prink Callison for the first
regular workout on McArthur
court. While many of the candi
dates turned out for workouts dur
ing the holidays, this was the first
turnout at which extensive drill
was given.
Most of yesterday’s session was
spent in drilling in the simplest of
fundamentals. The players were
divided into groups with no classi
fication as to ability.
With a large number of ex-high
school stars on hand, Coach Calli
son should have an excellent com
bination by the time the season
sLarts next term.
No games have been definitely
scheduled as yet, but four games
with the Oregon State Rooks are
on the books although the dates
have not been released.
The 32 candidates reporting yes
terday were: Jim Watts, Abel
Lglow, Gilbert Ellinger, Ken Mc
Kenzie, Alton McCully, Einard Wil
son, Lyman Tinker, Neil Bush,
Joe Campbell, Bob Ballard, Paul
Golden, Joe Lillard, Fred Kennedy,
Cliff Lord, Herb Simmons, Irwin
Elder, Ralph Ray, Ray Smith, Bob
Stevens, Vincent Gates, Chuck
Thomas, Don Goodall, Harold Ol
son, Bill Eberhart, Roland Larson,
Jim Munholland, Mike Mikulak,
Jack Robertson, Ike Donin, La
Grande Houghton, Mark Temple,
Chuck Wishard.
Juniors Take All
Intramural Games
Women Win Volleyball,
Swim, Hockey Contests
The junior team splashed its
way to a decisive victory in wo
men’s intramural swimming last
night by scoring 27 points more
than its nearest opponent.
Four teams swam, the junior
first, junior second, senior first,
and frosh second. The junior first
team won all first places and scor
ed 36 points. The senior first team
was second in scoring with 9 points,
followed by the junior second with
7 points, and the frosh second
with 2 points.
Individual swimming in which
the juniors copped the honors, is
as follows: backstroke, Lois Nel
son; sidestroke, Gladys Gregory;
crawl, Edith Jessop; free style,
Dorothy Lou MacMillan; breast
stroke, two lengths, Edith Jessop;
plunge, Gladys Gregory, and div
j ing, Dorothy Lou MacMillan.
Oregon Squad To
Meet Multnomah
On Saturday Night
Eight Letlermen Back Will
Strengthen Varsity
Hoop Team
Opening the basketball season
with eight lettermen, Billy Rein
hart's Oregon hoopsters swing into
action with Ray Brook's Multno
mah club quintet next Saturday
night in McArthur court.
Multnomah club, undefeated
thus far this year, is on the way
to the-Independent league cham
pionship of Portland, an experi
enced and conditioned five com
prising the personnel of the team.
Brooks boasts an array of all-stars
from the Northwest, Jerry Gun
ther, former Oregon star, heading
the list. Inglis, center; Fanny An
drews, former Washington high
star; Dale Cherry, of Walla Walla
and Lincoln high fame; “Skeet”
O'Connell, ex-Commerce forward,
and Bolstead, Portland independ
ent player, make up the rest of
the squad.
To face this formidable array of
talent, Reinhart has been working I
day and night to pick a strong
lineup. It will be toward the end !
of the week before he decides upon
a definite starting lineup, the
coach indicated. Jean Eberhart,
gangling pivot man of last year's
team, will probably start at center
with Roberts, auburn-haired soph-1
omore, slated to be held in reserve.
Billy Keenan, Hank Levoff and
Cliff Horner, seasoned lettermen,
may get the call for starting Sat
urday's game, but. Boyle, Calkins,
Vince Dolp, Rubenstein, or a host j
of others have just about as much j
Reinhart has been giving the |
squad a rigorous workout twice a |
day during the holidays and the j
coming week will see almost as j
much practice from all appear
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looking for to represent our fa
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Holidays are near . . . oppor
tunity is here. Write for par
ticulars to Ann Penington Ho
siery Co., 120 Boylston St.,
Boston, Mass.
ances. Different combinations to
determine the best, fastest and
most accurate five have been used
during these workouts. As yet
only fundamental drills have occu
pied the limelight — or the Igloo
light and scrimmage sessions
may not get under way until the
middle of the week, it was indi
Wider Training
Held Necessary
Woul«l-be Teachers Should
Not Specialize
Students who plan to teach in
high schools of Oregon after they
graduate from the University
should not specialize in one par
ticular field of study, according to
VV. L. Van Loan, of the school of
Mr. Van Loan explains his state
ment by presenting statistics to
show that the majority of small
high schools in the state demand
that applicants for positions be
able to teach from three to five
“There are very few calls to our
employment department for inex
perienced teachers who are spec
ialists in only one field,” Mr. Van
Loan pointed out. "Practically all
of our graduates go into small
high schools for the first year and
are required to teach several sub
jects for which they must be
The following suggestions were
made by Mr. Van Loan as ways in
which to prepare for meeting the
teacher needs of the Oregon public
schools: first, take a differentiated
college course; second, increase
scholastic average; and third, de
velop a personality that shows an
extremely high type of ideals.
“I would recommend that stu
dents plan to do their specialized
and intensive study in graduate
work following a few years of
teaching experience," Mr. Van
Loan concluded.
Return From Trip
Mrs. Otttlie Seybolt, assistant
professor in the English depart
ment, and W. E. Hempstead Jr.,
recently returned from the annual
convention of the Western Associa
tion of Teachers of Speech. The
convention Whs held in Sah Fran
cisco during the Thanksgiving hol
Week-End Guests
Lily May Hunt of Nyssa, Ore
gon, and Carolyn Thoma were
guests of Zeta Tau Alpha during
the Thanksgiving vacation, visit
ing their sisters, Margaret Hunt
and Celia Thoma.
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