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    Oregon State’s Grid Hopes Today Dimmed By Recent Injuries
Side J ines
Football Treat on Menu.
Hatton Replae.es Moeller ....
Stators Reported Out.
■. By Harry Van Dine -
AS THE zero hour draws near
the Oregon and Oregon State
football teams are reported to be
in great shape for their annual
Homecoming bat
11 e notwith
standing the de
luge of “ bear ”
stories that have
been sent out
from the rival
camps. It is ex
pected that both
the Webfoots and
Beavers will be
at their full
strength for the
game, and with
prospects tor a
Harry Van Dine cl r y, fast, field,
there is every
reason to believe that the contest
will develop into a great exhibition
of the overhead game. Both squads |
boast of several good tossers and
receivers, and both have deceptive
passing attacks. The famous Kitz
miller to Robinson and Kitzmiller
to Archer combinations Of the
Webfoots are expected to again
function today.
* * *
Naturally, the rival
coaches have refused to an
nounce their starting lineups un
til game time, hut the regular
Oregon team will remain prac
tically intact for the game. The
only prolmbic change will place
Hal Hatton at No. 8 back in
place of Kd Moeller. Hatton has
pluyod great hall during the past
few weeks and, although lighter
than Moeller, he has won him
self a regular berth. His offen
sive work is much better than
the big discus thrower's, but he j
is not quite up to Moeller’s stan
dard oil defense. Johnny Kitz
millcr, No. 4, Captain Dave Ma
son, No. 1, and AI Browne, No.
'£, will urohably conmlete the
starting huckficld. There is one
man who has entered several
games in a pinch and has always
delivered, and he will aid remain
on the bench long today. We are
writing of Bobby Robinson, who
will take his last crack at the
Aggies today.
* * *
WORD came over from Corval
lis that Chuck Stout, a regu
lar tackle, is out of the game with
the flu. A story of that sort must
be taken with the customary grain
of salt, as many times a man has
left his sick bed to play in an im
portant game. A good example
was the Oregon State-New York
university game last year, when
half of the Beaver team entered
the game willi high fevers. Sayles
Young wiil get the call if Stout is
unable to start. Big Chief Thomp
son is#also reported on the disabled
list, suffering from an injured log.
while Del Scott, who lias seen
plenty of service at the right
guard post, is also reported out.
This leaves a great hole in the
Orange line, and Barney Carlson is
expected to try to fill iL.
* * *
OREtlON STATE will prob
ably take the licld with
regulars in all positions except
one guard and one tackle berth.
The Vggies’ starting huckficld
Is very much a mutter of specu
lation. with Curly Hilmore the
only certain starter. This young
man is one ol the best fullbacks
on tin- coast and he will cause
the Wehfools plenlv of worry.
Ralph Uuerkc should start at j
quarter, as he has been holding j
down the regular berth nil sea
son. He is a Ioann signal
barker, and a good all around
man. Although it lias been an
nounced that (.Veil Sherwood
will not start ttic game, it would
not surmise us to see him lead
ing the Beavers on tin- field. Ib
is reported to be completely re
covered from bis injuries and is
expected to lie tile main cog in
the attack of the Orangemen.
Floyd Owen is expected to get
tile call at tlie other hnlfbuok
position. Owen is a veteran
hack and plays a consistent
game. Little Bryce Nosier, the
diminutive quarter b a e k, will
jtroitHihly see plenty of service
during the afternoon. He is one
of the fastest men in the con
WHILE the Webfoots will set
lie down to another week of
practice at homo, in preparation
for the 'University of Hawaii game,
the Beavers will return to Corv.il-.
Weak Lineup
Predicted by
State Scribe
Schissler Drills Eleven To
Break Pass Attack «f
Lein on-Yellow
Aggie Punting Hit After
Thompson Is Benched
Oregon State College, Corvallis,
Nov. 14. Inuries in Oregon
State’s football team have taken
their toll, with Chief Coquelle
Thompson, guard, Chuck Stout,
tackle, Del Scott, tackle, and Tige
Larson, guard, in the hospital.
Cecil Sherwood, halfback, and
Pete Miller, tackle who have been
able to play intermittently all sea
son will probably be in uniform,
but it is doubtful whether they
will get to see action Saturday.
Fearing the Oregon passing at
tack, with Kitzmiller throwing the
ball and Bobby Robinson, receiver
extraordinary, Coach Schissler has
been drilling his team on defen
sive tactics all week.
Thompson Benched
With Chief Thompson, who was
expected to do the punting Satur
day out of the game, Schissler
will not be able to use Carl Met
ten at halfback. Metten who is
a very good defensive back is not
a punter, unfortunately, so de
fense will have to be sacrificed for'
a man who can punt.
Sayles Young will probably start
at left tackle and either Bill
Byington or Pete Miller at the
other tackle, although the possi
bility of Miller playing for any
length of time is small. Buck
Hammer will see duty at right
guard in place of Thompson.
Schissler Uses Incligihles
Trying to smooth out the rough
places in the forward wall Coach
Schissler has been having long
hard scrimmages using ineligible
men as opposition. Clarence Diz
nev, transfer from University of
Oregon and Babe Peterson, trans- |
for from Ellensburg normal, along i
wifoh Rody Lamb, former Lombard
quarterback, have been able to !
teai' huge gaps in the line.
The backfield with Ralph Buerke, I
quarterback, Carl Gilmore, full
back, Cecil Sherwood, left half
back, and either Hughes or Owen
at right halfback, seems to be
well balanced, but lacking u back
the caliber of either Kitzmiller or I
Robinson. Although Oregon is a I
decided favorite it should be a |
great game.
(Continued jrom J’nye One)
unable, despite previous admoni- j
tions on the part of university,
authorities, to restrain their nut- \
ural feelings. To the strains of I
Oregon’s famous battle cry they
marched, “Oregon! Oregon! Rah,
Rah, Oregon!"
And then someone struck up a
song that is traditional for the
eve ol an Oregon-Aggie game, a
song which, despite its slight vul
garity, is ever popular. It is ai
parody on “John Brown's Body" |
and is very specific in its applica
The big “O" on the butte was
lighted as the parade turned down
Willamette street and flared fully
as blight as "O's" have flared in
years past. Bombs and rockets
set oil added to the effect.
As the rally reached the inter
section of Seventh and Willamette, j
it broke up to allow the passage
ol the Noise parade. When the
noise-makers were past, the tra
ditioqel pep session was held under
the direction of Harold Kelly, var
sity yell king. Tom Stoddard, pres
ident of the A. S. U. O.. and Baz
Williams, one-time Oregon grid
star, spoke to the students, who
responded lustily, us Oregon stu
dents always do on such occasions.
Williams admitted that he did not
like o. A. C. ami never had, and
suggested Unit Oregon ought to
do something about it.
The assembled fans loudly as
sn d Bar. that something would
be done today at 1:30 o’clock.
lis immediately after the game to
board a train for Portland. From
there they will leave for Chicago!
Saturday night, and after a two
days stay there will proceed to
Detroit to meet the strong Uni-;
versify oi Detroit eleven. The
Detroiters have not lost a game in
22 starts and have been recognized
as oih of the greatest teams in the
country The game will be played
November 2d. the day Oregon
meets Hawaii.
Ready To Face the Orangemen
It Fallback,
Those tough VVobfoots of the ffriiuron will probably be used in
today's gwnc with the determined Beavers. A ferocious battle is
Webfoot, Beaver
Teams To Engage
In Harrier Race
Start of Three Mile Run
Will Be 20 Minutes
Before kiektrif
Today, while the crowd at the
Homecoming game is getting set
tled. the annual Oregon, Oregon
State cross-country race will get
under way. The signal which will
start the harriers on their three
and a half mile grind is scheduled
to be given 20 minutes before the
.kickoff of the main event of the
Oregon State, by means of an
intramural program, has devel
oped a team which according to
Corvfdlis sources will be hard to
beat. Bill Hayward, who is coach
ing the Webfoot team, however,
can be counted upon to have a
good squad in the race.
The course this year is arranged
in such a manner that it requires
the runners to make one lap on
the Hayward field oval at the
start as well-as the finish of the
race. This will give the specta
tors more than the usual fleeting
glimpse of the men as they finish.
'I'lie Webfoot team captained by
Pal Beal will include: Ralph Hill,
E(i Jensen, Leonard Steele, Art
Fitch, Kay Neal, John Runyun,
Ruff, Hamilton and John Schaef
O.S.C. ROOKS, 31-19
(Continued from 1‘ai/c Our)
quired a lot of drive to put them
over. When the Rooks were
backed jtp on their own goal line
Was about the only time that they
fought during t lie last quarter.
For the Frosh, the outstanding
player in either the line or the
barkneld was George Currie.
Though he has not done much in
the way of carrying the ball in
the games preceding this classic,
today was his day. He tore off
tackle, he received kicks and in
every way merited the warm liand
rlasp he received from Prink Cal
lison when in- was taken out late
in the fourth quarter. Strange as
it may seem Currie’s only score
was tallied when he averted a
Rook touchdown falling on the
ball after a blocked kick for a
Hun Watts was too closely
watched to get away for any long
runs as is his custom but did ac
count for tlie first score and
allowed that his value is not all
in tlie offense by his tackling
during tlie last part of the game.
Kushlow Plunges Line
Perhaps as outstanding as Cur
rie was Jack Kushlow though his
efforts were lens spectacular. His
line plunging was as good as any
seen on Hayward field this year
and that does not exclude anyone.
He accounted for three touch
downs after runs of 15. 1 and 2
Tlie line from end to end played
as tun coach would want a line to
play during that last half and it
is hard to pick anyone ns the
outstanding man. Johnny Hare
scored oil a long pass from Rush
low that everyone m the stands
thought was destined to be
grounded behind the goal. Bill
Powerman twice halted aerial at
tacks which the Rooks pulled as
s last resoit. iutenepting tong
throws from the hands of Little
Beta Theta Pi; Don Carver, Bach
Alpha Upsilon; Bill Barendrick,
and Davis. A1 Stoehr, Bill Mor
gan, Bernie Hughes and Sherwood
Billings were the work hprses.
They were not in the least spec
tacular but they closed their car
eers as freshman football players
in a style that should bring a
smile of anticipation to Cap Mc
Ewan’s face. Red Decker on the
other end was good as was expect
ed. He has been valuable through
out the season and this game was
ho exception.
The host of substitutes who en
tered the fray in its last few mo
ments made the route complete,
starting a march on the Orange
and black goal line which was only
halted by the timekeeper's gun.
It was truly Prink Callison’s j
The Summary:
Frosh (31) Pos. (19) Rooks:
Decker . RE .Twissj
Morgan RT Harm'
Hughes. .1. RG . Harvey
Hughes, B.C .LePez
Stoehr.LG Schmidt
Billings. LT Dungan
Hare. LE McDonald
Garnett Q Davis
Watts RH Ramponi :
Currie.LH Moe !
Rushlow.E Little
Scoring by
periods: 1 2 3 4 f
Frosh 6 6 7 12 31 j
Rooks 7 10 2 0 19
Scoring touchdowns: Frosh,
Watts, Rushlow 3, Hare. Rooks,
Little, Ramponi.
Try for point: Fresh, Sheehey.
Rooks, Davis 2.
Field goal: Rooks, Davis.
Safety: Frosh, Currie.
Monday Opening
Date for Volley
Ball Tournament
Women Class Teams Slate
First Matches for
Fall Term Play
Monday, November 18, will
open the volleyball schedule for
the term, with the senior first
team meeting the freshman first,
according to Phyllis Gove, coach, j
The complete schedule follows:
Monday, Nov. 18—Senior first
vs. frosh first; junior first vs.
junior second; frosh third vs.
frosh second.
Tuesday, Nov. 19—Junior first
vs. sophomore first, and junior j
second vs. frosh second.
Wednesday, Nov. 20—Senior \
first vs junior first, and frosh j
first vs. frosh second.
Thursday, Nov. 21—Sophomore
first vs. frosh first, and frosh |
third vs. sophomore second.
Friday, Nov. 22—Senior first vs.
sophomore first; sophomore sec
ond vs. frosh second, and faculty |
vs. junior first.
November 25—Junior first vs. j
frosh first; junioi second vs. soph
omore second, and faculty vs.
sophomore first. *
November 26 -Junior first vs.
sophomore first, and sophomore
second vs. frosh second.
December 2 -Senior first vs.
junior first; sophomore first vs.
sophomore second; frosh third vs.
frosh second, and faculty vs. frosh
Dec. 3 Senior first vs. frosh
first; junior second vs. frosh sec- j
Dec. 4—Senior first vs. sopho- j
more first, and frosh third vs. i
frosh first.
Dec. 5- Sophomore first vs.
frosh first, and junior second vs.
sophomore second.
Dec. 6 Faculty vs. senior first;
junior first vs. frosh first, and 1
junior second vs. frosh third.
Dec. 9 -First all star vs. sec- !
ond all star.
Women Select
Swimmers for
Class Teams
Schedule for Matches To
Be Announced Tuesday
To Start Contests
Swimming teams were chosen
last night by Ernestine Troemel,
coach of swimming. The sched
ule will be announced Tuesday.
The four freshman teams are
made up as follows: first team—•
Louise Marvin, Edith Green, Fran
ces Keene, M. Reynolds, and Peg
gie Slauson, captain; Clare Maer
tens, Laura Meservey, and Minnie
Herat; second team —Frances Mar
tin. Martha Nikirk, M. Tichenor. j
captain; Jane Winter, Mary Lee j
Carter, and Ellen Sersaneus; j
third team — Betty Carpenter. '■
Helen Skipworth. Betty Jones, D.
Stringer, captain: Margaret
Sprague and Hose Smith; fourth
team -Mary Adamson, captain;
Margaret Buck, Irene Pangboin,
Maud Bratiain. and Anna Rea.
The two sophomore teams are
as follows: Peggie Kerns, Dorothy
Lou McMillan, captain; F. W_
Pierce, Helen Kibs, Jane Manion,
and Emeline Moore; second team
—Margie Dana and Louise Guer
The junior first team is as fol
lows: Edna Kerns, captain; Ida
Markusen, Levina Strickland,
Dorothy Davidson, and Dorothy
The senior first team is as fol
lows: Margaret Hurley, Betty
Beam, Myrtis Gorst, captain; and
Naomi Moshberger.
(Conliiivrd from Page One)
the presentation of tickets issued
on their registration. Relatives or
intimate friends accompanying
students may purchase tickets at
the door of the Igloo.
The committee on arrange
ments, headed by Jack Stipe,
started work placing tables at Mc
Arthur court at 7 o'clock this
morning. The remainder of the
workers will begin at 10 o’clock
tlrts morning. Brian Mimnaugh.
chairman of clean-up; Dorothy
Teepe, in charge of the serving:
and Larry Wiggins, in charge of
the tickets, comprise the other
members of Miss Grebel’s directo
rate. Miss Teepe asks that all
girls working under her wear
smocks while they are serving.
Governor to Attend
Governo'’ I. L. Patterson will be
present at the game this after
noon and will officiate at the open-i
iug by heaving a football into the
arena Governor Patterson will
make a short speech just prior to
the kick-off. Tom Stoddard, pres
ident of the A. S. U. O., and Ran
son Meinkc, president of the O.
S. C. student body, will also make
short talks.
The usual parade of the Order
of 1he O, Oregon’s athletes of to
day and of the years gone by,
will take place shortly before the
game opens. The bands of Ore
gon and of O. S. C will also pa
rade around the field. There will
also be a surprise stunt, according
to Earl Miller, chairman of the
Homecoming features.
Decorations at Hayward field
will be in green and yellow, and
orange and black, the official col
ors of the competing institutions.
Each pair of goal posts will be
decorated in all four colors, in
stead of just two as in previous
years. A large flag in Oregon
colors at each end of the east
grand stand will indicate the class
having the largest number of
alumni present and the oldest
class having representatives at the
j According to an announcement
i received yesterday by the grad
uate manager's office, plans are
nearing completion for the en
largement of the Madison Square
Garden stadium, at Miami, to
take care of the large crowd ex
pected at the University of Ore
gon-University of Florida game
which will be held in the southern
city, December 7.
The announcement also stated
that 50 per cent of the Miami al
lotment of tickets had been sold
with the game still a month off.
This assures that approximately
75 per cent of the total number of
tickets have been disposed of.
PIANO JAZZ—Popular songs im
mediately; beginners or ad
vanced; twelve-lesson course.
Waterman System. Leonard J.
Edgerton, manager. Call Stu
dio 1672-W over Lara way's Mu
sic Store, 972 Willamette St.
Res. phone 13F23.
We’re Still Here
Yon limy feel flml things aren I the
vatiio iif. they were in the “good old
days-' when yon were in school: hvit
we're slil! here, giving 1 lit* smile high
qunlily of seiwiee on which von used to
depend when von were out of clean
clothes and in a -deuce of a hurry.
New Service Laundry
Dry Olcaning : —: Steam Cleaning
839 High Phone 825
S & H Green Stamps Bring Valuable Premiums
r~> Suo'erxes OhYv JijfoAC
Phone 2700■
Homecomimg Spedal
Men’s Imported English, Scotch Grain
Leather Moccasin Vamp
A very special value in Imported Mii<rlish Hrogttes . . . skri park-made with
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