Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 08, 1929, Page 4, Image 4

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    East Oregon
Map Finished
By Dr. Hodge
Professor ami Assistants
Complete Survey of
Surface Features
National Authority Praises
Completed Investigation
T)r. Edwin T. Dodge, -professor of
oconotnie geology, has completed,
with the nid of his assistants, the
first map and only mop showing to
accurate scale the surface features
of a large part, of Gilliam county;
all of Sherman county; practically
all of Wasco county; one-half of
Jefferson county; the northeast
part of Deschutes, south ns far as
Bend; the northwest of Crook coun
ty as far southeast, as Prinevllle;
and one township in Wheeler county.
Dr. Dodge plans to publish this
map and also write a small pam
phlet in connection with i 1, so that
it may he of permanent use to
those interested.
This map shows the exact eleva
tion of the surface typography.
Lewis McArthur, chairman of the
United States National Geographic
hoard for the northwest., an author
ity on cartography and familiar
with all mapping of the country
says that it is, “A magnificent
piece of work and from the stand
point of mapping one of the most
valuable investigation wifjldn the
stale. Do further says, ‘'The map
rovers a. large portion of the state
heretofore not mapped with any
accuracy and covers accurately a
large number of topographical fea
tures of that area not. recognized by
$ Oregon people before.”
The completion of this map marks
the climax of three years’ work on
the part, of Dr. Dodge and his as
sistants, Ralph Tuck, Farrell
Barnes, John Butler, Clarence Dun
bar, and Don Wilkinson.
Chemistry Professors
Will Attend Meeting
A mooting of tlio American Chem
ical Society will ho liold in Tacoma,
Washington, At ay It) ami 11. Pro
fessor O. F. Stafford, Professor It.
.1. Williams and Professor F. T,.
Shinn, all of the chemistry depart
ment, are planning to attend. They
will probnbly leave Thursday and
return on Sunday. Professor Staf
ford wilt lead a discussion on elec
This is only the second time the
American Chemical society has met
in the northwest. The first meeting
was held in Portland two years ago.
Hot a Alpha Psi Names
Officers for 1929-30
Officers for the coming year were
chosen at a business meeting of
Tlet.a Alpha Psi, national accounting
fraternity, held May .'!, in the niton’s
lounge at the Woman’s building.
Fred tlerhe was elected president;
John Scrivner, vice-president; ltov
Ford, secretary-treasurer. A. II.
Stillman, assistant professor of busi
ness administration, is the perma
nent vice-president. The business
meeting was followed bv a bampiet
at the Anchorage.
Cougars Win Second
Game With Oregon
(Continued from Cage One)
went under the fence near the side
and according to the ground rules
was good for only two bases. Mit
(•lull, Cougar center fidiler, lilt a
Hired bagger in the eighth inning
’with one man on bn so.
Next Game Friday
Orognn will resume conference
play Friday afternoon against, the
University of Washington nine. The
game will be pl.-fycd at 2:20 on
Reinhart field. The Huskies will
also be met on Saturday at the same
All eonforenee teams are now tied
with .500 per cent. Washington
won one and lost one with Washing
ton State.
Oregon will meet the Eugene
town team this afternoon in a prac
tiee game. Earl Alexander, who
was enrolled at the university as a
freshman but dropped out when lie
beenme ineligible for baseball, will
pitch for the Eugene nine.
The summarv:
W. S. C.
Eundborg, rf ..
Hueklev, :'.b ...
Koster, If .
Rohwer, lb ....
Cole, ss .
E. Mitchell, m
Di.Juli'o, 2b .
Buzzard, e .
Cragin, |i .
.Tones, ]i .
2 1
0 0
0 0
10 0 0
1 11
1 1
:i 1
4 0
5 0
4 1
5 1
:t o
2 0 0 0 0
2 0 0 0 2
1 0
0 0
4 2
0 t)
o o
2 1
0 0
Totals- . 25 0 0 27 U! 2
Robin, ss ...
Hilgers, 2b
Edwards, m
2 .1
0 0
0 2
Epps, It
Gould, rf ....
Olinger, .'lb
Nelson, lb .
RidnigSf e ...
Baker, p
Mae I humid,
Parks, ** ...
Barnes *** .
.lohnson, 2b
Woodie, o
Sehoeni, o
2 0
2 0
0 0
2 0
0 0 0
0 0
0 0 0 o
0 0 0 0
0 0
0 0
O' 0
Totals . 20 4 <) 27 0 4
* Hatted for Hilgers in seventh.
**’ Batted for Ridings in eighth.
*** Batted for .lohnson in ninth.
W. S. 0. 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 2 0—fi
Hits . (10 2 0 0 1 2 2 1—9
Oregon . 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 2....4
llifs . 0 1 0 1 1 2 0 0 1—0
Winning pitcher, Cragin; losing
pitcher, Baker; hit by pitcher by
Jones, Baker; struck out by Cragin
I, Jones 7, Baker 7; bases on balls
off Cragin 0, Jones 0, Baker 2,
Helioeni I ; stolen base, Robin; 2-base
hit, Mitchell; 2-base hit, Rolnver,
Epps; sacrifice, Koster, Buckley,
Ililgeis, Gould; double plays Di
Julio lo RohiWiT, Buzz,a rd, unas
sisted; passed ball, Buzzard 2; Rid
ings I; time, 2:20; umpire Tyler
Christ ia n.
1 Hear
I Make
Music Week
| May 5 to May 12
Music Makes Happiness
1 •
Music Shop
10;!8 Willamette St.
is ns £00(1 .is our lunches and dinners—
1 lavo you t fieri it 1
On warm days have one of our cool drinks
Nothing is too
good for
Next Sunday, May 12, is her day and you will
want to remember her with soma gift. Why not
give something unusual that sin* nan treasure
all her lifa.
We have hundreds of just sueli gifts.
Aladdin Gift Shop
Next to Y. M. C. A.
Y. W. Conference
Work is Outlined
By Local Officers
Campus Croup Plans Big
Delegation at Seabeek;
Speakers Nameil
The second conference nt Sonbeek
lliis June to claim a delegation from
(lie T'niversify of Oregon will be
t lie V. W. A| meeting nt the
Washington camp June IS to US.
Margaret. Kdinnnson, former presi
dent of tli(* eiimptls V. \V.t is clmir
m.in of tills year’s conclave, and
(iwendolyn Shepard, also active in
V. W. work here, is director of jitib
licitv. Students, faculty, and
alumni of colleges in Washington,
Oregon, Montana, and Idaho will at
Subjects to lie discussed include
religioji, Clod, prayer, immortality,
Jesus, Christianity, the church, and
the Bible. Addresses will be given
bv Dr. Boy Chamberlain, Dartmouth
college, and Dr. Norman Coleman,
president of Beed college. Other
lenders will be Mill Ann Silver,
Oilrl Beservo executive from Tn
com.i; May Dunn Ward, of the Uni
versity of Washington; Kssie Mag
uire national town secretary; Mrs.
Boy Chamberlain, Hanover, New
Hampshire; Miss Pauline Selined
ler, national finance secretary;
Dorothy Pennell, secretary at Ore
gon State college.
Donut Water Polo
S. A. E. 24—Kappa Sig 2.':.
I). E. 7—<Phi Do It 0.
Idaho Defeats O. S. C.
Idaho defeated Oregon1 State
baseball team yesterday with a
score of 8 to 10.
Idaho Oregon State
R-8 R-6
H-10 ‘ H-8
e-7 mr,
Batteries: Idaho—f!ra liner,
gon State—Wagner, Poust, Brow
pitcher, and Price, catcher.
•Oregon State—Wagner, Poust,
Brown, pitchers; Maple, catcher.
University Art Exhibit
On Display at Montana
Word has been received that the
exchange exhibit of the architec
ture and allied art department of
Oregon is now on display at Mon
tana State college, Bozeman, Mon
In a letter received by the art de
partment, Olga Ross Hannon, head
of the applied art division at Mon
tana, has stated that the exhibit has
proved to be of great interest, that
it is one of the finest exhibits re
ceived, and has aroused much com
The exhibit is composed of the
work of the students in the school
or architecture and allied art, such
as work in batiks, a collection of
costume plates, and work in the de
sign and architecture classes.
Mother’s Day, May 12
' Each and everyone of ns should not fail to give a
■ kind thought and pay proper tribute of love to the mother
! who guarded us so carefully through the days of our
; babyhood and youth, who suffered for us, who prayed
■ for us, who taught 11s our first lessons of virtuous living.
I A box of Walora Candies or salted nuts will be a
; fitting tribute of love. See the assortment we offer.
■ We wrap for mailing
Make an
£)(>! Willamette
Inlfnl frllfrDim fnl 173fillfrilfri] mfril frD fr3frUfnl rTD fril mi In] In
Bring your mother into
for that long desired portrait @
while she is here for t-J
Phone 1 GOT j|
1173173173173173173173173173173 f73fi3173173173173173173173173173173173173 fill fTT! I dl
Too Busy To
Write Ads...
With the Crowds
957 Willamette St.
School of Music
Participates In
Observance Week
> o o
National Movement To Be
Markeil Here by
Tn company with organized groups
nil over tho nation, tho music de
partment is observing national Mu
sic Week, May 5 to 12, by a series
of programs of a musical nature.
Tho first event of this series is
Verdi’s oratorio, “Requiem,” which
’was presented last night and which
will be repeated tonight and which
includes such well known soloists
as Rollin Pease, of Washington, I).
Arthur Boardman, of Milan,
Italy; Miss .Tone Burns and Miss
Bernice Alstock, both of Portland.
Paulino Guthrie, senior in the
music school, will present her senior
vocal recital at tin1 Music Auditor
ium Thursday night. Miss Guthrie,
who is a pupil of Mrs. Clark, sings
This Smoke
Aids Artist N
To Nab Ideas
Independence, Mo.
June 24, 1923.
Larus & Brother Co.,
Richmond, Va.
Dear Sirs:
' Perhaps you would like to know in
1 iust a word or so how I am in partners
with Edgeworth in a business way.
By profession I am a cartoonist,
! who you probably know is called upon
1 to create new ideas. While this is
ranked as the hardest part of the pro
; fession, I have proved it may easily
I be mastered, if a person will but
! i ncline in any easy chair, light a pipe,
and live with imaginative persons in
i the aromatic smoke clouds that will
soon fill the room. Edgeworth has
?iven me more ideas than any other
brand of tobacco, so I “married” my
pipe to it quite a while ago. The result
has been wonderful. The more you
use Edgeworth, the more you crave
it—not as a drug, but as a wholesome
Complimenting the standard qual
ity (which means more than the words
signify) of Edgeworth, I am a devoted
and profound user.
Yours very respectfully,
James W. Bright
Extra High Grade
Smoking Tobacco
mezzo-soprano and took the lead in
ttie reeent production of ‘‘Million,
presented by Madame Kose Mc
Grow's opera elass.
Mis* Guthrie is a member of Mu
Plii Epsilon, women's national mu
sic honorary, and is affiliated with
Phi Mu.
Sunday Phi Mu Alpha, men’s na
tional musical honorary, will present
a special vespers service.
Files of *Criterion’
Received fit Library
The October 1022 to .Tune 102S
issues of “The Criterion, a f]uar
terly literary review published in
England, arrived recently at the
mnm library. Tho rest rtf the issues
necessary to bring the series up to
(Into hnvo boon ordorod
“The Criterion ” ‘is a 'co^mparativo
]y now magazine, its l’irst issue
appearing rji 1022. The volume
started ns a quarterly, changed to
n monthly, and at tho present .time,
5s again a. quarterly.
The issue just received will be
sent to the bindery soon.
Burrell Gets C.P.A. Degree
O. K. Burrell, assistant professor
in business administration, received
word today that a Certified Public
Accounting certificate ,1m d been
granted him by the Start* Board ot
Accountancy on May 4.
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Tan with Brown Trim
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heeless and seamless
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