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By Lavina Hicks
‘The closing offspring term shows
and increase in engagement an
nouncements and marriages among
campus folk. Aside from this there
were many other affairs to hold the
interest during the past week-end.
The formal dances of Phi Delta
Theta and Phi Mu, and the informal
dances given by members of Phi
Sigma Kappa, Delta Tau Delta, Pi
Beta Phi and Girls’ Oregon club.
The annual picnics of Alpha Tau
Omega and Phi Delta Theta were
also interesting affairs of the week.
Mrs. George Houck
Honored Saturday
At Informal Tea
Mrs. George Houck (Flora Camp
bell) who is here from Boston with
Dr. llouck for a visit with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Dugald Camp- j
bell, was honored Saturday after
noon with a tea at the home of Mrs.
J. M. Miller. Hours were from
three to five o’clock.
During the first hour senior
members of Kappa Kappa Gamma,
of which Mrs. Houck is a member,
and town alumnae of the group were
invited to call. Mrs. Powell Plant
poured, and Miss Elizabeth Thacher
and Miss Margaret Tingle assisted.
During the second hour a group
of town and campus friends were
invited. Mrs. A. B. Sweetser pour
ed, assisted by Miss Florence Jones
and Miss Margaret Tingle.
Rose tulips and tapers were used
on the tea table and other spring
flowers were used about the rooms.
Estey - Wade
Engagement Told
At Bridge Tea
At a bridge tea for which she
was hostess, Miss Martha, Wade,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. D. S.
Wade, announced her engagement
to Wilder Estey, son of Mr. and
Mrs. A. W. Estey of San Diego, at
her home Saturday afternoon.
Guests for five tables of bridge
were invited and a group of fifty
asked to call for tea between the
hours of four and six o’clock. An
nouncement of the betrothal was
made on cards concealed in baskets
of flowers given guests during tea. i
Pouring were Mrs. Katherine Yer
ex and Mrs. L. W. Pittman.
Assisting in serving were Miss
Margaret Boyer, Miss Katie Potter,
Miss Gwendolyn Kolins of Portland,,
and Miss Dorothy Wade, sister of
the bride-elect.
Miss Wade who graduated from
ttlic university is a member of Del
ta Gamma sorority.
Alpha Tau Omega
Triangle Lake was the scene of
one of the largest picnics of*the
year Sunday when the members of
Gamma Phi chapter of Alpha Tau
Omega gathered there for their an
1 nual event. Perfect weather was
enjoyed by 'the party and boating
and dancing were included in the
entertainment. This is air annual
event sponsored by the fraternity.
A large bus was chartered to trans
port part of the party to the lake.
Patrons and patronesses included
Mr. and Mrs. Hex Underwood, Dean
Hugh Biggs, Mr. and Mrs. George
Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jerot,
Mr. and Mrs. John Bushman, and
Mr. and Mrs. Claire Kneeland.
Bill Anater was chairman of tlie
picnic committee, assisted by Elmer
Paid and Elbert Schroeder.
Phi Delta Theta
Gives Formal Dance
At the lovely home of Mr. and
Mrs. Campbell Church on Fairmount
Heights, members of Oregon Alpha
of Phi Delta Theta gave their regu- j
lnr spring term formal, Saturday
evening. The tennis court was
strung with gay colored Japanese
lanterns and many spring flowers
were used as decorations. George
Weber had charge of the dance.
Invited as patrons and patroness
es were Mrs. P. L. Campbell, Mr.
and Mrs. Barnard Gavit, Mr. Roy
Bryson, Dr. Irvin R. Fox, and
President and Mrs. Arnold Bennett
On Sunday afternoon and evening
members of Phi Delta Theta gave
their annual picnic at Robinson’s
«■ * #
Clark - McCraney
Tells of Engagement
At dinner at the Kappa 1 Kappa
Gamma house, Friday evening, Miss
Helen Elizabeth McCraney, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. McCra
ney, of Portland announced her en
gagement to Dudley F. Clark, also
of Portland. Mr. Clark who is a.
graduate of the university is a mem
ber of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity
and while on the campus was very
active in campus affairs. He was
a member of the varsity debating
team for three years, head of the
Greater Oregon association, mem
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Homer Dixon, former varsity
football player, and Miss Pauline
Stewart, beth graduated recently
from the university, whose engage
ment was announced at the-. Alpha
Gamma Delta house this week.
ber of the Student council and ac
tive in sports.
Xo date has been set for the wed
ding, which will probably take
place in the late fall or winter.
Housemothers Are
Honor Guests
Mrs. hi C. Ransom and Mrs. Jean
ette Lange were honored at a bridge
party Wednesday evening 'at the
Gamma Phi Beta house by Mrs. Jo
sephine Stewart. Each of the honor
guests were presented with a token
of remembrance, as neither plans
to return to the campus next year.
Housemothers who were guests
for the affair wdre Mrs. ,T. J.
L'ange, Mrs. E. G. Ransom, Mrs.
Lucy Abrams, Mrs. W. II. Doane,
Mrs. F. W. Benson, Mrs. Sue Bad
ollet, Mrs., R. H. Garland, Mrs.
Charles Gray, Mrs. Jennie Burrows,
Mrs. Anna Hart, Mrs. Lettie Mow
ry, Mrs. Henry Murphy, Mrs. Lucy
Perkins, Mrs. Grace Russell, Mrs.
Katherine Yerex, Airs. Elizabeth
Scaife, and Mrs. ,T. Singleton.
Phi Mu Entertains
With Formal Dance
At a formal dinner dance at the
Eugene hotel Saturday evening,
members of Phi Mu sorority enter
tained for about sixty couples.
The rooms were decorated with
palms and on each of the tables was
a centerpiece of spring flowers
around a rose colored candle.
Miss Helen Kiblan and Miss Mar
guerite Jackson were among the al
umnae present.
Patrons and patronesses were Miss
Sue Badollet, Mr. and Mrs. A. It.
Tiffany, Miss Hazel Prutsman, and
Hr. C. L. Schwering.
Mitchell - Johnson
Married Recently
Friends on the campus arc inter
ested to know of the marriage of
Miss Myrtle Johnson, former uni
versity student, to Beryl Mitchell
of Portland. Mrs. Mitchell is affil
iated with Kappa Delta sorority and
for the last two years has been go
ing to Cjre-gon State college. There
she was active in campus affairs
and was on the Barometer staff.
Mr. Mitchell attended Oregon State
college and is a member of Theta
Chi fraternity.
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell have left
for New York where Mr. Mitchell
has received an appointment with
the General Electric company.
Kriebel - Miller
Engagement Told
At a tea given in honor of Mrs.
George Houch (Flora Campbell) at
the home of Mrs. .T, M. Miller, Sat
urday afternoon, Miss Ruth Com- !
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are near
fort Miller, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Milton Miller, announced
her engagement to Richard Kriebel,
son of Mr. and Mrs. William S.
Kriebel of Germantown, Pennsyl
vania. The betrothal was told on
folders concealed in nosegays of old
fashioned flowers.
Miss Miller graduated from the
university in ’t!7 and is a member
of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.
I’lli Beta Kappa and Dial discussion
group. She is now in Boston and
has just comtpleted heir master's
degree at Radcliffe college. She
has also been studying at Harvard
medical school.
Mr. Kriebel is a graduate of the
University of Philadelphia, and is
a member of Delta Upsilon frater
* * *
Stoneroad and
F enstermacher
Miss .Janet Penstermacher, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Penster
inacher, announced her engagement
to Robert Stoneroad, son of Mr. and
Mrs. ,T. P. Stoneroad, at a tea at
the White Owl in Portland Satur
day afternoon. The news was told
in betrothal cards presented to the
quests by Miss Jean Daly.
Miss Penstermacher who former
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StITZ. §
lv attended tin' university is ;i mem
ber of Gamma Phi Beta sorority.
Mr. Stoneroad attended the Univcr
sitv of California and is affiliated
with Chi l’si fraternity.
The wedding will be an event of
the last of June.
Delta Tau Delta
Amid arelies of spring apple blos
soms placed over tables decorated
with rose buds and ferns, members
of Delta Tau Delta gave their in
formal grille dance at the chapter
house, Saturday evening.
Invited to be patrons and patron
esses were Mr. and Mrs. C. K. I)e
Noffe, Major and Mrs. F. A. Bar
ker, Mr. (!. S. Hinsdale and Mr.
and Mrs. Carlton K. Spencer.
Members of Pi Beta Phi enter
tained with a Spanisli dinner dance
at the chapter house, Saturday eve
ning. Spring flowers and palms
were used to help carry out the
Spanish motif. Tables were placed
on the terrace.
Patrons and patronesses included
Mrs. F. \V. Benson, Mr. and Mrs.
Basil Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward Morris.
At tlieir elubliouse on Saturday
evening members of the Girls’ Ore
gon club entertained with a very
novel dance which was decorated
to carry out a bowery idea. Miss
M a belle BlaUlcv was in charge of
Acting as patrons and patroness
es were Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Fai
led, Miss Marjorie Wcstcott, E. F.
Barrows, Miss Dorothy Thouias,
Mrs. Kenneth Schuinaker and Rich
ard It hoe in.
On Wednesday evening at tho
chapter house, members of Delta
Delta Delta entertained with a bro
ther dinner. The table and din
ing room was decorated with pink
snap dragons. Miss .loan Patterson
was in charge of the dinner.
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