Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, April 27, 1929, Page 3, Image 3

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Broadcasts In
Emerald Hour
Features of 60h Dear’
Presented by Cast
Rpinhart Talks Baseball to
Radio Listeners
With ,i program of Junior Voilvil
talent unit a baseball talk by Bill
Ueinhar.t, varsity baseball roach,
the second Emerald hour, sponsored
by the Emerald in the interests of
the university, went on the air over
lvOKE last night from 8 to t> o ’clock.
The broadcast was opened with
three selections by the girls’ trio
from the Yodvil, composed of Jo
Ralston, Marjorie Clark, and Louise
Storla. They sang “If I Had You,”
“1 Can't Give You Anything but
Love, Baby,” and “Miss Annabelle
Lee.” George Weber and Maxine
Glover followed with a piano duet
“Weary River,” and “You Were
Mount for Me.”
Reinhart Outlines Problems
Bill Reinhart outlined the prob
lems facing a coach in rounding out
his team for the season. Although
Oregon got off to a bail start this
year, Reinhart hopes for a good
finish. Individuality in baseball is
a great, factor, tlio coach said. “The
individual 'fails or succeeds with the
group. It all depends on individual
responsibility and personal aggres
siveness,” he" added.
“One of the hardest parts of the
coaching job is keeping the players
on edge, and keeping up their in
terest in the game. Each player
must be studied and the coach must
know how to get the best out of
each man. Mass methods in base
liall coaching are ineffective. The
best coach is a leader and not a
driver and must build up self-con
fidence and ability in the players,”
he concluded.
Vodvil Stars Entertain
Following Reinhart's talk, the
Vodvil stars came back with several
numbers. Louise Clark and Maxine
Glover played and sang “How About
Me?” and “Plodding Along.” Mac
Miller and Bill Gillette, featured in
a “blackout” act in the show, fol
lowed with some snappy dialogue
from their number. The program
was concluded by a piano solo by
Maxine Glover, “Taint So, Honey,
Taint So.”
Bob Warner, of the Vodvil staff,
outlined the plot of the musical
show which will be given at the
Ileilig theater Maf 3 and 4.
Jack Hempstead, associate editor
of the Emerald, announced the num
bers and listed the program for the
Emerald hour next Tuesday. The
broadcast will feature Johnny Rob
inson’s Varsity Vagabonds, Madge
Xormile, blues singer, and Hal Hat
ton, tap dancer, all stars in the
Junior Vodvil.
The Emerald hour will be a fea
ture over KORE every Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Friday night at S
o’clock for the rest of this term.
Ralph Geyer Makes
Many Appointments
Several important committee ap
pointments were announced recently
by Ralph Geyer, president, at a
meeting of Alpha Kappa Psi, pro
fessional and commercial honorary.
The committee to nominate offi
cers for next year is composed of
Frank Halliin, chairman; Carl
Phone 1733 573 E. 13th Ave.
Dressmaking - Designing
Style Eight Price Eight
j Englund the Tailor |
■ Dues Excellent !
18 West 8th St.
Eugene’s Entries in Relay Meet
Entries who will bear Eugene high school’s colors Ini the state high
school relay meet this afternoon at 2 p. m. at Hayward field. Left to
right, they are: Lewis Neale, Whitton Arey, Sherwood Burr, and Donald
Apaches and Chorus Girls Dance
At Colorful f.Bal Des Beaux Arts'
Dim Lights of ‘Quarter’
Feature Campus Hop
The Beaux Arts ball, under the
auspices of the student body of the
architecture and allied arts, was
held at the Campa Shoppe last night
and proved to be one of the out
standing dances of the year.
As one entered No. 1313 33rd
street one was transported into the
Apache atmosphere of the Bohemian
quarter of the French dive. Tlte
doorway was dimly lighted by an
antiquated street light. One imme
diately found himself in the Latin
quarter of Paris surrounded by sew
ers and slums.
The stone archways!* with dim
street lights on either sidft of the
hall; the scattered tables, bottles!
with a candle thrust in each upon
the checkered table cloths, lead up
to the beautiful garden scene at the
extreme end of the hall.
The Latin quarter was crowded j
with undignified individuals dressed i
as Apaches, chorus girls, gypsies, j
college professors, Turks, shieks,
and physical education majors. They
sat at the rustic tables and ate and
drank such unusual food as rye
bread, cheese, and beer.
The surprise feature of the eve
ning was an oriental dance by Her-1
Heads of Ball
Glenn Gardiner, left, is general
fiiairman of the Beaux Arts ball
given last night at the Campa
Shoppe; Clarence Lidberg, right, is
chairman of the decorations com
oshi Tsuboi, senior in arts. Edith
Pearson and Jack Reynolds featured
with an Apache dance.
The committee in charge of the
ball was: general chairman, Glenn
Gardner; decoration, Clarence Lid
berg; tickets, Louise Hollenbeck;
programs, Dorothy Chapman; floor,
Meredith Laudaker; refreshments,
Amy Porter; posters, Chloethiel
Woodard; features, Keith Maguire;
patrons, Florence Jones; clean-up,
Howard Null.
Rodgers, and Robert Lemon. Carl!
Landstrom, chairman, and Nonvald
Nelson are on the membership com
Since the national constitution of
Alpha Kappa Psi has recently been
revised, it is necessary to rewrite
the local constitution of Kappa
chapter. Lester Oeliler, chairman;,
Ronald Robnctt, and Clement Shafer
compose the committee fyr this
work. Harper Barnard was ap
pointed chairman of the silver an
niversary of Alpha Kappa Psi, which
will take place in a few weeks.
Norwald Nelson, a junior in busi
Fresh Strawberries
—Have Arrived—
Try our Fresh Strawberry Specials
Sundaes, Shortcake and Pie
AVe .specialize in noon luncheons, dinners and
evening specials
Follow the crowd to
College Side Inn
nos Administration, was (dected as
flu- Kappa chapter delegate to the
national convention to be held at
Denver, Colorado, June 19-22. Wil
lis Warren was elected ns his alter
- Society |
5’.—. ... ■■ --—«—..—..—«— iS
Active and alumni members of
Beta Iota chapter of Sigma Chi
were hosts at a formal open house
and reception at their chapter house,
Friday evening at 8 o’clock. About
250 were invited.
Those receiving were Joe Me
Keown, president of the house, Dean
and Mrs. John Straub, Mr. and
Mrs. Graham B. Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. l.ynn S. MeCready.
Pouring were Mrs. Louis H. John
son, Mrs. Lynn S. MeCready, Mrs.
Graham B. Smith, Mrs. John Straub,
Mrs. D. B. Hendricks. Mrs. K. C.
Ransom and Mrs. Charles J. Swin
dells of Portland.
Assisting in serving were Aliases
Mary Margaret Ferrall, Alberta
Rives and Grace MeEwan.
A musicale was given during the
evening consisting of: vocal solos,
Jack Dennis; piano solos, Boone
Hendricks; and violin solos, Vernon
Out of town guests present at the
reception included Mr. and Mrs. J.
0. Patton, Airs. Charles J. Swin
dells, Robert Holman, all of Port
land, and Air. and Airs. Ben Fisher
of Marshfield.
A background characteristic of
any Latin quarter was the decora
tive motif used at the Beaux Arts
masquerade ball held at the Campa
Shoppe, Friday evening. Tables
with checkered coverings were
placed against flip walls which were
decorated to represent the sewer
system of lower Paris.
Miss Edith Pearson and Jack
Reynolds furnished the feature for
tiie evening. Glenn Gardiner had
charge of the affair which is spon
sored by the schools of architecture
and art.
Patrons and patronesses for the
evening were President and Airs.
Arnold Bennett Hall, Vice-president
and Mrs. Hurt Brown Barker, Dean
and Airs. Ellis F. Lawrence, Mr.
and Airs. Earl M. Pallctt, Hugh
Biggs, Miss Hazel Prutsmaii, Mr.
and Airs. X. B. Zane, Mr. and Airs.
Eyler Brown, Air. and Airs. George
Underclassmen of Delta Tan Delta
entertained at the chapter house,
Friday evening, with a collegiate
dance. The rooms were decorated
with pennants of many colleges.
About 20 couples were present for
Evenings ------- 35c
Children ------- 10c
MATINEE - - - 2:30
TONIGHT - - - 8:00
Beta Gamma national
scholastic oommeree honorary
fraternity, has announced the
election of:
George Stadelman
Karl I, a ml strum
Emerson Bolz. j
the affair. Howard t’ellou was in [
Feature numbers were furnished ;
by Harold Moulin and Joe Hughes. J
Invited as patrons and patronesses !
were Mr. and Mrs. Carlton E.
Spencer, Mr. Verne Blue and Dean
Hugh Biggs.
* * *
Tennis rackets and golf clubs
were used as decorations to carry
1 out the country club idea used at
the Alpha Epsilon house, Friday
evening, at their informal sport
dance. Melvin Parker was in charge
| of the affair.
Serving ns patrons and patronessrs j
I were Karl M. Pallett, Dean Charles
| Cav|ieater anti Professor S. Stephen
! son Smith.
Special guests at the ilanee vrero
Mr. Charles Norman, T.ester Parley |
,and John Warren of Corvallis.
Mrs. Lewis Beeson, Mrs. (1. If. I
Godfrey and Mrs. (1. A. Hess, as
, sistant dean of women, gave a tea
! for Mrs. Kenneth G. Wilshire who
i is leaving soon for Kurppe. The
ten was held at file home of Airs.
Charles Pltiot, Friday afternoon,
between the hours of •'! and fi o 'clock.
Mrs. Wilshire is a graduate of the
university and last year was assist
ant manager of the dormitories.
The Eugene hotel, Friday evening,
was the scene of the Delta Gamma
sport dance which was decorated to
carry out a treasure hunt idea. Tied
and white checkered tables were i
placed about the room and lighted !
candles in bottles were used as ceil- j
terpieces. The dance was given by I
the freshmen for the other members j
of the house. Miss Constance Pox
was in charge.
Acting as patrons and patronesses
were Mrs. Katherine Terex, Mrs.
Grace Russell, Dr. and Airs. R. C.
Romig and Air. and Mrs. Fred E.
I Next little
squib will tell
the tale
i 77', ...
Delegates Visit
” ' THE
, 778 Willamette
Last Times Today
On the Stage
presenting the three-act
dramatic play
and on the screen
• CVAdePUTTI totti
Out' of lilt- most sensa
tional romances ever
told upon the screen.
A picture you’ll
long remember.
Co-op Directors
To Be Nominated
For Coming Year
Hufrh* und Palmer Finish
Terms ami New Men
Must Be Named
Nominations of candidates to till
the positions left vacant in the
board of directors of the university
( o-o]> will bo made
:it a mooting to be
bold in room 10'
of tlio ('ommoroc
building a t 1
o’olook Minida \
afternoon, aoonril
iug In Marion K
Mot'lain, liianiigoi
of tbo Co-op.
Tlio forms of of
tin' of Koualt
Hubbs, prosidonl
of tlio board ol
directors, and A1
Ron Hubbs
. ■
nnnc ini'inbor, i'X
jure ;<t tlic t*n<l of
tin* jmesent school year, and their
successors are to lie chosen by the
stiolent body at large nt the gen
eral election to be held Mac I. l)ay
Foster and Hal Anderson, junior
members of the board of directors,
will hold over for another year.
All students interested are urged
to attend the meeting, says Mc
| Freshmen May Wear
Cords to Movie Dance
Freshmen of tin* Oregon campus
may wear colds today without fear
of tlie Oregon Knights or the tra
diturns committee of the student
council, provided that they do so
for the purpose of attending the
campus movie dance which will ho
I held at the tennis courts on the
Wilson Jewett estate this afternoon.
This announcement was made
last night by Francis Mullins, danc
ing director of the movie, who will
he in charge of the function. Fifty
couples are needed for the dance,
from which will lie filmed one of
the most important scenes of the,
All men who attend the dance
should wear cords and dark coats,
and the women sport clothes. Those
attending should meet at the Ad
ministration building by 1 o’clock.
Anyone interested in taking part in
the scene should communicate at
once with Francis Mullins at 1,‘UKi.
Johnnie Robinson and his orchestra
will furnish the music for the
| dance.
DRRSNM AKINCI and altering want
ed. Phone 2492-J. 4-10-30
TONIGHT-is ‘College Night'
All the rumpus will be down tonight and briujj
its own entertainment along
Trios Banjo Duos Dancers
Saturday at 9 p. m. k
— And
a xjkss
2 to 11 p. in.
11th at Alder
Children 10c
Vampea by a *>obb«
haired bandit wjii
the crooks make
big ]iau_. nut doi
he get hi« man? Jm
watch Comical Cha
lie in the funnic
picture ha uviu1 mad
Brand New
“Dumb Waiters