Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, March 08, 1929, Page 8, Image 8

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    Many Works
Published F or
Oregon Profs
Collection, Cataloguing
Of Published Writing
Finished by Library
Books by Allen, Perkins,
Beck, Caswell Printed
Collection nml cataloguing <>f
published writings o.' members of
the university faculty during H*~^
has just been completed by Miss
Rita Ridings of the university li
brary staff. Several ofothe faculty
have published textbooks, and sev
eral have written technical artiides
for nml pmjmts.
Dean Eric W. Allen of the school
of journalism was author of “I’rint-j
ing for the Journalist,” published
by A. Knopf. j
Anne Landslmry Beck, of the
school of music, has published
“public School Musii-j” a text-book, |
t h rough Koke-Cluipma n.
A. E. Caswell, of the physics de
partment, wrote “ Experimental j
Physics; a Laboratory Manual,”|
and “Outline of Physics.” j
Perkins’ Eock Published
Mary IL Perkins, of the English |
department, published through the
Oorhnm press “The Servant Pride
lem in Elizabethan Literature.”
Others of the faculty who pub
lished poems, articles, short stories,
treatises, etc., are Eric W. Allen,
journalistic writings; Alice M.
Bains, a work on planarian worms;
James I). Barnett, reviews on slate
and federal government; Hay P.
Bowen, an article on common ele
ments in Vigny and" Maupassant;
O. K. Burrell, a teaching device
in, ,'itioB and turnovers; Charles E.
Carpenter, numerous law articles;
B. Lenoro Casford, on high school
library instruction; Edmund S.
Conklin, book reviews in psychol
ogy; 1). R. Davis, mathematics;
B. W. DeBusft, addition problems;
Hail R. Douglass, educational
treatises; M. II. Douglass, high
school library organization; K. S.
Dunn, poems and Latin articles;
Alice Henson Ernst, play reviews
and verse; if. R. Crosland, psy
(leorge H. (Tod f rev, articles in
Old Oregon; Margaret B. (ioodall,
English writings; Alfred Adler,
psychology; Mozelle Hair, child
training; Arnold Bennett Hall, edu
cational reform; Howler Vincent
Harper, law reviews; E. T. Hodge,
treatises on mercury in Oregon;
Ralph It. Meustis, biological articles;
H. L. Huffaker, education; M.
Kerns, art studies; Walter Evans
Kidd, numerous poems; Edgar It,
Means, science.
Fred N. Miller, university health
service; VV. E. Milne, mathematics;
A. R. Moore, biology; It. U. Moore,
mathematics; V. P. Morris, prop
erty values; P. A. Parsons, tomor
row’s probation worker; Edith B.
Puttee, education; Kurt Reinhart,
literature; 0. E. Rothwell, social
studies; E. P. Schmidt, constitu
tional law; E. (I. Schmidt, high
school Herman.
Harry \lexnnder Scott, physical.
A. A. Hager Co.
Easter Reminders
Ladies Silk
Ladies' super - rayon silk
undies consisting of bloom
ers, shorties. French panties,
step-ins, braissiere top com
bination suits, nighties, and
slips. Tailored or lace
Priced 79c to $1.00
Silk Hosiery
Ladies’ full fashioned pure
thread silk hosiery, new high
French heel, slipper toe, silk
to the top with peeot edge.
Very fine gauge, service
Special $1.00 pair
A. A. Hager Co.
5c to $1.00 Store
735-41 Willamette St.
education; Gertrude Scars, high
school courses; Robert. 77. Seashore,
psychological articles; L. K. Shu
maker, Kngtisli entrance examina
tion; H. S. Smith, literature, re
views; Warren DuPre Smith, sketch
of the Wall owns; (). F. Stafford,
palp and paper industry; F. L. Stet
son, high school administration.
II. It. Taylor, psychology; W. F.
G. Thacher, advertising articles;
Lilian Tingle, newspaper articles;
II. G. Townsend, pragmatism of
Pierce and Hegel; Brnest’ne A.
Troenul, physical education; George
Turnbull, Oregon Fxchanges; liar
old S. Till tie, education.
W. It. Wilcox, architecture;
George Wi'.liamson,, modern lan
guages and reviews; llosalind Will
zen, biology; II. I!. Vocorn, biologi
cal articles. ,
Seven Men Chosen
By Beta Alpha Psi
For Accounting Fi at
A I a meeting held in the Woman h
building Tuesday evening seven men
were initialed into the secrets of j
Hoi a Alpha Psi, national profession
al accounting society. The new men
taken in were, Keith Ingalls, Don
ald Wheat, Alvin Keepers, Hoy;
Ftjrd, Fred Gerke, Clarence Veal
and William Foley. A written (x
nmlnation was held last week t.x j
determine the eligibility of the j
Following the initiation a banquet j
was held at the Anchorage. Spencer (
Collins, a practicing accountant in .
Kiigone, spoke to the organization
on “The Practical Field of Account
Students’ Grades
Will Be Issued
Registration Day
All Attempts to Discover
Standings Before That;
Time Will Be Fruitless |
The first students to receive tlieirj
grades will be those who get their |
registration material earliest, regis-I
(ration day, Monday, March j
tirades will not be given to the stu
dents before then. Attempts to gel
them bv writing phoning, or wiring
will prove fruitless. They will# be \
mailed to "the parents as usual but !
will probable not "arrive until after j
the students are back on the campus.
Below is printed an outline of j
the method of leglstration to be
followed spring term; this is a mea
sure passed by the faculty yester
day \
(a) Registration material will be
given out from the men’s gymnas
ium at 7:110 a. m. Monday, March
-~i. K very body should have their i
material by 10 o.’doek that day, I
according to the registrar.
(b) The adviser will sign the I
student’s card. Signatures for
courses of two or more sections will
be made in the balcony of McArthur j
court. Courses of only one section
will need no signature.
(c) Record book and cards will)
be turned in, and the .$19.75 will :
be paid at McArthur court.
(d) Late filing fee will begin'
McMorran &Washburne
PHONE 2700 —
We have just received this new
shipment of genuine Ranglay Bass
moccasins, the shoe that his come
into such strong favor for wear on
the campus. We advise early
*7.50 ana *8.50
(Check what you
consider important)
Well known brand
Smart heel line
Perfect knitting
New spring shades
Full length
Pure silk
^ . /
Sheerness and clearness
Superior quality for longer wear
If you desire them all purchase Kayser
x Full Fashioned “Slipper Heel’' Hosiery.
$1.50 and up
The Broadway Inc.
Tuesday, March 26. with $1 for The
first rlav find $1 for each day there
after until a total of is reached. .
Tomorrow is tho last day for the ;
students to change their majors this
Elise Sehroeder Gets
Junior Week-end Job
Elise Hehroeder, of Eugene, a1
junior ip the school of journajism,
has been appointed assistant jiub
licity director for •luniot Week-end j
by Wilfred Drown, puiillclty (jdiaj)r
inan on the .liPniiy Week-end direc
torate. ^ • -j
Miss Sehroeder/has iTeeh a mem
ber of the Oregon Emerald news
staff for the past three years, and
is this year the college year editor
of the Oregano. She is a member
of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority, and
also of Theta.Sigma IMii, national
women’s journalism fraternity.
Professor I*’. Ii. Henderson, cur
ator of herbarium and research fel- j
low, returned to his own home in
Eugene Tuesday afternoon from
the Pacific Christian hospital, where]
he has been recovering from an
operation. \
1 manish marcel1? Of course be
cause it stays better.
Over U. S. Bank Phone 2362
Outdoor Sports Call
Students From Work
Library Circulation Drop?
With First of Spring
“Fiiir fin 1 warmer, ” said t bo
weather man last week end; so in
spite of exams, students forgot
grades and heeded the ‘•call of the
wild.” The mill race proved the
most irresistible temptation of all,
for there were more trips made dur-)
'ing • t'riday,* Satjuda*' and Sunday'
than •trjhin 'the* mu’ptle of November i
to March first. If ail the energy
spent on wielding paddh'S was used ;
in pushing pens across paper the <’o
op would have increased ils business ,
three times over. Fifty-eight ex-j
curxions were taken up the race Fri-j
day, HO Saturday, and 11” ’Sunday. I
Walking, swimming, riding, tennis
and golf all became popular with
Don’t Worry
about your exams
Ti’s a lot m >re important to
know you can get your luneli
supplies near tin* cainpn.s--.just
Call 578W
1119' Alder
— PHONE 2700 —
Costume Jewelry
A wondrously lovely assortment of eostume jewelry
—consisting of n'eeldaces, bracelets, eardrops, rings
and brooches. You will surely find here just what,
you want to give those desired finishing- touches to
your costumes.
■ a i
■ * * #
Russian Antique—Lido Blue
Burgundy Red—Sunbeam
Celestial Jade
the firrn appearance 'if tho snmm«
sun. The nuts nviv filled from
2 o’clock ljr.til dork. 150 times air
planes made trips into tile blue
sky at the flying field, and Kinenid
field was eovere I With little white
pellets that enterprising voting
golfers were tapping around, while
people dared to take iey dips into
the freezing waters of the race.
All of which had very drastic ef
fects upon the circulation at both
libraries. There was a one-fourth
per cent decrease at the old 1 ibo
and lhb less books taken out at Con
don. However,* in a short while it
will lie known whether the week
end’s many outings will be tilde to
decide if it is advisable to firsake
(heir winter haunts .at tlm first bit
of sunshine.
Museum to Be Open r*
The comparatively few university
students who will lie on the campus
during spring vacation will have
opportunity to visit tliw Murr y
Warner art exliildt every week-day
afternoon, it was nnnmmeed yester
day. The eolleetion, on the third
floor of the Woman’s building, will
be open from 1 To 5 o'clock every
•i**: I
Smart Luggage
At Sharp Reductions
Just in time for your trip home—values
in all luggage at 1-4, 1-3, and 1-2 off.
Closing out our luggage department
including ladies cases, hat boxes, over- '
nite bags, men’s cases, bags and Glad
Station SID’s Weekly Hello
“This is the final ch&t of the term on our supplies—
but first remember we are stocking up plentifully for
Spring and want you to remember us in your buy
ing next term.”
Before you go home-drop in and look these over
University Pharmacy
The Students’ Drug Store