Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 09, 1929, Page 4, Image 4

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    Ajrcfie Rooks
From Frosli
Oregon Yearlings lead
Al Las I Onarler lull
Beavers Slage Rally
Slevens Booled From Till
On Four Personal Fouls
After commanding a one point
lend .'it half time and 1 lion increas
ing their margin six more points at
tlio beginning of tIk; period, t lie
Oregon frosli xvoro unable In slave'
off a Iasi quarter rally that won
the game, for llm Aggie rooks, 12
to 21, a! tlio Igloo yesterday after
noon. The rooks have now won two
games and the frosli have taken one.
The final contest is scheduled for
0:20 tonight, as a preliminary to
the varsity encounter.
The frosli looked like sure win
ners at the middle of the second
half. They had fought an uphill
halite, gradually overcoming a lead
which at one time amounted to
seven points, until they were one
point ahead al half lime. Immedi
ately setting lo work after the rest
period they Iniilf up their own lead
to a seven point margin, lmI I lien
their team play irncked.
Morrill Starts Rally
Merrill, forward, si aided Ihe
Aggie rally willi a field goal. Vag
ans, forward, converted a. foul, and
Lyman, center* fallowed wilh two
haskels before tlio frosli eould
gather their wits. This lied the
score at 27 all.
AI. that point. Keenan was sent
hack into the game In place of
IFciiiiv licvoff. lie converted a foul
‘giving the frosli a short lived lead
of one point. Lagans then put, the
rooks ahead and from then on thoir
score was never topped. They grad
ually drew away from Ihe Wnbfool.
yearlings, running Ihe count up to
,27 to 20. Vroni then on the play
was fast and furious. First one
team had (lie advantage and llicn
Ihe other.
Stevens Ruled Out
42 to 34,
Willi ;i iiniiiilr or I wo lofl |u pin v
Keriuit .Stevens wns ruled off I lie
floor lieeMii.se of four personal fouls.
He lmd been inslruineulaI in bring
iag iij> his loam’s snore, sinking
thraii in sueeessinn, to make it 27
to II0. lie was high point man for
1 ho frosli with seven markers, fas
aus, rook, was individual hit'll Hour
er of tlie game with Id points, and
his team mates, Lyman and Merrill,
Were next with III apieee.
The summary:
Oregon .Stale Kooks (42)
I’K l-’f
Pag.a ns, f.r, f,
Merrill, f . 5 II
L.vman, e .5 u
Duffy, g ........ l
Heart well, g 0 0
Koighly, f . . I) ii
Df Tp
1 Li
I! 1 ll
2 It)
2 7
2 0
1 0
Totals IS ii
Oregon fresh (lit)
P« T'T
Keenan, { .'! 2
]?agen, f-e 10
Phipps, e 0 0
Help, g 2 2
Stevens, g .11
Pleteher, e . .21
Lovoff, f 0 i)
Hrndley, g .2 0
Dale, e 0 0
11 12
Pf Tp
L 2
0 0
0 <i
4 !)
0 r>
1 o
1 4
0 0
Totals 14 (1 8 It I
1 Hel’eree, AI Fremdi.
Educational Honorary
Hears Mrs. E. Entire
•Pi Lambda Theta, national ednru
tional honorary for women, held its
llioiilhlv business meeting al the \n
ehorage, Thursday noon. Mrs. Ivlitli'
Paltee, head of I lie romnnee Inn-J
Foemen j >r Oregon State Tonight
.. CtWTER.
f y- ^
' > f TorivARD
Oregon will attempt to repeat its victory over Oregon State college
tonight when the two teams meet at the Igloo. From the above group
Billy Reinhart will pick men to face the Aggies. Tonight’s contest will
he the last time that Bally, Ridings, Milligan and Chastain will play
against a basketball team from O. S. C.
4 it
gunge <!«■ 11:1 i-tmonI in tIn* University
high school, "ave :i talk on ‘‘The
Responsibility of the Ton^hor.”
“Teachers, preachers and editors
are always in the public eye,” she
said. Mrs. Bailee stressed the vari
ous responsibilities of the teacher
to the principal, school hoard, pa
trons and community. To he a good
teacher, one must have cooperation,
loyally, sympathy and professional
Many Cat Inst ruction
By Correspondence
Kvcry county in Oregon is well
represented w i I li correxpomloneo i
students, according In ;i chart which ,
has been j>rc»|>;iicmI by the extcnsio.ii
depart meat.
Mnit noinnli county lends the list
with • • -1'» Inkiiu; work bv correspond
ence, IiMlit* is second with 227 stu
dents, and Morion county third with
Douglas has 54, Washington 51,
Vnnihill 51, Clackamas, 1/mu, and
Coos each lb, Clatsop 17, Colic 45,
.Jackson 45, Cmatilla 112.
Benton II, Union 55, Columbia 55,
Baker and Klamath each 52, Tilla
mook 2b, Deschutes 20, Josephine 10,
(i rant, Hood River and Curry each
Osteopathic Physician
and Surgeon
Special attention to foot troubles
514 Miner Bldg. Pel. -15(5
College Men ami Women
go to
Lemon “0” Shoe Shine
la Lemon “O” Bldg.
a ■■■■hi
i ■ i
n: ■ ;■ ■ ^
It Appeals and Pleases! ■
Another new delicious
French Fried and
Toasted i lam!
The “
P Sii:]
I ■
i ni
IN, MalliPiu- 1(1, Wallowa, Gilliam,
Wlicelor ami Jpfferson om-li have 7,1
Morrow lias H, Lake (I, and Crook, I
ami Harney have fi from pack.
N. S. C. Dance Slated
For Tonight at Parish
Tminimfely following tlit» Oregon
O. S. (’. basketball game Hi is eve
ning, St. Mary’s chapter <»t* the
National Student Council, TCpiscopal
student organization, will give its
second informal all-campus dance at
Ike parish house, Bennett Swan
ton, president of the council, invites
every student to .attend. Campus!
clothes will be in order, lie says.!
Rita Harriman, vice-president of the!
council, is assisting flu* president in |
planning the dance.
Say it with
A S a gift n box of
*- Candy is a personal
expression and should bo
worthy of you. You can
not be too discriminating
in its selection. Wo in
vite your attention to our
candies. All the better
Otto’s Sweets
7th and Willamette
l'hono 5l>
in spidery designs
A group of nine sparkling
colors to blend in any
‘The Students’ Drug Store* 11
New Accessions
Now al Library;
Books for Rent
Novels ami Extravaganzas,
Bibliography, Poelry,
Are Bale Volumes Here
A now novel by Arnobl Bennett,
n dramatic extravaganza by Hubert
Xiehols ,'iiol Mo mice Browne, poetry
by Yvor Winters, and a story with
out, “purple passions” or dukes
shooting at. the backs of maidens
withdrawing from bathrooms are
the new accessions to the rent and
seven-day shelves of the circulation
desk in the main library. A three
volume gift sel of a bildiographv and
letters of Mason leicke Weems has
also been received, according lo M,
II. Douglass, librarian.
Tlie gift set, bound in decorated
board with linen backs, was pre
sented by Mrs, Roswell Skeel dr.,
arid is edited by Emily Ellsworth
Kurd Skeel. The bibliography was
originally begun by her brother,
Paul Leicester Ford, but at bis
death she finished the work. Weems,
besides writing bis life of Washing
Ion, published and edited many
writings of his time. The univer
sity set; is number BIS of dtlO vol
umes printed, and is signed by the
“The Bare Bills,” by Tver Win
ters, is a. reprint, of poems appear
ing in magazine, poetry columns.
“Accident,” by Arnold Bennett,
is printed in BUT), written in bis
individual style.
“Wings Over Europe” is the first
printing of the play presented bv
the Theater (luHd at the Martin
Beck theater, London. Appended is!
the variant ending which was
changed to facilitate dramatization.
“Joseph and 11 is Brethren” is a
book long awaited at the circulation
desk, attendants there sav. R. If.
Mottram, in his preface, declares
that B. W. Freeman, nnthar, has
created a novel which is sufficient
without highly-colored w riling
Dr. Parsons Talks on
Sortology I)evelopm rut
Dr. P. A. Parsons, dean of live
school of sociology, gave tin. address
fpJ !f3 fpJ fnl (73 ff3fi3 HD HU (73 frO Ini fn] fKlfrD fiiUn] frD fTD 170173 ITil fnl (71 f
(ill “Perilling Developments in So
r-in 1 Work” at (lie regular meeting
of (lie Alplia Kappa Della, honorary j
sociology fraternity, Thursday eve
He out lineil Hie developments,
I lint have taken place in the social- !
ogy depart rnent and the Portland:
School of Social Work during the
past few years. Before coming to
the Oregon campus, Hr. Parsons was
the director of social work in Port-]
Design ('.losses Hear
Art of Hug Weaving
John V. Smeallie, publicity man
ager for the Mohawk Carpet Mills,'
Amsterdam, New Voile, lectured to
the interior decorating and design
classes lliis week on “The Art of
Kug Weaving.” lie is recognized
as an authority on floor-covering i
Phi Chi Theta to Hold
Tea for R. A. Majors
Phi Phi Tliela, national commerce
honorary for women, will hold a tea
in Alumni hall tomorrow afternoon
from 1! In fi o’clock. The tea-will
lie given in honor of women who
Hot Scotch Scones
Dance Tonight
I Sale! Sale! Sale! I
I . jfj
Brunswick Panatrope All-Electric K
was $400.00, today only $1„25.00 |
1 Columbia Vival Tonal Phonograph
was $300.00, today $100.00 I
sj P i
a @
I 1038 Willamette @
^ P
3 pi
y?i irn m hti nu m rm rn m nn ith un im m 7n m nn m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m pi i—i r-i i—i i—i
Mid-term Blues
1'illifj—'Smattor lVtof ^"011 look all faffffod
1‘KTT']—Oil! Thcso midterms—you know how
ll is.
THTjTj—You hoi T do! But a sure cure for
those “midterm blues” is to pick up a real feed at
1 ho Imperial. All the fellows do.
“We Never Sleep”
Location 15 5 ears There’s .a Reason
7,".l Willamette Phone 579
The Dirt I Iasn't a Chance
Ah TER your clotfies have
passed through the three
suds and nine distinct rinsings
of clean water that they are
always subjected to here.
Compare this with the two
suds and two or three rinsings
that mother used to give them
at home.. Then call
New Service Laundry
Soft limb
Phono 825
rire majoring in llio department of
l.nsim ss administration.
Pat rnnessos include; Mrs. .T. A.
Johnston, Alia. O. K. Burrell, Mrs.
A. r;. Stillman, Mrs. .T. If. Bon.l,
Miss Mozello Hair, ami Dean Hazel
Prufsmun. Alumni motnhers of Phi
• ’hi Theta will assist.
Tickets for Swimming
Meet Placed on Sale
ft moral admission tickets for 2d
rents to the Norf hwostorn-Tf. O.
swimming moot will ho pi a rod on
sah' at the Co-op so students will
not ho foreod to line up Tuesday,
accord i ng to announoomont hy
“Doc” Kohnott, assistant graduate
manager. Reserve seat tickets for
.+1.00 may ho had at. either the Co-op
or the A. S. V. O. of floe.
“Wo have hoen swamped with in
quiries,” says JRohnett, “And lots
of students are buying reserve seat
Prof. Thachor to Hoad
Sunday at Alumni Hall
W. F. G. Thachor, professor tit
sliort story and head of the adver
tising department, will read a short
story, “The Lagoon,’’ by Joseph
Conrad, at .'I oY.lnrk Sunday afler
noon during the reading hour at
Alumni ha#, in the Woman’s build
ing. An open invitation has been
extended to the campus by the T'lng
lisli department.
“The Lagoon” is recognized by
critics as one of the greatest short
stories ever written, by any author.
II is a tale of the Malayian tropics,
and Conrad weaves a gripping spell,
as he tells the story of a man’s love
and sacrifice for his brother, and
the brother’s love for a woman.
Alpha Upsilon wishes to announce
the pledging of Walter Haugen of
Matsqni, British Columbia.
How Are Your
Rather a foolish question you say?
Yes, but an important one. Don’t for
get, fellows, that you will be pigging’
to a great many dances this term.
You’ll need your suit cleaned and
pressed and you will want to be sure
that all the buttons are on. We will
sew them on for you and believe us—
when we sew buttons they stay sewed.
And all you have to do is call
we will call for and deliver your suit.
Don’t put it off too long.
MU-WAY Cleaners
4 Formerly AX Billy Dept. Store
Eugene's Oldest and Most Complete Department Store
Another Interesting
List for Saturday Shoppers
Minced Clams
(2 Cans for 45e Size)
2 Cans
Those are number half size cans. This feature till 12:00 (noou)
only. Delivered only with other grocery items.
Fresh Creamery Butter
Our ewn brand of creamery butter for Saturday
selling at 18c per pound, till 12:00 (noon), delivered
on'iv vith other grocery items .
Just Received
New Stock of
Half pint . 20c
One pint . 35c
Full Quart . 65c
If you have never, trieil
this, do so, it's great.
Santa Clara Prunes
4 pound bags 45c
Tliey are largo size. Now
Florida Grape Fruit
3 cans for 55c
Como in cans ready to serve
for salads, punch or cocktail.
New Dates in
2 pound bags 25c
Clean stock—very nice.
Strictly Fresh Eggs
Two dozen 69c
Standard size, local ranch
eogs. Brown and •white.
Ripe Olives in
Large Cans, at 15c
Very nice quality, medium
Marshmallow Syrup
Half gallon can 57c
5 pound cans. New stock.
Asparagus Tips, Two
Cans for 49c
No. 2 cans, medium size,
light green tips, tender. Nice
for salads.
Fancy Imperial Valley
Lettuce. 2 heads 15c
Large, solid heads and the
best on the market. One head
Fancy Netted Gem Potatoes
100 pound sacks at $1.29
Good cookers, medium size. Delivered to any part of the city too.
Phone 16 - 17 or 18
(Deliveries withour Charge)
bJ -«i