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With the women of the University
as hostesses for numerous high
school guests and college alumnae
from all over, the state, one of the
most socially promient week-ends of
the scholastic year has just been
concluded, coming to a climax on
Saturday with the annual April
Frolic and the Men’s Smoker.
April Frolic week-end this year
svas as successful as ever !n the
number of guests entertained and
the events scheduled for their en
joyment. Spring dances, tea dances,
and informals were given by the
houses, with a variety of different
schemes, centering around the
spring motif, as the decorative basis.
The Frolic itself, staged Saturday
evening, climaxed the week’s pro
gram with home talent entertain
ment and a colorful array of cos
tumes. The Men’s Smoker enter
tained the male portion of the col
lege that is annually excluded from
this exclusively feminine evening.
Spring Dances Help
Entertain Frolic Guests
The Alpha Xi Delta chapter house
was transformed with palms and
cleverly concealed blue and rose
spot lights for their spring dance,
Friday evening, April 13. Agnes
Ferris was in charge of the decora
Patrons and patronesses for the
dance-were Dr. and Mrs. G. S.
Beardsley, Mrs. Charles A. Gray,
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Reynolds, and
4Mrs. Virginia Judy Estcrly.
Vari-colored hangings, odd cubis
tic designs, and’ brightly hued
squares and lines, carried out the
modernistic motif of the Alpha Omi
cron Pi dance, given Saturday after
noon, from two to five o ’clock.
Hand-painted programs continued
with the modernistic scheme.
A novel feature of the refresh
ments consisted of punch served in
huge steins. Feature dances were
given by Edith Pearson and Jack
Patrons and patronesses were:
Mrs. Lucy Abrams, Mrs. Arthur
Mincpq Mi. -and Mrs. N. B. Zanc.
.V‘ *
Alpha Lambda of Alpha Delta Pi
entertained at an -informal dance
Friday evening at the chaptor house
in honor of their week-end guests.
An oriental atmosphere prevailed,
the dancing rooms being dimly light
ed by numerous spotlights of all
colors. At the far end of tlio din
ing room a large Buddha watched
*benignly over the guests. Clever
blocked printed programs of oriental
design were used.
Patrons and patronesses for the
affair were: Mrs. A. T. Powell, Frank
Powell, Capt. and Mrs. F. M. Moore,
and Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Clark.
Members of Gamma Phi Beta were
hostesses at a breakfast dance Sat
urday from ten o’clock until one
o’clock. The living and dining
rooms of their chapiter house were
very beautifully decorated with
spring flowers.
Their patrons and patronesses
were: Mrs. Josephine Stewart, Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Earl, and Dean Vir
ginia Judy Esterly. Miss Harriet
Atdliisou had charge of the dance.
The upperclassmen of Gamma
Zeta chapter of Sigma Nu entertain
ed at a grille dance Friday evening.
Patrons and patronesses for their
dance were: Mr. and Mrs. F. M.
Kerron, and Mr. and Mrs. Delbert
r • •
. Alpha Phi chapter house was
transformed into an artist’s abode
Saturday afternoon, when the mem
bers entertained at a tea dance in
honor of their out-of-town guests.
Artistic designs and pictures formed
the decorations about the rooms.
Mrs. O’Day was their only patroness.
# * *
A fireplace banked with apple
blossoms, with spring blossoms and
red tulips throughout the rooms
decorated the Delta Delta Delta
chapter house for the tea dance on
Saturday afternoon. Small tables
had centerpieces of flowers.
Green and yellow programs car
ried the names of the patronesses,
Mrs. F. Carll, Mrs. W. O. Swan, Mrs.
Jessie Singleton.
Calvin Horn, ’27, Herbert Brooks,
’26, Ferdinand Kruse, ’26, and
James Powers, ’26, all members of
Sigma Phi Epsilon, visited the local
chapter over the week-end.
Members of Gamma Nu entertain
ed at an afternoon dance Saturday
▼ from three to five o’clock. Mrs. A.
T. Powell, Mrs. J. E. Goodfellow of
Longview, Washington, Mrs. V. D.
Scobert, and Mrs. Elizabeth Scaeife
were patronesses.
Over a hundred invitations were
issued for the informal tea given
at the Delta Gamma chapter house
I Saturday afternoon. Daffodils and
palms decorated the rooms, and
bridge and dancing formed the aft
ernoon ’s diversions.
Mrs. Catherine Yerex and Mrs.
Etna Bansom were patronesses.
j A “Movie Idea” dance was given
by the underclassmen of Alpha
Gamma Delta Friday evening. Their
patrons and ^patronesses were Mr.
and Mrs. Howland B. Zune and
&rs. Abbie Marsh.
• • *
Delta Zeta sorority was hostess
at a tea dance in honor of their
house guests Saturday, April 14.
Mr. and Mrs. C-. A. Burden, Mr. and
Mrs. George Hopkins, and Mrs.
; Grace E, Bussell served as patrons
and patronesses during the after
Eta Alpha of Chi Omega enter
tained at an informal grille dance
! Friday evening, April 13. Spring
! blossoms carried out the decorative
j scheme, and during the evening a
| feature dance was given by Camille
Burton. Dorothy Davis was chair
man for the affair.
Patronesses ‘were Mrs. Etna Ban
som and Mrs. George Beed.
Dr. Herbert F. Parzen, Portland
rabbi, was a week-end guest of the
Delta Epsilon fraternity.
Kappa Alpha Theta entertained
their April Frolic guests at an in
formal tea dance Saturday after
noon,. using spring flowers in dec
Mrs. Arnold Bennett Hall, Mrs.
C. B. Borer, Mrs. George Beed, and
Miss Hazel Prutsman were patron
At a combination breakfast anil
luncheon dance, cabaret style, Pi
Beta Phi sorority entertained from
eleven until two o’clock Saturday.
Transparent, flower-painted screens
covered the windows, and banked
apple blossoms helped to carry out
tine pasted color scheme of the
rooms. Billy O ’Bryant, Kenneth
Allen and Howard Boot furnished
the music.
Mrs. F. W. Benson was patroness.
Tn honor of the Eugene mothers,
members of the Girls’ Oregon club
gave an informal tea cat their home
Saturday afternoon. Lilacs formed
the centerpiece for the ‘ tea tabid.
Miss Margaret Daigh poured.
Musical entertainment was fur
nished during the afternoon by
Juanita Wolff, Naomi Grant and
Lois Tuttle. Julia Brauninger gave
a skit entitled, “Paderwiski Plays
the Organ.”
Dean Virginia Judy Esterly, Es
ther Hardy, and Edith Dodge left
Monday afternoon at , four o’clock
for Seattle, Washington, to attend
the National Women’s League con
vention. They will be gone for a
week or more.
Oregon Chapter Sends
Girls to Washington
Five representatives from Eta
Gamma chapter of Phi Mu returned
Sunday night from Walla Walla,
Wash., where they had gone to at
tend the convention of district seven
of the sorority at Whitman College.
Tau chapter of Whitman enter
Those going from the local Uni
versity were: Mae McFadgcn, presi
dent; Nan Crary, Lova Buchanan,
Marian Lowry, and Dorothy Gay.
Miss Alice Miller of Seattle!, dis
trict president, presided at the ses
Eta Beta chapter at the University
of Washington is to entertain for
the 19d0 convention, the ' district
meetings being held between na
tional convention years.
Publishers’ Men Talk
With Faculty Writers
J. II. Young- of the McMillan Pub
lishing company and Hugh J. Kelly
of the McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc.,
are on the campus this week. They
will interview the various profes
sors on books they expect to write
and make arrangements for the
publishing of them.
Matinee Today—2 P. M.
A vivid, human romance
of the wild waste lands, with
one frail woman facing the
thousand deaths of a love
tortured soul.
From the Story by
New Exhibits
Open Today
i Portland Architect Lends
Group of Paintings
To Arts School
When- the little gallery at the
arts building opens today, two ex
hibits will be on display, one, a
group of paintings lent to the school
of architecture and allied arts by
Win. G. Purcell, Portland architect,
i and the othor, a group of architec
tural studies by Bernard Maybeck,
San Francisco architect.
The showing of paintings includes
work by Charles S. Chapman, New
York illustrator and artist, whose
illustrations have appeared in the
Country Gentleman, Ladies’ Home
Journal, and Woman’s Home Com
panion. Paintings by Mr. Chapman
have been placed in the Metropoli
tan Museum of Fine ArtB, New York.
A group of small oil paintings of
the northern lakes, by Frederic D.
Calhoun, Minneapolis, Minnesota,
artist, appear, and also, paintings
by Mr. Bubins of the firm of John S.
Bradstreet of Minneapolis. Mr.
Bubins, explained John A. Walquist,
member of the exhibition committee,
is professionally an interior dec
orator, and paints as a pastime. The
lakes and woods of Minnesota are
the inspiration for his pictures,
which arc mslinly in oil. In additio'n,
a few studies by' other artists may
be seen.
Studies for the Phoebe Hearst
memorial building' at Berkeley, Cali
fornia, comprise the main subject
matter for the collection of Mr. May
beck’s work. The drawings range
from chalk and pastel drawings done
in the modern manner, which give
the preliminary atmosphere effect,
to minute and finished renderings.
Mr. Maybeck was architect for the
San Francisco exposition in 1915,
and some of his drawings for the
fine arts paiace of the exposition aro
included in this group. Chief among
these arc pencil drawings and photo
graphs of studies of models of the
The exhibit, Mr. Walquist an
nounced, will remain in the gallery
for the remainder of the week, and
perhaps longer. .
Water Poloists Enter
Tournament’s Second
Round Tonight; 7:30
The second round of the donut
water polo tourney will start tonight
at 7:30 o’clock, Edward F. Aber
crombie, coach, announced yesterday.
Although some trouble was encoun
tered with teams not showing up in
the first round this trouble, is not
expected this week, Abercrombie
stated, as all teams have had ample
This is the first time that spring
polo has been on the gymnasium
curriculum and as yet the organiza
tions are unable to arrange their
schedules to take in this very popu
lar sport, according to coach Aber
Schedule follows:
American League, Tuesday at
7:30; Kappa Sigma vs. S. A. E.;
Fiji vs. Betas; Sigma I?u a bye.
National League, Thursday at
7:30; Delta vs. Phi Psi; Phi Delta
vs. Independents; Phi Sigma Kappa
a bye.
Work Begins on Play
For Drama Contest
To Be Held May 3, 4
Without so much as declaring a
momentary vacation after repertoire
week, Miss Wilbur and students of
the ■drama department have turned
their attention to Sir James Barrie’s
play, “Shall We Join the Ladies?”
The one act play will be produced
the afternoon of May 4 in honor of
the high school delegates who will
br here for the drama tournament.
The annual drama tournament will
be held May 3 and 4 with high
schools representing various parts of
the state entered. The unfinished
manuscript, written by Barrie, has
been ■chosen by the Guild theatre
players to entertain the guests. The
play will follow a luncheon given
for the high school students.
The cast will be composed by the
following: Sam Smith, played by
Jack Waldron; Sir Joseph Wrathie,
Milton George; Lady Wrathie, Edna
Assenhoimer; Mr. Preen, Arthur An
deison; Mrs. Preen, Doralls May;
Captain Jennings, Lawrence Shaw;
Lady Jane Wray, Grace Gardner;
Mr. Vaile, Glenn Potts; Miss Vaile,
Luelia Andre; Mr. Gourlay, Cecil
Matson; Mrs. Bland, Eunice Payne;
Miss Isit, Thelma Parks; Mrs. Cas
tro, Alice Gorman; Maid, Joy In
galls. Appointment of a butler will
be made soon.
The play opens with thirteen
guests seated at dinner after hav
ing spent a week end as guests of
Sam Smith. The one-act play in
vites everyone to supply the proper
ending, but few have ever attempted
the undertaking.
Sophomore Manager
Candidates Are Urged
To Report for Jobs
A chance is offered to at least
fifty sophomore men students to en
gage in active 'managerial yvork in
the spring activities; tennis, base
baJI,, and track. In the pajst, mass
meetings have been held to choose
the men for the different positions,
but this proved unsuccessful duo to
the inability of the candidates to
report at designated times. A new
system is to be used this season, ii
system whereby all men who are in
terested in working for a chance at
a senor managership- and a letter
are asked to report personally to
the present manager of the sport
which appeals to them the most.
The present managers to whom
candidates are asked to report are:
tennis, Wade Newbegin, Phi Kappa
Psi; baseball, Gordon Stearns, Phi
Delta Theta; track, Carol Williams,
Alpha Beta Chi.
Frank German, president of the
Managers’ association, has extend
ed a special invitation for Inde
pendent men to report for this work.
Electric Polishers and
Vacuum Cleaners
For Rent
Bailey Electric Co.
640 Willamette Phone 234
W. 8tk St
Only 2 Days
Acclaim It!
as a Slave of Old
New Orleans in a
Gorgeous Romance
Fliers Ready
For Trial Hop
| Message Says Plane on
Island To Start
(By United Press)
MONTREAL, Quobec, April 17.—
A message received here tonight
; from Captain Hermann Koehl said
that the German transatlantic air
plano Bremen would attempt to
take off Wednesday morning from
Greenly Island, Labrador, for New
Koehl and Baron von Huencfeld
had remained with the Bremen on
Greenly Island today, when their
companion, Major I James Fitz
maurice, started for Quebec with
Duke Schiller in a plane sent from
Murray Bay, Quebec.
Koehl’s message gave no details
of the proposed continuance of the
flight, merely saying ho expected to
get away Wednesday.
Fitzmaurice on Way
SEVEN ISLANDS, Quebec, April
17.—One of Ihe crew of the trans
atlantic monoplane Bremen was
halfway back to civilization tonight
while the other two—the Germans—
stood by their plane on ice-bound
Greenly Island, off the Labrador
coast. '
Commandant—or major sinco Sun
WY don’t blame you. We’ro sur
prised too.
We dedicate this column to more
and better food, which means the
Collego Side Inn. If dubious lis
Released from pledge
Was Jack XfacLummick, t
Went to the Collego Sido
To fill up his stummick.
» * »
Today’s geographical answc*.
“What’s that guy doin’ over
there?” ■
“He’s Robinett cradle.”
(We’re sorry, Seven Seers).
• • •
Correct this sentence:
“Dean Shirrell has just taken a
year’s lease on a downtown apart
• • *
Dwight Hedges has recently en
tered a complaint to the manage
ment that the boys have been put
ting cigarette butts in the punch
glasses and making it unfit for
drinking purposes after the dance.
Waitress: “Is your coco hot,
Roland Davis (absently): “Oh,
no; that’s just sunburn.”
Broadcasting tho announcement
of tho gigantic, stupendous, heart
throbbing, skeleton-baring etiquette
contest by the College Hide-Liter.
Rules of the Contest.
Vote for the man you think has
the best table manners.
Tear out tho coupon below and
place it in the ballot box in tho
College Hide Inn.
Don’t forget to give your reasons.
Tho winner will bo announced
next Tuesday morning in the Em
erald and will receive a handsome
engraving of Abraham Lincoln with
a V iu each corner.
The second and third prizes will
be free tickets to the Campa Bhop
grill dance on the following Friday
or Saturday night.
I think .-.
surrounds his victuals nicer than
any other man on the campus be
day—James Fitzmanrice, of the
Irish Free Stato airport, arrived
this afternoon on Natashquan on
I the St. Lawrence river.
Duke Schiller, famous pilot, fly
ing in behalf of the North American
Newspaper Alliance, took Fitzmau
rice from Greenly Island at 10 a.
j m. today.
Schiller had proposed at first to
fly direct to Quebec, but he decided
to land at Natashquan for the night
and continue his flight Tuesday
Flyer’s Wives Embark
BERLIN, April 17.—Wives of the
two married members of the crew
of the transatlantic monoplane Bre
men will embark for New York on
the North German Lloyd German
ship Dresden, which leaves Hamburg
Thursday. Mrs. Hermann Koehl
will board the ship there. Mrs.
James Fitzmauriee, wifo of tho
Irish member of the crew, will em
bark at Queenstown, Ireland, when
the Dresden touches there Saturday.
Classified Ads
LOST—Large black Scheaffor pen.
Finder please call 928. Reward
for its return. apl3-14
LOST—Jewelled Sigma Chi pin be
tween 13th and 15th on Alder.
Plfcase call 563 or 2452-R. aprl4
FOUND—-Purse, near old library.
Call at 1454 Emerald to identify.
Dr. Huffaker To Speak
At Oregon City April 23
Arrangements have been made
through the Extension Division for
Dr. C. L. Huffaker of the school
education to address a communi
meeting in Oregon City April 23.
The meeting is being held under tho
auspices of the Parent-Teacher as
THREE wonde
:D ■uErud.
'Js ffyiJtv/Vacation ■
Go I Season in the Islands
One of Life’s
Little Tragedies - - -
Time—9:00 p. m.—
Bill searches frantically for a clean
shirt. Curses and other expressions
of rage—and he was to call for Marg
at 9:00.
Don’t let it happen to you.
Caty us for prompt chjHveryi
Call 123 -
Steam Laundry
The screen’s most
gorgeous beauty,
Greta Garbo is here
in a picture that will :
start the whole world
raving again!
Fate takes a little laundress and
makes her the most famous actress
in the world, along- the road of ro
mance and adventure! Based on
the life of Bernhardt. A truly mag
nificent picthre! \
^otcJwnWtytx £