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    Denson Fans
Twelve Men
Phi Psi and Kappa Sigma
Take Openers in
Donut Carnes
The envemen of Sigma Chi swung
the willow dub at the elusive horse
hide served up by Denson, Phi Psi
hurler, and missed it at least 150
times. Denson is credited with
one dozen strike-outs, winning the
game 2 to 1.
In the other donut ball game,
Kappa Sigma happened to chase
three more men around the circuit
than the Phi Delts did and won, 5
to 2.
Home runs were a minus quantity
and even singles were as scarce as j
Phi Beta Kappa keys at a river rat !
convention. No, the hoys were not
finding the pill, or if they did find
it they did not lose it again.
Fielding Is Ragged
The fielding was a little frayed
at the edges, sort of ragged, you
know. But, who can expect mid
season form, at the first games?
Scott Milligan, basketball letter
man, toed the mound first for the
Phi Delts, after many brotherly
entreaties and coaxings for it de- |
veloped that “Scotty” had not
thrown a ball since the last basket
ball game. Hummelt took up the
burden after three innings had
passed. Hieberg and Eberhart
twirled for Kappa Sigma. Denson’s
opposing pitcher was Lockwood,
Sigma Chi hope.
Two Games Today
This afternoon two more games
will be perpetuated upon the intra
mural fans. League C will begin
its schedule with Fiji against Friend
ly Hall. Betas and A. T. O. will
swap hits in League I).
Results of yesterday’s games:
League A
It. II.
Kappa Sigma . 5 2
Phi Delts .... 2 2
League B
Phi Psi . 2 2
Sigma Chi . 1 2
Batteries: Kappa Sigma—Hieberg,
Latourette, and Eberhart. Phi
Delts, Milligan, Calkins, and Hum
melt. Phi Psi, Denson, Raynor. Sig
ma Chi, Lockwood and Speer.
Annual Men’s Smoker
Is Tomorrow Night
The all campus snipper, most com
plete of all events for men, is
scheduled for tomorrow night at
McArthur court, at 8 o’clock. It
is the annual affair at which tho
boys become gorged with gory spec
tacles—-also cider and donuts. It
is the gathering of the males, many
and mighty, which is sacred to tho
memory of Adam before Evo was
thrust into his life.
Strangest and best among tho
spectacles to bo presented is tho
tubbing contest between tho brawny
football players and tho brainy stu
dent body officers. Much will be
You Kin Hear
’Em Laugh
for Blocks
IHARrtY <r w
on the Stage
and his
Brass and Sax Quaretes
and Vocal Trio
(ho delight to all, especially the j
long suffering frosh.
Next most interesting on the pro- 1
gram is an exhibition which Tex ■
Rickard may have to duplicate to ]
get a crowd for the Tunnny-IIeeney
5ght. It is the free for all. Two
beats, with anywhere from 15 to
20 men in the ring at a time. The
ast man standing will be declared
;he victor, either in the lightweight
jr heavyweight division.
Mat maulers (wrestlers), punch
wishers (boxers), and tumblers will
je featured as athletic diversions. ,
A quartet and George McMurpheyV
[College Knights in tuneful harmon- j
es are of further interest in the j
Husky Grid Captain
Forced To Quit School
rON, SEATTLE, April 12.—(P.I.P.)
—Washington’s 1028 football team
will be without the services of Clar
ence Dirks, its captain and out
itanding tackle, when the gridders
lurn out in the stadium next fall.
This fact was disclosed over the
iveek-end by Coach Enoch Bagsliaw,
who announced that he had advised
Captain Dirks not to turn out be
■aiise he would be endangering his
life by participating in the grid
iron sport. Although reluctant to
give up his captaincy and third
year of intercollegiate competition,
Dirks has at last agreed to follow
Bagshaw’s wishes and has with
drawn from school and left, for
California, where ho will enter busi
Two Water Polo Tilts;
Fijis and Phi Psis Win
Things went a little better in the
water polo league last night. Four
teams put in appearance and two
games were played. Two overtime
periods in the Phi Psi and Phi Delt
encounter, the boys on lltli street
finally putting over two goals, win
ning 5 to 3. Foard Smith, Phi, Psi
swimmer, scored four of their goals,
McCook scoring the other. Fletcher
made two and Kicr one for Phi
Delta Theta.
Anderson and Atkinson shared
goal-making honors in the Fiji and
Kappa Sigma game. Fiji won 4-0.
Anderson was all over all the tank
ali the time. This is all for this
time, more of the same will be had
next week.
Raging Fire Destroys
Astoria Storage Plant
(By United Press)
ASTORIA, Oregon, April 12.—
A raging lire swept and destroyed
the salmon cannery and cold stor
ago plant of the Bufke Packing
company on tho Astoria water front
early tonight, causing a loss p'f
approximately $o0,000.
Opens April 15
Clean Clothes
If you want your
clothes cleaned
properly, send ,
them to a good
You may think that
the finding o f a
good laundry will
be as hard as Diog
enes’ search for an
honest man — but
this will not be so if
you call—
Phone 825
Webfoot Track
Squads To Meet
Varsity - Freshman Teams
Race Saturday
The Webfoot and freshman track
teams will race under competition
on Saturday at 1:30 for the first
time this year. The meet was origi
nally planned as an inter-class af
fair, but a change has been made,
which limits the entering teams to
two squads.
Bill Hayward, Oregon head coach,
has arranged the meet with the pur
pose of determining the individual
strength of both the varsity and
frosh trackmen. Only a few of the
events, including the distance races,
the finals in the dashes, and some
ef the field events, will be held with
freshmen competing with the varsi
ty. For the most part the meet
will be staged with the varsity and
yearlings competing separately.
The following is the varsity roster
for the meet:
100-yard dash—Brown, Kelly, Li
resley, Schaefer, McGee, Hammond,
Fiangus, Ord. 200-yard dash—
Brown, Livesley, Schaefer, Atkin
son, Ross. 440-yard dash—Fisher,
Standard, McKennon, I’efley, Schim
izu, McCarty, Ross, Angstead, Hall.
880-yard-run—McKitriek, Baker, R.
Overstreet, Ruterford. Mile run—
Barnes, Kuykendall, Keating, Brand
horst, Gurnea, Creager. 2-mile run—
Fitch, Jensen.
High hurdles — Ralston, Kelley,
Bunn, Foster, Hammond, Hendricks,
Jackson. Low Hurdles—Kelley, Fos
ter, McGee. Pole Vault—Robinson,
Bracker, Crowley. High jump—
Reed, MeCulloek, Boyden. Broad
jump—Kelley, Berg, Brcdthauer.
Shot put—Wetzel, Stadelman, Dick
son. Discus—•'Wetzel, Stager, Dick
son, Hildreth. Javelin— Wetzel,
Dickson, Adams, Thomson.
The yearling tracksters who have
signed for the meet are:
100-yard dash—Lowery, Tuttich,
Hill, Corcoran, McCormick. 220-yard
dash—Lowei-y, Tuttich, Corcoran,
McCormick. 440-yard dash—Wilson,
Estill, Harrington, Scliroeder, An
dcison. 880-vard run — Bauman,
Cogswell, Ilollrtibeck, Runyan, Nel
in front of
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son, Steele, W. Overstreet. Mile
run—Stevens, Cowins, Hill, Gard
ner, Neil, Cruikshank. Two-mile run
—Migboriette, Faluer. Low hurdles—
Lowery, Sigmund, Maultby, Baker.
Pole Vault—Maultby, Boone. Broad
Jump—Wood, Corcoran, Lowery,
Boggs, Maginnis. High Jump—Ev
erts, Wook, Anderson, Banks. Shot
Put—Harrington, Hall. Discus—
Hall. Javelin—Anderson.
Officials — Starter, Obertmiffer;
clerk of course, Shade; judges of
finish, Socolofskv, Ilodgen, Man
ning, Price, and Surrey; field judges,
DeMeres, Phillips, Sowell, Mont
gomery, Chapman, Dixon.
Riehl To Wrestle at
Portland for Oregon
Arthur Riehl, 128-pound wrestling
champion of the University, will
enter the Olympic, tryouts and A.
A. U. athletic meet to be held at
Portland, April 27 and 28, accord
ing to Earl E. Widmer, wrestling
Riehl will enter the 123-pound
class, toward which weight he is
now training. He will be featured
on the program of the men’s smoker
tomorrow night.
At the Portland meet, Riehl will
meet some of the best wrestlers on
the coast. Coach Widmer is confi
dent that th^vrestler will make a
very good showing and states that
Riehl will represent the University
in the same group as the boxers who
will enter the tournament.
Donut Racquets
Swing Monday
Time Designated for All :
Tennis Matches
Donut netmen begin their racquet j
swinging Monday, April 1G. The 1G '
doubles teams entered all go into
action on that date* The best two 1
out of three sets will deeide the 1
matches up to the finals.
Four courts have been reserved
for use of these intramural tennis
players. Each man must furnish his
own equipment. A definite time lias
been set for all matches and if
classes or labs interfere with the
schedule, get in touch with Coach j
Abercrombie before 2 oNdoek on
the day the match is callefl for. Two
o’clock is the dead-line, for post
poning mntehes. A leeway of 15
minutes will be given, and if one
of the teams has not showed up for
the match and the ot,lier team has
been waiting, the affair will be de
faulted to the punctual ones.
The first round of play: At 2
o ’clock, Theta Chi vs. Kappa Sig
ma, Betas vs. Phi Psi, Friendly Hall
I vs. Phi Sigma Kappa, Sigma Nu vs.
Alpha Beta Chi. At 3 o’clock, Phi
! Delta vs. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma
| Alpha Epsilon vs. Sigma Chi, Chi
Eat in Spic and Span
“New” Atmosphere
The true cleanliness of the bright and new prevails
at the just-opened inn on 13th street, near the Co op.
Vary your daily meal schedule by dropping in for
something a bit different!
Across from the Old Sigma Chi Corner
Hendershott’s for
Your Sports Needs
Fishing Season
Opens Sunday, April
s 15th
- Are You Well Supplied?
Come In and Look Over
Our Anglers’ Supplies.
Everything for the Fisher
- man.
Leave Your Tennis Racquet with Us lor Kestnng ana
Repair Work.
770 Williamette St.
Eugene, Ore.
Come in today. Ask to hear these new Orthophonic
Victor Records.
Little Mother—Waltx With Vocal Refrain
Without You, Sweetheart—Fax Trot With Vocal
Rtf rain Nat Shilkiutt and ih« Victob Orchestra
No. 21X59, 10-loch
Who’s Blue Now?—Fax Trot With Vocal Chorus
Wajunq's Pennsylvanians
Star Out of the South! (If You Want to Miss a
1!caveo on Earth)—Fox Trot With Vocal Refrain
Nc. 21258, 10-inch
The Beggar—Fox Trot With Vocal Rc/raiu
Nat Shu.kret and tub Victor Orchestra
The Sunrise (Will Brine Another Day for You)
S'ox Trot With Vocal Refrain
Johnny Haut's Kentucky Sekknadsr3
No. 21256, lO-lnch
or Man RWer (from Show Boat)
Oh Lucindr Tbs 1UvtL“
No. 21341, 10-inch
Dream Kissee
You’d Rather Forget Tliar. Forgive
Nc. Sie.tv !?.!« 'i
Winter -- The Jig is Up!
We are celebrating the advent of Spring. The cheery at
mosphere and colorful surroundings in THE PETER PAN
make it the ideal place to celebrate. Our menus are in
keeping with the spirit of the day—you will find some
thing cool and refreshing, appetizingly served, if you pat
ronize our caterers.
Cor. 10th and Willamette
Psi vs. Piji, and Delta vs. Alpha
Should the ■weather be contrary
to the best interests of tennis, the
matches will drop back for every
day of excessive moisture.
It should be remembered that all
men who have had intercollegiate
competition are ineligible to partici
pate in the ensuing tournaments.
This applies to frosh competition as
well as varsity.
(Continued from page one)
eluded in the Junior Week-end pro
gram this year, the junior class will
undoubtedly present one of the most
complete and entertaining week
ends in the history of the Univer
city,” said Joe ilcKeown yesterday, f
“The members of the directorate are
working earnestly and faithfully for
t>-0 success of their special event
and they are aided by a staff of
competent assistants.”
beyond the
Guild Theatre
Friday, the 13th
• f A Silk Dress Sale
That Overshadows
Them All
Actually Made to Sell Upwards
to $17.50
Brill’s -will take 45 women’s lovely silk dresses from
their regular stocks and reduce them so sharply that
no shopper can afford to overlook them, Friday!
j It would have been much better to tell you about
| the dresses without mentioning their low price, then
| you wouldn’t have been prejudiced against them
j because of their low price.
The apparel section has set out for a “record”
month—and that’s why these pretty frocks are
offered to you so tremendously underprices!
The materials tell the quality of these frocks.
Satin Back Crepe, Satins, Tub
Silks, Crepe de Chines, also
Georgette Combinations
I An interesting assemblage of colors to select from,
honey beige, harbor green, gobulin blue, forest
brown combinations, and, of course, black. Early
shopping is advised before sizes are depleted.
(Second Floor.)
Will Create a Favorable j$tir This
Important Selling of Hats
Were to $5.98
This Spring’s Creation!
What woman or miss is there who won’t wel
come this unusual millinery attraction? Par
ticularly right now when the bonnet plays
1 such an exceedingly important role.
Becomingly fashioned of soft, pliable straws,
felt and straw combinations, silks, also silk and
straw combinations. We can merely hint at
their loveliness, their charming colors, their
oddly draped crowns and their trimming adap
tations. Limited number in the group.
(Second Floor)