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    *Co-op Manager
Chosen Delegate
Book Store Difficulties
To Be Discussed
At a. recent meeting in Seattle of
tlie West Coast Division of Asso
ciation . of College Book Stores of
America, M. F. McClain, manager
of the local student Co-op store, was
chosen to represent the west coast
division in the annual meeting of
the American Association of College
, Book Stores at Atlantic City, May
▼ 14 to 17. Mr. McClain attended a
national convention of the associa
tion two years ago when it met in
St. Louis. At that time he was
sent by the board of directors of
the Co-op store to study college book
store problems in the eastern section
of the country.
The west coast organization was
completed a year ago, culminating
the effort of several years on the
part of Mr. McClain and other
prominent western college book
store managers. At present eleven
strictly institutional book stores
comprise the western division of the
organization. They are University
of California at Los Angeles, Uni
versity of Southern California, Stan
ford University, University of Cali
fornia, California State Teachers’
College at San Jose, University of
Washington, Washington State Col
lege, Washington State Normal at
Bellingham, University of British
Columbia at Vancouver, B. C., Ore
gon State College, and University
♦of Oregon.
Mr. McClain is being sent east to
the convention to present a num
ber of specific problems of the
western book store managers. Be
cause of the great distance from
the publishing centers the western
stores must carry larger stocks of
books than any of the eastern stores.
This necessitates a larger stock
carry-over during the vacation sea
son. The long distance also makes
necessary very high freight rates.
The margin of profit for the western
stores is thus very narrow. Eastern
stores have the advantage of quick
delivery and smaller
Very slight freight bill. The west
ern group is also attempting to se
cure better conditions of refund for
unused stock, and a better margin
of discount than the standard one
now in use all over the country.
y (Continued from, page one)
honors lies between “Chuck” Hunt
er, Washington, and Eddie Mcyer
berg, Stanford. From the scores
these two have been turning in
lately, it will probably be the brow
of either on which will rest the
conference crown.
If our.information about golf be
ing a minor sport at O. S. C. is cor
rect, the University of Oregon
players will be the only entrants in
the coast tournament who are not
awarded some kind of emblem for
their services. Golf is a minor sport
at Washington, Stanford, and Cali
fornia, and a major event at U.
S. C.
Golf should be ranked as a minor
sport on this campus. It is one of
the fastest growing forms of col
legiate athletic endeavor and should
be recognized here. Already the
matter has been discussed by the
Order of the “O” and they have
passed favorably on making golf a
minor sport. It will be one of the
important issues to be decided upon
at the coming student body elec
tions and should receive enthusiastic
support from Oregon .students.
Willos Gets One
iWeek Reprieve
Patterson Stops Execution
At Judge’s Word
(By United Press)
SALEM, Oregon, April 12.—James
Willos and Ellsworth Kelley, con
victs who were condemned to death
on the gallows at the state prison
Friday, were granted an official re
prieve of one week by the governor’s
office here late today.
The reprieve was issued by the
governor’s secretary, Beatrice Wal
ton, upon telegraphic instruction
from Governor I. I. Patterson at
The governor acted upon a long
distance telephone request made by
Chief Justice John L. Rand, on be
half of himself and four other
justices, that the sentences be com
muted to life imprisonment. The
justices said they were acting as
citizens and not in their official
The last legal resource had been
lost by friends of the pair when an
application for a stay of execution
and the appointment of a sanity
commission to examine Willos was
denied by Judge Percy R. Kelly of
Albany here today.
It was after Judge Kelly had
rendered his decision that the su
premo court justices conferred and
decided to request Governor Patter
son to commute the death sentences
to life imprisonment.
Magazine Publishes
Article by C. L. Kelly
C. L. Kelly, associate professor
of business administration, has an
article published in the April num
ber of the American Accountant
called “Should Dividends on Stock
■Issued for Construction Be Charged
to Costs?” The editor of the mag
azine, commenting on the article,
says: “This discussion is given space
because it is believed that Mr.
Kelly has raised an interesting and
important point. The views of other
accountants on this subject will be
Follow the Crowd •
John Robinson’s
Seven Serenaders
Men 75c
Ladies Free
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you open the door into another world upon enter
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Women’s Team
Debates Tonight
Last Contest of Year To Be
Given in Villard
The last, debate of the sehool year
will be held tonight in room 107 in
Villard hall. The University’s wo
men team, composed of Alice Clink
and Mary Klernm, will meet Jessie
Hastings and Charlotte Smith of
the University of Washington.
This debate will bo the conclu
sion of the women’s triangle debate
among the University of Idaho, the
University of Washington, and the
University of Oregon. Idaho won
the contest this year by defeating
the other two schools. The women’s
team of the University of Idaho
won the triangle debate last year
also. The Oregon team defeated
the Washington team last year.
The Oregon team will uphold the
affirmative of the question, “Re
solved, that American universities
aro attempting to give too many
people an education.” “I think
that this debate will be as inter
esting as any held this year, ” J.
K. Horner, debate coach, said.
The University of Washington
team arrived yesterday noon ftam
California, where they met the
women’s team of the University of
California in a no-decision contest.
Charlotte Smith of the Washington
school was on last year’s debate
team which was defeated by Fran
ces Cherry and Margaret Blackabuy
from Oregon.
Virginia Judy Esterly, dean of
women, will be chairman of the de
bate. James H. Gilbert, dean of
the college of liberal arts, has se
cured the judges.
International Carnival
To Be Held Next Week
The Cosmopolitan club on the
campus is putting on- something new
and different in the way of enter
tainment the evening of April 20 at
the “Y” hut.
This is the second year the “in
tetmafjbnal carnival’’ has baea givein'
and promises to be more successful
than the one of last year. Accord
ing to the plan which the chairman
of affairs, Wendell Balsiger, report
ed to the Cosmopolitan club last
night, the campus will have a good
opportunity to have a bird’s eye
view of some of the interesting fea
tures of many countries.
There will bo a booth from each
nation represented in the club—the
attendants at each booth will be at
tired in their owii native costumes,
and clowns will be in evidence dur
ing the evening. A short program
will be given in each booth.
Some of the more interesting fea
tures are the Japanese booth, which
will havo Japanese cakes and tea
for gale, and the Hindu fakir who
will hold forth as the representative
of India.
Oregon Frosh Contract
To Meet Normal School
According to Jack W. Benefiel,
graduate manager, the Oregon fresh
man football team will meet the Ore
gon State Normal school of Mon
mouth for the next two years by
virtue of a contract signed yester
day. The Normal eleven will come
here October 19 for a game with the
ducklings. The following season
the freshmen will go to Monmouth
for the fray.
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While You Frolic
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Here’s A Suggestion
Hot Butt'erhorns and Sweet Rolls for Breakfast—large,
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Special Frozen Strawberries in 35c Cans.
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Taylor’'s Auto
| O’Neil Tragedy
I Ends Play Week
(West’s First Repertoire
Program Successful
One more night of repertoire, the !
biggest night, however, and then j
the drama department will turn its j
attention to the drama tournament I
which will he here May 3 and 4.
“Beyond the Horizon,” Eugene
O’Neil’s tragedy, 'will bring the
first repertoiro weok ever attempt
ed in the west, to a spectacular
close. “Repertoiro week has been
everything wo had hoped or ex
pected,” said Miss Florence Wil
bur, director of drama, yesterday,
when she was discussing the plays
of the past week.
“Any number of paronts have
taken advantage of this week to
come to school. Tho students have
thoroughly enjoyed the work, and
besides the pleasure of the under
taking, it has been splendid train
ing for them. Wo aro immensely
More Fun!
—but falling doesn’t mean
people killed.
Winter Garden
—does mean % good time,
though. For a different
amusement, try it on
Monday night — Ladies
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College Night.
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old suit”—But
one that be
comes the
wearer as to
Color and
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then the right
hat, shirt, tie,
shoes, etc., to
bring about
that pleasing
“Ensemble re
sult” that pro
claims the well
dressed man.
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have entrusted
their dress wear
problems to us,
why not you?
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Men’s Dress Wear
McDonald Theatre Building
pleased with the introduction of
With the close of this work, dra
ma students wiH begin learning
their lines for ‘‘Shall We Join the
Ladies?”, Sir James Barrie’s one
act play. It will be presented at a
matinee performance during the
drama tournament, when high
school visitors hold their drama
contest at Guild theatre.
VALLIS, April 12.—(P.I.P.)—Meth
ods of cooking, seasoning, and pack
ing horse meat are being conducted
by the horticultural products depart
ment. The meat has a slightly
“gamey” taste. If the experiments
arc successful, the thousands of wild
horses of Oregon and Washington
will be canned for European trade.
Guild Theatre
Recently Remodeled
We have just reopened after a
thorough redecoration of our eating
place. New fixtures have been in
stalled and new service is being
given to satisfy student taste. Visit
us after the theatre and we will
show you a clean, cheerful, classy
place to eat.
Imperial Lunch
“Reasonable Prices”
New Jewelry
Gift Shop
Attractive models iu youthful Elgin, Waltham and
Hamilton makes.
Interesting new Bracelets and Chokers.
Under Personal Supervision of Mr. Smartt.
I personally selected my stock in tho markets. I invite my many
friends, old and new, to come in and see me at my new store.
796 Willamette “Catty Corner” from U. S. National Bank
From the Famous Stage Play
Victor McLaglen Edmund Lowe
Dolores Del Rio
and a Superb Cast
An epic strugglo between love of woman and love of country.
Mutt & Jeff
Pathe News