Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 10, 1928, Page 6, Image 6

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    Seniors Meet
Waterloo; Hall
Rilled by Frosh
Youngsters Feature Big
Party for Former
Friendly Heads
From the tall, thin intellectuals
to the short, fat, sleek, somnolent,
phlegmatic, firefront dozers, they
. f are no longer omnipotent. At 12:01
Thursday morning, all seniors at
Friendly Ilall became freshmen;
freshmen turned seniors; juniors,
sophomores, and the sophomores
were elevated to juniors.
Without waste of time the class
of “31,” then seniors, held a mid- j
night party for the “frosh” of ’28.1
Spats and tubbings w!th all' the |
trimmings were meted out to the ,
temporary freshmen. Seeming to !
forget the fact that today would I
put them back in their position as
freshmen, they hazed the fallen
seniors with no regard for former
social standing. House president,
managers, all had to take their
share of the work and punishment
usually the lot of the freshmen.
The senior on phone duty received
plenty of incentive to reach the
telephone smartly in the form of a
large paddle wielded by the boys
of ’31.
A prominent junior received a
tubbing for offering resistance to
the entertainment supplied at the .
party last night. Several others I
among the class of ’28 and ’29 ,
found to their discomfort that the '
boys of ’31 had learned collegiate
methods of punishment in a very
thorough manner.
The original purpose of the day
was to determine just how the
underclassmen wanted to be treat
ed. However, the ludicrous situa
tion created has supplied such un
usual diversion thnt. there is much
sentiment for making it a tradition
at Friendly.
Zaiie Speaks Before
Alpha Delta Sigma
Xowland B. Zone 6f the art de
partment gave members of Alpha
Delta Sigma a talk on tho poster
and its place in advertising- at their
luncheon at the Anchorage yester
day noon.
“A country’s art grows out of
its philosophy,” Mr. Zane declared.
“If the art is not in accord with
the philosophy of a country it can
not survive.”
Two associate members were
elected at the business meeting,
Bov J. Bullock, associate professor
of the school of business adminis
tration, and Joe Davidson, promo
tional manager of the Oregonian.
Mr. Davidson is in Eugene for the
newspaper men’s conference and
will speak at a luncheon of the Eu
gene Ad Club at noon today.
A.A.U.W. Convention
Meets This Week-end
The annual state convention of
the A. A. TJ. W. will be held in
Portland, February 10 and 11. The
first session will open with a din
ner at. the Multnomah hotel.
Miss Mozelle Hair is state presi
dent. Professor Noble -of Reed
College will give the first speech on
“U. S. in World Politics: Whither?”
Several' other interesting speakers
are scheduled to speak and to lead
general discussion groups.
An important matter to be dis
cussed is the raising of $1200 by
the state association as a scholar
ship to an Oregon woman holding
a IB.A. or B.8. degree who wishes
to use it for graduate study in the
in front of
(Dptnm etrist.
W. 8th St.
Ye Scribes—
A Most Hearty Welcome
We hope you will make THE ANCHORAGE your
headquarters during the conference. You’ve heard
of the traditional mill race. You can watch it here
while you cat.
The Anchorage
You can do it better with
Gas Saves and Serves
The new Tappan In So Top gas range
gives you double the cooking surface and
is absolutely odorless. Let us show you
our complete line of Tappan gas ranges.
We have a size and style for ev£ry need.
Sold on easy terms.
Mountain States Power
881 Oak CO.
Phone 28
East or abroad. The deeisinn as to
whom the scholarship will be given'
will "be decided on a competitive
J basis.
Several Eugene women expect to
attend the convention.
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Ralston and Shirley McGuire, Beta j
Theta Pi; Thelma Mellien and |
Elaine Crawford, Sigma Chi; Me- !
Kay Ricks and Frances Perry, Phi
Sigma Kappa; Janet Pearce, Phi
Gamma Delta; Madge Normile and;
Charlotte Carl!, Alpha Tan Omega; 1
Margaret Nugent and Ruth Brad- j
ley, Delta Tau Delta and Alpha Up
silon; Mary Dutton and Florence j
Somerville, Phi Psi; Ethel Lou
Crane, Bachelordon; Helen Smith,
Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alice Gorman,
Sigma Pi Tau; Rose Roberts, Kappa
Sigma; Marion Leach and Margaret
Schusher, Sigma Nu; Edith Dodge,
Theta Chi; Vivian Blair and Max- ’
ine Paulson, Alpha Beta Chi and
Psi Kappa; and Mary McLean and
Bernyce Hensley, Friendly Hall.
Bob Hynd lias named the follow- :
ing men to speak at girls’ houses: j
Joe McKeown, Roy Herndon, Art
Anderson, Lester Johnson, Francis
McKenna, John Galey, Bob Sar
gent, Dave Bauman, Ron McCreight,
A1 Boyden, Ed Winter, Joe Holaday.
Mary K. Johnson has charge of
•Always The
Same” says
Charleston, S. C.
February 10,1927
Larus & Bro. Co.,
Richmond, Va. <
I’ve done a lot of pipe smoking.
There’s hardly a brand or a blend that
I haven’t tried out at some time or
But speaking of smoking tobacco
that brings real enjoyment, and never
changes, I want to say that there is
just one tobacco that gives me real
enjoyment in. my pipe—-Edgeworth.
I have used Edgeworth Ready
Rubbed and Plug Slice for over five
years, in all climates and under all
conditions, and I find- it always the
jame. It is always mellow and moist,
and its genuine flavor lasts. There is
10 bite or parch in Edgeworth, and the
quality, whether you' buy it in small
>r large quantities, is always perfect.
Thanks to the manufacturers for
their wonderful product, and I hope
.hat Edgeworth can always be obtain
able by the undersigned.
Guy B. Beatty
. Extra High Grade ,
Smoking Tobacco
fhis is
- Touch
This pen’s feather-lightweight
alone is sufficient to start and
keep it writing. No effort, no
Doubly remarkable because the
new Duofold is 28% lighter than
when made with rubber, due to
Permanite, a new material 100
times as strong as rubber — in
fact, Non-Breakable.
But Pressureless Pouch is
most important because of its ef
fect of taking all the effort out of
3 sizes, 6 graduated pen points,
5 flashing colors, to suit men’s and
women’s hands and tastes.
Parker Duofold Pencils to match
pens, $3, $3.50 and $4.
Lopk for ‘ Geo. S. Parker—
DUOFOLD” to be sure of .the
Oveotizc $7
Ml»l UlM* Cwtuc Comb Ii»4o U<uk U $ l’»«. Off.
the poster committcp, and flare
Hartman'and Fred Meeds will help
Dena Aim will oversee the ticket
sale, Etha Jeanne Clark has charge
of publicity, with Floyd Horn as
assistant, and Wendall Gray will
look after the materials.
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could move away. A negro was
drowned when the Atcliafalava river
bridge went out.
“When the Bayou Deglaise levee
showed signs of breaking, every
thing from wheelbarrows to con
victs was employed to try to stop
the break. They piled up sand,
cement, gravel and everything heavy
they could find but the water was
too strong for them.
“There are great deposits built
hip which cover the remains of once i
thriving farms and cities. The lit- j
tie town of Melville, six miles from ;
the Atchnfalnya levee, was covered
by eight to fifteen feet of sand and
is now being dug out just like an
ancient city of Egypt,” he con
Dunbar told of some bits of humor
in the tragic story of the Missis
sippi flood. For instance, one of
his friends had a. .rice- field which
the waters covered. They Teceded
at just the- right time and left his
rice flourishing. Most of the rice
fields were ruined, though, as the
water stayed too long.
Clarence has been going to school
since he was three years-old and it
is no wonder that his ambition is
to go around and see the world a
bit. “I don’t know what I’m going
to do as a life work, but I do know
Tailor Shop
Is the Place to Get Your Old
Garments Made Like New
Give Us a Trial and Be Convinced
728 Willamette St.
The course of a man’s taste
It’s running smooth when he says “let’s go
to the Peter Pan.” She realizes the place spells
comfort and delicious food and waits only for
him to pop the suggestion.
996 Willamette
I'm tired of School afid .-want to
travel awhile,” liii ®ard.
Bacbelordon announces the pledging
of Allan Griggs of Eugene.
Jim: Say those old
shirts are so dirty
I'd just as well
throw ’em away.
John: No, don’t do
that. My last ones
were just like that
and look at# them
Jim: By golly, they
are. Where did
you send them for
work like that?
John: Just
Phone 825
they’ll do the rest.
A Special Purchase and Sale of
Spring Frocks
An alluring assortment of new spring frocks in
all the new styles and shades. Fashioned of
crepes, satins and prints in youthful models.
Come in and look over the dresses ....
you must see them to appreciate their real worth.