Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 04, 1928, Page 4, Image 4

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6 Score Victory
i. In Track Meet
Three First Positions
Swell the Score of
: Unaffiliated Men
Three Meets Booked for
Dates Next Week
The Independent lads led the af
filiated groups in the second indoor
track meet of the season at Mc
Arthur court last night, collecting
three first places, and a total of 21
markers. Sigma Alpha Epsilon se
cured second place honors, taking
two first places, and a total of 16
points. Third place was a tie for
the athletes of Phi Delta Theta and
Alpha Tau Omega with eight points
The meet was the second of a
series of six intramural track and
field meets to be held winter term,
culminating in a final meet on
March 2 in which every organiza
tion in the league will compete.
Next week will be an especially
full one for intramural tracksters,
three meets being scheduled. On
Wednesday, February 8, Bachlerdon,
Thi Delta Theta, Sigma Phi Epsilon,
Alpha Tau Omega, and Friendly
Hall will meet. The following Fri
day, Sigma Chi, Theta Chi, Alpha
Beta Chi, and Kappa Sigma will
vie with each other in the fourth
round of the preliminaries. Beta
Theta Pi, Sigma Nu, and inde
pendents will engage in the fourth
elimination meet. This meet will
bo held on Saturday, February 11,
and will be held in the afternoon
to permit attendance of the Ore
gon-0. S. C. basketball tilt in tlie
evening at Corvallis.
A small but enthusiastic crowd of
2 0 onlookers viewed the track
events last night. Very few women
attended. Coach Bill Hayward ex
tends a special invitation to Uni
versity women for the three meets
booked for next week.
Results of the meet:
45-yard dash finals: Time 5 flat.
Lowry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, first;
Prendergast, Sigma Alpha Epsilon,
second; Tuttich, Beta Theta Ti,
Mile run: Time 4:42. C. Hill,
Independent, first.; Beall, Delta Tau
Delta, second; Winters, Sigma Chi,
880-yard run: Time 2:09. Ruth
erford, Independent, first; Cooper,
Independent, second; Manning, In
dependent, third.
45-yard high hurdles: Time :0;>.4.
Hendricks, Sigma Chi, first; Kelly,
Beta Theta Fi, second; McKcnnan,
Theta Chi, third.
440-yard run: Time 56 flat.
Anderson, Fhi Delta Theta, first;
McCarty, Alpha Tau Omega, sec
ond; Peflcy, Independent, third.
Pole vault: Height 11 feet. Bob
Robinson, Independent, first; Ed
Crowley, Phi Gamma Delta, and
Maulby, Beta Theta I'i, tied for
second and third places.
High jump: Height 6 foot. Mc
Culloch, Alpha Tau Omega, first;
Reed, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, second;
Everetts, Phi Gamma Delta, third.
Shot put: Distance 44 feet 6
inches. Hall, Sigma Nu, first; West,
Phi Delta Theta, second; Edkman,
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, third. The
12-uouml shot was used.
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fensive combination has boon slowed
up by the loss of the ball through
Epps Back at Guard
Epps and Milligan will bo sta
tioned at guards again. Epps, who
was out of the Washington game
with anklo injuries, has completely
recovered and is in good shape for
the fray. Milligan, tho most de
pendable defensive man on tho
Specialization in
Three Methods
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team, is ready to stop the fast, high
scoring Burr, Aggie forward.
Beinhart has seen the Aggies in
action in all their conference games
this season, and has lined up some
plays that are expected to break
up the percentage system of bas
ketball used by Bob Hager, Beaver
head coach. The main forte of the
Aggie style is to pile up an effec
tive lead' and then stall through the
rest of the contest.
Aggie Bear Story
The first hard luck story has drift
ed into Eugene from Corvallis. Carl
Aase, reserve center, is on the hos
pital list and will not be in condi
tion to relieve Savory, regular pivot
man, if it should become necessary.
Bob Hager propaganda has also ar
rived on the Oregon campus, and
states that a “hidden threat” play
will be used to baffle the Webfoot
Bill Beinhart’s basketball teams
have defeated the Aggies six times
out of the regularly scheduled Pa
cific Coast conference games. The
Beaver stalling game has not worked
with outstanding success against
the fast Webfoot teams coached by
Montana will have a chance to as
sert its claim to title honors tonight
against the Huskies at Seattle.
Washington must win or go into a
tie witli Montana and the winner of
the Oregon-Aggie game for first
place honors.
Campus High Wins
Hard Fought Game
From Eugene High
University High School won a
hard fought game of basketball from
their traditional rivals, Eugene.
High, last night by a score of 30 to
10. The game was fast, with Uni
versity High holding the lead
(Libby at center and Stevens,
guard, played good ball for Uni
versity High. Teague, guard, was
the outstanding player for Eugene
High. Both teams used numerous
substitutes during the course of the
3.—P. I. P.—A team of four Stan
ford swimmers will attempt to shat
ter ithe world’s intercollegiate rec
ord for the 800-yard relay race, in
which each man swims 200 yards
of the distance. This endeavor to
set a world record will be a feature
of the interclass swimming meet
which has been postponed from Feb
ruary 10 to an indefinite date on
account of the paralysis epidemic.
The present record time is 11 min-j
utes and 24 4-5 seconds. Coach Ernst
Brandstcn estimates that his pupils
are good for 11:20, figuring on a
basis of individual records.
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O. S. C. Mermen
To Swim Against
Oregon Tonight
Webfooters Are Favored
To Win First Meet
From Beavers
Silverman Recovers for
440-Yard Dash
Tonight at 7 o’clock in the pool
of the Woman’s building, Oregon’s
varsity swimmers will meet O. 8. C.
stars in the first engagement of the
1928 Northwest intercolle
giate schedule. This contest with the
squad was cancelled several weeks
ago, due to the failure of O. S. C.
to provide a coach for her team,
but Kerns, director of athletics, who
will guide the destiny of the farm
boys, has re scheduled the two con
ference meets, in order, the Baro
meter states, to provide competition
in minor sports for the Webfooters.
Pre-meet dope on ability of the
two teams, concedes a generous win
for the Lemon-Yellow mermen. The
next meet with the 8taters will be
held in Corvallis on March Ti. While
definite dope on the water cleaving
prowess of the Aggie men is not
available at present, Edward F.
Abercrombie, Webfoot coach, looks
forward confidently to a 15-point
margin. The strong Oregon team
that defeated the Multnomah club in
Portland on January 28 by a 24
point margin, is strengthened to
night by the addition of Julian
Smith, breast-stroke man, and bfc.
cause Charles Silverman, entered in
the 440-yard swim, has recovered
from illness and is doped to take a
first place in that event tonight.
The State college squad will not
be able to provide competition in the
300-yard medley, new swimming
event added to the conference sched
ule last year, but an exhibition 300
yard event will be swum by two
Webfoot trios.
The complete list of entries and
order of events:
160-yard relay: Chet Floyd, Jim
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Sharp, Pete Slauson, Johnny Ander
200-yard breast stroke: Willis
Fletcher, Julian Smith.
40-yard dash: Johnny Anderson, Jim
440-yard free style: Charles Sil
verman, Leslie Kirkliam.
150-yard backstroke: Johnny An
derson, Bob McAlpin.
100-yard dash: Chet Floyd, Jim
Fancy diving: Lnmont Stone, Len
■ 220-yard swim: Don McCook, Chet
The following official's will con
duct the meet:
Starter: Del Oberteuffer.
Timers: Clifford Kuhn, chief; Gil
bert Hermanee, Glenn Howard.
Judges of finish; “Dutch” Wid
mcr, “Hank” Gawer, Wade Ruther
Judges of diving: Clifford Kuhn,
“Hank” Gawer.
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about equal. In addition, the actual
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proclaim to the world that we
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truth is that because we have the
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compete with us. But these things
are hard to reconcile with the
honey-coated words about “peace”
and “world service” and “defending
the rights of humanity,” which fre
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700 million dollar bill? The tax
payer, of course, but why should ho
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Edward Green
Were introduced to the men on the campus for the first
time about three weeks ago.
The response we received on this line is very pleasing.
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Diplomatic Diction in Berlin
WO German diplomats, who had
JL been at theUniversity of Bonn to
gether, met in the foyer of the Hotel
Adlon after a separation of some years.
One of them had been at a South Amer
ican capital ,one in the Orient.
Eagerly they discussed old times and
common memories, and they were still
talking excitedly as they started to
ward the Otis Elevator. When they
reached the door, they paused,each
wishing to give the other precedence.
“But you must go first, my good
friend,”one of them was heard to re
mark. ‘‘I’m sure the ride will be a nov
elty to you after so many years in the
East, and 1 would not think of preced
ing you.”
“On the contrary,” answered the
other,“I am insisting that you enter
first. We lacked some things in the Ori
ent, but the Otis, there as here, is in all
the big shops andhotels.”“ We’d better
squeeze in together, then, because South
America, too, is well equipped! But
wait a moment! You must go first, for
I used the Otis on board the steamer
every day!” “I, too! I will not be out
Starting forward together, they col
lided at the door.
One would have to travel farther
than civilization, East or West, to find
any novelty in that taken-for-granted
convenience, the Otis Elevator.
Offices in A11 Principal Cities of the IVorld