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    Opening Indoor
Track Meet Gets
Unusual Supporl
Scoring Honors Divided
In First of Series
Held Friday
The first intra-mural track nice
held in McArthur court last nigh
was a big success. All events wen
run off in good order, and the ini
proviscd indoor equipment was veil
successful. As the preliminary
meets before the big final in Marel
are for practice only, no fraternity
score was kept, but the Sigma Nu
Alpha Tau Omicron and Phi Del
aggregations seemed to be garner
ing most of the honors.
.First on the list of the evening’s
entertainment was the 45 yard dash,
Lowry, S. A. E. flush, took first;
Standard, Sigma Nu, second; Pen
rose, Sigma Nu, third; and Stur
gess, A. T. O., fourth. Later ;
sprint of 45 yards, Sigma Xu vs
I hi Delt, was run off to settle cer
tain boastful utterances. In this
race Standard, Sigma Nu, camt
first; Penrose, Sigma Nu, second;
Wetzel, Phi Dolt, third; and Mod
ler, Phi Delt, fourth.
In the pole vault Bob Robinson
took first with a vault -of 11 feet.
He tried 11-6 and narrowly missed
at this high figure. Crowley, Phi
Gi was second; Sowell, independent
third, and Boone, S. A. E., fourth.
The 45 yard high hurdles was
next, and brought some close fin
r ishos. Crawford, A. T. O., was the
winner; Hendricks, Sigma Chi, a
dose second; Moeller, Phi Ddt, was
third and McGee, Kappa Sigma,
The 880 was four times around the
downstairs hall of the court and
twice around the inside on the bas
ketball court. Beta colors were in
the lead, carried by Overstreet, and
McKirtick. Theta Chi was next,
and Hamilton, Sigma Nu, finished
in third place.
The three outstanding weight
men on the campus vied for honors
in the shot put. Moeller, Phi Delt,
and nationally known track perform
er with the discus, was first with a
l eave of 47 feet 5% inches. Hall,
husky Sigma Xu from California,
upset the dope ; by' ‘beating Wetfid
for second with 46 feet 11% inches.
Vic was right behind him, however,
at 46 feet 11 inches.
The mih' run proved to be a real
test of ability due to the large num
her ox comparatively short laps.
Clarence Ilill, In dependent, was an
easy first, finishing 10 yards ahead
of Beal. Kuykendall, Phi Sigma
representative, was third, and Noil,
also a Phi Sig, was fourth.
Reed, S. A. B., and Crawford, A.
T. O., tied for first in the high
jump at 5 feet 7 inches., Moeller,
Phi Belt, took third at 5.6.
The next meet will be run off
next week, and it is expected that
the banked turns will be finished,
and the 410 and 220 runs and re
lays will be added to the events,
liny word has not yet picked the
houses for the next fray, which will
probably be run on a scoring basis.
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political corruption than any other
national law during' the century.
In fact, the issue as between
“wet” and “dry” is wrongly stated.
It is an issue between true temper
ance, public sincerity, and political
decency on the one hand and a
social spectacle disgusting and re
volting on the other. Nor is the
alternative a return to the saloon.
Few want that. There arc many
moderate choices in between.
2-lb. Box
We have had so many re
quests to repeat this spe
cial that we are offering
it for this .Saturday only.
Buy Your Candy from a
Candy Store
Complete Program and Itinerary
Of Campus Tour for rDad’s Day'
The complete program for “Dad’s Day” with tho itinerary of the
campus tour as it appears in the program follows:
Prog ram
10:00 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. Registration of “Dads” in Adminis
tration Building.
12 :00. Luncheon with individual students.
| 3:00 P. M. to 5:00 P. M. Conference hours with deans of schools,
heads of departments and members of the faculty.
Exhibits and exhibitions of the various schools and depart
Concert at the Music Auditorium.
Each Dad to be personally conducted by own son or daughter
to any of these exhibitions which may be of mutual in
5:30 P. M. Reception at Woman’s Building.
5:45 P. M. “Dad’s Day” banquet at Woman’s Building for dads
and their sons and daughters.
8:45 P. M. Basketball game at McArthur Court, University of
Washington against the University of Oregon, to be followed
by an exhibition of indoor tennis, Harrison, University of
Oregon, versus Lockwood, University of Oregon. Free tickets
to reserved sections will be distributed at banquet. •
9:30 A. M. Sightseeing auto tour of Eugene and surroundings,
as guests of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce.
| 11:00 A. M. Church services in all Eugene churches.
1:00 P. M. Sunday dinners at the University of Oregon dining
halls, fraternities and sororities and boarding homes.
3:30 to 4:10 P. M.
Intermezzo . Vivaldi
Lora Teshner
Arivso . Back
Lora Tesiiner
Sonata in A—1 iolin and Piano. Cesar Frunck
j Mr. and Mre. Rex Underwood
j Opening and Closing Organ selections by Mr. Evans.
Dr. Walter II. Nugent, of the Central Presbyterian Church of
Portland, will read the Vesper Service.
Itinerary of Campus Tour
I. North East Cam pus:
3. Health (Service and Infirmary.
Demonstration of facilities for care of student .health, Univer
sity physicians and nurses in charge.
2. 'Extension and Correspondence-Study.
Charts and exhibits indicating state-wide service in adult edu
cation extension, and participation in community conferences,
surveys, etc.
3. Household Arts.
Inspection of kitchen and service of .household arts department.
4. Journalism and the University Press.
Offices of student publications, exhibit, of products of the Uni
versity Press and artistic works from the Press of John Henry
' ’ 5. Architecture and 'Allied Arts. ‘
Exhibition of work in architecture, painting and sculpture by
faculty aud students in architecture, normal arts, and tho line
II. Central Campus:
1. Jiiology and Physics.
Inspection ot laboratories, biological, botanical and zoological
2. Main Library Plant.
Inspection of reading rooms, stacks, and work rooms, where
185,000 volumes are taken care of aud from which books are
distributed to eight branch libraries, collections aud depositories.
3. Business Administration.
inspection of plant of largest professional school on tho cam
pus. Exhibition of charts, graphs, etc., prepared by Business
4. Laic School and Law Library.
Inspection of law school equipment and Law Library.
III. South Campus:
1. Geology, Condon Beservc, and Psychology.
a. Geological eollection including those of Dr. Condon; maps,
charts, and equipment of Geology Department.
b. t ondou Reserve Library, where bulk of reserve books are
carried under decentralized library administration, made
necessary by inadequacy of central plant.
e. Psychological laboratories. Exhibition of equipment and
testing devices.
2. Music. Auditorium.
Musical program given at intervals between 3i00 p. m. and
5:00 p. m. by faculty and students of music school.
3. Physical Education, for Women.
Outdoor game speed ball, south Held, 3:00 to 3:30; swimming
exhibition at Pool, 3?30 to 4:00.
4. Murray Warner Memorial Collection of Oriental Art.
Warner collection of Chinese, Japanese, ami Korean art, open
to inspection.
Sweeter Gift .j
Than Van Duyns’
Nougat, rich in honey; Creamy Caramels, some
filled with dates, others chuck full of pecans—
Chocolate-nut—Vanilla Walnut, Cocoanut, etc. —•
-VI made by Mr. Van Duyn himself. You will say
it's the best you’ve ever tasted.
One lb. box 95c or 2 lb. box $1.65
Wrapped*scurcly, insured and postage prepaid
112—Oth St. at Washington
.Portknd, Oregon
Girls To Display
Athletic Stamina
For Dads Today
Women’s Demonstrations
And Speedball Game
Are Scheduled
The women’s athletic juirt in the
program for the entertainment of
the “Dads” will be a demonstration
of speedball, and a swimming and
diving 'exhibition. The (speedball
game will be from 3 to 3:30, this
afternoon, on the field directly
south of the Woman's building, and
is in charge of Eleanor Marvin. Im
mediately afterward if the visiting
paters on the campus accept the in
vitation of the Amphibian club to
be on hand at the tank in the Wo
man’s building at 3:30, the Amphib
ian club, under the direction of Vir
ginia Lounsbury, will demonstrate
elaborately on a super-educational
The title suggested runs something I
like “Evolution of the Bathing Suit
since you took our Mothers in
swimming, and -Some of the Speedy
Kesnits thereof.” For the Amphib
ian needs no sturdy masculine hand
to clasp her fragile arm and lead
her, “squeeking prettily, down to the
water,” as Nina Wilcox Putnam
says they used to do in the 'SO’s.
Generally, she beats him to it.
There will be diving, life-saving,
and the further thrill of racing.
Naturally there will be a healthy bit
of tomfoolery, too. And the fath
ers (this refers not at all to any
aspiring house-papas) will be the
judges as to whether or not their
half * hour has been wasted.
The concensus of opinion is, that
Dad will like it. And when ho,
learns that the Household Arts can
actually teach Daughter to make a
toothsome cookie, and that the Phys
ical Education department can
teach her to go through the water
without wings, his face will prob
ably look sunnier when lie takes up
the family check book as the first
of the month comes 'round.
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It’s a Great Show!
Tonight Only
and liis
from 0. S. C.
The Until Kiting of tin;
Air, from KCi W, Tort
in a
Deluxe Stage
Nightly at 8:50
Also: tire last
Aggies Defeated by
Huskies in Furious
Came by 23-22 Score
tBy United Press)
CORA ALLIS, Jan. 27.—A super
ior University of Washington bas
ketball team descended on Oregon
Agricultural College tonight and
continued their drive for the North
west championship by defeating the
Aggie —.{-12— in a thrilling game
which left the outcome in doubt
until the final gun.
At the half the score stood lo
in in favor the Huskies; The Ag
gie made a spurt toward the clos
ing minutes of play but fell short.
One minute and a half before the
end the score stood 22-20 for the
(l5.1.1’.)—A recent petition to
amend the A. S. S. IT. constitution,
it carried, will affect the awarding
of football letters. The amend j
ment provides that as many .as
three men will hereafter be eligible !
for block letters upon recommenda
tion by the coach and the gradu
ate manager, and that all men par
ticipating in 15 minutes of play in
a post-season or intersections! game
will also be entitled V the awards.
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Edition of the
No. 4, 11th at Alder
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Think of the
confusion - -
if advertised products followed
this Soviet law
Recently the Soviet Government passed a law
that anyone over 2 I could change his name as
often as he pleased. Old friends you have known
for years as Smith, Brown and Green, might be
called Orloski, Potoski and Obovitch overnight.
Think of the confusion!
Even supphse your favorite shoes, drug sun
dries, clothes, automobiles and phonographs
suddenly had their names changed! Would you
not feel almost a stranger in a clothing, drug or
dry-goods store that was stripped of the familiar
faces of advertised products?
Like an old friend—you have confidence in
the trustworthiness of an advertised product.
Years of frank publicity have made its name a
synonym for full value. You and thousands of
other people are proving this value every day.
The well-known names of advertised products
are your best guide to wise purchases. Read the
advertisements to see when and where to get
To know what is advertised is to
know what is best in the
market place