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    Records May Fall
When Frosh and
Babes Meet
Two Men in University of
Washington Frosh
Hold Records
Oregon Babes ‘Hopped Up’
Over Coming Event
With prospects of coast and
national records being bettered
the Oregon frosh trackmen are pre
pared to meet the University of
Washington babes on Hayward field
Saturday afternoon. Dope is not
available as to how the meet will
end, but from the comparisons that
can be drawn it is evident that it
will be neck-and-neck with the
Washington has two men who at
the present time hold both national
high school and national freshmen
records. These men are Anderson
in the hurdles, and Kiser in the mile
and the half-mile. Last Saturday
Anderson ran the high hurdles in
the extremely fast time of 14.8
sec., and he has consistently run
them in under 15. This is faster
time than has been run on the coast
this year in any college meet. In
comparison the times made here last
Saturday was 16.0 while that at O.
A- G. was 10.1. In the low hurdles
he gets about 25 seconds which is
good for a first in the Northwest
Kiser Fast Miler
Kiser, the other man, is one of
tho finest milers in the country at
the present time. For the last two
years he has won the mile at the
National Interscholastic meet at
Chicago and has not lost a race in
interscholastic competition. He con
sistently runs the mile in less than
4.22 and Saturday hopes to beat
4.20 which will without a doublj
break any freshman record that
has ever been made.
Nothing can be learned about the
rest of the team as their enrty list
has not been received yet. The
teams entered are composed of 18
men and are limited to three mien
in any one event.
Stadleman on Sliot-put
On Oregon’s part there arc no
stars, but nevertheless several out
standing men. Stadleman in tho shot
and javelin evonts lias been making
good marks, getting as far as 43
feet in tho shot and consistently
puts it over 42. No record lias boon
kept of his throws with the javelin,
but he has been getting some good
casts. Stadleman lias not had com
petition and what he will do is
not known.
McKennon is another good all
around man. He runs the quarter in
under 52, and the high hurdles in
10., and lie gets a good heave on tho
McCarty in the quarter has been
making good time and under pres
sure will get around 51.
Browne in tho dashes and kelley
in tho hurdles are both good for
points. Brow no is a very strong
runner and will make fast time if
ho is forced. Kelley is Hie best bet j
the frosh have in the hurdles, his I
best times being made in the low |
hurdles. There are several good
half milers with Web Haves being
the pick of tho lot.
jytile Race Features
Tl'bo Soafaire race of the meet will
[probably bo tho mile relay. At the
Washington relays the two teams
'milled neck-and-neck with the
ft>allies winning by a scant foot. The
'.frosh aro all “hopped up” over
.'dike possibility of taking the babes’
measure in this event.
Tryouts in a few events whore
iteld yesterday. The results are:
■TOO yard dash: Browne, I’efftey,
fUisnecffy. High hurdles, Kelley. Me
kennon. 880, Wiley, Jeffries. 110:
McCarty, Hudson, Robertson, 11am
■ * 9 • I I ;>■ ■ ■ ■ 9 ■ ■ fi ■
High Schools to Decide
Debate ('.hampionsliiij
A.'fli:land mvil McLaughlin union
high schools have just won tlie Ore
gun llieli School 1 lobsters' League
Toe Plates
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ria" K'W"«" mm w ■ n ■ ■
contest in western and eastern Ore
gon, respectively. They will debate
at the University May 19 for the
state championship.
Ashland has won the champion
ship once before. Each team has
two members, and the subject for
debate will be “Resolved that a
severance tax should be made a
future system of taxation in Ore
gon.” Ashland has the affirmative,
and McLaughlin the negative.
The winner will be awarded the
DeCou cup, which was presented by
E. E. DeCou, head of the mathe
matics department at the Univer
sity. Mr. DeCou was founder and
first secretary of the League. Dan
E. Clark, of the extension division,
has been secretary for the last six
‘Sports for All’
Program of School
Includes Water Polo
Sports for all, the motto of the
athletic department, in co-operation
with the school of physical educa
tion, is taking hold in the sporting
world of the campus this spring.
Intramural track, baseball, water
polo and tennis are in vogue at pres
ent and hundreds of students are
participating in the sports, accord
ing to announcement of the physical
education school.
The latest innovation is interna
tional water polo as played by lead
ing athletic clubs and colleges on
the Pacific coast, Edward F. Aber
crombie, swimming and head tennis
coach, has an intramural league of
eight teams playing one game each
per week at present.
Bota Theta Pi with three victories
to no defeats is leading the league
at present.
Leslie Kirkham, winner of the
celebrated cross-channel swim staged
by Abercrombie last fall, leads the
league in individual scoring with
seven goals in a trio of games.
Abercrombie’s freshman and var
sity water polo squads, now en
gaged in a sevon series, have played
three to date with the varsity win
ning the second and third 6 to 5 and
4 to 1, while the Webfoot ducklings
took the opener 3 to 0.
The two aggregations will vie
next Tuesday night in the fourth
encounter. Two intramural league
games will bo staged prior to the
varsity-frosh fracas. The remainder
of the sked will be played Thursday.
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Independents Defeat
Sigma Nu by 7-6 in
Extra-Inning Battle
Sigma Nu and the Independents
scratched and chewed their way
through a hectic three extra-inning
ball game yesterday afternoon. The
claws of the Independent outfit
proved the sharper by a 7 to 6 mar
At the beginning of the fifth in
ning the Independents led 3 to 1,
and the boys were gathering up
their bats to go home. But the Sig
ma Nus decided they didn’t want
to go home just yet. With two men
out they started a little five run
rally that put them in front 6 to 3.
Behnke tripled and DeBusk was
hit by a pitched ball. Behnke scored
on Warren’s single. Then came the
prize play of the year. Dahl lofted a
high fly over the pitcher's box. The
whole infield got together, but no
body caught it. Someone picked the
ball out of the scramble, and heaved
it toward third base, but third base
man was gathering daisies in the
distance. The ball sailed into thq
outfield and Dahl .raced home, clear
ing the bases.
The Independents evened up the
count again in their half of the
fifth. Chastian singled scoring Har
bon; Chastian came in on Packer’s
double who then scored on an error.
A long sacrifice fly by Goetz tallied
the winning run in the eighth.
The Independents chalked up two
runs in the first when Harbon and
Nelson crossed the plate on Old’s
bingle. Sigma Nu counted one in
the third when Davidson fanned
two men in a row, but Packer, In
dependent catcher, thought it was
three and walked away from the
plate, letting in Dallas.
Yesterday’s defeat eliminated
Sigma Nu. The Independents will
play the winner of the consolation
round to qualify for the finals.
Sigma Nu .6 G 5
Independents .7 6 3
Batteries: Kretzer and Ilodgen;
Davidson and Packer.
Life’s History, Found
In Oregon, Discussed
I)r. B. L. Packard of the geology
department spoke to the Round
Table, which had its annual “Ladies
Night” Tuesday, at a dinner at
np* •
lime is
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valuable to you
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school to spend
it bothering with
the laundry. We
will wash and
iron for you and
save your time.
‘Up to the Minute
in Service and
Workmanship ’ ’
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Service I
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the Osburn hotel, on “History of
Life, and General Geological Con
He gave particular reference to
the history of life in central Ore
gon, showing the geological forma
tions discovered in eastern Oregon
from the days when Condon first
went into the region, up to the
present time, including last year’s
field session when the University
sent an expedition into that region.
He told of the strata of the region,
describing the position of the seas
which swept over eastern Oregon,
and the deposits made by them.
“The contributions of central
Oregon to the history of the life of
the coast have been very conspic
uous, and recent discoveries indicate
that further contributions may be
expected,” said Dr. Packard.
Olive Banks Enters
Race for Secretary
Olive Banks is a candidate for
secretary of next year’s junior
class, according to an announce
ment made today by Bob Foster,
president of the present sophomore
class. Miss Banks’ name was added
by a petition signed by seventy-five
sophomores, and her name will be
entered on the ballot.
Miss Banks has been very active
on the campus during the past two
years, being a member of Kwama
and manager of the sophomore girls ’
track and swimming teams. She
has taken part in committee work
and in several branches of athletics.
Elections will be held in Villard
hall Tuesday.
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Ruth Miller, Senior,
Awarded Bryn Mawr
Scholarship of $350
Ruth C. Miller, senior in biology,
has been awarded a scholarship to
Bryn Mawr college for the coming'
year. The scholarship, which
amounts to $350, has no restric
tions and may be used by Miss Mil
ler as she chooses.
Miss Miller also holds a graduate
assistantship at the University of
Washington biological station at
Friday Harbor, Washington, for the
summer. Last year she was a stu
| dent at the station, and the year
I previous studied at the University
station near Bandon. She expects
to leave for the East late in Sep
Research work in biology, prob
ably for a master’s degree, Miss
Miller states, will be the type of
work she expects to do on the schol
arship which covers the period of a
She is the daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. J. M. Miller, and is a member
of Phi Beta Kappa, scholastic fra
ternity, Dial, discussion group, and
Kappa Kappa Gamma.
Big Splash as Varsity
Water Polo Team Wins
Over Lowly Frosh 4-1
Varsity water poloists asserted
themselves in the last half, and be
fore a crowd of spectators, both
he’s and she’s, showed the frosh
Last Day
Ken Maynard
Dorothy Devor<
Ben Turpin Comedy
Aesop’s Fables
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Above Penny’s |j
I I B ■ B B B B B I B ■ Bifl B 1 1 1 B I B B B J B B1 1 B B fl I f 1 1 B i :
how the game of “sink or be sunk”
was played, to the tune of 4-1,
Tuesday night.
The first game of the series was
a frosh walkaway, 3-0, but the luck
didn’t last, and the second turned
out 6-5, varsity. The boys seem to
get such a kick out of the weekly
battles that the series will run to
seven games, instead of five.
Reed, varsity, and Silverman,
frosh, are tied as high point scorer*
with five net thrown each.
Donut seals are tossing the ball
at a great rate, three teams ot
splashers meeting tonight at seven.
Last Tuesday the Betas retained
their position at the top of the list
by sinking Chi Psi 3-1, while the
strong Independent team advanced
another notch by pulling down four
goals to the Phi Sigma Kappa three.
Kirkham made three of the four,
and is high point man of the entire
series, with seven to his credit.
Teams playing tonight are Delts
vs. Sigma Nu, Betas vs. Kappa Sigs,
and Friendly vs. Chi Psi.
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