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    Belts Win First
Water Polo Tilt
From Chi Psis
Double-Header Tonight;
Varsity and Frosh to
Play Series
The first round of intramural
water polo began yesterday when
Delta Tau Delta took the first
match from Chi Psi, 3 to 0. The
limited space at the men’s pool was
jammed to capacity by spectators.
Tonight a double-header will be
run off, beginning at 7 o’clock. The
first contest will be between Sigma
Mu and Friendly hall, while the
Beta mermen battle the Indepen
dents in the second tilt at 7:30
Sigma Pi Tau, which drew a bye,
will be matched with Phi Sigma
Kappa Saturday morning at 9:30.
These games will complete the
rounds for the first week.
A water polo “world series” of
fiye games between the varsity and
freshman swimming teams have
been planned by Ed Abercrombie,
swimming coach, to begin on the
Tuesday following the conclusion of
the intramural games. The team
taking three games will gain the
A similar meet was held last year
and was won by the yearling squad.
Judging by the caliber of their men,
Abercrombie thinks that they may
repeat the performance again this
Four of the games will be run off
in the men’s pool, should the series
run that long, and the final game
will take place in the women’s tank.
This tilt, said Abercrombie, will be
•a regular game of the series, but
will be staged as an exhibition af
fair, open to the public. As the
men’s pool has no accommodations
for spectators, the game will be
held in the Woman’s building pool.
(Continued from vage one)
objectives that do not terminate in
improved type of behavior or a; more
desirable viewpoint may well be
questioned. At any rate, these are
matters that require careful con
sideration on the part of our fac
Method for Each Course
“After an agreement has been
reached as to the definite type of
objective that should prevail in dif
ferent departments or groups of de
partments, there still remains the
question of devising a method by
which the success of the course in
attaining the objective agreed upon
may be definitely determined. After
all, one of the primary purposes of
the University is the training of its
students. In some institutions, it
has been considered beneath the
dignity of the faculty . members to
concern themselves with methods of
instruction. Such, however, is not
the case at the University of Ore
gon. Those of us whose business it
is to teach the youth of the state
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Educational, Historical
Entertaining, Gripping, Fun
The Flaming Frontier is a fas
cinating picture in which the
enraged American Indian pro
tests the aggression of the
white man in his domain. Cus
ter’s Last Stand fs the focul
point of interest. Every man,
woman and child should see
this big picture of Hoot’s.
I may very properly concern ourselves
with the problem as to whether or
not we have devised a method of
instruction and an organization of
our courses that will accomplish the
j object we have in mind.
“This will probably involve de
! vising tests and measurements to be
J applied both at the beginning and
| the end of the course for the pur
. pose of determining what the course
' has actually done in training the
' intellectual capacity of the stu
dents. This opens up the whole
question of examinations and wheth
er they are' so framed as to test stu
dent achievement along the lines of
more efficient behavior and an im
| proved point of view. These prob
; lems lie at the very threshold of
any program for materially enhanc
ing the efficiency of a university
! organization.
“In certain departments on the
campus, definite programs have al
ready been made along these lines.
It is hoped that other members of
the faculty in other schools and de
partments may profit by the exper
iments that have been made and
may press forward in the spirit of
scientific investigation to find meth
ods of improving the teaching serv
' ice of the University. This is a
problem that the faculty alone can
solve, and I invite their full co
operation in -working out a construc
tive program for its solution.”
| Communications
(Continued from page 2)
impression is, but more in the na
ture of an advisory group to con
sult with the editor and advise him
as to the best policy to pursue. The
editor of “The Emerald” himself is
a member of the Publications Com
mittee and has a perfect opportun
; ity thereby to present his own ideas
clearly to the other members and
! to convince them of the soundness
| of his views.
Sometimes editors fail to appre
I ciate thoroughly their duty to their
' readers and in such cases should be
checked up. This amendment has
been suggested because our editors
have sometimes been guilty of this.
A recent illustration of such a case
| was at the time of the basketball
| championship games. A great deal
! of criticism was made then by the
students because of the 50 [cent tax
j which was an entirely unavoidable
I and legitimate tax. It was natural
perhaps that the student body at
| large should not understand this,
I but there was no reason why Mr.
1 Abramson should not because sliort
1 ly before his editorial on the sub
| _
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ject appeared he had attended an
Executive Council meeting during
which this tax was clearly explained
to all the members present. Al
though Mr. Abramson thoroughly
understood the circumstances sur
rounding the necessity of this tax,
he wrote an editorial well calculat
ed to aggravate the condition among
the students rather than attempt
ing, as he should have, to clarify
the situation for them so that they
would know all the circumstances
of the case and be able to judge
fairly. This was one instance in
which an editor in a seeming at
tempt to popularize himself with
the students failed signally in his
duty to them. This type of mater
ial going out to people in the state
is the sort of thing which results
in unfavorable criticism against, the
university, when it all the facts
were known, there would be none,
lit is against such things that the
1 Publications Committee seeks to
: guard. It has no intention of liam
| pering an editor in the fulfillment
1 of his proper duties, but when he
[over-steps himself there should be
some means of stopping him.
Beg Pardon
Dear Miss Runes:
It is not my purpose to use
It is not my purpose to use the
[editorial columns of the Emerald
1 in defense of my policies, even if
: I believed that they needed defend
ing. So I take the same means open
to all other students of replying to
your ill-founded attack.
I If you persist in arguing that the
suggested change is minor and un
likely to have far-reaiching effects,
II have nothing more to say. Having
j closed your mind in this matter,
| probably you are impervious to ar
! gument. Tour gentle insinuation
that the editor never consults any
one other than himself is unfound
ed. The same is true of your sug
gestion that only an appointive
committee can be fair-minded. Just
what constitutes fair-mindedness?
I hope you will not overlook the
alumni messages (unsolicited) which
appear in the Emerald, and that you
will concede that there are at least
a few persons who do not share
your fears about harm to the uni
versity. Why worry about this
more than does the University ad
ministration ?
And if I might make a slight cor
rection: the editor is not necessarily
a member of the publications com
mittee. And while talking of re
sponsibility, will you please explain
why you would rather see the editor
controlled by an appointive com
mittee than by the students aScting
through simplified recall procedure?
You distress me with your sugges
tion that I deliberately stirred up
trouble about the 50 cent tax. Now,
you say the tax was altogether le
gitimate and fair. How about some
proof ? You say I attended a meet
ing and heard the matter “clearly
explained.” This is an error. I did
not attend the meeting, but Mr.
Benefiel explained the matter to me
the same evening, yet I remained
unconvinced. I am yet unconvinced
of the justice of the tax. I thor
oughly understood the conditions,
indeed, and that understanding
proved to me that the tax was
wrong. If you were so certain of
vour view, why did you not, as a
good member of the council, offer
to explain it to me and the rest of
the students?
Your suggestions that I deliber
ately tried to make trouble and
even popularize myself with the
students are as erroneous as your
general conclusions. Are you sure
you are not swayed by a tiny bit
of bias?
If I were seeking popularity, I
must be the ideal editor. \ ou want
an editor who will do as “the stu
dents” wish. Y'ou yourself say the
students opposed the tax. Accord
ing to your reasoning then, I was
simply doing my duty. Why not bo
From all you have said I can
draw only the conclusion that you
are supporting the proposed amend
ment not with any consideration to
principle but chiefly for the purpose
of tightening council control of
campus affairs and campus opinion.
If the councils have faithfully
fulfilled their duties, they do not
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‘Where the Campus Trades”
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need vindication. I am not seeking
Fourteen to One
To the Editor:
Bernard Shaw, that, cynical Irish
man, would be greatly interestec
in the situation that now prevail
on the Oregon campus. A student
; regularly enrolled and attending
classes, has dared to think, and dur- ’
ing that, thinking process has dif- !
fercd with at least 14 of his peers
on various weighty subjects sujch as
whether special 50 cent levies should
■ be made at random when ten times
[ that much is already being sub
i scribed voluntarily, and whether en
, tering freshmen should wear gTeen
lids as badges of their inferiority
or no.
No, Mr. Editor, you may bo wrong
once in a while, but there are a lot
of students on this eampus who
think that you are right about four-,
teen times as often as you are
wrong. And remember that old ad
age about the truth hurting.
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