Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 22, 1927, Page 4, Image 4

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Series Will Be
March 3, 4, 5
California Has Southern
Title Nearly in Hand,
Stanford Defeated
Washington Still in Race
For Northern Cup
Coast Conference Standings
Northern Section
W. L. Pet.
Oregon .7 1 .875
Washington .*5 2 .750
Idaho ..6 3 .667
Oregon Aggies .3 5 .37 5
Washington State —.3 6 .333
Montana .1 9 -100
Southern Section
California .4 0 1000
Stanford .3 I .750
Southern California 0 6 .000
Tliis week’s schedule.
Tuesday—Oregon Aggies vs.
Oregon, at Eugene; Idaho vs.
Washington State, at Pullman.
Friday—Washington vs. Ore
gon Aggies, at Corvallis.
Saturday — Washington vs.
Oregon, at Eugene; California
vs. Stanford, at Palo Alto.
The University of Oregon baskct
ecrs have two conference games left
to play before the end of the sea
son. By winning both tilts, Kein
hart’s men will again have the
championship of the northern divi
sion of the Pacific coast conference
tucked safely away in the old trophy
If Oregon should drop tonight’s
tilt to the Oregon Aggies, she could
still take the title by defeating
Washington Saturday night provid
ed, of course, that cither Washing
ton drops her game -to the Aggies,
or that Oregon humbles the Huskies
in a play-off series.
Washington could win the division
championship, but to do so she
would not only have to turn in a
win over Oregon and O. A. C. but
■the Aggies would have to defeat tho
Webfoot aggregation.
California Still in Run
In the southern division of the
Coast conference tho California
hoopsters have a solid position on
the top of the heap. Their 32 to 2-1
victory over Stanford last week
makes the Cl olden Boars seem like a
suro repeater for their section.
In spite of the fact that none of
the leading teams in cither division
have finished their conference sched
ule, and in spite of tho fact that
it is possible for the dope bucket to
get the proverbial upsetting and a
dark horso to come through on tho
rail and win, the date for tho series
that is to decide the coast champion
ship has been sot.
Last year the deciding sories,
played by California and Oregon,
took place in Oakland, so this year
it is scheduled to be played in Mr
Arthur court in Eugene, March 3,
4, and 5.
Scorings Compared
The scoring of the four leading
teams follows:
Oregon 43, Olympic club 2(i.
Oregon 32, Ellery Arms 24.
Oregon 43, Athens cluti IS.
Oregon 41, San Jose Golds 25.
Oregon 50, Napa 1(1.
Oregon 35, Stockton Amblers 25.
Oregon 46, Auburn Cubs 21.
Oregon 39, Grass Valley 19.
Oregon 52, Marysville 25.
Oregon .38, Willamette 10.
Oregon 43, Willamette 13.
Afternoon Hunger
With •! couple of tasty
dimly bars
Campus Grocery
j 1249 Alder
Groceries at Cut Prices
Oregon 65, Gonzaga 17.
Oregon 39, Idaho 24.
Oregon 31, Washington State 14.
Oregon 35, Idaho 36.
Oregon 36, Gonzaga 17.
Oregon 37, Montana 24.
Oregon 50, Washington 25.
Oregon 32, Willamette 26.
Oregon 54, Montana 32.
Oregon 43, Washington State 23.
Oregon 28, Oregon Aggies 12.
Oregon 42, Multnomah 28.
Oregon 66, Multnomah 15.
Oregon 1020, other teams 518.
University of Washington
Wash. 53, Wash. Old Tim. 21.
Wash. 25, Hall Sell, of Com. 16.
Washington 32, Rothschilds 18.
Washington 47, U. S. S. Ariz. 14.
Wash. 28, Hall Sell, of Com. 18.
Washington 32, Rothschilds 26.
Washington 19, Whitman 16.
Washington 52, Gonzaga 12.
Washington 34, Montana State 43.
Washington 34, Montana State 29.
Washington 76, U. of B. Col. 20.
Washington 44, Whitman 29.
Washington 44, Gonzaga 18.
Washington 38, Idaho 23.
Washington 25, Oregon 50.
Washington 46, Montana 17.
Washington 30, Wash. State 16.
Washington 20, Idaho 23.
Washington 29, Wash. State 23.
Washington 35, Montana 27.
Washington 41, Oregon Aggies 27.
Washington 784, other teams 486.
University of California
Cal if orn
a 29, St. Ignatius 18.
a 43, Col. of Pacific 15.
a. 32, Cal. Aggies 21.
a 43, Santa Clara 12.
a 26, St. Mary’s 14.
a 30, So."California 27.
a 37, Nevada 20.
a 34, Olympia club 24.
a 33, Nevada 17.
a 30, So. California 19.
a 27, So. California 21.
a 32, Stanford 24.
California 396, other teams. 232.
Stanford 17, IT. of C. So. Br. 21.
Stanford 32, St. Mary’s 18.
Stanford 23, Col. of Pacific 15.
Stanford 33, Santa Clara 17.
Stanford 29, Olympia club 30.
Stanford 28, So. California 27.
Stanford 21, U. of C. So. Br. 23.
Stanford 26, Nevada 17.
Stanford 27, Nevada 10.
Stanford 35, IT. S. C. 26.
Stanford 24, U. S. C. 19.
Stanford 21, Fresno 23.
Stanford 24, California 32.
California 340, other teams 278.
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Your Beauty
The Cosmetic Creations of
Valaze Cream of Lilies (for dry
skins)—delicately whitening and
protective make-up.base. 1.50
Valaze Halm Rose—protective
and becoming make-up base for
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Valaze Complexion Powder
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Valaze Novena Powder (dry
skins) — both fine, fragrant,
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1.50, 3.00
Valaze Red Raspberry Rouge
—richly colorful—becoming to
all types.
Valaze Red Geranium Rouge
i —new, vivid, youthful. Ideal
I shade for blondes; evening shade
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Valaze Crushed Rose Leaves
Rouge—subtle, natural tint for
| conservative.
Compact Rouges 1.00
I RoUge-cn-Creme 1.00, 2.00,
| 5.00
Valaze Lipsticks—to match
Valaze rouges. Unusually ad
herent. .50, 1.00
Carroll’s Pharmacy
730 Willamette
Between "til and Sth Streets
The Campus
Acclaims it
Tlio Clloritication of Romantic Womanhood
w i t tl
Night 50c
Ronald Colman
Belle Bennett
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr,
Alice Joyce, et al.
8h:trkey Mooro
violin soloist
Rooks to Play
Oregon F r o s h
Tonight at 7:00
Leslie’s Yearlings Hope
To Stage Come-back;
Line-up Shifted
Preliminary to the O. A. C.-Ore
gon varsity mix, the frosh basket
eers will attempt to take the meas
ure of the rook quintet at 7:00 p.
m. tonight.
Past performances give the rooks
by far the better chance of win
ning the fracas as they hold two
victories over the yearlings. One
was at Corvallis and ended 23 to
11 i?i favor of the Aggie quint,
while the return meet at Eugene re
sulted in a 2d to 16 win for the
Too much significance, however,
should not be placed on these losses
as'the freshmen are a much improv
ed team over the one that battled
the rooks. Their fast play against
the Wendling aggregation last
week showed that they have begun
to assimilate some of the teamwork
that was entirely lacking early in
the season.
Although badly beaten in the
first game with the Corvallis squad,
they came back in the return bat
tle and held the rooks to a tie score
at the half. Then, in the second can
to, they forgot all they had learned
and permitted the O. A. G'. boys to
romp home with an1 easy victory.
If they can set the same pace in
tonight’s game and hold it through
out the contest, the rooks will go
back to Corvallis with a loss to
their credit,—-or discredit.
The only change in the frosh
squad during the past week is the
switching of Alex Kashuba from the
second string to the first. Although
lie will probably not start the con
test, ho is expected to break into
the lineup beforo the end.
Ear from being discouraged by
the two previous drubbings at the
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hands of the rooks, the frosli arc
looking forward to turning the
tables on their adversaries, and have
been working out with new vigoi
for the past week.
Probable lineup
O. A. C. Rooks Frosh
Tippery .F. Robie
; Mills ..F. Clark
| Torson .C. Coleman
O’Bryan .G. Cheney
Drager .G. Potts
Week’s Athletic Schedule
Varsity—Tonight, 8:15, Ore
gon Aggies, McArthur court.
Varsity—February 26, Univer
sity of Washington, McArthur
'reshman—Tonight, 7. O. A. C.
rooks, McArthur court.
Freshman—February 25, 0. A.
0. rooks, at Corvallis.
larsitv —- February 26, 4:15,
Oregon Aggies, Woman’s build
ing tank.
Freshman—February 26, 3:15.
O. A. C. rooks, Woman’s building
tank. •
Beginning of squash tourna
Last week of spring practice.
Last week of tournament.
Physical Ability.
February 26—10 a. m. Last
physical ability test of the term,
Men’s gym.
Why |
Hurry? j
Always in a rush? |
The days too short I
for all you have to \
do? We can save I
you time and trou- j
ble, — collect your j
laundry Monday, j
return all fresh and !
clean Wednesday, j
“Up to the Minute j
in Service and 1
Workmanship ’ ’ j
Service j
Phone 825
| It will be too late in years to come to have
! your Graduation Photo taken
Wo are going to offer you as graduates, to introduce our work
Two Dozen $6.00 Style Photographs for $9.00
Application Pliotos $2.50 per Dozen
Romane Studio
938 Willamette Street Over J. C. Penney Store
Tamales 25c and 15c
Chicken Nocdles 15c and 10c
Sandwiches 15c
Turkey, Chicken or Duck 75c
at the
Manhattan Cafe
685 Willamette St.
Whore the students come
down town to eat
Open Day and Night
Play in Squash
Tourney Starts
j With 16 Entries
| All First Round Matches
Must be Completed
Drawings have been made for the
fisrt squash tournament to be held
at the University and play will be
gin today. The first matches were
scheduled to be played yesterday,
but owing to the fact that Coach
Abercrombie, in charge of the tour
ney, was marooned at Eoseburg over
the week-end, the opening was de
Several of the varsity tennis play
ers have played the game in the past
sufficiently to become proficient, and
these players have been seeded in
the draw so that they will not meet
in the early rounds.
The seeded players are: Henry
Neer and Clare Hartman of last
year’s freshman tennis squad, and
Harry Coffin and Mel Cohn, both
veterans at the court game. The
dope favors a meeting in the finals
of Neer and Clare Hartman, al
though neither is safe from upset
by dark horses. Abercrombie, him
self, together with Spike Leslie, is
reported to have sinister intentions
in that direction.
According to Abercrombie, first
Jetta Goudal
“Her Man
o' War”
William Boyd
A glowing romance when
heart beats quickened to
the roll ot‘ deafening
rounrl matches must be played by
Wednesday afternoon. If any
matches remain unplayed at that
time, both players will be defaulted.
Mo schedule has been made, the par
ticipants being expected to arrange
their matches between themselves.
Matches in the first day’s play
which are expected to produce excit
ing moments are the mix between
George Mead and Ed Abercrombie,
and the fraeas involving Spike Les
lie and Mel Cohn.
Winners of all matches will be
expected to record the result with
the score on the drawing sheet
which is posted in the basement of
the men’s gymnasium, said Aber
Drawings for the first round arc
as follows: H. Neer vs. Widmer,
W. Powell vs. I. Feves, Leslie vs
Cohn, G. Mead vs. Abercrombie, C
Hartman vs. Maier, T. Graham vrf
C. Burton, Keinhart vs. Gawer, and
Bliss vs. Coffin.
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out of the halls. Anyway the lin
oleum looked like a relief map ol
Chile, yesterday morning, with little
bumps and valleys surrounded by
streaks of mud which had oozed out
of the cracks.
It is impossible to convince any
of the following faculty members
that thirteen is a lucky number:
Mrs. Clara Fitch, executive secre
tary, Mrs. Dean H. Walker, Pro
fessor and Mrs. Ralph D. Casey,
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Spencer, Pro
fessor and Mrs. Walter Snyder, An
dree Pellion, instructor in French,
Raymond Lawrence, instructor in
journalism, William Maddox, in
structor in political science, Andrew
Fish, assistant professor in history,
1 and Hugh Frame, professor of eco
i nomics.
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