Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 20, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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Astronomers Preparing For
Observations of January
Solar Eclipse By Moon
Discoveries Of Scientists
May Be Weakened By |
Pennsylvania M e n t o r s^
With the intention of disproving J
the Einstein theory of relativity, I
a party of astronomers from j
Swarthmore college, Pennsylvania, j
has already shipped most of the
necessary apparatus to the South J
Sea islands. They will begin tak
ing observations next month to pre
pare for the solar eclipse in Jan
According to Prof. E. H. McAlis
ter of the mechanics and astronomy
department, the astronomers, with
H. D. Curtis, director of the Alle
ghany, Pennsylvania, observatlory,
at their head, will take preliminary
photographs of the stars in the
exact position which the snn will
take during the eclipse. When tho
moon is in front of the sun next
January, the astronomers will pho
tograph the eclipse with the stars
around it. Then they will use deli
cate micrometers to measure the
distances on the corresponding pho
tographs, and hope in this way to ^
determine that the stars appear to
have moved away from the sun.
Theory Is Verified
If the stars during the eclipse
are farther from tlip sun than be
fore, the astronomers believe they
will have proved that the shadow
cast by tho sun and moon is respon
sible for the bemling lof the light
rays, or, in other words, the appar
ent change of position. One of the
results of Einstein’s investigations
is the belief that a ray of light
passing near a great mass will bend
out of its path. This theory was
verified in 1919 by A. S. Edding
ton of Cambridge, England, and in
1922 by W. W. Campbell, then head
of the Lick observatory and mow
president of the University of Cali
fornia. The investigations which
will roach a climax next January
will, Professor McAlister believes,
either prove or disprove this theory.
If tho sun is responsible for the
bending of tho light, the theory is
correct. But if the observations
of the Swarthmore astronomers
equal their expectations, we will
know definitely that the rays of
light are bent after they pass the
Temperature Of Earth Drops
During an eclipse, Professor Mc
Alister says, the temperature on
the earth drops from eight to ten
degrees. These astronomers, he de
clares, are attempting to prove that
the bending of light rays is caused
bv (he cooling of the air by the
shadow that is cast during tho
eclipse. If they do, Professor Mc
Alister declares that the Einstein
theory will be materially weakened.
New Multiplex telegraph Set,
which transmits automatically eight
messages over one wire at the same
time, four in each direction, will
be the subject of nil address given
to Prof. Ralph !'. Casey ‘s report
ing clnss Wednesday morning at
eight o’clock by I<\ Newsom, di
The Best Place to Have Your
Shoes Shined and Cleaned
Next tb Rex Theatre
ision commercial manager of the
Ian Francisco office of the West
rn Union Telephone and Tele
;rnph Company.
Mr. Newsom is on his way fiorth
row San Francisco and is visiting
n Eugene, coming at the request
if J. A. McKevitt, local Western
Union manager. The San Francis
•o man will address the Rotary Club
omorrow at their weekly luncheon.
Tomorrow afternoon in the win
low of the local telegraph office
me of the Multiplex sets will be
iemopstrated. These sets are the
last word in transmission, accord
ing to Mr. McKevitt, and are rev
olutionary in the sending of news
messages throughout the country.
On account of class conflicts
members of Professor Turnbull’s
class will not be able to hear the
Individual Variations Shown
In Results of Tests
Prof. Howard R. Taylor, of the
psychology department, is now at
work on the information cards, by
which all freshmen will be informed
of their ranking in the intelligence
tests given the beginning of the
term. These cards will later be
mailed to the students.
The last make-up placement ex
amination was given last Saturday
morning to 15 freshmen, who had
not taken the test, iand the results
are now complete.
The papers have been classified
in . six groups. The upper five per
cent, who ranked highest in the
test, are in group one; the next 20
per cent in group two; the next 25
per cent in group three; the next
25 per cent lower in group four;
the next 20 per cent in group five;
and the lowest five per cent in
group six.
“Two very surprising things
have been brought out by the
tests,” Professor Taylor said. “One
is that there is such a wide differ
ence in students with practically
the same training and of about the
name age. The other is the uneven
ness of many of the students in
different tests. For instance, a
student is often very high in one
test and low in another. This tends
to show aptitudes for special kinds
of work, and may enable us latoi
to determine abilities in certain
subjects, which will help the stu
dents in choosing their courses.”
The first call for varsity divers
was issued yesterday by E. R.
Probably one
reason for the
popularity of
WRIGLEY’S la that it lasts
long and returns such
great dividends for so 6mall
an outlay, t It keeps teeth
clean, breath sweet, ^appetite
keen, digestion good.
Fresh and full-flavored
always in its wax-wrapped
What You Want
Right at Home
There is an old story of a youth who rosmcd
the world in search of a certain object, and
when, tired and discouraged, he returned to
his own native village, he found there what
he had sought in every corner of the globe.
This Store does not claim to offer you every
type of merchandise you would find by visit
ing all the merchandise centers of the world,
but it does offer you a wide selection of genu
inely reliable merchandise selected from re
putable producers by our expert buyer* la
New York.
^ And all merchandise is offered to you t!
(Hwest possible prices—ALWAYS l
Abencrombie, newly elected swim-.
ming coach. As preliminary work,
the new coach has planned to have j
nil aspirants for diving positions
to report for tumbling twice a
Tumbling and diving it was ex- t
plained are correlated. A person
who is proficient in tumbling will
in most cases make a good diver.
To be a good tumbler it requires
timing, poise and balance. These
in turn are all essentials of good
Classes in tumbling will be held
on Tuesday and Thursday after
noon at four o’clock. This class is
open to all interested in tumbling
but Coach Abercrombie especially
requests all divers to take this pre
liminary training. A call for as
pirants for the swimming team will
be issued, the later part of the
Twenty-nine Debate
On Forensic Squads;
Tryouts To Be Soon
Continued from page one)
ing an eastern trip for the varsity
women debate team planned near
the end of the winter term.
Committees Hold Session
The resolution adopted by the
committee followed by a conference
of Mr. Gray and the assistant
coach, Ralph D. Horn, and the stu
dent managers, Elam Amstutz, for
ensic manager; Jack Hempstead,
men’s debate and oratory manager;
Mildred Whitcomb, women’s debate
manager. Members of the forensic
council at the meeting wore: Dean
James Gilbert, of the economics de
partment, and Prof. Hugh E. Ros
son, representing the faculty; and
Mildred Bateman, chairman; and
Bob Love.
Tryouts Next Month
November six is the date of the
women’s varsity tryouts at which
12 women, will be chosen for the
season: Question to be used at this
tryout concerns academic freedom
in the United States colleges and
universities. Different representa
tives will be used in each debate.
Opponents will be O. A. C., Univer
sity of Washington, and University
of Tdaho with the probability of a
long Eastern trip.
Freshmen girls will be selected at
tryouts on November fifth on the
question of nation! uniform mar
riage and divorce law. Six will be
chosen, four of whom will meet the
Eugene Bible University varsity
women’s team.
Posters announcing the schedule
of tryouts will be distributed in the
next day or two. 1 Students inter
eited in debate are invited by Mr.
Gray to confer with him at his
office in the Sociology building
nd register on the side of the ques
tion they intend to take during the
preliminary tryouts. At these, one
student will be paired against an
other on tfte opposite side. Five
minutes will be allowed for con
structive speeches and three min
utes will be used for rebuttal.
Varsity Practices
For California Game;
Improvement Shown
(Continued from page one)
bination which will start the game
Two Punters In Action
Mimnaugh called signals for the
second team with Harrison and
Kiminki halves, and Langworthy
at full. This is Oregon’s light
backfield which will probably get
in the play this week-end. The line
included Riggs and Powers, ends;
Warren and Dixon, tackles; Socol
ofsky and Bailey, guards; and Car
-ter center. This crew represents
the shock troops of the team and
the principal reserves.
Vie Wetzel and Fred Harrison,
the experts with the educated toes,
wound up the practice with a good
punting workout, each registering
some good 45 yard kicks and an
occasional longer one. This depart
ment on the varsity is well taken
care of.
Charleston Dancing
Call 941-L After 6 p. m.
Practically new Brunswick
Balke Combination Carom or
Pocket-Billiard and Pool Table.
2 sets Detachable Cushion
Bails. All equipment includ
ing a new set of Ivory Billiard
Balls. An $800 table at a Bar
gain Price.
Phone 199
Typewriters for Rent
1 month
3 months
72 East Ninth Ave. Eugene, Oregon
We also do all kinds of alterations on women’s
and men’s garments
1128 Alder Street
College Side Inn
v\;. - •?
The Only Dance
This Week
rhe popular hotel orches
tra will play for your
Measure at a grille dance
Wednesday night at the
College Side Inn. You
will find the music, serv
ee and grille room ideal
for a pleasant party.
• • :
George Weber’s
Oregon Collegians
Not Over confident
Says California Line
Coach, Scouting Game
(Continued from page one)
Idaho game against a strong op
posing line. He gets his kicks off
nicely. Wetzel has California’s
best kicker beat about five yards
on an average.”
‘‘Reserves make a team. We
have a wonderful bunch of re
serves. Oregon’s first string men
are good but the reserves are not
above mediocre.
“We will bring 30 players up
with us to Portland and we will
use them all. As soon as a man
gets tired we jerk him out and send
another man in to taKe nis place.
A tired man is liable to injury.
“Andy Smith has three full teams
of first string men working all the
time. A man is playing first line
up one night and third the next.
Each man is shifted around and
each knows his job.
“There is no coddling of football
players down there. We don’t even
let them be rubbed. It tends to
soften them up. Nothing less than
a broken arm, leg or head keeps
a man out of anything. Mlinor
injuries are ignored.”
“Scrimmage like we have ^it is
no play matter. We teach ’em to
bust in, for if they do it hal!
heartedly in practice they will prob
ably do it that way in a game. We
Leaves Villard Hall Friday, 3:30 p. m., October 23
Return Leaves Portland 7:00 p. m., October 25
Secure Your Railroad Tickets at
'>jV Booth in Front of Library
Thursday, Oct. 22
$3.81 for Round Trip—Good on
Special Trains and All Trains
Plenty of Fun and Entertainment
Go With the Crowd
and Help Us Win
Southern Pacific Lines
F. G. LEWIS, Agent
PHONE 2220
make it as hard as we can three
times a week.”
“I didn’t get much to take back
with me last Saturday for the team \
was composed of second string
men. But we are not banking on
that. You can never tell what will
happen in a game and we can’t af
ford to lose.”
“The defeat by Olympic Club
didn’t do us any good in spite of
comment to the contrary. A de
feat never does any team any good.
It takes the backbone out of a
Done Right
They’re Our Specialty
—That’s Why
The Caldwell Press
72 E. Ninth Phone 223
It’s made especially for
college students
NO NEED to arouse the monster’s appetite until cold
weather begins in deadly earnest. Firing, stoking,
shoveling, sifting ashes and paying coal bills—put them
off as long as you can! Heat the rooms morning and eve
ning with a little
Radiantfire Gas Heater
We have a size and style for every need. Call at the gas
office and see the Radiantfire heaters demonstrated.
Mountain States
; * , •
Power Company
881 Oak Street
Telephone 28