Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 29, 1925, SPORTS SECTION, Page 3, Image 11

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Oregon Finishes Season By
Tying for Third Place in
Northwest Conference
Five Grapplers Get Letters
in Wrestling; Frosh Lose
to Rooks and Corvallis
By Pete Laurs
Prospects for a winning teajm. in
wrestling next year are very bright,
declared Coach Earl Widmer in
looking over his matmen in spring
training. Oregon finished the past
season by tying for third place in
the Northwest conference.
The varsity started the season
with only one veteran and defeated
Idaho in the initial meet by a score
of 26 to 6. Ford, a letterman, Win
gard, Davis and Cartwright won
their matches, while Leavitt was de
feated after three strenuous periods
of wrestling.
Ford, who won his letter last
year, was the only varsity matman
to win his match against O. A. C.
He defeated Nixon, the Aggie cap
tain, in two seven minute periods.
However, the Aggies were victori
ous by a score of 32 to 8. This was
the lowest score that the Beavers
have ever scored against the varsity
during the past five years of wrest
In the final meet of the season
W. S. C. won by a 45-35 score. Win
gard and Leavitt won their matches
while Sumption, Woods and Wells
were tipped. The bouts were closely
contested and very few falls were
registered. The final score was not
determined until the last bout was
Ford, 125 pounds, Wingard, 135
pounds, Davis, 140 pounds, Leavitt,
158 pounds, and Cartwright at 175
pounds, won a conference match
which entitled them to an Oregon
letter in wrestling. This is the larg
est number of men that have receiv
ed letters since the sport has been
introduced in the University. Coach
Widmer is not worried over the
prospects for next year as Cart
wright will be the only grappler
| that will not be back on the mat.
j His place will be ably filled by
j Shull of the frosh team, who made
j a very good showing during the
I past season.
Advancing from the frosh team
I will be Jarrett, 125 pounds, Betzer,
135 pounds, Oxford, 145 pjbundfc,
Potter, 145 pounds, and Shull 175
pound. The 145 pound berth was
Oregon’s weak position Vr* Ta'.e
Laurs, who wrestled for the frosh
last year, will be back in harness
for the varsity next year.
Ford, the outstanding grappler,
only participated in two meets and
was forced to retire with a cauli
flower ear. He will be back next
year to win the conference title at
125 pounds. Wingard, 135 pounds,
lost only one match during the past
season and with his experience gain
ed during the year he should make
a strong bid for the title in his
weight. Davis won his letter while
wrestling at 145 pounds. He is a
lightweight and will probably be
back next season in the 135 pound
Leavitt, although winning only
one match, gave his opponents a
close race. During the O. A. Cl meet
he was winning over Bryan, Aggie
captain-elect, but was thrown in the
last 50 seconds. Cartwright’s posi
tion will probably be filled by
Shull, a frosh, who won the only
match against the O. A. C. Books.
He is husky and is taking the game
During the past season the frosh
team lost to the O. A. C. Books and
to Corvallis high school, the state
champions. Coach Widmer has been
putting his squad through spring
training so when fall training starts
the men will have more knowledge
of various holds, and the funda
The horsewomen of the Univer
sity are going the Prince of Wales
one better. They don’t wait to
fall with their horses. When one
sees the separation between rider
and horse is eminent she gives im
petus to the occasion by beating
the horse to the fall. Hurdling is
the best sport ever, according to
pained reports from some of the
sore members of the class. But at
that it compares only with aviation
for thrills . . . and nifty spills.
Backfield Looks Strong With Terjeson Only Regular to be
Missing; New Talent Coming Up
(By D. O.)
When school opens next fall, foot
ball will be high in the minds of
everyone when athletics are thought
of. No one need be skeptical about
the quality or quantity of Oregon’s
material for football, for from all
indications Dick Smith is going to
have seasoned material and plenty
of it.
On paper, the backfield looks bet
ter than anything else on the coast.
With the exception of Terjeson, last
year’s backfield will be intact, with
the addition of some exceptionally
good men incluidng Fred Harrison
of the 1927 frosh team, Vic Wetzel
of last year’s frosh team and pos
sibly Eex Adolph, who was injured
early in the season last year, and
Ward Johnson who may return to
school. Smith’s backfielld Bquad,
with some possible additions, will
probably look something like this:
Jones, Vitus, Anderson, Mimnaugh,
Wetzel, Stoddard, Adolph, and Har
Of course the squad will be some
what larger, but at present these
look like the probable candidates.
From these men there is no rea
son why a backfield as strong if
not stronger than anything on the
coast should not be developed. For
some years a great weakness of
Oregon’s has been the lack of kick
ers, but what an array of them
Smith will have next year. Harri
son, Adolph, Wetzel and Mimnaugh
are each and all competent of hand
ling the booting for the team and
through constant practice, Jones
and Anderson have greatly improv
ed since last year. Smith spent
over two weeks of valuable spring
training time for the sole purpose
of developing a kicker, which he
certainly did.
What a terrific offensive can be
formed from these men! Jones will
be relieved of some of the “bat
tering” work by Wetzel, who is ex
ceptionally fast and a hard hitter, j
Vitus is also big and powerful en
ough to damage an opposing line
himself. Then with Anderson or
Harrison to steer things and to
pass, and with the help of the
speedy Wetzel to clip the ends, a
most perfect scoring machine is
On the defensive Mimnaugh looks
good because he is fast and shifty,
In Brick
or Bulk
College Ice Cream
For many years COLLEGE ICE CREAM has been the favorite with
students. It is recognized as the leading Ice Cream because of its superi
ority in flavor, quality and texture. Our pride in its manufacture will not
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There is COLLEGE ICE CREAM for every student function—for
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In Appreciation
With the close of the school year so near, we wish to express our appre
ciation for your business during the past year and we earnestly hope that
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Eugene Fruit Growers Ass’n
“The Home of College Ice Cream”
thus a good man for stopping any
kind of an aerial game which might
come. Jones is absolutely priceless
as a defensive full. He is one of
those men who have that uncanny
sense of knowing where the play
is coming, and being in the way
when it comes. Either Anderson
or Harrison are good at safety, true
it is Anderson had his bad mo
ments a few times last year, but on
the whole, he is steady. Harrison
has never been in varsity competi
tion, hence too much cannot be
predicted of him, but his work on
the freshman team two years ago
showed that he had more than just
a working knowledge of the game.
The same can be said of Wetzel.
With such sure defensive material
as this, Smtih will without doubt
develop a defense in the backfield
which will be about as good as their
Although “Fat” Wilson will be
lost at center, “Tiny” Johnson,
and probably Sinclair will hand
Smith applications for his job. Last
year Johnson was substituting for
Wilson, and did it very well, but
Wilson’s experience gave him the
pick over Johnson. However, John
son got lots of experience last year
and should do good work at center.
George Craig and Paul Peek, trans
fers from O. A. C., should give
Kearns, Gooding and Bnilev of last
year’s varsity a good run for guard
and tackle positions. Neither has
had varsity experience, but they
played frosh football for O. A. C.
two years ago. Both of these boys
are big, Craig weighing over 200
pounds. A Portland sport writer
remarked last fall that the Aggies
lost their best bet at tackle when
Craig transferred to Oregon. How
ever Kearns, Gooding and Bailey
are all good men, game and willing
to mix it, so Smith will have good
guard and tackle material. There
is talk around that Gene Shields
will be back. If this is true more
of a scrap than ever will take place
for guard positions. The end posi
tions are rather doubtful. Of course
Bob Mnutz will more than uphold
his side, but who will take the
other end is far from decided. There
seems to be an opening for a good
man hre. Jack Bliss played a fair
I game at end but his best work was
at tackle. However, it may be he
who is chosen. Bill Hills and Sherm
Smith also played fair games at
end, but unless they have improved
since last year, they will not be
of the same calibre as the rest of
the team. “Skin” Reynolds, a
football player from Whitman and
the Multnomah club, is looking for
a berth at end and may turn out
to be the man who will save Dick
a lot of worry. He is fast and tall,
and if lie does turn out well will
give the backs a good target to pass
Oregon needs a good team, an ex
ceptionally good team to face the
schedule it has. California, Stan
ford, Washnigton, O. A. C.—they
are all strong teams. In fact the
strongest teams on the coast. Cal
ifornia should have as good a team
this coming year as she has ever
had. If White and Rau are back,
the only man Cal will have lost
is Horrell, and they have found an
exceptionally good man to take his
place. Cal will probably be the
biggest block in Oregon’s path to
a championship, but not looking at
it from too optimistic standpoint,
it is very possible that the haughty
Bears will find themselves beaten
for the first time in five years, af
ter the game in Portland next fall.
The senior class of the Univer
sity high school will present “Seven
teen,” a light comedy by Booth
Tarkington, on _the nights of May
28 and 29.
The cast which is under the dir
ection of Mrs. Edna Assenheimer,
Barrel! Larsen assisting, has been
doing very good work and it. is ex
pected that the presentation will
be commendable.
Leads will be taken by Gordon
Stearns and Lyndall Elliott, with
Lova Buchanan taking the role of
the little sister.
Tickets will be on sale at the Co
op and at the high school. Admis
sion for adults will be 50 cents
and for children 35 cents.
The Gift For The
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