Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 24, 1924, Page 3, Image 3

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    Obak’s Kollege Krier
OBAK Wallace, Publisher L.L.J. Office boy and editor
Volume 3SUNDAY, A. M. Number 15
Varsity Loses
to Winged M
Result of Swimming
Meet is 43 to 23
State Record Made
Diving Exhibition is
Given by Kuehn
The Multnomah club mermen
bested the varsity aggregation yes
terday afternoon in the women's
tank by a final count of 43 to 23,!
taking every event except the dives
and the plunge. Peterson, of the
club, was the high-point man of the
matinee affair with 1114 points. He;
took first in both the 100-yard and
40-yard dashes and swam the last
leg of the relay, which was taken
by the Portland swimmers. Not
only was Peterson the high-point
man of the meet, but he also suc
ceeded in cracking the state record
for the 100-yarcT dash when he swam
the five laps in 1:00:4-5. The pre
vious mark of 1:01 was held by Nor
man Boss, former club star.
Horsfall was the high man of the
varsity aggregation, taking first in i
the dives and second in the 220
yard dash. During an intermission,
Louis “Happy” Kuehn, amateur
champion fancy diver of the world,
gave an exhibition which brought
the crowd to its feet on several oc
casions. Although Kuehn holds his
title on the 10-foot board, he seemed
to have .little trouble performing on
the four-foot board. His repertoire
included a list of plain and, fancy
dives as well as a number of trick
dives, in which he comically depicted
the novice at the diving game.
The results:
40-yard dash—Peterson (M), Burke
(M), McCabe (0); time, 20 4-5
100 - yard backstroke — Bushnell
(M), Ringler (M), Yoran (O) ;
time, 1:17 4-5.
100-yard breaststroke#-Egan (M),
Sinclair (O); time, 1:18 2-5.
220-yard dash—Boggs (M), Hors
fall (O); time, 2:40.
100-yard dash—Peterson (M),
Burke (M), Palmer (O); time,
1:00 4-5 (state- record).
Plunge—Wiswall (O), Samuels
(O), Bushnell (M); distance, 57
Diving-r-Horsfall (O), Kalunki
(M), McCabe (O).
Relay—The Multnomah club team
composed of Farrel, Boggs, Burke
and Peterson beat the Oregon team
composed of Herron, McCabe, Hors
fall and Palmer; time, 1:26.
The officials—Starter, Scott, of
Oregon. Judges of the finish, Rein
hart, Oregon; Kuehn, M. A. A. C.
Timers, Foster and Lombard, of Ore
gon; diving judges, Kuehn, M. A.
A. C.; Parks, Oregon.
Rumors Heard on
Graveyard Removal
(Continued from page one)
been sexton of the cemetery for the
past nine years, estimated that two
tliirds of the graves would be removed
if the place were converted into a
Expense would also be a large item.
A removal of the graveyard would
oblige those responsible for the move
ment to provide new land, and to
stand the expense of the actual trans
portation. If two-thirds of those
interred were removed, say to the
new Odd Fellow’s cemetery five miles
west of town, Mr. La Duke estimated
the entire expense, including the pur
chase of new land, would amount to
approximately $50,000. This new Odd
TVllows’ cemetery, established recent
ly upon the safe of all available space
in rue old cemetery, is forty acres in
extent, and would provide ample
ground for all the graves removed.
The old cemetery, which covers ap
proximately six city blocks, was es
tablished in 1871, or one year before
the founding of the University of
As to the possibility of the rumor
becoming an actuality, one guess
seems about as good as another. Mr.
La Duke could offer nothing definite.
He has heard the rumor for the past
nine years. The University adminis
tration is non-commital, except that it
is hoped in the future to have the
place changed into a memorial park,
with perhaps a campanile as a single
There has never jjeen an organized
attempt to secure the removal of the
graveyard. Perhaps if the assistance
of the townspeople interested might
be secured, the project might be
pushed through in the not far dis
tant future.
Is Taking the Country by Storm
A complete set in bright a
colors. 144 tiles, 116 counters, Ik
8 racks, 2 dice, book of rules
and instructions; any one can
. learn the game in ten min
utes. It’s very fascinating.
All hi attractive box, sent
prepaid on receipt of $1.00.
(Canada 26c extra).
Very Attractive Black Sateen
Mah-Jong Table Cover, with
colored dragon designs, ad
justable to any size card
table; 16 counter pockets,
striking colored stitched edges.
Extraordinary value. Special
price ________
Combination offer: We will send pre
paid one complete Mah-Jong set and
table cover as described above on re
ceipt of $2.60.
China-American Importing Co.
Ill West 68th St. New York
Rose La Vogue Beauty Shop
Manicuring, Scalp and Face
Treatments. Marcelling
13th and Kincaid
Canoe on
* • *
|J Quite naturally the
spring sunshine turns
your thoughts toward the
millrace. There are
canoes for you at the
to tea and a piece of home
made cake after canoeing.
• # *
Furnished with
Millwork from
The Midgley
Planing Mill Co.
Phone 1059 4th and High
‘Fuzzy’ Carson
Joins Vernons
Clayburu "Fuzzy” Carson, who
was registered in the University as
a sophomore in the school of physi
cal education last term, left
Thursday for Los Angeles, Califor
nia, where he will join the Vernon
baseball club for spring training.
Carson is a pitcher and was with
the Vernon club last year. Although
he is younger than most of the
players in the Pacific Coast league,
“Fuzzy” is a veteran player and
won more than half the games in
which he played last season. While
in college, Carson played on the
freshman team. He is a member of
Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.
Next to Jim the Shoe Doctors
Work in Cleaning, Dyeing, Real Shines, Guaranteed.
986 Willamette Street
Just Pleasure
and no worry when you let “George” fix
you a lunch for that picnic. These days
should bring the worst book-worm out of
his hole and enjoy a hike up the river or
to Spencer’s. No hike is complete with
out food, so get your picnic lunch made
where they know how to make them.
At the—
February 27
Company’s own peerless jazz orchestra
Prices—Floor, 15 rows $2.00; last 3 rows $1.50; balcony
6 rows $1.50; next 3 rows $1.00; balance 50c, plus tax.
Mail orders now. Seat sale Tuesday.
The results of the Kamus Klique
election for the most popular exklu
sive men’s hang-out proved konklu
sively that Obak’s is now and always
will be the leader for genuine en
joyment. The ballot vote is as fol
lows on the various hang-outs in the
Kollege Klub . 973
Kollege Krawls . 247
Mill Race . 246
Grave Yard.245
Davenports . 30
Spencer’s Butte . 15
Klothes Line . 13
[Carlo, the Kake Eater
Kal ol’ Kid:
I'm getting a hot kick out of the
low down I got on a real place to
knock around in during my spare
time. It’s Obak’s Kollege Klub, if
you know what that means. It’s a
swell place, plenty of pool and bil
liard tables, a place to eat, and al
ways somebody around to help you
enjoy it. Better'n anything you ever
saw at home.
I’ve threw away my old pipe, on
account of Obak selling me one that
beats anything I ever puffed at.
Any kind of tobacco you want he’s
got, and when you want swell smokes
for a Tux party, or reg’lars for
use, he’s got them too.
Say I got a real surprise for the
old man coming up this month. You
know so far reports of my grades
have been pretty bum, but since I’ve
been getting a little kick out of life,
darned if studying ain’t coming sort
of natural, and yesterday I got three
II’g on papers I got back. That don’t
sound like me, but its a fakt.
Here’s my pitcher, Kal, that’s to
go in the Oreganda, which shows how
I feel since startin’ in to enjoy my
self at the Kollege Klub.
Yours till the Klub Kollapses,
Our Hall of Fame
The Krier decided this week to
deviate from the usual policy of just
nominating one man for this depart
ment. Thus several will be put up,
and readers are asked to guess which
one. The one getting the most
guesses will be thrown in the mill
1. The young duke from Dufer who
thinks that a Tuxedo outfit is a can
of tobacco and a pipe; who thinks
that the Pentathlon is a local eating
fraternity; and who took an adver
tisement asking for a job to the Ad
2. The pampered Prince from Port
land, who cried when he got mud
spattered on his golf sox; who is so
bored with himself that he turns to
women for diversion; and whose best
joke is “A pear tree was made for
3. The young man who came down
here to get the most out of his col
lege career and out of life; who stu
dies hard and plays hard; and who,
when he wants to give his brain a
rest, comes into Obak’s Kollege Klub,
and at the Bame time enjoys the
cleanest livest recreation, a game of
billiards or pool.
Heilig Theater Tomorrow Night~8:30
Twice Tuesday—2:30 and 8:30 P. M.
Seats now selling—all seats reserved
JESSE L. LASK.Y Presents
Founded Upon Emerson Hough’s Story of the Wagon Trains
and Their Conquest of the West.
See the Great Train of Prairie Schooners blaz
ing new trails. The first settlers of the Pacific
Northwest as they traveled, lived and suffered
enroute to the Promised Land.
What your ancestors overcame with hearts of steel and the en
durance of immortals.
The thrilling encounters with fires and floods.
500 ox teams pulling the covered wagons across a mile-wide river.
An epic of American traditions peopled with strong men and devoted women.
A tale of gripping realism—inspiring, human, graphic, awal^ning in every Ameri
can breast a renewed and greater pride in our glorious country.
55c, 85c, $1-10. Nights .
55c, $1.10, $1.65
Your Car
and Your Position
Cfl Have you ever noticed how you uncon
sciously judge a man’s position by the kind
of a car he drives. Without knowing it you
turn over in your mind, his knowledge of
values, his appreciation for service, his de
light in beauty and the kind of a business
man he is in general.
€]J When the passerby sees a Nash in front
of a home he recognizes the shrewdness and
judgment that would characterize the own
er. It places him by his choice of cars, as a
man who would lead in affairs of life and
not follow.
Performance Counts
Eugene Nash Company