Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, December 16, 1923, Page 4, Image 12

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    Failure to Win in Track
Scarcity of Material
Hayward Wants to Place
Second and Third
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be more, according to what Bill de
sired to enter him in.
In the last three years, Oregon’s
cinder teams have been built along
that line, with one or more good men
and a lot of filler. Walkley was a
firgt place man during his years in
Oregon spikes, but he had no one to
trail in second or third. Tuck was
a good man, used to win his high
school meets single handed, but in
college competitions, one athlete can
not compete in ten or twelve events
and stand the gaff long, also there is
a ruling against it. Where were the
second and third place men? They
were not there. 'Reason? No ma
This dearth of second and third
place men has cost Oregon her track
meets. A team can’t win on firsts
every time, unless it cops all of them
and a few other places.
Last year was an Oregon year in
the sprints. Oregon had tho material
in Larson and Oberteuffer, both good
men and sure of placing in the
Orogon had and still has Spearow
in the jumps and the pole? vault, but
this is the last year that Oregon will
have Spearow to cop 15 or more points
singlo handed in track meets. For
threo years Bill has tried to develop
an understudy to the crack vaultbr,
but no s»ccessor is in sight. Why?
It is the firm conviction of the vet
eran track mentor, that ho can go
through the ranks of tho non-atliletes
and pick out hotter men than he has
out in spikes. Bill is juBt about right
there. There aro some good looking
prospects doing their stuff in the
fraternity armchair or kicking the
paint off a sorority front porch in
stead of hitting tho cinders out on
We havo heard that Walkley never
saw the Bliower room of a gym until
he came to college. Look at him.
Not the idoal build for a trackman,
but if you’ll look over the record
books you ’ll see that ho got thore and
in fair time at that, fast onough to
hold the coast record.
Now without doubt there are some
more Walkleys running loose around
here. Oregon was weak in the dis
tances last year and looks weak this
year, awfully weak. Oregon looks
weak in the weights. Orogon looks
weak in the hurdles. Kelsey and Hunt
ought to go good, but a few more
men to back them up wouldn’t hurt.
Kelsey looks good in tho dashes, but
hav6 we second and third men?
Spearow ought to havo a great yoar
in the jumps and vault, but havo we
a man who cun approach his marks
tho following year? Oregon has lvis
ley in the quarter mile. A powerful
man, but he couldn’t tako threo or
four places in one race.
If you remember back as far ai
1915 you’ll recall a great Oregon
track team. Fee and Muirhead were
always eligible for points in every
field event and the hurdles. Moso
Payne took care of the two-mile and
even took a hack at the mile now and
then, aided by Belding and some
other strong point men.
Oregon had some fine weight men
also. Eylton Boucks looked bjg in the
220 and Bovlen was no slouch in
the quarter, or Nelson in the half.
Goreszky trotted a mean 100 yard
dash. That was a team of strong first
place men, backed up by some good
second and third place material. A
well balanced machine.
Is it the coach? It can’t be. A
coach has to know his onions to go
across the pond with the Olympic
team. Bill has done just that thing
once or twice and stands all the
chance in the world of going back
next year. It isn’t the coach.
As Professor Howe stated in his
article to the Emerald, a coach no
matter how good, can’t win his meets
or football games without material.
The same applies to track here as it
does to football. Material is the word.
Get the material and Hayward will
put the team on the cinders. Other
colleges get it. O. A. C. has had one
of tho best balanced set of distance
men ever seen in these parts. Oregon
might just as well have.
0. A. C., Pullman and Idaho
Slated for Matches
The varsity bonecrushers have a
big schedule ahead of them this
year. Tho local grapplcrs have been
working out for some timo and will
got down to strenuous business fol
lowing tho holidays. Oregon tangle3
twice with tho Aggies this year and
once each with the Idaho matmen
and the Pullman muscle-stretchers.
Tho Webfoot matmen travel to
Moscow to meet tho Vandals and
two days later grapple with tho
Cougars at Pullman. Tho Iluskie
crunchers como down to Eugene and
work against the varsity.
Coach Widmer has several voter
ans from last year working out for
the coming season.
Colleges To Get Benefit
of Most Recent Plans
for Handling Contests
Several things of interest to fol
lowers of conference athletics came
up at the coast and northwest con
ference meetings. Besides schedul
ing games for next year, many mat
ters were threshed out, new mem
bers elected to the conferences and
a definite stand taken on the inter
sectional game at Pasadena.
The coast conference favored the
plan of having the two institutions
involved playing the New Year’s
classic, handle all receipts and pay a
reasonable rental for the grounds.
Both the Navy and Washington, who
meet in the East-West struggle for
football supremacy this year, will
pay their own expenses, handle the
crowds at the game and split the
profits evenly.
Washington also plans to handle
the alumni of all the coast confer
ence members who wish to see the
New Year’s tilt. Tickets for the
contest may be secured from the
graduate managers of each college
or university, or by writing to the
graduate manager at Washington,
or by applying at the sales depart
ment of the Navy-Washington game
at Pasadena .
The colleges handling the game
will do away with the old method
of bringing the colleges to Pasadena
and having them play for nothing
more than expenses. Some teams
.have gone behind financially be
cause of this. The stand taken by
the conference will make it possible
for the competing institutions to
enrich their coffers considerably.
The Montana Grizzlies were ad
mitted to the coast conference and
immediately made out a schedule
which will bring them into close re
lations with most of the coast
schools during the 1924 grid cam
Oregon had a' gam^' scheduled
with California, but the conference
desired a change in the schedule and
the game had to be given up. Oregon
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both schools were desirous of
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pressed over the scheduling of the
early season game with Stanford.
Oregon is doing no more than some
of the other members of the con
ference. Practically every institu
tion is taking on a hard game on
October 18. The jump to Palo Alto
is a long one, but the University of
Southern California is traveling to
Corvallis to tussle with the Aggies
on the same date.
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has no more hardship imposed upon
her than the other members.
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