Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, December 16, 1923, Page 3, Image 11

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Varsity Hoop Aspirants Are
Getting in Shape
Fundamentals Being Given
Squad in Practice
(Continued from page one)
the Varsity to practise on the gym
floor, and consequently the squad
should round out into shape much
faster than they have been able to
by practising one hour a day. Prac
tise from 4 to 6 p. m. will be the
order of the day and every possible
effort will be made to have the
squad in first class condition for the
start of the barnstorming trip. Bill
will drive the men daily in scrim
mage, and will use all of the candi
dajes in 'ordfcr (tm pick out. the
smoothest playing aggregation and
spares to carry on the trip. In all
probability, from eight to ten of
the most promising players will get
a chance to play during the trip.
A number of the most promising
candidates who have reported for
practise are Gowans, Shafer, La
tham, Kockhey and Alstock of last
year’s varsity, and King, Hobson,
Stoddard, Farley, Harding and
Morelock, who have either played
on the freshman squads or ni the
doughnut league. All of these men
have looked good in practise and in
all probability the majority of them
will be carried on the trip. One or
two of the other candidates may
show enough in the meantime to de
serve a place on the squad. Chap
man, stellar guard of last year, will
be unable to make the trip because
of injuries, but will be in shape and
out in a suit after the holidays. His
ability to play wiH strengthen the
team considerably. Edlunds, speedy
forward of two years ago, will also
be unable to play this year because
of technical rulings of the coast con
The barnstorming trip will open
at Independence on the 24th, and
the squad will play McMinnville
and Newberg on the succeeding
nights. The tour will close on the
29th in Portland with the Varsity
engaging the very strong Multno
mah Club quintet. These games will
give the coach a chance to get a
lino on his probable lineup and to
form the team with which Oregon
will open the season here against
the fast University of Washington
hoopers on February 4th.
All of the conference teams this
year promise to be the best in sev
eral seasons, with each school hav
ing a strong nucleus of lettermen
bu«k and a wealth of material from !
which to form its aggregation. The
University of Wahsington, with
three lettermen back and a large
number of candidates turning out
daily, promises to be a strong con
tender with Oregon for the North
west honors. O. A. C. also has three
lettermen out in suits, and some ten
candidates of varsity caliber. Al
though the O. A. C. pquad lost
Iljelte, their strng center, by gradu
ation, they will have a strong team
to put in the race this year. Idaho,
last year’s coast champion, stands
an even chance of repeating again
this year, but will have much more
opposition than was furnished them
last year. W. S. C., from early sea
son reports, will also have the fast
est five in the race that they have
had for several seasons. The teams
in the Northwest conference are
about as evenly balanced as anyone
could wish, and it is more or less
of a toss-up to predict just who will
hold the championship crown when
the race is over in March.
California, winner of the Southern
branch championship last season,
stands a good chance to repeat,
although reports show that Stanford,
with a host of varsity candidates
and U. S. C. with several lettermen
back, will make the going hot for
the “Golden Bear” hoopers in that
section this year. However, from
the early season dope, which may be
upset at any time, Oregon stands
possibly the better chance of win
ning the Northern title and Califor
nia of annexing the Southern honors.
But the other teams are all more or
less “dark horse quintets” and may
walk off with the honors undisputed.
Oregon faces a very difficult sea
son thsi year in basketball and has
a schedule which w^U keep the
squad on their toes all the time if
the Lemon-Yelow is to cop the first
honors in spite of the strong oppo
The schedule is as follows:
February 4.—U. of Wash. vs.
Oregon, at Eugene.
February 5.—IT. of Wash. vs. Ore
gon, at Eugene.
February 8.—O. A. C. vs. Oregon,
at Eugene.
February 9.—0. A. C. vs. Oregon
at Eugene.
February 13—U. of Idaho vs.
Oregon, at Moscow.
February 15.—W. S. C. vs. Ore
gon, at Pullman.
February 16.—Whitman vs. Ore
gon, at Walla Walla.
February 22.—Whitfan vs. Eu
gene at Eugene.
February 23.—Idaho vs. Oregon at
Geo. Bottler’s Influence
Helps Guide Reinhart
to Coach Varsity Team
In looking over
ne basketball
prospects this
year, we look
back to the last
three years when
George ~ Bohler
was Ihere and
handled the hoop
squad. This year
will be a Bohler
year. Coach Rein
hart played under
Bohler and the
present string of
lettermen played
under Bohler, )ro
it looks like a
Bohler year, even
if he is a few
thousand miles
away in Missis
Bohler, or
George, as the
boys used to call
him, was a clean
sport, strong for
simon-pure ath
letics, always will
ing to concede to
the other fellow,
if there was
George Boliler
doubt. Bohler took the varsity in
1920 and won the Northwest confer
ence championship and lost the coast
honors to California in two close
battles. In 1921 he had to rebuild
a machine and the season was dis'
astrous, but Bolder was building
for the future.
The next year found him with a
team that threw a scare into the
conference for a time, but illness
dampened the chances. Then Boh
ler left for the sunny climate of
Jackson, Mississippi, where he is
director of athletics.
Reinhart takes up the job where
Bolder left off. With six or seven
lettermen and the Bolder system as
a background, Billy will give the
conference teams a run for the top
February 25.—U. of Wash. vs. Ore
gon at Seattle.
February 26.—U. of Wash. vs. Ore
gon at Seattle.
February 29.—O. A. C. vs. Oregon
at Corvallis.
March 1.-—O. A. C. vs. Oregon at
Oregon Agricultural College.—
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