Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 23, 1923, Page 3, Image 3

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Recital Will Be Given by School
in Alumni Hall
The school of music is giving its first
chamber ,musicale tonight at 8:30 o’
clock in Alumni hall, with a program
planned from the classical school of
music, with the exception of Paul Jur
on’s Silhouettes.
Juron is one of the most brilliant
composers of the Russian school of mu
sic, and Silhouettes is one of the few
things written for violins and piano
that is unusual and beautiful. Like
most of the German nad Russian music,
it was not heard in this country during
the war, and has only recently been
published in America. Rex Underwood,
instructor in violin in the school of mu
sic, heard it while he was in Chicago
this summer, and it will be played to
night by Aurora Underwood, Alberta
Potter and Mr. Underwood.
Beethoven’s Quartette, opus 16, is to
be played by Dr. John Landsbury, pi
ano; Lora Teshner, cello; Alberta Pot
ter, violin, and Rex Underwood, violin.
Aurora Underwood, Lora Teshner and
Rex Underwood will complete the pro
gram with Schumann’s trio, opus 105.
Dr. Landsbury has announced that
the recital is to be formal and that it
is complimentary to faculty and staff
members, house mothers and every one
else who is interested in music.
Farmer Vance, Idaho Middleweight
Champion, to Meet Ad Gustavo •
Champion of Argentina
The Veterans of Foreign Wars are
staging a smoker tonight in Dreamland
hall, the proceeds of which are to go
to the veteran’s fund. There will be.
two matches each of boxing and wrest
“Blacksmith” Cossmanl will battle
Tiny Wiley in the heavyweight divi
sion. Both men are from Eugene. For
the other fistic encounter, the Veterans
have obtained the services of A1 Hol
mes of Junction City, and Pug John
son of Cottage Grove. These two boys
will enter the ring at 145 pounds.
Henry Burke, of Eugene, will grap
ple with Ben Howard, of Monroe, for
60 minutes or to a fall. They wrestle
in the light heavyweight class. How
ard is a brother of Dr. Howard, of Eu
gene. The fastest mat struggle of the
evening is expected when Farmer
Vance, middleweight champion of Ida
ho, will meet Ad Gustavo, middleweight
champion , of the Argentina republic.
Gustavo flas been working out with the
varsity wrestlers. Students with stu
dent body tickets will be admitted for
half price.
John Vierdorff of the Portland Tele
gram, Stanley Eisman of the Salem
Statesman, Alexander G.. Brown of the
Albany Herald, and Don Davis were
visitors on the campus this week-end.
They are all University of Oregon alum
Committee Is Appointed to Judge Sug
gestions Offered by Organizations,
and Adopt System
A new co-ed code is being formed by
members of the Women’s League, un
der the direction of Dean Fox. Last
year the formation of a code for Uni
versity women was discussed, but noth
ing definite was done, and no permanent
code was adapted. However, with clos
er organization, a code is now being
formed, -which with the approval of a
committee of Women’s League officers
and Dean Fox will be formally adopted
for use by the women of the Univer
sity of Oregon.
Wallace R EID
in his last—
A Paramount Picture
Rex Torchy Comedy
Delmar Luper,
Saxophone' soMst
Hawley’s organ concert
| Coming—Viola DANA |
Each house and organization will be
askd to submit a model code, which
shall be juudged by a committee com
posed of Chloe Thompson, Margaret
Winbigler, and Geraldine Root, and the
most favorable and suitable code will
be adopted.
A letter from Helen Carson, last
year’s secretary of the A. S. Tf. O., now
teaching school in Hood River, Ore
gon, has been received by Women's
League, asking its aid in judging a
code for high school girls. The same
committee will pass judgment upon this
code, and the rules governing the for
mation of such a v ode, w-hether for
high school or Univers.ly women.
(Continued from page one.j
1. Absorption of a loss of $25,000
in 1923 from decreased valua
2. Absorption of $28,000 of an un
avoidable fire loss.
3. Absorption under its present
millage of a costly increase of
37 per cent in full-time residence
4. Postponement of several con
struction items so expensive that
they cannot be done under the
The Uliiversity has two items in the
1923 legislature: one for reimbursement
for two-thirds of its fire loss of $84,000,
second for $215,000 for the Medical
School. „
Medical Demands Smaller
The Medical School, in asking for
its usual appropriation, is placing the
- -
A wealth of fascinating
drama, intersperced with
hearty laughs
Sixteen Stars in the CaSt
Castle Short Features
Castle Orchestral Artists
| Coming — "SUZANNA’H
TODAY and Wednesday!
“Paramount” and “First National” Pictures are shown only at the Bex
and Castle Theatres
and Sense!
Don’t buy ’til it hurts, but do buy WHERE
it pays. You spend your own money—create
your own demand and glorify in your inde
. ° “ &
Remember This—
» v: *" • o ■' ’ •« o * 03
You have to pay for YOUR OWN extrava
gance. It’s YOUR bank account that you over
draw and you write YOUR OWN “I 0 U’s.”
Merchants that can save you money are adver
tising in the Emerald. Merchants that believe
in their goods, that have student supplies at
student prices are telling you so in these
* columns.
Then Patronize the
They’ are advertising in YOUR paper because
they want your trade—and because they be
lieve that they have the goods.
Think It Over
figure at about $55,000 less than it
asked and received two years ago. The
' program for the Medical School in
cludes not merely the training of med.
ieal students, but extensive work in dis
ease prevention. This work is now be
ing carried on in research laboratories.
'The cost of a medical research in this
state has been kept comparatively low
in the last two years by the financial
cooperation of the General Education
Board, a branch of the Rockefeller
Foundation. This boaru has appropria
ted $163,500 in the last two years to i
supplement the $271,000 appropriatedi
by the legislature two years ago. Much
of this money went into the construc
tion and equipping of research labora
tories and maintenance of a research
Class Party at Campa Shoppe to Be
Informal Affair; Drawing
Declared Square
The sophomore class will hold their
’steenth annual square lottery next Fri
day evening at the Campa Shoppe. It
is to be an informal dance as all lot
teries are and the entire Campa Shoppe
will be at the disposal of the class. The
Dreamland Seven piece orchestra has
been secured. A novel feature has been
planned but the committee, of v.hich
Ted Gillenwaters is chairman, will not
divulge the secret until later.
Now comes the news that everyone
has been waiting for with suspended
breath for the last few weeks. The lot
tery is out and is absolutely square.
The names of the class members were
placed in boxes and drawn, first a
man’s and then a woman’s, just as they
came. According to Gordon Wilson,
chairman of the lottery committee, any
man that drew the woman he wanted
was indeed fortunate.
Read the Classified Ad column.
Bushed Wool and
Angora W ool Scarfs
Reg. $2.50
Reg. $4.50
—Here is a group of handsome wool scarfs that were ordered
for Christmas, but just arrived, so we marked them almost at
cost—Smart-checks, stripes and plain colors. They’re warm
and dressy and keeps the collar clean. Come in soon if you
want one—they are going fast at these low prices.
lifff rftCM
Sm r 11r i r ( §»
Reliable Merchandise — Reliable Methods
All Work Guaranteed. ,,_ ’
575 East 1 3th Street
Corbina larger—Arnold M. Anderson
Winifred Graham—Eldon Archibald
May McMullen—James Bidwell
Gwendolyn Liampshire—Don Woods
Rebecca Ireland—Milton Steiner
Emily Houston—Henry Tetz
Catherine Ashmeed—August Quinby ,
Irene Burton—Ernest PuTdy
Norma Wilson—Myron Shannon
Mabel Armitage—Donald Moore
Wave Anderson—James Ross
Beatrice Amunsen—Robert Nelson
Edith L. Bewley—Edward R. Irwin
Florence Fortmiller—Robert McKennett
Josephine Evans—Paul Grey
! Oliva DeGuire—Wayne Meeke
Florence Crandall—Edward Miller
IWava Brown—Dick Caruthers
Marjorie Baird—Joyle Dahl .
Violet Beid—Donald Cook
Lucille Douglass—Joe Clarke
Eleanor Keep—Jack High
IGeraldine Root—Don Goodrioh '
IGladys Sather—James Hall .}
Pauline Bondurant—Charles Jost
Marjorie Riches—Roy Norton
LaVeme Rich—Elmer Peterson
Claire Guttridge—Raymond St&tzer
Catherine Freeman—Gordon Wilkinson
/Mary Harris—William Peaks
(Helen Simmons—Oscar Winther
(Mary Ottinger—Paul Maxwell
iAliee Tuttle—Nelson Nogle
•Catherine Watt—Leland Perry
lAlberta Carson-—Donald Peek
IHelen Chambreau—Flovcl Ruch
(Hazel Hatch—Vernon
Mary Chisholm—Roy Gerhard
Sybel McKnight—Herman F. Crites
Dorothy Carpenter—Donald L.Woodward
Mary Hathaway—Milton Brown
Margaret Inabit—William Owsley
Pearl McMullen!—Truman Yates
Hazel Mills—Emmet Anderson
'Marie Gilkeson—Ralph Austin
Penalope Gehr-—A1 Seargent
• Mina Minor—James Scriptures
Georgia Shipley—Gordon Wilson
(Edwina Richen—Price Sullivan
j Marian Smith—Nelson Morse
(Marie Strube—Arthur Root
[Josephine Ulrich—Russel Burton
[•Ethel Waddell—Chester Sumption
j i 'ora Moore—-George Stuart
'Mildred Grain—Thomas White
Mary Hardy—Paul Staley
’■Mildred Marsh—Ed Tapfer
! Marian Hayes—Gordon Mathews
! Claudia Broders—Hairy Meyers
Mary Bartholomew—Herbert Jones
| Elnora Keltner—Lee Hoskins
’Anne Roberts—Virgil Lee
Ruby Spear—Alva Adkisson
.Helen Bristow—Ellis Bidwell
Margaret Dwyer—Herbert Brookes '
Louise Kippen—Wayne Anderson
'Julienne Heffelfinger—Edwin Broster
1 hous
■ Merle Oliver—Mack Beck
Barbara Townsend—Robert Chrisman
Lenore Baldwin—Edwin Carlston
Mildred Hill—Bruce Curry
Alberta McMonies—William Kuser
Margaret Powerp—Leo Munley
Oleta Sullivan—Theodore Sax
Evelyn Bennett—Donald Parks
Lena Eastwood—Edwin Warren
Ethel Johnson—Eugene Wright
Hortense Hough—Edward D. Smith
Jessie Olds—Carl Skoogs
Isabelle Stuart—Robert Watt
Hazel Borders—Charles Murrer
Jessie Dresser—Arthur Skinner
Wanda Eastwood—Millard Samuel
Inez Fairchild—Jens Terjeson
Mary Skinner—Bill Poulsen
.Gladys Bucknum—Charles Wells
'Zelma Arrosmith—Ted Gillenwaters
Dorothy Akin—Harold Goedecke
Helen Campbelle—Wiflbur Larabee
'Louise Gidley—Ralph Curren
(Marjorie Lent—William Dodd
Fracas Sa n ford—-J ohn Madlung
Charlotte LaTourrette—Garnet Lewis
Salome Cusick—Willard Marshall
Beatrice Fish—Raymond Saunders
Florence McCoy—Quarles Burton
Florence McDonald—Manuel Sousa
Gertrude Butler—Harry Skinner
*Mary Search—Harvy Robinson
Katie Potter—John Hulvey
Allegra Ragsdale—Joe Ellis
Anne O’Reilly—Bill Spears
Katherine Strickland—Roy Sawyer
Myrtle Rice—Donald Woods ,
Eugenia Page—Henry Heerdt
Genevieve Phelps—Victor Bracher
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Frances Cochran—Forrest Wilson
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Margaret Duerner—Orville Robson
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Ethelyn Elkins—Pat Monissette
/Claudia Grattan Harlan Pearl
Elizabeth Honkanen—Edgar Bohlman
Gwendolyn Dedges—Paul Hoppe
Dena Henslee—Reginald Hunt
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Frances Simpson—Calvin Yoran !/•. j
Orpha Titus—Clyde Zollars
Margaret Skavalan—Manual Seminario
Estelle Vadnais—William Biles °>T
Bertha Smith—J. E. Armstrong
Evelyn Underwood—Edgar Buchanan
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Marena Sparks—Winston Caldwell
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Lilliarj. Stevens—William Franzwa
Marion Taylor—Edward* Geoghegan
Belle Taggart—Walter Hawley
Katherine Stewart—Lincel Haight
Esther Strickler—Roland Humphreys
iCarol Strickler—Claire Judkins
Helen Igoe—Arthur Krey
Ruth Kinnan—John Lewis
Catherine Kressman—Mat Maccoby
Lela Mary McCreight—Leonard Maxwell
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Julia Geoghegan—Ralph Harvey
Stella Mayfield—James Harding
Mildred Heffron—Frank Troutman
Jane O’Reilly—Sidney Welch
Mildred Rumble—John Elmer Lewis
|i .'4 I
• in -i
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A mo® a BureJl—John Rogers
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