Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, November 04, 1922, Page 3, Image 3

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    Professor and Mrs. Coon Will
Study in Paris; Scenes
Described in Detail
Descriptions of the chateaux regions
on the banks of the Loire river in
France; of the chateau Chinon with its
dungeon where, at one time, Jeanne
d'Arc was imprisoned; of life in the
conservatory circles at Fontainebleau
avj given in the order received by two
of her former students by Mrs. Jeanne
Fayard Coon, former instructor of
French, who with her husband, Profes
sor Leland A. Coon of the faculty of the
school of musie, is on a year 's leave of
absence to continue her studies in
Mrs. Coon writes that her courses
at the Sorbonne ;n Paris do nri begni
■uni November and the rnorths since
Jure, when thy a>rived, she has sp.-nt
in sightseeing in her “beloved France.”
“We had a most agreeable summer in
Fontainebleau,” Mrs. Coon writes. “It
was very jolly to be with about 90 Am
erican students. We had rooms in a
villa and ate our meals at the palace
with the conservatory students. There
was just as much good cheer, fun and
babbling there as there is in our cam
pus houses, even more perhaps because
of the men folks present. Although
most of the students were perhaps older
than University students, since almost
all were teachers or concert artists, yet
they were just as full of fun.”
It was at the end of the summer
course at Fontainebleau that Professor
Coon was awarded the first prize of
1,000 francs for the best general musical
excellence. The Paris papers were com
plimentary in their report of the “Ore
gon man who wins at Fontainebleau.”
Before coming back to Paris, the
Coons ‘ook a trip through the chateaux
regions along the Loire and in describ
ing the Chateau of Chinon, Mrs. Coon
says, “It stands on a hill and from the
towers you get the most wonderful pan
orama of the river, valley, cities, and
villages around, picturesque with their
narrow streets, and houses with slate
roofs. One dungeon has a stone cell
in it where Jeanne d'Arc was imprison
ed when she w7as coming to ask the king
to help her save France. Other places
we saw dated back to the 11th century.
It made us feel so young that we won
dered how it must have felt to live
at those times and, responding to the
spell that was taking hold of us, we
almost thought that spears and lances
were being pointed at us through slits
in the towers as we crossed the moats
on the lowered drawbridges.”
Professor and Mrs. Coon, w7ith Ma
dame Fayard, are now living in an
apartment at 81 Avenue des Femes
XVII, in Paris, near the Bois de Bou
logne, and only a few7 streets away
from the Triumphal Arc of the Etoile.
Mr. Coon is studying counterpoint at
The incomparable—
by Honore de Balzac
Castle Feature Comic
Matinee 30c; Night 50c
pi.mo and Mrs. Coon will take up
cc-uises in French when the wintec ter
opens at the So'rbonne in November
(Continuer from page one)
probably because it would be a too-rad
ical departure. A recent interview
credited to the administration that ap
peared in the Emerald stated that the
name ‘‘Oregon University” is good en
ough for n*. It is, but the selection of
an alternate title suitable for sport
stories that deal with our athletic teams
would seem in no way to threaten the
name of our loved university. Our uni
versity colors are unfortunate in that
they do admit of usage as a cognomen.
Where it is, the ‘‘Harvard Crimson” it
; is doubtful that we would want it the
I “Oregon Yellow,” or where the Blue
tits so appropriately for Yale the Lem
on seems out of place and absurd for
our Oregon.
The Pioneers has many things in its
favor certainly; it is dignified with the
dignity of strength, the Pioneer stands
on our campus typifying the noble spirit
of the founders of this, our University.
It seems a name worthy of some atten
There is considerable doubt that we
need a name at all other than Oregon.
The need exists not through the failure
of Oregon to function, or that Oregon
is not a good name, it is absurd to think
it otherwise. But the need exists in
referring to the teams that represent
the University on the athletic fields. It
is impossible to refer to Oregon in every
sentence, so the custom at present is to
refer to the Lemon Yellow. At best it
is an unwieldy and awkward name to
apply to our Oregon teams. It is in
the columns of the newspapers where
this need is felt and it is in the columns
of the newspapers where Oregon will
receive a nickname in the eventuality
of things unless we forestall that and
select one that we ourselves like and
that means something to us.
A college girl “cheer leader” is the j
last word in movie innovations. A
beautiful blonde cheer leader at that! |
Now along comes the innovation of]
a cheer leader among the extras. Her,
name is Beatrice Bentley of Detroit,!
Michigan, an heiress, who recently grad
uated from Columbia University in New
&lie has only been living in California I
a few months, yet here she is at the
Castle theater this week, playing atmos
phere in Norma Talmadge’s latest tri
umph, “The Eternal Flame.”
If Jackie Coogan had not elected to'
become a screen, actor, he might have '
been a great baseball star, because he |
is a natural born hurler.
In “Trouble,” his new First National
picture, in which he will be seen at the
Rex theater for the last time today,
Jackie displays his pitching ability by
throwing everything but the kitchen
stove at Wallace Beery—and he pro
bably would have hurled that also, if
it hadn’t been nailed to the floor.
The “KID”—
His new 5-part funster
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Don’t try to study ■without good light, it is injurious to
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I Almost
that date with Mary for the Oregana. She’s
taking me there the last thing leap week be
cause she knows we will have a good time.
e. a. c. a.
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Mr. A. F. Flegel
Prominent Attorney and Methodist Layman of Portland
Prof. E. 0. Sission
Head of the Department of Education at Reed College
Formerly Chancellor of the University of Montana
Will Speak Against the So-Called
at the
Court House
November 4th at 8 o’Clock
Both of These Gentlemen Are Excellent Speakers
Auspices of the
Non-Sectarian and Protestant Schools
Secretary for Lane County
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