Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 27, 1922, Page 3, Image 3

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Kappa Sigs Have Difficulty in
Downing Kappa Delta
Phi in Game
The standings of the two leagues up
to 6 o’clock last night follow:
League A W. L. Pet.
Oregon Club . 5 0 1000
Sigma Alpha Kpsilon . 2 1 .067
Friendly Hall . 2 2 .500
Alpha Tau Omega . 2 2 .500
Sigma Nu . 1 1 -500
Kappa Sigma . 1 1 -500
Delta Theta Phi . 1 2 .333
Kappa Delta Phi . 0 3 .000
Phi Sigma Pi . 6 2 .000
League B W. L. Pet.
Phi Gamma Delta . 2 0 1000
Delta Tau Delta . 2 0 1000
Phi Delta Theta . 2 0 1000
Sigma Chi . 2 2 .500
Bachelordon . 2 2 .500
Kappa Theta Chi . 1 1 .500
Beta Theta Pi . 0 1 .000
Chi Psi . 0 3 .000
Alpha Beta Chi . 0 2 .000
Bachelordon took a 10 to 4 fall out
of the Chi Psi quintet yesterday after
noon. The game was fast and hard
fought. Both squads were unable to lo
cate the hoop although they had many
chances. A osier and Martin for the
winners played a fast floor game. Oli
ver and Gant bore the brunt of the fra
cas for the Chi Psi men. The score:
Bachelordon—10 Chi Psi—1
Nosier 4.F. Sargent
Martin .F. Failing
Rivenburgh 2.C. Oliver 2
Weber .G. Gant 2
Garner 4.G. DeVaul
Norton .S
The Kappa Delta Phi tossers threw
a scare into the Kappa Sigs when they
rushed last years champions off their
feet in the first half. The floor work
of the Kappa Delts was excellent and
it was only the foul shooting of “Deak”
Bryant that enabled the Kappa Sigs to
emerge at the half with a one point
lead. At half time coach Burnett pep
ped his men up and they came back in
the last half and showered the basket
with counters. For the winners, Stra
horn and Bryant looked the best with
Culbertson playing a great checking
game. Anderson and Hill put up a good
brand of ball for the Kappa Delts. The
Kappa Sigma—24 Kappa Delta Phi—9
Bryant 12.F. Anderson 5
Strahorn 8.F. Tetz
Fraser 2.C. Hill 2
Leake .G. Norton
Culbertson 2.G. Poutu 2
Randall .S. Saari
No games today.
—On To Portland—
Dr. Henry Y. Howe, graduate of ’16,
now head of the department of geology
of the University of Louisiana, has re
cently published an important treatise
entitled, “Fauna and Stratigraphic Re
<Jhe laryert selling Quality
pencil in the world
'C'OR the student or prof., the
superb VENUS out-rivals
all for perfect pencil work.
17 black degrees—3 copying.
American Lead
Pencil Co.
220 Fifth Avc.
New York
Write for
booklet on
Venus Pencils and
Venus Everpointed
Mechanical Pencils
lationship of the Empire Formation,
Coos Bay, Oregon.” Dr. Howe began
his studies in paleontology in geology
department here, and continued his
work in both University of California
'and Stanford University where he took
h PhD. degree as a paleontology major.
Dr. Howe is the son of Professor Howe
of this institution.
—On To Portland—
Campus Boasts
Duck Preserve
But No Hunting
At last we have a hunting preserve
on our campus. It would take the best
tof imaginations to picture the new
School of Journalism on its proposed
site. Where the new brick edifice will
tone day be erected, there is now a seeth
ing, slushy mass of mioeene muck, cov
ered with water.
Winter is coming and soon the quack
ing of ducks will be heard as they fly
toward the sunny south. But a duck
cannot fly all the time and at night
they rest on some marshy island or
in some still pool. Once in the pool they
float about and usually go to sleep.
There is a sign hoisted on top of a
strong pole, which rears itself from out
the very center of the pond, which will
some day be the basement of the new
' shack.” This sign carries a warning
to all despoilers of the feathered tribe
to lay off the mud flats. Probably
some wily night editor, as he stole wear
ily out of the door, came upon the
quacking rabble in the mucky mud and
decided that they were his and all that
came after them. So he slipped into
the print shop and rigged a sign “No
Duck Hunting Allowed.” The sign has
all the earmarks of a real game warn
No /doubt the poster of the sign, who
ever lie may be, is chuckling and gloat
ing over the remains of a fat duck meal.
We hope that tonight when he goes af
ter the ducks as they settle on his little
mud hole, that he will sink to his chin
lin the mud for being so selfish with the
ducks that camp on our campus.
Minimum charge, 1 time, 25c: 2 timer,
45c; 5 times, $1. Must be limited to 5
lines, over this limit, 5c per line. Phone
eel, or leave copy with business office of
Emerald, in University Press. Payment
in advance. Office hours, 1 to 4 p. m.
Table Board—Best home cooking on
the campus. ±488 Alder. Phone 1229-J.
Furnished Rooms for Rent to women
istudents—968 Hilyard St., Mrs. F. W.
Comings. Phone 744. 70-O27-tf.
Board and Room—Convenient room,
close to campus, good home cooking.
1488 Alder, Phone 1229-J. 72-027-tf.
For Rent—Furnished rooms for men
studonts. Two blocks from campus.
Two in room at $7.50 each per month.
1193 Onyx St. 64-024-28.
For Sale—Oldtown canoe in perfect
condition. Call Paul Staley, Phi Gam
ma Delta or write W. R. Buren, 179 N.
Commercial St., Salem. 60-021-27.
If not satisfied with present location,
call at 1353 Beech and give ’em a look
over. Two double rooms, three blocks
from campus. You’ll like ’em.
Dressmaking, altering, repairing, sew
ing of draperies and linens for fraterni
ties. Mrs. Fannio L. Stansbie, 652% E.
13th Ave. Phone 341 Y. House to roar.
Lost—Red Parker Duofold fountain
pen, name on top of barrell, lost be
tween Villard and Oregon building.
Finder call 1306 or leave at Emerald
office. Reward. 67-026-27.
Gold band dinnerware
26-piece set at $4.25
42-piece set at $8.50
50-piece set at $12.25
All above Bets are open stock patterns.
Charlet Bargain Store, 63 W. 8th.
Phone 1122
' 39-0-15-N15
The Claridge Gift Shop
The value of the gift lies in its fitness,
as expressing the personality of the giver,
and recognizing the personality of a
The character and variety of delightful things ^
from the Claridge Shops
Make it an easy pleasant task to select a
suitable gift—a gift that will carry a mes
sage—express a sentiment and imply a
We have obtained the exclusive selling
privilege of this attractive line of unusual gifts
We suggest an early visit to our
store while the variety is complete
Anchorage Is Scene of Banquet
Under Auspices of Y. M.
And Y. W. C. A.
Various topics were touched upon by
noted speakers at a banquet of the
t'hurch Co-operation committee at the
Anchorage Wednesday evening. Dinner
was under the auspices of the Y. M. and
Y. W. for the purpose of receiving in
spiration fr»m foreign and local relig
ions workers and to obtain mutual help
and encouragement in the development
of a moral and religious atmosphere on
tne campus.
Mali Ion H. Day, Oregon graduate and
formerly traveling in the United States
in the interests of Canton College, ad
dressed the young people of the Univer
sity interested in religious activities on
the value of church attendance to tjie
student during his school career.
“Students have a duty to perform
among their fellow students,” he said,
in pointing out the great responsibility
that lies upon every student in creating,
the proper moral and religious atmos
phere on the campus, and especially
upon those who assume position of lead
ership. “Students ought to identify,
themselves with the local churches from
the point of view of friendship alone,”
he continued. “The best friendships Ij
made during my entire college career
were made in church or with those who
were interested in religious activities.”
President Campbell in a brief address
stated his belief that one hundred per
cent of the students of this University
could be reached and induced to devote
more time to the development of the
deeper moral life.
“There is a big responsibility they
are shirking,” he said, referring to the
students in general. “Their task is not
so much the saving of their own souls,
but of saving the souls of others.”
Reports were given from the various
Bible classes and plans were discussed
for the six weeks’ campaign to bring
the various religious organizations into
closer touch with the college life.
A thrilling story of love and
The greatest of all news
A reel of hilarity
Intimate glimpses of great
stage stars
HARRY REED at the Organ
1— Sextette from “Lucia”
2— “Toot toot. Goodbye”
Prices — Evening 10c and 30o
Afternoon 10c and 20c
Continuous showing. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
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