Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 25, 1922, Page 4, Image 4

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    DU. BOWMAN urns:
Moulding of Character Theme
Of Lecture by Pastor;
Chivalry Stressed
“The By-Products of Unversity
Life” was the theme of a lecture given
last night in the Y. M. C. A. hut by
Dr. H. L. Bowman of the First Presby
terian church of oPrtland. Character
and its development, Dr. Bowman said,
is the one great by-poduct of univer
sity life. The university cannot create
a man’s character but can place around
him those influences which inspire him
and enable him to develop his own
character, tl can give him only that
environment which will aid in mould
ing him in nobility and uprghtness.
Character, its creation and develop
ment, depend entirely upon the student.
A college diploma is no guarantee of a
perfect character and moral standard,
he pointed out.
The change from high school to col
lege comes at the most crucial period
in a man’s life, for it is the change
from boyhood to manhood, he said.
When a man starts to college, it takes
him from the sphere of parental obli
gations and puts him “out on his own.”
IIs collog elife is the first taste of per
sonal liberty. It removes him from
all parental restrictions. Such is real
ly the beginning of a battle for one’s
own life. There is need for the highest
type of chivalry on the campus, Dr.
Bowman declared, for the college man
is continually confronted by problems
which take all his power and courage to
Leisure time was another by-product
'of university life. The Doctor advised
levery student to arrange his time ef
fectively. There are many leisure mo
ttle ills that wo ignore but which we
k-ould utilize if wo planned on them.
There are two kinds of friendship
which Dr. Bowman mentioned. They
are the sort which is inspirational to
others and that which is the source of
mutual inspiration. •
The cultivation of the spiritual ele
ment in college life is one of the most
important in acquiring nil education.
There is nothing more important, he
said, than to cultivate the fellowship
with God.
Aubrey Furry, president of the Men’s
Glee club sang two solos accompanied
by Ronald Iteid.
Son roll for Snow Plow to Clear Awnj
Mml In Front of Bungalow
Is Now at End
No longer will fair V. W. damseh
gather up thoir dainty skirts or lift i
disdainful eyebrow at the disgraeefu
sight before their door. No more wil
tliev seareli for a snow plow with whirl
to (dear away the six inch mud in theii
path. At last Kincaid street is beinj.
Ipaved! In fact, it is almost completed
about one more day of steady work h
necessary to tlnisli tin* laying of tin
cement pavement.
All last year the V. \V. girls enduret
the unattractive and disagreeable eon
dition of the street on which their bun
galow is situated. They waded in null
until their dispositions were almos
(ruined, to say nothing of their pofect
ly good shoes. Finally durng the sum
mer some of them decided upon action
the nearest approach to that being ii
obtaining a petition from the city eu
gineer to have the street paved. Afte
this was drawn up, it was circulator
among the property owners and dub
signed. When the matter fits brough
tip at aineetimj of the council, a proper
tv owner was present and the puvinj
pioposit ion w as i pproved.
For a time it was thought that th
cement slier age wauld delay the worl
Minimum chaine. 1 time. -5c; t time*.
48«* . 6 tunes. $1 Must be limit ini to 6
lluf«. over thu limit, in: per line. Phone
Vo l, or leave copy with businaes office of
Kmhaui. in UinverniVv Pfeee. Payment
iu advance. Office hour*. 1 to 4 p. m.
Flutter Flense return cordovan leu
ther lmml bag to Mrs. Klmer Miles. 77 1
Millraee drive. 1’lioue 7Jd li. Reward.
ti(i OJ t Jo.
For Kent Furnished rooms for men
students. Two Weeks from campus.
Two in room at $7.f>0 oaeh per mouth.
11 Sid Onyx 8t. 04-024-2$.
House v. : . i i ' turn
books audited bv advaueed accounting
student. Have had experience in this
work. Call Jib'd. 24 OJo.
For Sale Oldtown eanoo in perfect
condition, fall l'aul Staley, l’hi Gam
mu Ibtta i write \V. It. Huron, 170 N.
Commercial St., Salem. (tO-OJl-Hi.
Dressmaking, altering;, repairing, sew
ing of draperies and flnenj for fratemi
ties. Mrs. I annis L. Stansbie, 05J1" K.
13th Ave. I’hone oil V. House to rear.
Gold baud diunerware
36-piece set at $4.25
41! piece set at $(*.50
50 piece set at $12.35
All above sets are open stock patterns.
Charlet ltargaiu Store, 03 W Sth.
l’houe 1122
59 0 15 N15
omewhat. Tliis difficulty, however,
vas avoided and a few weeks ago t’ie
ip-to-this-time viricnary pavement be
ta n to mat. u 'ali/.e so that now it is very
leariy done. It was exceedingly fir
tinate that no more rain fell during
hi? time, for no doubt this would ha7e
;reatly hindered the work. After it is
• mpleted, the pa’-ement will need to
itand for a month in order to seisin
t for use.
31d Athletic Ground Now Being Plowed
Will Be Seeded and Beautified
Kincaid field is to be beautified. At
present the north end of the field not
jsed in football practice, is being plow
id. When football season is over and
iraijtice finished, the entire field will
ie plowed, levelled, and seeded in or
ier to improve the looks of the cam
H. M. Fisher, superintendent of pro
jerties, has several men working on the
■oof of the “Y” hut and as soon as they
ire finshed the building is to be repaint
id. The grounds surrounding the hut
ire to be graded and levelled and shrub
bery planted about the building.
Leatrice Joy almost worried lierseli
into a state of nervous prostration dur
ing the filming of some of the scenef
of Cecil B. DeMille’s production ol
“Manslaughter,” which opens a four
day engagement Wednesday at the Cas
tie. She believed that she had ruinei
a well-nigh priceless emerald which hac
been loaned to her from the DeMilli
collection to wear in the picture.
The emerald, which Mr. DeMilli
Christened “the green temptation’
•when lie purchased it some time ago
-is one of the most beautiful specimen
•of this stone in existence. It’s colo
iis the perfect “emerald green” tha
marks the aristocratic of emeralds. 1
flaw, common to emeralds in nowise af
IVcts its beauty or value.
A film picturing the life and iuven
tions of Thomas A. Edison will b
shown in 105 Commerce building, Thun
ilny evening at 7 o’clock. The film er
titled “Benefactor” is distributed b
the General Electric company and wa
j brought to the campus by the Univei
isity chamber of commerce.
Adelaide Church, Niece of President
Campbell, Tells of Bagging 300
Pounder in Water
“It was the first bear I ever shot, and
I was quite excited,” said Adelaide
Church, thirteen year old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Church, Fairmount
Heights, and niece of President P. L.
Campbell, speaking of the three hun
dred pound bear she killed last month
in Alaska.
“Daddy and I were hunting near Irish
creek, about one hundred miles south
of Juneau, when we saw a mother and
Itwo cub bears fishing for salmon a half
mile up the creek”, explained Adelaide,
Completely absorbed in her story.' “We
ran quickly through the woods and stop
ped within one hundred and fifty yards
of the bears. The cubs were fighting
4>ver a piece of salmon, and the mother
.bear was still in the stream, while
across the creek another big bear was
stretched out on a sand bank.
“ ‘Shoot at the neck of the one in the
illllllllll IIMIIII
The 1
Lasts i
Liggett & M\srs Tobacco C<N
water,’ daddy called to me. I couldn’t
see the neck so I shot at the head, and
hit her right between the eyes. The
little cubs started to run away, one
went up a tree, and I was shaking all
over, so it took me two shots to kill it.
Daddy shot the other cub, but the big
bear on the sand escaped.”
Mr. and Mrs. Church cruised in Alas
kan waters during the summer months
• as far north as Skagway. They spent
j several days hunting, but Adelaide was
; the only one who got two bears in one
Drop in after the rally Friday
night—old clothes in order
A Pot of Gold
at the End •of the Rainbow
A pot of chocolate at the end of the day-—why,
there’s nothing quite like it if the going’s been
hard and the trail long.
After a steaming hot chocolate and a bit of snack
you’re refreshed, you’re ready to hit the trail
again and it won’t seem so hard and long if you
take a box of Rainbow candy with you.
The pot of gold is only a fable, but the pot of
chocolate—well, just try it and see.
The Rainbow
Herni Burgoyne
m IWHHWf‘Tll—■WW
E. A. C. S.
_Clothes Designed by Kaufman
Well Tailored Suits
Stylish and correct in balance, drape and design;
to fit all men; please varied tastes
We know taste differs and we make different models to fit men’s
mind as well as build. We convert pure wool fabrics that will give
satisfactory wear to practical use, and uphold that quality of tailoring
and design which is satisfying to the wearer. We guarantee our clothes,