Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, March 04, 1922, Page 4, Image 4

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Strong High School Team Will
be Met Tonight
Five freshman grapplers leave for
Oregon City this morning at 11 o’clock
where they will tangle with the unde
feated high school aggregation of that
city. The wrestlers will make the trip
under the supervision of Walter Weg
ner, varsity featherweight.
The men who will represent the 1925
class are, Yamane, 115 pounds; Sump
tion, 125 pounds; Berry, 125 pounds;
Robertson, 125 pounds; Bergsvick, 145
pounds. The men will arrive at their
destination at about 2 this afternoon,
which will allow them about five hours
to rest before the contest which is
scheduled for 8 o’clock tonight.
With the exception of the 145 class,
the men were easy to pick, but Bergs
viek and Elsensolin fought it out for
four rounds before the judges could
pick the winner. The bout was given
to Bergsvick on a close decision.
Bast Wednesday those same fresh
men met a group from the local Y. M.
O. A., winning every event. According
to Wegner the men stand a good chance
of coming back victorious, but they
will have to work for their laurels as
the Oregon City boys have won from
a number of first class high school
Sloan High Man at Checkers; Game of
Shuffleboard Attracts Most
Interest at Present
The championship in the mental
sports of chess and checkers is still
a matter of conjecture, according to
Max Maccoby, who is in charge of
the contests. Maccoby retains his
supremacy in chess, but as yet cannot
claim the title, since he has not played
off all his mutches. Zimmerman and
Belt have shown a superior grade of
mental ability in the game, though
their work is not so brilliant and ag
grosslve as that of Maccoby.
In the jumping game Sloan has shown
his usual invincible skill, while Ted
row. .rones ai d Atkins have also demon
strutcd careful training.
Shuffleboard holds the renter of in
terest at present, with Ole Lien high !
man. Ole has won 29 games out of 3,'i I
played. L. I*. Putnam, Y secretary,
who previous to the preliminary games,
claimed a great deal of skill with th,e |
sliding discs, is so discouraged by the ,
three to nothing defeat given him bv
Scheldt that he has decided to withdraw
from the contest. Linuton, with in
games won, and two losses, is second in
the series. Ilenrickson, who is said
by some to be Lien’s most dangerous
competitor, is third, lie has played 12
games, losing but 9 of them. Scheldt
also stands high with 11! wins and three
Secretar\ l’utnnm states that he is
very well pleased with the interest
shown in the sports, and it is possible
that other contests of this sort may be
arranged in the near future.
Plans for a hiking and a theatre
party during spring vacation were dis
cussed at a meeting of the California j
club Tuesday evening. The club now
has a membership of 60, and only a
small number will leave for their homes
during the Easter recess. Club meet i
ings will be held every first ami third j
Thursday of each month. The next
meeting will be on March lti, when
final arrangements for the holiday
plans will be made.
President Harding’s Plan of Subsidiz
ing Shipping to be Taken up
Tuesday Evening, at Y Hut
Another of the open forums, which
have been held from time to time for
the discussion of world problems, will
take place in the V. hut next Tuesday
evening from 7 until s o’clock. ProtVs
■or I*. (\ I’rockatt. of the department
of economies, will l> • the speaker of the
evening, lie will talk on "The Kola
tion of the Merchant Marine to Inter
national IVaoe.” This topic will touch
on the relation of naval strength to the
size of the merchant marine for the
purpose of protection. Professor (.'rook
att will ileal largely with questions of
the Pacific. He will also discuss the
Minimum chenrc. 1 time. 26c ; 2 times,
46c; 6 (Inn, si. Mult be limited to S
lime, over this limit. 6e per line. Phone
•61. or leeve iv|it erith Huemeee office of
KMOtAle. ill University Prew. Payment in
advance. Office hours. 1 to 4 p. m.
will place your subscription to any
magazine in any language, science or
profession at lowest rates. George O
Goodall, 1790 Fairmount Blvd., Eugene,
Oregon. Telephone 326 R 114 M3 3. j
Danes--Evcrv Til it its J night at the
Dance Studio—14V4 7th avenue West.
W F tf
LOST—Light gray tweed overcoat
Trade mark “Kepello” on inside. Brown
lining. Lost at library. Return to !
Emerald business office. 116 Ml
proposal of President Harding that the
merchant marine should be heavily sub
sidized by the government.
Professor Croekatt is well qualified
to speak on this subject, for his thesis,
written at Stanford to obtain his Doc
tors degree, was on the subject of Pac
ific shipping.
The first part of the hour Dr. Crock
att will discuss this problem. The lat
ter part will be occupied in answering
any questions which may arise. An
invitation is extended to faculty and
students to attend and join in the gen
eral discussions as well as to hear the
interesting things that Professor Crock
att is expected to tell.
Oregon Agricultural College, Mar. 3—
'(P.I.N.S.)—A complete revision of the
point system at O. A. C. is being con
sidered by the executive committee of
the student body. The present plan of
listed activities which was adopted two
years ago, has not proved entirely sat
isfactory, and it is the wish of the com
'mittee to cut out the present unsatis
factory features of the system. Sys
tems of other schools are being exam
ined for workable ideas.
University of Washington, Mar. 2.—
(P. I. N. S.)—The recent rifle match
between the University of Washington
and Boston University, announced as a
tie was declared to be a Washington
victory, after examination of the tar
gets. The score was 497 to 495.
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June It can be seen that the sched
ule has bjeen arranged to give a chance
to gradually work up to the All-Coast
meet, which is the last of the season.
May 6 is the official date for the
doughnut meet this year, and this event
takes on added importance for the
reason that it is only one event in the
whole doughnut schedule and it may
lose or win for some organization the
large doughnut plaque which the
school of physical education is present
ing the winner of the doughnut events.
Besides this award, Hayward is offer
ing a cup to the winner of the track
meet, in accordance w'ith a plan he has
followed for several years.
Present indications are that the meet
will be closely contested this year as
several of the organizations have a good
Chapman, Svarverud, Wegner
and Phillips do Feature
A “ripping time” was the verilict by
those two hundred couples who at
tended the student body dance given by
the Order of the “O,” last night at the
Woman’s building. Four novel stunts
were put on by four initiates of Order
of the “O,” ami about 20 other initiates
were subjected to the usual paddling
before the presentation of their cer
tificates of membership.
Hal Chapman was an adorable me
chanical doll with half-socks ’n every
thing, gesticulating in stiff little move
ments, carrying out the well-known
song’s phraseology that “Every Little
Movement has a Meaning all its Own.”
Carl Svarverud gave an interpretative
dance “Spring,” dressed appropriately.
Wilter Wegner showed onlookers the
method of “Flirting with Temptation,”
and Shrimp Phillips serenaded with a
clever little song.
Music for the dance was furnished
by a four-piece orchestra. The dance
was the first one given in many moons
at the nominal admission fee of four
Soiled, muddy shoesf That’s
where you lose, appearances
will tell.
Here in this chair I’ll put a
glare upon them something
I’ll also fix those yellow kicks
and make them black as
No acids used, no shoes abused,
with black I treat you
Each pair I shine is right in
line with patent - leathers,
Selected stock that none can
knock, so keep this little
It points the way to the
only kinds:
They are the Right
way Real.
Peter Sarecos John Papas
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New Pliable
The greatest treasure you will have in the
world after you graduate from college will be
the memories that will be revived by looking
through your memory book. Don’t let your
self forget. Live the life over again.
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