Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 31, 1922, Page 4, Image 4

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Certificate for Teaching Ma^
Be Granted by University
Candidates Must Complete
Fifth College Year
That a specialist’s certificate foi
teaching which is granted beyond and ir
addition to the general high school cer
tificate based on four years of studj
in a higher educational institution, wil
be granted to certain persons who hav<
received bachelor’s degree from the Uni
versity, is now a probability here, wa
made known yesterday by a special fac
ulty bulletin. The motion to grant r
specialist’s degree will be made at. tin
faculty meeting tomorrow afternoon, by
Dean Sheldon and it is not expectoe
that there will be much opposition to it.
The certificate is intended to become s
recognition of special knowledge of the
subject matter of the fields of whicl
candidates desire to do their teaching
“and other things being equal, those
person’s having the specialist's certifi
cate will receive preference recommends
tion for teaching positions in high
schools’’ says the faculty bulletin.
The specialist’s certificate as in the
ease of degrees wilb be authorized by the
faculty and the board of regents, and
will be granted by the University. A
candidate may at the same time proceed
to the master’s degree.
The qualifications of the applicant
as set forth in the motion to be made at
the faculty meeting are as follows:
“Certain persons who havo received
the bachelor’s degree from this Uni
versity, and who thereafter continue in
the University for another full year of
residence, will bo eligible to receive a
Specialist’s Certificate, for teaching, sub
jeet to the following conditions:
“Candidates for the specialist’s cer
tificate must havo carried with an aver
age grade of TII a minimum of 48 hours
of work in a major lino of study, prior
to the conferring of the bachelor’s do
‘ ‘ They must have completed with an
average grade of III at least two ad
ditional courses of gruduato status in
their major subject, per term, through
out their fifth year of university study.
1 ‘ They must havo completed at least
42 hours of work in their fifth year.
“They must have completed to tin
satisfaction of the School of Education
of the University a minimum of 22 hours
of pedagogy.
“The specialist’s certificate will la
granted only in the major field in which
the foregoing requirements have been fill,
filled; provided that nothing in these
rules is intended to prevent a candidate’s
attempting to meet tin1 requirements for
the specialist's certificate in more fields
than one.’’
Retiring Fund Approved by Insurance
Mon; Secretary Putnam
Favors Project
The Advisory Hoard of the Uuiver
site V. M. A. at a recent meeting
adopted the National V. M. 0. A. He
tiring Fund Project, as applying to the
Univcrsitv branch, The soculled rctir
ing fund is organized on much the same
plan as the pension service of many
of the churches. The completed fund
service will be set in motion probably
by April 1, 19:12.
According to 1-. P. Putnam, campus
secretary, the plan has been in the
main organized and largely approved
by prominent insurance men ot the
count rv. As now arranged, the ne
ceptauce of tin1 plan is option! with
the secretaries and associations through
out the country, but of those who nc
eept, the secretaries pay between S'.j
and l per cent of their salary and the
association pays the same amount out
of its income If at anv time a score
tar\ desires to leave the V. M. C. A.
work, the money which he has invested
in the fund is returned with four per
cent compound interest. A secretary
may retire at the age of 00, it desired,
but must do so at the age of 70,
la order to launch this project it has
Minimum cl’nr**, \ time. l'f»o: 2 time*, j
4No time*. $1. Mvi*t be limited to 6
line*. over this limit, be per line Hi me
951, or leave copy with Husinea* office of
1 mkk <i i in \'ni\Ai “>\tv Payment in
advance. Office hour*, 1 to 4 p. m.
FOUND M oiler ii French ('ompost
tion, Advertising and Selling and a
black parasol, all left in Deady about
Oct. 1921. A green parasol left at
Deady two weeks ago. See janitor.
ss j:u
LOST—Delta (lamina pin, Thursday
Finder please call 125. 89 F2. :i.
FOR RENT Rooms for men stu
dents. One block cast of campus
double rooms, $1(1.00, llO.'I Onyx St
Phone 1005-J. 82-JS1-5.
ROOM FOR RENT Two blocks
from Music building 19'-'5 Harris street
90 PI -j
been necessary for the Y. M. C. A. to
raise $4,000,000 with which to pay the
pensions of those secretaries who have
or who will soon reach the retirement
age. The work of raising the money
is being done almost entirely by dona
tion of large gifts by wealthy people.
1 Mr. Putnam said in speaking of the
fund, that the need for such an insur
ance was evident. “The Y. M. C. A.
work is a service work,” said Mr.
Putnam, “and although a man receives
; enough compensation to raise and edu
! cate a family, yet still by the very
! spirit of the work, it is not a career in
which a man can grow rich, or lay
j aside much to care for his old age.
' TIence it is only just that we provide
J for those who are no longer able to
| administer the work with the minimum
efficiency. ”
W. W. Dillon was the Association
delegate who visited the campus and
spoke to the University Y. M. C. A.
advisory council in the interests of
the project.
March 17 Planned as Holiday by Many
Colleges at California
Berkeley, Cal., Jan. 116— (P. I. N. 8.)
—Following the custom of many of
the large universities of the United
States, the Engineering colleges of the
University of California have planned
an Engineers’ Day for March 17.
They have secured a holiday from
11 o’clock on and special stunts, in
cluding an open house in all the col
leges, have been planned. The col
leges taking part will be: Mechanics,
Chemistry, Civil Engineering, and Min
Mrs. O. T. Gerlinger to be Guest of
Dean Fox; Will Speak on Campus
Mrs. G. T. Gerlinger, member of the
board of regents, will be the guest of
Dean Elizabeth Fox Wednesday and
Thursday of this week, and will ad
dress the women of the University,
either through the Y. W. C. A., or
through the Woman’s League.
This will be the first time this year
that the women of the University have
had the opportunity of hearing Mrs.
University of California, Berkeley,
Cal., Jan. 26.—(P. I. N. 8.)—The Wash
ington State basketball five defeated
the University of California in one of
tho fastest and hardest-fought games
ever witnessed in the Northwest by the
close score of 26 to 24 in tho second of
their two-game series. California won
tho first of the series, 21 to 15.
Get the Classified Ad habit.
Five Members of American
Society in University
The University of Oregon has been
selected as the place for the next reg
ular meeting of the American Chemical
Society, Oregon Section.
The meeting, to be held on the cam
pus Saturday, February 25, will be a
gathering of members of this state.
Of the 50 men in this section, five
are associated with the University.
These are Professor Frederick L. Shinn,
Professor II. J. Tanner, Dr. Roger J.
Williams, of the department of chemis
try; Ford E. Wilson and Percy A. Las
selle, chemistry majors.
In a tentative program announced it
l as been planned to have a dinner at
the Anchorage followed by the meeting
at 7:45 in Villard hall.
Motion Pictures to Aid
Two papers will be read, the first
being the “Utilization of Pacific Coast
Kelp” by Professor Tanner. Moving
pictures of the government kelp beds
at Summerland, California, will be
shown to illustrate the address. The
second paper will be “The Determina
tion of the Acidic Property of Alco
hoi, and the Consideration of Esters as
Acid Anhydrates” by Dr. Williams.
The American Chemical Society has
a membership of more than fifteen
thousand, and is three times as large
as any other organization of ehemists
in the world. Included among its mem
bers are many of the most prominent
chemists of America and foreign coun
tries. Chemical knowledge and indus
try are fostered in every possible way,
and its members are given every oppor
tunity to keep abreast of the important
advances made in chemical science.
Three Journals Issued
For this purpose three journals are
published. The Journal of the Ameri
can Chemical Society, in which appear
most of the American contributions
made to pure chemistry as well as many
accounts of the investigations and re
searches made by foreign scientists;
The Journal of Industrial and Engin
eering Chemistry, which covers the ap
plication of chemical science to indus
trial and engineering uses; and Chemi
cal Abstracts, a semi-monthly journal
providing classified abstracts of all ar
ticles and reports of scientific chemi
cal interest published throughout the
This organization wns of immense
vnlue to the government during the
war through its assistance in organiz
ing the chemical warfare servce.
Any one interested in the subject
is invited to attend the meeting in
Villard ITall.
A Com fortable
Ribbon Watch Bracelet
for Active Women
because it lias small springs at each end which adapts the
Bracelet to the swelling of the muscles.
because the springs take the strain off the ribbon, thereby
increasing the length of its life. Kconomical because the
ribbon passes over rounded corners which do not cut it.
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elu' llmitrrmhj nf Cljiraiui
Eugene Wins From Talent; Loses to
Medford; Dumo is Beferee
Accompanied by Edwin Durno, fresh
man basketball coach, as referee, the
Eugene high school basketball squad
invaded the southern part of the state
last week-end, and engaged in three
contests, winning the first from Talent,
23-15, and losing the last two, one to
Medford, 20-18, and the other to Ash
land, 42-22. Two of Eugene’s best
men, Kneeland and Cole, became ill
during the trip, and were unable to take
part in the last two contests.
Hollis Huntington, former athletic
star of the University of Oregon, and
member of the famous 1916 team that
played Pennsylvania at Pasadena, is
now athletic coach at Medford.
Spencer Carlson, Freshman, Appointed
to Naval Academy; Examination
Taken During January
Spencer A. Carlson, of Marshfield, a
freshman in mathematics, has been
notified of his appointment as a mid
shipman in the naval academy at An
napolis. The appointment was made
by Representative Hawley of the First
Oregon district. Carlton, who is 18
years old, took the examination for the
appointment January 14. An entrance
examination also will have to be passed
in February before he is admitted to
the academy.
Announcement was made yesterday
also pf the appointment of Samuel P.
Collins of Eugene to be a cadet at West
Point military academy.
The Church Cooperative Committee
dinner, which was announced for Tues
day, January 31, has been called off in
accordance with the Health Service’s
recommendation that no social func
tions take place till the present grippe
epidemic is over. The date of the
meeting will be announced later accord
ing to those in charge.
Stanford University, Stanford, Cal.,
Jan. 30.—(P. I. N. 's.)—“The Femi
nine Fling” will be the title of the
next issue of Chaparral, the Hammer
and Coffin publication. It will be ed
ited by the Stanford chapter of Theta
Sigma Phi, Women’s National Journal
istic Honor Society, and the women will
be given an opportunity to display their
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