Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, November 29, 1921, Page 4, Image 4

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    Bungalow Scene of Gathering
Today and Wednesday
The second annual denominational
vocational conference under the aus
pices of the Y. W. C. A. will be held
at the Y. W. bungalow on Tuesday and
Wednesday of this week. A represen
tativc from each denomination will
present the opportunities in her de
nomination for life service.
At least three out of town speakers
Four out of town Speakers will
be present, Mrs. Charles A. Bowen,
of Raymond, Washington, representing
student work in this district of the
Methodist church, Mrs. Edker Burton
of Centralia, Washington, representing
the Baptist church board; Miss
Katherine Burnside of Portland, Ore
gon, who will speak as Presbyterian
church representative, and Mrs. W. E.
Bambo, representing the Christian
The conferenc will not be distinctly
denominational but the work will be
coordinated so that it will present
Christian work in all phases as a life :
The first session of the conference
will bo an open meeting of the Y. W.
C. A. on Tuesday at 5 o’clock. The
tentative program includes opportuni
tics for conference with each repre- \
sentative on Wednesday with a get-!
together at luncheon or tea, the definite |
plans to be announced later.
Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Brown will bo
guests at Susan Campbell hall during
their stay on the campus. Miss Burn
side will be a guest at the Kappa house,
of which sorority she is a member.
After their visit here the representa
tives are going to Corvallis where a
similar conference will be held.
Arrangements are in charge of the
church co-operation committee, of
which Mary Parkinson is chairman.
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Wliile the victory over the clubmen
does not count in the conference stand
inns it did prove a brilliant ending to
a season which started so adversely for
the varsity. Moreover that 21-7 win
over the strongest team that Multno-!
mah has boasted in years convinced
football followers that Oregon fur
nished the season with a real grid
machine- a machine built from a hope
less fighting mob to a foriniable squad
that might well be feared by any eleven
in the country.
“Oregon Fight” Makes Tie Games
Tie games were Oregon’s long suit,
three times the I,onion Yellow fought
its way to n draw, each time they were
scheduled to lose by the forecasters of
football results. The dopesters were
eager to prove the validity of statis
tics but each time “Oregon Fight”
came to the rescue and though Ore
gon couldn't win, either because they
were outplayed or because the breaks
of football luck were against them, the
varsity fought them off their feet in
those disputed contests and battled to
Minimum chnrw, I tirm*. 26c : 'i times.
45c; 5 times. $1. Must be limited t#i S
lines, over this limit. Be per line. Phoiu
1*51, nr I* >ive >M'y with lllli'intM office of
Kmkkai n, in University Press. Payment in
Advance. Office hours, 1 to 4 j». m.
LOST A pongee shirt, Monday
night in or near the men’s gym. Finder
please call 127. Howard. 28 N29.
LOST Tortoise shell rimmed spee
tades, near Susan Campbell hall.
Finder call I’. 1‘hv, l.'S17. 37-N29.
LOST \ black leather suitcase!
with the initials <1. S. I’, on one end.
Howard. I’hone 1809. tf-N29.
LOST Will the person who removed
m,\ notebook from room 107 Commerce
building at It a in. November 98,
please return same or leave it at the
Commerce office. F. S. liadspiuner,
070 9th \ventie K Phone 1220,
;Ci N29.
WANTED Home for airdale dog
for the rest of school year. Call Myrtle
Pelkor at Susan Campbell hall.
.10 N29.
LOST Fountain pen on black rib
bon. Monday morning, between Susan
Campbell hull and Commerce building
Please return to said hall. Suite 3.
34 N30
WANTED Two more people to
board at $.->.50 per week. Nice home
rooking. Hither man and wife or two
single people. Inquire at once, 1223
Agate St. 33 SID.
~JUST OPEN—Ye Gown Shop. Dress
making, remodeling and readv to wear
garments Corner 9th and Willamette,
over Gage Millinery.
Tn Th A F tf
LOST One pair of gold rimmed
glasses Tuesday night on guard duty
on Ha'ward field in front of grand
stand. Finder please return to Knur
aid business office in McClure hall
LOST Hook “Productive Advert is
lug.” Please return to narry Mayer.
Phone 1306 38 N29.
tie scores.
Two games yet remain on the sched
ule to be played during the holidays in
Hawaii, one with the University of
Hawaii and the other with an all star
team yet to be selected. There is little
dope on the relative merits of the teams
on which to base a prediction but from
the way Shy’s men forward passed at
Portland last Thursday on a wet field,
the dry field that will be available at
Hawaii should prove a Mecca for a
team as wtdl versed in the aerial attack
as Huntington’s proteges have shown
Summary of Multnomah Game
The lineup and summary of Thurs
day’s game follows:
The lineup:
Oregon (21)— Multnomah (7)—
Laughlin .C. Blackwell
F. Shields .LG . Holmes
Reed .LT. Hale
Howard .LE. Faulk
A. Shields .RG. Mautz
Von der Ahe .RT. Holden
Brown .RE. Pelouze
Chapman .Q. Smith
Johnson .LH. Steera
King .RH. Workman
Latham .F. Butler
Oregon .7 7 0 7—21
Multnomah .0 7 0 0— 7
Substitutes—Oregon: Leslie for Reed,
Read for Leslie, Gram for King, Mor
fit for Howard, Howard for Morfitt,
Parsons for F. Shields, Jordan for
Johnson. Multnomah: Donaldson for
Pelouze, Dutton for Steers, Cook for
Workman, Butler for Briggs, Workman
for Cook, Steers for Dutton, Walker for
Officials—Referee, Sam Dolan, 0. A.
0.. Umpire, George Dewey, O A. C.
Head linesman, Ralph Coleman, O A. C.
Oregana Calls for Photographs at
Earliest Possible Moment
The Oregana requests that all mem
bers of organizations have their pic
tures taken at once for tho 1922 book.
“It is imperative that all pictures
be taken before tho end of the term,”
said Inez King. “The actual makeup
of copy will begin the first of tho
winter term and therefore all material
must he in tho hands of the staff be
fore that time.”
Zeta Rho Epsilon announces the
pledging of Marian Taylor of Silver
! Doughnut Basketball
Standing of Teams
Team , . W L Perc.
Phi Gamma Delta . 7 0 1.000
Kappa Sigma . 6 1 .857
Delta Tau . 6 1 .857
A. T. O. 6 2 .750
Kappa Theta Chi . 5 2 .714
Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... 5 2 .714
Oregon Club No. 2 . 5 2 .714
Bachelordon . 4 4 .500
Oregon Club No. 2. 3 3 .500
Phi Delt . 3 4 .428
Sigma Nu . 2 3 .400
Sigma Chi . 2 6 .250
Chi Psi . 2 6 .250
Beta Theta Pi. 2 7 .222
Friendly Hall . 1 6 .143
Phi Sigma Pi . 1 8 .125
Delta Theta Phi . 0 6 .000
Three doughnut basketball games
were played yesterday resulting in
victories for A. T. O., Oregon Club No.
2, and Sigma Chi.
The A. T. O. win was over the Betas,
eight to six, with poor shooting on
both sides. The fast Oregon Club No.
2 downed Chi Psi lodge, 26 to 15 in
a fairly hard fought contest, while
Sigma Chi beat Phi Sigma Pi, 10 to
7, in a very closely contested fight.
Tonight Kappa Theta Chi battle Kap
pa Sigma in what will probably be a
interesting battle. Sigma Nu and Phi
Delt will also fight it out and Delta
Theta Phi and Oregon Club No. 1 will
also play. Delta Tau Delta plays S.
A. E. as the final game of the even
Psychologist to Discuss Fundamental
Notions in Mental Hygiene
“Some Fundamental Notions in Men
tal Hygiene,” is the subject which Dr.
O. S. Kohs, phychologist of Ihe court
of domestic relations in Portland will
discuss at the meeting of the Haw
thorne club tonight in the Woman’s
Applications will be made to the
problems of gifted and supernatural
children. Problems of sex hygiene w.'ll
be discussed and Dr. Kohs will relate
some of his experiences in conducting
army psychological tests and some of
the conclusions that he has reached as
a result of those tests. The meeting
will be open to any who are inter
The Eugene Packing Company
We Patronize Home Industries.
Phone 38 675 Willamette St.
Successors to the Wing Market.
This Guaranteed SUBMARINE
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Durable as Leather, Warmer Than the Average
Overcoat and as Dry as the Best Raincoat
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\V«*in as a ne t *r r->!il it ill save your higher priced
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men. ehautii-ui. ’aim is ranchers, hunters ami golf
ers. or to tun p' t - 'it dcyi' int* a neat, rupped warm
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It is math' of a hie h prade mole colored waterproof
material, vulcanized to a sixteen ouncr plaid b'ank »t
lining, making the two cl rhs inseparable It is tal
!oi ■'d in up-to date fashion, military belted lar.ve side
and i;li'M' pockets. sleovc straps, heavy b v ’"'h -a.
ami is double stitched ami reinforced at every point
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Simply st'nd one dollar ns evidence of pood faith
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m< t wit h \ our a i p: < \ .;
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lit it'hlr ’\' Sir > from It to t‘ ’ • 1' Sl'HK VXD
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lished standard priees.
Keep Thinking About it!
Sherman W. Moody
I 881 Willamette Street. Eugene, Oregon
“Follow the Trail
to the Varsity—where they all go
We have two doors—one in front and one in the back
We don’t mind—Our kitchen is clean
Special Italian Dinner
Every Wednesday
5 to 8
General Repairing
Good used bicycles
$15.00 to $25.00
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Eugene Clarifying & Pasteurizing Company
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Pendleton Indian Robes
Famous the world over for beauty and
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$9.75 to $22.50
Xmas Window Displays
Om window displays from now on will
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. ■ - —— — - ■»*