Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 02, 1921, Page THREE, Image 3

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Girls to Debate; Men Discuss
Coaching System
Both the men’s and women’s Oregon
clubs have planned to give informal
dances this month: the men’s on Febru
ary 19. anli tbe women’s on February
23 Arrangements were made at their
respective meetings in the “Y” hut and
the bungalow Monday evening.
Mary MeMasters of the women's Ore
gon club, was elected head of the com
mittee to arrange programs for the pa
trons and patronesses, who are: Presi
dent and Mrs. P. L. Campbell, Dean and
Mrs. John Straub, Dean Elizabeth Fox,
Miss Tirza Dinsdale, Mr. and Mrs. John
Stark Evans and Madame Rose McGrow.
The dance is to be informal, will be held
in the women’s building.
At this meeting, also, it was decided
that the Oregon club girls should go out
for debate and basketball. Marjorie
Stout was elected delegate to the meet
ing concerning debate which wiH be held
in Professor Croekat.t’s room Thursday
Those going out for basketball decid
ed to meet Thursday night at 5 o’clock to
make plans for regular practice hours.
The dance for the men of the Oregon
flub will be held in the women’s build
ing on February 19 following the'basket
ball game scheduled for that evening.
This decision was reached Monday even
ing at the special meeting of the Oregon
chib men in the “Y” hut, the largest at
tended meeting held this year.
Term membership dues will be collect
ed this term, contrary to previous plans.
The payment for space in the Oregana
necessitates this action. The price of
admission to the dance will be fixed at
an amount which will cover the incidental
expenses. Men desiring to attend this
dance are requested to attend the meet
ing next Monday evening or leave their
names at the “Y” hut before that time.
Barney Garet, president of the organ
ization, explained that it was necessary
to know the number of men who are to
attend the dance by Monday in order to
fix the price of the dance.
Most of the club’s time Monday even
ing was occupied in a discussion of the
graduate coaching system at Oregon.
Speakers both for and against the sys
tem pleaded with the members to abide
by the decision of the athletic council.
R. E. Baker, of Coquitle, Sends Manu
script for Criticism.
It. E. Baker, city superintendent of
schools at Coquille, Oregon, and con
tributor of poems to the Oregonian, the
Oregon Teacher’s Monthly, as well as
other magazines, has .submitted a
volume of poems to the University of
Oregon for comment and criticism.
The manuscript which consists of
36 poems on a wide range of subjects,
contains much excellent matter accord
ing to workers in the English depart
ment. the extension division and the
school of journalism who have had the
privilege of reading it.
Mu Theta Epsilon, Honorary Mathematic
Society Installs.
University of Southern California,
tas Angeles, Cal., Feb. 1. — Mu Theta
Eptiilcn, honorary mathematics fraternity
for women, installed a chapter in this
university last week. The chapter at U.
8- C. is the Beta chapter, the Alpha
chapter being at California. With the
installation of another chapter the or
sanization will be national in scope. At
Present, the establishment of a chapter
at the University of Oregon is contem
At the request of the Oregana staff,
letters were recently sent out from the
f uiversity library to other institutions
requesting exchange for year books,
avorable replies have already been re
ceived from Stanford, the University of
• ontaua and the University of South
ern California. It is expected that word
'''*1 be received from a number of other
■nstitutions in the near future.
Washington club to elect.
The Washington Club will take in new
rueutbers at 7:30 Wednesday evening in
■ e assembly room of the Education
gilding. Doc Braddoek president of the
nr0anizatiou. wants every student in the
nuersity from "Washington to be sure
a“<l be there.
°R- DE BUSK able mechanic.
edi ! . ^ * DeBusk, of the school of
abilif*10n recent,y demonstrated his
* . y *s a. mechanic by putting together
m , ae a'd °f his secretary and a
ef c ey'Trrenrb- the parts of a new set
chit i** es to ,1e uspd >n weighing the
rpn of the Junior High school .
Copper Tray and Cedar Chest of An
tique Design Presented By
Women of Hendricks Hall.
Hendricks hall has given a large cop
per tray and a large cedar chest which
originally belonged to a Spanish family
to the women’s building. The chest, se
cured through a dealer in San Erancisco
is very old. red-painted leather with a
border of white flowers. It is bound
around the corners with narrow brass
bands. The chest is one that was used
by the family to hold their important
papers, silver and the like. The family
was thought to have had a number of
similar chests as this one is numbered
The tray was brought to England from
India, and was later brought to Portland
where it was purchased by the girls
from1 Miss Barker’s antique shop.
The money which purchased these
gifts was raised through teas given by
the girls, and from private donations
from the girls and Miss Talbot.
Miss Waterman Will Talk in Newberg on
Playground Work.
, . Miss Emmn Waterman, an instructor
in the department of hygiene and phy
sical education for women, is leaving for
Newberg today, where she will address
the Parent-Teachers Association on the
subject of playground work. Miss Wat
erman studied the theory of playgrounds
in her course at. Wellesley College, and
has visited a great, many municipal
playgrounds in the east and in Califor
nia. She has charge of the playground
work in the department here. Miss
Waterman will not return until tomor
row night, but her classes will meet ns
Annual Performance Staged by O. A. C.
Girls Excites Curiosity.
Oregon Agricultural College, Corvallis,
Feb. 1. — Mystery shrouds the proceed
ings for the annual women’s stunt
showf to hold the boards at the women’s
gym -March 4 and 5. Managers, com
mittee members, and prospective actress
es, when approached on the subject,
grown, grin or look coquettish, accord
ing to their natures, and with finger to
lip whisper meaningly, “wait and see.”
This show is considered a big event of
the college year.
Corsage bouquets at the University of
Arizona have been officially banned by
a resolution passed by the house of rep
resentatives and accepted by the mem
bers of the student body. This ruling
affects all university dances.
The University of Southern Califor
nia baseball team will make a tour of
Japan, ploying teams of Japanese uni
For Rent: — Well kept room for man.
All conveniences, modern house. 45G-.T.
♦ Patronize Emerald Advertisers ♦
Private and Class
Lessons day and evening
141 West 7th Street
New Recording Thermometer Obtained
for Daily Tests.
A new recording thermometer has i
been purchased by the physical educa- J
tion department for use in testing 1 the
heating conditions in the different build
ings on the campus.
1 his thermometer is so made that it
can be placed in a room after being
properly set and the temperature each
hour of the day will be registered each
day for a week.
The plan, according to Dc. John F.
Bovard, dean of physical education, is
to test several rooms about the campus
and submit the results of the tests to the
respective janitors of the buildings. This,
it is thought, will be of great assistance
in keeping the classrooms at the re
quired temperature of 08 degrees.
Just as the legislators were boarding
the train Saturday evening they were
handed small boxes done up in Oregon
colors. These boxes were found to con
tain sandwiches, cake and cookies to re
fresh themselves with, on their Salem
ward journey, and were put up by Mrs.
Edna Datson, house director of Friendly
and Hendricks halls.
The University of Wyoming has been
admitted to the Rocky Mountain Confer
ence by a unanimous vote at a recent
meeting of the delegates in conference.
add a touch of
charm to that which
is already beautiful. A cor
sage bouquet for milady, a
boutenniere for her admirer;
table flowers for the dining
room; growing plants for the
play house or a vase of
thrwers for the window
where mother sits and thinks
it over. Let us serve you
with flowers.
Every event is an occasion
for flowers.
Vnhfrsifufflbrist I
(Where youff'ndt/iej/ioujens\
993 /yard SY.
New Shipment of
Bird Cages
Just In
Chamber's Hardware Co.
Banishes Baking Day
Many a women bakes her own bread
because she finds it impossible to buy bread
as good as her family requires it. But to
all such women we say, try this new bread.
Thousands of women who formerly baked their
own bread are now buying it and have banished
forever the labor of baking.
Made of the purest ingredients and scientifically
mixed by our exclusive process, touches the taste
of the whole family.
One loaf will prove it. Ask any good
grocer. But look for this label. '
Ask for Butter-Krust Bread
Ifyou want a
come to the
Latest SPRING and
Strictly Tailor-Made in Our Own Shop.
Reasonable Prices in Alterations and Repairing’.
Anything in the Tailor Line a Specialty.
MODERN TAILORS, 24 West 9th St.
See Moody and
See Better
AVe have the most scien
tific eye-testing instru
ments in the optical field
Our method of vision examination 1ms been indorsed ,
by the highest authorities in the profession. j
Our work combines that of the optometrist and opti
cian. We prescribe, grind and fit our own glasses.
The responsibility is ours, the comfort and satisfac
tion is yours. Our glasses are right by the most careful
and exacting tests to which eye glasses can be put.
Even the" most discriminating personages
will admit that.they can find no fault
with our preparations and accomplish
Have you tried our MEXICAN CHEWS?
OREGANA Confectionary \
Plione 129
For Service, Call
67 Ninth Avenue East
Fountain Specials
'Arranged with
Extraordinary Delicatiness
Only 61 Lots Left
For Subscription in Eugene.
A total of 350 lots was allotted for subscription to resi
dents of Eugene— of the total, 289 have been sold.
$50 Invested today may be worth $5000 in six months
Oregon-Montana Oil Co.
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