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Concert Part' of Program for
Armistice Evening
Receipts to ^e For Purchase
of More Instruments.
U -
At tho next student body dance, to be
staged on Armistice Eve. November 10.
tlje students will he given the opportun
ity of dancing to tt thirty-five piece or
chestra. On that date The University
Orchestra will give a concert followed by
a student body dance, according to the
management of The orcEe'sirn.
The plan for the affair, ns it now
stands, is that all hour’s concert bo giver
beginning at eight after which the chair
will be cleared away and 'ff.ose so Tn
dined will dance* until such time as the
University authorities wish them to stop.
The University Orchestra which has
been augmented this year to thirty-five
pieces will give the concert and play for
the dance numbers.
Opportunity is Rare.
“It is seldom anywhere in the United
States that ope gets a chance to dance
to the music of an orchestra of that
size," said Rex Underwood, director of
the orchestra. "Throughout the country
most of the dance music is made by
small combinations. We will work up
some Strause waltzes and some of the
best and latest fox-trots and give tho
people a taste of real dance music. And
then.” he continued, grinning, “we’ll have
a real juzz orchestra to keep the jazz
hounds occupied between the numbers by
the whole orchestra.’’
The object of the dance is to raise
money needed to buy instruments for
the orchestra. Mr. Underwood hopes by
giving concert)* during the year to raise
$1,000 with which to buy od(f instru
ments. If instruments such as bassons.
oboes, basses, violas and horns can be
owned by the orchestra, he says, stu
dents can be found to play Ahem and in
a very short while the University will
have a real symphony orchestra:
Bi-Weekly Rehearsals Held. •
The orchestra is rehearsing twice a
week now and Mr. Underwood says that
the class of music offered in the concert
preceedlng the dance will more than over
balance anything played during the dance
which might seem to lean toward the
The personnel of the organization is
much the same as last year with the ex
ception of the additions to its member
ship. so that the task of getting the re
pertoire necessary for .the concert will
not be as great as it would be with an
entirely new organization.
Nfl$ Space To Be Provided In Women’s
Gyiji Soon.
Classes in the Art building are larger
than the rooms will accommodate. There
are 46 students in the Tuesday evening
Life class and there are only accommo
dations for about 30, says Arthur Run
M'ust. The Tuesday afternoon Life
class anil the modeling class arc held ,
iu the same room. They cannot be
separated or the evening Life class di
vided because that would mean another
j teacher, another room and another model.
If possible they are going to find another
room n little larger.
Professor Schroffs art appreciation
. class was moved to an up-stairs room
[owing to the large number in.it. There
! are 1>G in the class and Professor Schroff
said ho would like to have held the class
down to about 40. Some of the art
classes will occupy the women’s gym
when the new Woman’s building is fin
Former Student Majtes Trip
With Russian Children.
Red Cross Transports Manyj
Homeless to America.
Hurle 1). Brnmholl, a former student
jin the University and now a major in the
.unerican lied Cross in France, has
i written a letter from Brest telling of his
■experience's in conducting 780 Russian
refugee children from Vladivostok to
Petrogrnd via San Francisco, the Pan
ama Canal and New York City,
Prior to tii(> Russian Revolution the
parents of these children were influen
tial citizens of Petrogrfid. When condi
tions became serious in Petrograd • the
children were sent with their teachers to
a supposedly safe retreat in the heart
of the Ural mountains. For four years
they have practically run wjpfl, and have
been the subject of much comment in
newspapers and magazines where they
were called the “wild children of the
Difficulties Attend Trip.
The representative of the Red Cross
working cast 6000 mile^ from Vladivos
tok had barely reached these children
when the advance of the Bolshevik armies
forced the workers to make a decision as
to whether to leave the children or to
assume responsibility for them. The
latter course, was adopted.
The children were transported with I
much difficulty and many delays across
the continent of Asia to Vladivostok
where they were colonized on a Russian
island in the harbor of Vladivostok for
a time.
Special Vessel Chartered.
When the Red Cross was forced to
leave Siberia because of the withdrawal
of American troops and the virtual oc
cupation of the eastern coast of Siberia
by .the Japanese, it was necessary to .
provide for these children, so they were
taken in a specially chartered ship at
the expense of the Red Cross and under
the charge of Mr. Bramhall and his as
sociates. The children range in age
from 0 to 16 yehrs.
Mr. Bramhall was a major in the
^school of commerce while at the Uni
versity. He came”lere froitTBSEeK He
j served with the American expeditionary
forces as a lieutenant.
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