Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, September 29, 1920, Page FOUR, Image 4

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P. L. Campbell and Carlton
Savage to Give Welcome
Plans and Committees for
Year to be Announced.
A welcome to now and old students
■like is the object of the fix jit student
body assembly Thursday morning at 3.1
o’clock in Villard hall. President P. L.
Campbell and Carlton Savage, president
of the Associated .Students, are both to
make addresses of welcome, the latter
outlining his plans for the year and an
nouncing appointments of committees. j
Better and “peppier” assemblies than
ever before, with bettor attendance than j
ever before, is the aim of those in charge. !
.Every meeting will commence promptly
at 11 o'clock and last for 50 minutes, ac
cording to Carlton 'Savage.
Besides the 'annul assembly speaker.
John Stark Evans, associate dean of the
School of Music, is arranging special
music for each week. Madam Mctlvew.
soprano, Isnira Band, contralto, John
Hopkins, tenor, and (ilenn Morrow, bari
tone, will compose a quartet to lead the
singing at tomorrow morning’s assembly.
(Reverend Bruce J. (Triffin, first stu
dent pastor to l)e assigned to the Uni
versity, will also take part in assembly
services tomorrow. Reverend Kjriffin was
assigned to University of Oregon this
summer by the Presbyterian synod of
Oregon. He is located on the campus
and although his purpose here is mainly
to keep in touch with st'urents of tlio
church which he represents, liis services
will include students of all denomina
Vox the convHiiieuce of students who
Hire' new at the University, it is an
nounced that seats at the front of the
left hnnd section as one enters the ball
are reserved for the faculty. Front
seats in the center section arc occupied
by seniors, both men and women. Junior
■ . ■ • : .I-”- J" a
<v> ' *' ! u,: l!|f'
.si yew1' wcu
Class Rooms and Gym Ready
By November 1.
Grounds Around Structure to
Be Improved Soon.
The new Woman's Building, Just south
of Hendricks Hall, which has been under
progress of construction since last August
is nearing completion, according to W.
K. Newell, superintendent of properties
for the University. The west end, in
which are class rooms and a gymnasium,
will be ready for use by the department
of physical education for women by the
first of November if present plans
work out. Dean E. F. Lawrence, of the
School of Architecture, prepared the
plans for the 'building.
Although work was started on the
building last August there lias been
much interruption because of inability to
secure materials and workmen. The
estate of the late W. 0, lieekart. Eil
gene architect who commenced the build
ing, has sincee the death of Mr. Ileckart
carried on the building, engaged Mr.
Snook, of the Portland form of Snook A
Traitor, to complete the building. A num
ber of the buildings at Oregon Agri
cultural college are the work of this
The alumni hall and the main stairway,
in the east end of (lie building, will be
left until last to be finished, according
to Mr. Newell, since there is no press
ing need for their completion.
A caen stone finish will be used in the
lobby and main starway in tbe building
which have a Terrazzo tile floor. A
combination of the caen stone with
paneled wainscoting in fir is to lie used
in the alumni room, which lias two
monumental fireplaces, one at each end
of the room. In the faculty and recap- |
tion rooms there will be simple mantles I
with the fireplaces.
As soon ms the grounds surrounding
the buflding can be cleared the hockey
field will be put into condition, as well as
tennis courts and a field for archery.
R. 0. T. C. Leads Rifle Matches.
The Western Department of the It. O.
T. €., of which the University o_f Ore
gon is a member, lead all collegiate rifle
teams in the National matches held at
<Gamp Pe'nry, Ohio, during the summer.
Domfht .Zimmerman, of Eugene, was
Western Department rifle team. He tied
with another cadet for a place on the
team, losing by but one point on the
second contest.
Book Illustration and Decorating Is Sub
ject of New Classes.
•‘The Art Hook and the Poster’' is the
title of a new course to be offered early
this term bv the fine arts division of the
school of architecture. The course has
been planned through Professor A. H.
Schroff and bis Assistant Arthur Itun
cpiist. It is to be a ' commercial art
course in line with modern journalism,
printing, binding and advertising art.
Professor Schroff has arranged for kec
tcires on the subject by Ray Coyle of
San Francisco, a well known decorabor
and book designer, and Mr. Waddell^ late
of New York City, an advertising artist
who has been at the head of a school in
Los Angeles. California.
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building partitions. The present annex
used by journalism students will be con
nected by a covered passageway with the
former open air gymnasium, in which
will be offices occupied by Dean I.ric
\V. Allen, of the Schood of Journalism.
Alfred Powers, of the department of vis
ual instruction in the Extension Divis
ion. who will’ do a grant deal of the pub
lication worjs for tin* School of Journal
ism, and Dr. John P.ovard. head of the
new School of Physical Education. It
will also include a bindery, three class- (
rooms, accessible to both the depart
ments of journalism and physical ed
ucation, and assistants" rooms. A cov
ered passageway will also connect this
with the University preats.
Just hack of the Administration build
ing there is a small building under con
struction of stained wood which will he
used as a postofficc and express office
for the University. This department is
increasing so rapidly that there is no
room for it in Johnson ball.
Slim Crandall came hack to school tIlls
year so he could he present when tin
last >bfick was laid on the Woman's
building, lie is one of the three living
witnesses to the laying of the corner
stone of Deady. At present he is work
ing on his new book, “Oregon Uefori
For ’three long years he had gazed up
on it—tihviys with great respect am
from a distance. Xow had arrived tin
time when he could approach the objeei
of his desire with impunity. From fom
of habit he threw a searching look ove'
his shmalder — and sat down upoft tin
Senior bench.
• Kunua* has it that the Sigma Chi’s sum
going t O’ discard their present pin am
substitute a pair of crossed crutches.
• A story is going the (rounds to tue er
fect that Joe Ingram mistook a fair
senior girl for a new student and offered
I to assist her in finding heir way to the
campus and in registration. lie's luckier
than we are at that. The one we tackled
graduated a year ago.
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the Cabinet
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Sid Woodhouse 5c Dance Thursday Nite
Welcome to
U. of O. Elks
Wednesday Night
Boxing, Entertainment
General Good Time
Phone us your location and we will send
a car l or you.
To the Old and the New Oregon Boys
We are very glad to have the opportunity to
link our establishment with as lively a medium
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