Oregon emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1909-1920, October 12, 1918, Page Three, Image 3

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'The Fortune Hunter,” SchecJ~
uled Down Town In
Three Weeks.
The student body will present "The
Fortune Hunter” in a down town thea
ter in three weeks, as a benefit perfor
mance to assist in paying off the student
body debt, decided the executive com
mittee in special meeting Thursday and
Friday evenings. James Mott, who has
coached University plays for several
years, will be the coach.
Tryouts for parts in the cast, which
comprises eighteen men and four girls,
will be held Wednesday evening at 7
o’clock in Guild ball. Every member of
the S. A. T. C. and every girl on the
campus is urged to try out. "This is
going to be strictly a campus talent
play,” said Ella Dews, chairman of the
committee this morning, “and we want
everyone interested to show his school
spirit by backing the production.”
The committee has worked out a novel
idea for advertising and the sale of seats.
Tickets will be in the form o'f tags. The
week before the play will be turned into
a grand ’tag week.” Th students hav
ing charge of the seat sale will be able
to check up on the number of students
not patronizing the production very eas
ily, for everyone will be asked to wear
the ticket-tag every day. Few, it is
thought, will thus escape the opportu
nity of seeing this student body benefit.
The classes in dramatic interpretation
are co-operating with the committee in
making arrangements. Students of this
department are urged to try out for
places on the east. Arrangements will
Favorite Resort
of Student
Dinner Dances
Teas and Banquets
a Specialty
be midp so that the :■>. A. T. C. men can
be released for rehearsals. *
The committee in charge comprises
j Ella Dews. chairman; Dorothy Flegal,
j Henry English and Jack Dundore.
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son makes six yards through center. Mc
Kenna makes yard through neuter. T"b;n
makes two yards through tenter. Half
ends with ball on 40-yard line
Score: M A. C. G; Oregon 0.
Second Half.
Callison goes m center for Layton.
1 E. Jseobberger kicks off 00 yards to
■ McKenna who returns ball for 10 cards,
i I’eterson makes five yards through line.
! robin makes tv.o yatds through center.
J Peterson through center for 10-yard
' gain. McKenna fails to make yardage
j through center. Peterson passes to
i Eeichtingrr for 25-yurd gain. McKenna
fails to make yardage through right tack
‘ lc. Peterson makes five yards around
j right end. Bail Id-yard line. McKenna
makes yard with line back. Multnomah
; penalized Id yards for holding. Peterson
attempts to pass but pass is intercepted
by Blake who runs ball back one yard.
Ball on Oregon's 20-yard line. Kraemer
goes in for York. E. Jnc bberger makes
10 yards around right end. F. Jacobliet
ger punts for 40 yards. McKenna re
ceives and runs ball back two yards. Ft
| terson makes four yards on line buck.
Tobin goes through line for 10 yards.
McKenna fails to make yardage through
center. Peterson makes four yards
through tackle. McKenna fumbles. Stra
han recovering on 40-yard line- F. Ja
eobbergor makes yard. Jacobberger ’o
Jacobberger pass fails. Jacobberger pass
es to Wilson for 20 yards. F. Jacobberg
er to Wilson pass fails. F. Jacobberger
fails to gain through tackle. Francis
Jacobberger passes to Vincent for 10
yard gain. Jake to Jake again makes four
yards by pass. Jacobberger to Hauser
pass fails. Thirty-five yards made by
three passes. Ball on Multnomah’s 30
yard line. Jacobberger to Plummer pass
fails. Peterson breaks up pass from Jake
to .Take. Oregon fails to make yardage.
McKenna and Tobin both fail to break
line for gain in new two line bucks.
Peterson punts 20 yards to Vincent.
Jacobberger who is downed in his tracks
With ball in middle of field time is call
ed for Vincent Jacobberger. Bixbee goes
in for Tobin. F. Jacobberger fumbles
Itchbein. Quarter ends with ball in cen
ter of field.
Third Quarter
Peterson makes 15 yards through cen
ter. Time out for Peterson. Peterson
badly hurt. Tobin goes in his place.
McKenna makes yard through tackle.
Tobin makes yard around end. Ball on
Oregon’s 20-yard line. McKenna goes
through right tackle for two yards. Mc
1 Kemm makes five-yard ruin through
tackle for another touchdown. Score,
Oregon 0; M. A. A. C. 13. McKenna
kicks goal.
Mulnomah kicked off to Blake, who
runs ball back for five yards. Jacob
berger makes four yards through right
end, but fails to gain on next line buck.
C.illison passes over Jacobberger's head
for 10-yard loss. Under shadow of goal
Willard THREADED RUBBER Batteries
Have 10 to 15 per cent More Power for same size Battery.
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7th and Oak Streets. Eugene, Oregon.
Governs 95 per cent of our
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less worry. This is ac
complished through the
education of the mind and
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Moody’* Deep-Curve
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Are “trained” to GRIP every time there is a tendency
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Ask for “Educated Eye-Glasses” at—
Bring Your
881 Willamette Street
$6,600 Set as Oregon Share
of $100,000 to Be Given
i v, rvj /\„*j
111 iVOl
Flans for raising $100,000 in Oregon,
Washington and Idaho in the United AAar
Work campaign to be launched November
11 and extend to November IS. have been
made in l’ortiand during the last week at
a series of conferences. The object of
the campaign is to raise funds for the
seven war work organizations: the Y. M
C. A., Y. W. C. A., Salvation Army,
Knights of Columbus, Jewish Welfare
! Society. Fosdiok Commission and tin Li
j brary association.
The sum of $41,500 has been appor
tioned to the state of Oregon and $0,000
of this amount is to be raised on tl.e
i University of Oregon campus. At a moct
| tng held last Sunday in Portland to de
iide many preliminary matters the Uni
versity ui Oregon was represented by
Miss Tirza Dinsdale, general secretary
of the Y. W. C. A.; Essie Maguire, pres
ident of the Y. AY. C. A.; Mrs- W. P.
Fell, member of the advisory board of
the Y. W. C. A.; Dr. A. E. Caswell, Her
ald White, and Alexander Brown.
A second meeting called a speakers’
training conference was held in Portland
on Thursday, and was attended from the
University by Miss Dinsdale and Miss
Maguire. Miss Dinsdale, who will act as
head of publicity for the state of Oregon
during the campaign, will spend very lit
tle time on the University campus for
several weeks. Her place is being taken
in the office at the Bungalow by Miss
Dorothy Collier, a graduate of the Uni
versity last year. While in the Univci
sity Miss Collier was a member of the
Y. AY. C- A. cabinet for several terms.
posts F. .Taoobborger punts 45 yards and
Hauser downs McKenna in tracks. Ball
in center of field.
Bixbee makes eight yards through cen
ter. McKenna runs through line for
seven yards. Bixbee makes another gain
of four yards through line. Ball on 1S
yard line. McKenna goes through line
for two yards. Multnomah makes yard
age. Bixbee makes no gain on end run.
Pass McKenna to Feichtinger puts ball
on two-yard line. Bixbee makes end
run for touchdown. Score, Oregon 0;
M. A. A. C. 20.
Quarter ends.
The lineup:
Oregon Multnomah
Hauser.L.E.'... Welch
Strahan.L.T. Blach
Sharp.L.G. llimple
Layton. C. Lint tit
Gilbert.R.G. York
Trowbridge.R.T. Relibein
Wilson.R.E. Foichtingor
F. .Tacobberger_ Q. McKenna
V. Jacobbergcr-L.Il.Graham
Plummer.R.H. Tobin
Blake. F. Peterson
Officials: Plowden Stott, referee; Blan
chard, umpire; Mills, head linesman.
First Quarter.
L.II. -
de.ti.. ila
With dance halls shut, movies closed
down and infirmaries scattered about the
campus, college entertainment of any kind
has ceased. All interest in consequence
has centered about the game between
Oregon and Multnomah Club this after
noon on Kincaid field.
Miss Marip Louise Allen, ’17. who was
last year a post graduate student in the
school of architecture, is now in Port
land with the architecture firm of Law
rence and Holfonl. Miss Allen is work
ing on the Portland housing scheme for
shipyard workers.
Miss Esther Warner, cx-’21, of Med
ford, and a member of Kappa Kappa
Gamma, who was a freshman in the Uni
versity last year, is now with the Stan
clifer steel plant, Vancouver, Washing
ton. She is doing ship drafting for the
Dorothy Sanford and Lucille and Man
line Elrod left Friday evening for Port
land to spend the week-end. They will
drive back Sunday in Miss Sanford's car.
Miss Gladyse Bowen was a dinner
guest Wednesday evening at the Kappa
Alpha Theta house.
George Beggs, ex-’21, returned to the
campus today for a short visit. Lieu
tenant Beggs spenr the summer in train
ing at the Presidio and recently received
the commission of-second lieutenant at
Camp Perry, Ohio. He is now detailed
at Reed college. •
Kappa^Kappa Gamma entertained for
Dorothy Wheeler. '17. last night with a
dinnpr, stunt party and feed. Miss
| Wheeler leaves for Washington, D, C.,
' next Friday, where she will do civil
i service work.
: Dr. Cannon and Miss Morris.
Dr. Thompson and Miss
Caiof !fi v/iiSi*Qc.
Four emergency infirmaries have been
established <>.v university authorities to
| rare for ohm's of colds among the stu
1 dents as a prevention against the Span
ish influenan. Two infirmaries for wo
men and two for men have been equip
ped by the Red Cross, the National Lea
gue for Womens’ service and by dona
tions from individuals.
The women’s infirmaries arc located
at 1101 University avenue and at the
corner of fifteenth and Alder streets,
'Tite one on University avenue is under
the supervision of Dr. Cannon with Miss
i Winslow, Beatrice Wetherbee, and Ruby
| Bogue as her assistants. The house has
| been equipped as nearly like a regular
hospital as possible in the short time
given to prepare for emergency eases.
Kincaid House In Use
The Kincaid house at Fifteenth and
Alder is under the supervision of Miss
Margaret Morris with Miss Mabel Gor
man, Kva llanson and Kathleen Johnson
assistants. These two houses have furn
ished sufficient accommodations for all
the women of the University who have
been considered ill enough to have spe
cial care. The house on University Ave
nue will under ordinary conditions care
for all cases of illness among the stu
dents of the Univrsity and it is being
thoroughly equipped so that it will be a
little hospital in itself.
The men’s infirmaries have been es
tablished in the Fiji house and the l‘hi
Delta Theta house. The Fiji house is
earing for members of the S. A. T. C.
wh> are ill. Miss Myra t'alef of the
lu'd Cross is iu charge of this infirmary
and her assistant is .Miss Lucille Dunn.
Those working with them are Mrs. I*. L.
(.'ampin'll, Miss Traiu, Miss Umh Roach.
The Phi Delta Theta house is caring
for members of the O. T. and for
some members of the S. A. T. C.
Dr. Mary Thompson is in charge of
this house aud has as her assistants
Mrs. Martha Watson. Mrs. Shelton. Mrs.
C. V. Page and Mrs. Idaho Campbell.
77 Patients Under Treatment
Altogether there tire 77 patients, none !
of whom are seriously ill and all are re
ported to he Improving.
A great deal of help has been given ,
In women of the town in furnishing their
ears as means of conveyance and in do
uati’ie. necessary articles for the infirm
ariis. Mrs. P. K. Snodgrass. Mrs. Ter
esa Jnekson and Airs. AY. 1*. Fell have
been especially active in helping to equip
the infirmaries in a short time. Their
interest has been very much appreciated
by those in charge.
Twolve Places to Bo Filled Oil Girls’
Club at First.
Tryouts for the Girls’ Glee Club have
been postponed indefinitely until the ban
on meetings has been raised, according ;
to Melba Williams, president of the club.
The first meeting of the year was held
the first of the week and tryouts were
set for Thursday and Friday, but later
were put off.
About twelve places on. the club are
to be filled, Aliss Williams stated, and
these arc divided among the different
voices about as follows: soprano, tjiree:
second soprano, two; alto, four; second
alto, three. Meetings are to be held
four times each •wfcek from f> until ti in
the afternoon. The club will be directed
this year by Aliss Kloanor Lee. new in -
structor in the school of music, and
plans for a concert in Kugene this year
are already being made.
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Phone 392. 47 Seventh Ave. E.
Welcome!! Oregon!
? ?
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