Oregon emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1909-1920, November 24, 1917, Page Three, Image 3

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    I "
Campus Society
Edited by Pearl Oraine
Dainty and picturesque as a Jap
anese print, is the dance of Gamma I'hi
Beta, which is taking place at their
home this evening. Large mirrors re
flect the gaily colored Japanese lanterns
ithat wink thirough cherry-blossoms,
which are clustered about the rooms.
A number of out-of-town guests nre
here for the event. Among them are
Elenore Smith, of Corvallis; Lena Bart
lett, of Astoria; Madeline Burgess and
Rena Hale, of Pendleton; Doris Dab
ney, Miriam Hilton, Xavine Bolander,
Mary Hagert, and Phoebe Gage, of
Portland. The list of patrons and pa
tronesses include Mrs. II. G. W est. Mrs.
Lucy Abrams. Miss Elizabeth Fox. Mr.
and Mrs. A. C. Dixon. Mr. aud Mrs.
O. S. Stafford, and Mr. and Mrs. A. F.
Eeddie. Additional guests are Mr. ana
Mrs. C. C. Jeremiah, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Fnguy-Cote, Madge Calkins. Helene
Kuykendall. Flora Campbell. Alice
Young, Janet Frazier. Brownell Fraz
ier. Aulice Anderson. Geneva Stebno,
John S. Evans. Xed Fowler, Laurence
Dutton, of Corvallis, Harold Horse, of
Corvallis. Don Oxman. Don Feenaughty,
Don Robinson, Hugh Thompson, ILisel
tinS" Schmeer. Flint Johns, Kenneth
Comstock, Billy Ralston, Joe Trow
bridge. Herbert Heywood. Jack Dun
dore, George Van Waters, Richard Mar
tin, Schaffer Newton, Curtis Peterson,
Earl Wilson. Howard Kelly, Gerald
Backtsrand, Don Fortwood, Bill Lyle,
Bob McXary, Charles Dundore. Bill
Coleman, John Hunt and Claire Ilold
★ ★ ★
Members of Beta Phi are entertain
ing with dancing at their home this
evening. Palms and greens have been
arranged throughout the rooms. Patrons
and patronesses of the affair are Mr.
BUUMMBg: i I liNTilMnil1 IIIIIBlTITTf rililll llIfllTHIIIU
The New Fall
- ce ■' ~ ■ ~
2°? each Q/Gr^P 3/or^f?
Club Barber Shop
The Place Where All
University Men Go.
“The Machine you will eventually buy”
Rents, Renairs, Supplies
New and Rebuilt Underwoods
C9I WILLAMETTE ST. Eugene Branch
and Mrs. L. 1’. llulibs. Mrs. F. R.
Benson. Miss Elizabeth Fox. Mrs. Edna
Prescott Datson, and Miss Winifred
Forbes. Other guests are Ruth Eug
strom and Helen Houghten. of Port
land. Ethel Gaylord, of Tillamook. Vir
ginia Smith, Margaret Fell, Janet
Knight, (.'arl Knudson, James Sheehy,
Willard Hollenbeck, Neil McEachern, Er
rol McNair. Lee Hobart. John Huston.
Rollin Woodruff. Harold Grey. Nish
Ohapman. Kieth Leslie. Lee Bartholo
mew, Holland Nicol, I>on Roberts, Nel
lis Hamlin. Flyod Ellis. Ilerold White,
Elmo Madden, Ralph Dresser, Bert
Woods, Shan Atkinson, Dr. John J.
Landsbtiry. Thurston Laraway. Lloyd
Perkins. Melvin Solve, Loren Davis and
Dwight Parr.
★ ★ ★
Interest of the sophomores centered
Inst night around their class party which
took place in the men's gymnasium. The
affair, which was extremely informal,
was in the nature of a lottery. Dancing
formed the main amusement of the
evening. Patrons and patronesses in
cluded President and Mrs. P. L. Camp
bell, Professor and Mrs. W. F. G.
Thacher, Miss Elizabeth Fox and Mr.
William Hayward. The committee in
charge was cornju'ised of Lyle McCros
key, Gladys Smith, Dorothy Parsons,
and Elmo Madden.
★ * ★
Mrs. Payson J. Treat, grand president
of Delta Gamma, arrived in Eugene
Thursday afternoon from Seattle, to be
the guest of the local chapter for a few
days. Mrs. Treat will be the inspira
tion of extensive entertaining during her
stay. Thursday night Mrs. Trent was
guest of honor at dinner at the Delta
Gamma house. In addition to active
members of the fraternity, covers were
arranged for Mrs. Treat. Mrs. Rogers.
Mrs. F. S. Dunn. Miss Amy Dunn, Miss
Lucile Yoran and Miss Olive Zimmerman.
' ★ ★ ★
Miss L. Pearl Green, grand secretary
of the Kappa Alpha Theta, Erma Keith
ley. and Ruth Rothrock, were Sunday
dinner guests of Pi Beta Phi.
★ ★ ★
Ruth Engstrom, of Portland. Helen
Houghten. of Portland, and Ethel Gay
lord, of Tillamook, are week-end guests
of Pi Beta Phi.
* ★ ★
Kappa Sigma entertained Don 'Robin
sou. Hugh Brandenburg, and Don Fee
naughty at dinner Thursday evening.
★ ★ *
Kappa Kappa Gamma was hostess at
a jolly dinner party after the Oregon
California game hist Saturday evening.
Oregon colors and large yelow and
white chrysanthemums made a most
appropriate and effective color scheme
for the rooms and table. The guest list
included Ruth Hardy, Frances Young,
Ruth Hoerr. Ethel Loukes, Fern Murphy
and John Finnern.
★ ★ ★
Claire Holdridge was a dinner guest
Wednesday evening at the Beta Theta
Pi house.
★ ★ ★
Mrs. G. W. Roberts was a week-end
visitor at the Kappa Kappa Gamma
house during Homecoming.
★ ★ ★
Miss Peaiie Green, grand secretary of
Kappa Olphat Theta, who has been
Wear Neolin Soles and Wingfoot Heels.
Waterproof and Noiseless.
Have you your picture of
The iron
W oman
Also the California Game and Bonfire.
We carry a full line of Cameras, Films and Supplies.
Developing, Printing and Enlarging.
For Stunts, Campus Scenes and Fraternity Groups.
spending a few days in Eugene visiting
the locnl chnpter. left last Monday ev- ;
ening for California, where she will
visit Stanford University.
★ ★ ★
Interesting among the social happen
ings of the week *is the dance of Phi ,
Delta Delta, which is an event of this
evening Their house has been prettily
decorated in greens, combined with a
profusion of blue streamers, blue being j
their fraternity color. Guests of the .
affair are President and Mrs. P. L.
Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Rogers.
Madeline Slotbloom, Gladys Smith. Gene ;
Geisler, Marian Spoeri. Marian Gilstrnp, ;
Katherine Livengood. Era Godfrey. Flor
ence Powers, Katherine Forrester. .
I’earle Davis. Mary Ellen Bailey. Eu- i
genia Dennning. Jessie Garner, Alary
Irving. Reba Macklin. Patricia McCabe,
Esther Banks. Helen Hall, Edyle
Frasch, Helen Bracht, Anna I.ee Mil
ler. I,vie Bryson. Mary Williams, Helen
Manning, William Purdy, Marrian Dunn.
Reginald Fox, Hermes Wrigbtson, and
the following, of Corvallis: Lloyd Mil
ler, Stirling Smith, Harlan Stansberry.
Laurence Dutton, Lloyd Carter, Robert
Reynolds and Flavius AVest.
★ ★ ★
Glenn Stanton entertained for the
Architectural club in honor of Louis
C. Rosenburg. instructor in the Univer
sity school of architecture, with a dance
■at the Eugene Country club last night.
Mr. Rosenburg expects to leave Eugene
shortly for AA'lshington, D. C., where he
will enter thl camouflage department.
The club house was made unusually at
tractive by the lavish use of ferns and
large yellow chrysanthemums. Patrons
and patronesses of the evening were j
Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Johnston and Mr. :
and Mrs. Ormond Bean. Other guests
included Miss Caswell, Miss Wilson,
Louise Johnson. Margaret Grey, Ada
McMurphey, Mary Louise Allen, Kate
S. naffer, Nora Manerude, Hope Mc
Kenzie. Lillian Manerud. Dona Spencer,
Lucile Stanton, Harold Grey, Holland
Nicol, Lee Hulburt.
★ ★ ★
Honoring Mrs. Pa.vson J. Treat, their
grand president, Delt Gamma enter
tained with a reception at their home
yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Treat, Mrs.
F. S. Dunn, Miss Amy Dunn, Mrs. II.
Bailey and Miss Marian Noil, received
the guests. In the dining room Mrs.
AV. AV. Calkins, Mrs. C. II. Beals, Mrs.
AV. F. Osburu, and Airs. Rogers presided
over the prettily appointed table. A
large number of University and twous
people called dniiug the afternoon.
★ ★ ★
The ftnderclassmen of Delta Delta
Delta are entertaining their juniors and
seniors with an informal dance tonight
■at the Country club. The decorations
and programs represent Thanksgiving.
The list of guests includes Airs. Middle
ton, Messrs. Dob Earl, Bob Cosgriff,
Elmer Howard, Creston AIad dock. Hor
ace Hair, Giles Hunter, oe AVilliams,
Lloyd Still, Air. Laird, Paul Spangler,
Clarence Aloffitt. Joe Hammersley. Alerle
Blake, Mike Harris and Alorris Morgan.
★ ★ ★
Mrs. S. Garland of Lebanon arrived
in Eugene yesteday to spend the Thanks
giving holidays nt the Kappa Alpha
Theta house with her daughter, Mildred
★ ★ ★
Helen Stansfield left yesterday after
noon for her home in Portland, where
she is to have special treatments for
her throat. She will return to college
after the Thanksgiving holidays.
★ ★ *
Chi Omega’s dinner guests Thursday
evening were Mary Johns, Elizabeth
Smith and Bula Smith.
★ ★ ★
Harold Barde spent the week-end in
★ ★ +
Flint Johns was a luncheon guest of
Ivappa Kappa Sigma Thursday.
★ ★ ★
Dr. and Mrs. F. M. Taylor were
entertained by Kappa Kappa Gamma
during their visit in Eugene.
★ ★ ★
Katherine Twomey is spending the
week-end in Portland.
★ ★ ★
Edith Still (ex-14) is a guest at the
Delta Delta Delta house. She was pres
ent at the wedding of Fay Ball to Au
drey Bond, in Astoria, and also visited
in Portland. She is on her way to Los
Angeles to spend the winter. She will
be in Eugene until Thanksgiving.
Football Controversy May Be Question
for Contest Next Term.
The medal debating contest, open to
all University of Oregon students, has
been postponed until January. Prof.
K. W. Prescott, instructor in the de
pnrtment pin,!]'' speaking. s.ys that
he expects that the question for the
contest will be based on the Oregon
Washington football controversy.
Walter Meyers, William Ilaseltine,
Kenneth Armstrong and II. M. Doxsee,
are gathering material at present for
the Oregon-O. A. C. debate scheduled
for December 15.
Special Train
Oregon Electric
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 28th, 1:30 P. M.
Portland.$4.80 Round Trip plus War Tax 38c
Salem.$2.80 Round Trip plus War Tax 22c
Albany.$1.75 Round Trip plus War Tax 14c
See the Football Game
U. of 0. vs. 0. A. C.
Sales Dates for Thanksgiving Rates Nov. 28, 29th,
Tickets good returning on all trains up to and includ
ing December 3rd.
Glen Macy, Campus Representative.
H. R. KNIGHT, Agent.
(Continued from pnge one)
qualities of leadership and executive
ability, which the University gives. Thus
there is a patriotic as well as a per
sonal appeal for all those possible to
take work in college.”
Pleased With Alumni Work
The University, said Mr. Onthank, is
very well pleased with the summer work
of the students and alumni, who urged
people to attend college. Many students
who were uncertain about attending the
University, were effectively reached.
Men’s Glee Club Not Complete, Sixteen
Maximum; Stunt Tryout Coming
The number of members in the men’s
cine club is to lie limited to sixteen.
This is to make she organization more
compact in singing, and will also be an
, sf-ot in the taking of trips. Although
the membership of the glee club is prac
tically filled, there is need of a first
Stunt tryouts for the members of the
club are to be held on December 10,
a stunt man being very' necessary in
the club's program. A trip will prob
ably be made into eastern Oregon, but
as yet, no definite arrangements have
been settled. Graham Smith, president
of the club, stated that although there
was no surplus of activity in the club
at present, the prospects of a success
ful! season wore bright.
Too Little Attention Paid Ability in
Business World, Asserts
Geology Professor.
Too little attention is paid to the use
ut men of s.-i, m-c ihe business
interests of the United States, claimed
Professor Warren I). Smith, of the
geology department of the University, in
his address on “Science and Commerce.’’
i before the members of the Commercial
j club, of the University of Oregon, at the
Y. W. C. A. bungalow, last Thursday
Thanksgiving Meal Should
Be Sane, Is Advice.
Don't Over Eat But Plan Dinner
Strictly According to Hoover
Says Miss Tlnglo.
“Strictly according to Hover,” is
Mis Tingle's direction for Thanksgiving
dinner. “Celebrate sanely, instead of
over eating, and give what you don’t
need to those who haven’t anything.”
Miss Tingle says the day should he
happy, by all means, but that we should
rely on other things than an over-loaded
dinner table.
Have turkey if you can afford it, she
advises, for this is strictly in keeping
with Hooverizing. TTse as many fruits
and vegetables as possible and cut down
on sweets. If candy is to be part of the
menl, see that it has a distinct place,
and isn’t counted ns an extra. Candy
now is not made from sugar, but from
syrup, glucose and such things ns pea
nut butter.
Miss Tingle thinks also we can out
out the unnecessary extras, such ns
] olives and nuts, for she thinks that in
! an ordinary Thanksgiving dinner, these
have no logical place, and won"t he
If you intend to have pumpkin pie,
do away with the erust. T’se eggs and
milk, if they aren’t too high, but use
ns little fat ns possible. Try to make
the dinner inexpensive, for economy as
well as conservation, should be the order
of the day.
Miss Cummings and Miss Rader Enthu
siastic About Spirit and Pre
diet Game With 0. A. C.
Great enthusiasm is manifest in girls’
basketball, according to Miss Mabel L.
Cummings, head of the physical train
ing department. Miss Hazel Rader, who
is coaching the teams, is also very en
thusiastic about the way the girls are
turning out.
—'Ihui'tvlii.v niglii about uremy-fivi' girls
turned c ut, keeping both flooirs busy
all the time. Of this number, fourteen
were juniors, and the rest were seniors
and sophomores.
“Things look favorable for a gnme
witn O. A. said Miss Cummings,
“provided the girls keep up their in
Woll Known Artist Student of London,
Paris and Canada to Sing Tuesday
In presenting Mr. Arthur Faguy-Cote
to the students and the public of Eu
gene, the school of music is bringing
forth an artist of recognized ability.
Mr. Cote is a graduate of the Conser
vatorie Le Salle in Canada., and has
had several years’ training in Paris and
Aftor coming to this country, he spent
a year in concert work, and his ability
in this work caused his application to
the University faculty bo be quickly
The recital will he given at the Eu
gent theater next Tuesday evening, be
ginning at 8:QI> o’clock. The entire
proceeds of the recital are to be given
to the Red Cross for the purpose of
sending Christmas packages to the sol
Mary Spiller hall gave a hike-break
fast at Chula Vista Saturday morning.
About seventeen guests were present.
Thursday evening dinner-guests of
Mary Spiller wore Mellie Pnrkor, Ceclie
McAllister, Miss Dinsdale, and Frances
Favorite Resort
of Students.
j.-Dinner Dances,
Teas and Banquets
a Specialty.