Oregon emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1909-1920, October 02, 1917, Page Three, Image 3

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    Students, We Bid You a Hearty Welcome
We are glad you are here again and especially welcome the freshman class
We expect to renew the acquaintance of all the old students and make
the acquaintance of all the new ones at this store, which has always
been so close to all the student activities.
We carry only the best known and most reliable goods in all lines.
Nationally advertised goods, the up to the minute style.
Our large repairing department has been built up thru nearly fifty years
of careful, conscientious work.
We carry all kinds of Oregon Seal Rings, Watch Fobs, Brooches, Fra
ternity Crests, Greek Letters, etc.
Prices in plain figures
Established in 1869
The Quality Store
(Concluded from page 1.)
council in Wyoming, N. Y., where I
have spent the past two summers.
Before consenting to go as their dele
gate, I stated publicly (and it is a mat
ter of record) that I was willing to
go only on the condition that I should
be free to act, and that it must be
understood by all that I would go as
a loyal supporter of the government.
This statement not only met with the
approval of those who had asked me
to go, none of whom were pro-German,
but as soon as my statement had been
made the signatures on my petition
welre doubled in number, including
the names of a large number of people
who were in no sense pacifists and
some who were active militarists. *
* * * * At no time did I
represent myself from Oregon, but
on the contrary whenever Oregon was
mentioned I explained the whole sit
Story Signature Mistake
"As to the newspaper account to
which my name was attached with the
title ‘Representative from Lane Coun
ty in the Oregon Legislature,’ and
which the resolutions cite as the ba
sis for the request to dismiss me from
the legislature and the State Univer
sity, that of course was a mistake,
which I very much regret. But I did
not make the mistake. The addition
was made some place in the Journal
office at Portland. And I wish to say
that I feel sure that it was made with
out any intention of doing me an in
“I shall be glad to add to this state
ment any other facts you desire, but
I do not want to burden you with
something you do not want.
Loyal to Government
“I regret that what I have done
has been interpreted in a light that
is not the true light, and that it has
put me in a position to be misunder
stood by others who love my country
as I love it. I shall hope that we who
in our zeal have seemed far apart,
may find a way to make it clear that
we are in truth together, at this time
of all times when our country needs
us most.
"That you may be free to do that
which seems best without embarrass
ment to you or to me, I am sending
i this written communication, assuring
yon that I will be glad to respond to
any suggestions you may make that
will forward our mutual desire.”
Father Moran May Fill Shoes Vacated
by Colin Dyment
Aspirants for the ’varsity soccer
squad will have a week or so to wait
before the first call for players is
issued. No man has been found as yet
to take Coach Colin V. Dyment’s
place, although two or three have
been mentioned as possibilities. Fa
ther J. Moran, who assisted Coach Dy
ment during the past three seasons,
may be induced to take over the reins.
Jimmy Sheehy, ex-captain and a star
forward on last season’s team, may
do some of the coaching alto.
Prospects for a winning team are
not very bright, as but few of the old
men are on hand so far. The alter
native of selecting soccer in place of
gymnasium work will probably make
for a good-sized squad however.
Phone 1080
R. J. Hawley & Son, Props.
778 Willamette St.
We are prepared to serve you anything from a light, dainty lunch
to a good square meal. Special chicken dinner on Sunday!
We make our own ice cream and candies.
Let us make your fancy brick ice creams or punches for your parties.
asn<* Students
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Jow, bring ^ r'<.Hlpon be
and get an “Emeraid”St°re
ciJfree pen'
®ook Store
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