Oregon emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1909-1920, May 26, 1917, Page Three, Image 3

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    tftudent and Gaeultg Activities
By Dorothy Parsons
ESPITE the war cloud which has beeu hovering so threateningly above
us during the past few wee ks and the near approaching examina
tions, social gatherings have bee n especially numerous during the week.
Mast notable among these affairs are the senior dance at the Hotel Os
oinn, the junior picnic, the banquets of the Architectural and Math, clubs and
the Emerald staff, and the initiations o f Alpha Kappa Fhi Sigma Delta Chi,
Scroll and Script, Theta Sigma Phi. Preparations are also being made for
entertaining commencement guests and p Tactically every house on the campus is
planning some reunion function.
# 9 &
Between fifty and sixty guests found their places at the large table in the
tea room of the Hotel Osburn on the occasion of the annual Emerald banquet
I riday evening. Miniature Emeralds, tr ue to style in form if not in the sub
stance of their news were found at each p lace. The front page stories warned of
the toasts which were to come and the menu, found on the editorial page read
Edibie in Chief. Assistant edible," etc. Clever advertisements also filled the
last two pages. Harold Hamstreet, editor during the past year, acted as toa t
. master and the following responses were called for:
“A Guess at the Emerald of 1917”, Eric W. Allen. Dean of the School if
History of the Emerald"—Karl W. Onthank, editor of the Emerald in
“Patronizing Emerald Advertisers”, Burle D. Bramhall. Emerald manager,
"The New Manager’s Point of View", Jeannette Calkins. Emerald manager
elect. 1917-1S.
"Hie Emerald for 1917-1S”, Harry Crain, Emerald Editor-elect, 1917-17.
The I niversity and the Emerald”, I’. L. Campbell. President of the Uni
versity of Oregon.
The Architectural club of the Univer
sity held their last banquet of the year
at the Hotel Osburn last Wednesday
evening with the purpose of bringing
together representatives of all of the
schools of creative art in the University.
Among the interesting speakers on the
program were Dean E. F. Lawrence of
the school of architecture, Morris H.
Whitehouse, and It. C. Jacoberger both
of Portland, A. F. Reddie, of the depart
ment of dramatic interpretation; Profes
sor J. H. Schroff, Charlotte Banficld,
Colonel Dosch, of Portland; Professor
George Rebec and Eyler Brown, a senior
in the school of architecture. Hazel
Radabaugh and Leslie Blades received
the appreciative attention of the com
pany during the presentation of their new
song “Drifting.” The results of the
judging in the final exhibition of the de
partment were announced. Walter
Church was the winner of the senior
prize of fifteen dollars and Marie Louise
Allen won a close second, being awarded
the prize of ten dollars.
* #
Evelyn Grebe, of Portland is spending
tha week-end at the Pi Beta Phi house.
Of interest to the university people in
Eugene is the announcement of the en
gagement of Dorothy dhilds of Inde
pendence and .Tack Eakin of Dallas
which oeeured last week in Corvallis
where Miss Childs and Mr. Eakin are
students at the Oregon Agricultural Col
lege. Miss Childs will be remembered
as a member of Oregon’s freshman class
of last year. She is a member of Delta
Delta Delta and Mr. Eakin is a member
of Kappa Sigma.
# # #
The Junior class picnic was an event
of last evening. Nearly fifty couples
left the campus shortly before six o’clock
and journeyed up the McKenzie in hay
racks. After the serving of the lunch,
dancing was in brder. The evening closed
with the journey home through the moon
light which might have been but wasn’t.
# £ £
Mr. and Mrs. C. Schuebel and Miss
Ruth Schuebel, of Oregon City, are
guests of Miss Roberta Schuebel at the
Alpha Phi house this week-end.
* * *
Miss Tirza Dinsdale was hostess
a dPlvffttful luncheon at the Y. W. C.
A. Bungalow Thursday evening when she
entertained for the members of the Y.
C. A. cabinet. The affair was charm
ingly informal, the lunch being served
around the fire-place. Spring flowers of
various kinds were used as decorations.
Miss Hinsdale's guests were, Ruth Wil
son. Mary Hislop. Lillian l’orter, Helen
Wells, Dorothy Flegal, Eva Von Berg,
Ruth l’earson. Mildred Steinmetz. Sara
Barker. Delilah McDaniel, Helen Bren
ton, Essie McGuire. Katherine Johnson,
Ruth Westfall and Dorothy Collier.
# > #
Dr. C. C. Newcastle and Dr. W. T.
W illiams of Portland were visitors on
the campus this week. They were guests
of Dr. Newcastle's son, Charles New
castle at the Sigma Chi house. Dr. New
castle is a member of the class of 'S3 at
the University of Michigan and Dr.
Williams of the class of 'S9 at the Uni
versity of California.
Mrs. Chafles Grey, Mrs. G. A. Barker,
Mrs. W. W. Calkins, Mrs. J. M. Shelly
and Mrs. Hamilton Wier were Thursday
evening dinner guests of Pi Beta Phi.
9 9 9
On Wednesday, May 17, Miss Esther
Belle Stafford, of Eugene, was married
to George F. Moznette, of Corvallis,
Itev. Leech officiating. The bride is
a former University of Oregon girl and
is a member of the I’hi Beta Phi sorority.
Mr. Moznette is an O. A. C. graduate
and is now connected with the depart
ment of entomology. He has also taken
graduate work at the University of Cali
fornia. After a brief honeymoon to New
port, Mr. and Mrs. Monzette returned to
Corvallis and are now living at 427 S.
5th/—O. A. C. Barometer.
* * *
Tonight at the Hotel Osburn, Mr. and
Mrs. W. F. Osburn will entertain the
members of the outgoing senior class of
the University of Oregon with a danc
ing party in the attractive palm room of
the hotel. A general invitation was
issued to all seniors and the grand march
is scheduled to begin at nine o’clock
# »
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bronaugh, of Port
land spent last week-end in Eugene as
guests of their son, Earl Bronaugh, T7,
of Kappa Sigma.
Miss Myrtle .Smith, of Portland 5s a
guest at the Kappa Alpha Theta house
for Commencement week. Miss Smith
has just returned from an extended trip
in California. /
£ 9
Selma Bauman, ex-’17 is spending the
week-end at the Alpha Phi house.
Dean and Mrs. Ralph II. Lyman will
br guests of honor at a farewell banquet
next Tuesday evening for which the Uni
versity Girls Glee club will be hostess.
The affair will take place in the Palm
Room of the Hotel Osburo. Covers will
be arranged for the following: Mr. and
Mrs. R. H. Lyman. Marjory Williams,
Melba Williams. Gladys Van Xuys, Kate
Schaefer, Pearl Craine, Betty Bruere,
Ada MeMurpey, Cleome Carroll .Helen
Bracht, Cora Hosfovd, Martha Tinker,
Miriam Tinker. Irene Strowhridge, Jessie
Garner, Margaret Mansfield. Helen
Rhodes, Iva Wood, Charlotte Banfield,
Hester Hurd. Erma Keithley, Eva Von
Berg. Irene Rugli, Helen Johns, Emma
Wootton and Vera Derfliuger.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman will leave Eu
gene shortly after the close of the Uni
versity for California where Mr. Lyman
Ifas accepted a position as Dean of
Music at Pomona College.
# « «
Mrs. M. L. Watts, Miss Burnita
Watts, Mr. Johu Benefiel, Sr., and F. L.
Andrews, of Portland were Tuesday
evening dinner guests of Kappa Sigma.
Mrs. Richard W. Montague, Mrs. II.
Martin, Jr., and Mrs. James Beggs, of
Portland and Fred Snedicor, of Med
ford were Wednesday evening guests
at the Beta Theta Pi house.
* # #
Miss Mandn Nelson, of McMinnville
has been the guest of Helen Case at the
Alpha Phi house during the past week.
# # #
Kappa Alpha. Theta will hold its an
nual breakfast at the chapter house
First Class Hotel of City
Caters to Student Banquets
Our Sunday Night Dinners
Music by Hendershott’s
Through Tickets Sold from Oregon Electric
Boston $122.80; Ticket sale May 28-29.
Chicago, $83.60; Ticket sale June 12-13.
St. Paul, $71.10; Ticket Sale June 1-3.
Des Moines, $77.95; Ticket sale June 7-8,
Round trip to Glacier Park $33.10
Yellowstone Park, $37.95.
Daily Ticket Sale to Various Points June 20
to 30, and certain dates during July, Aug
ust and September.
H. It. Knight, Agent, Eugene, Oregon.
R. H. Croller, A.G.P.A.,Portland, Ore.
next Sunday morning. Local chapter
members aud some alumnae will be pres
Professor and Mrs. E. L. Packard
were Tuesday evening dinner guests of
Pi Beta Phi.
Pencils, Tablets and Paper at
examination time.
“We are here to please”
University Pharmacy
Corner 11th and Alder t
Phone 229
Have You Thought of Jewelry
As a Gift for the Graduate
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You like Jewelry, Novelties, Silverware, Cut Glass, Diamonds, Toiletware, etc, so Remember that—the sort of things one would
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