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    jjtudent and Qaeultij Activities
By Dorothy Parsons
]N Saturday afternoon, September :t0, at the home of Presidnt P. L. Camp
bell, the Woman's League and th e Y. W. C. A. of the University enter
tained with a charming tea from three to five-thirty in honor of Miss
Fox. In the reciving line were M rs. P. L. Campbell, Mrs. John Straub,
Miss Fox, Jeanette Wheatley, Grace Edgington, Martha Tinker and Vera Olm
stead. Presiding graciously at the tea table were Mrs. John Bovard, Mrs. Eric
W. Allen, E. S. Conklin, and Mrs. W. F. G. Thacher.
The house was attractively decorated with autumn leaves and yellow chrys
anthemums and golden glow. Daintily dressed girls of the sophomore and fresh
man classes served the refreshments on the spacious lawn. Those who assisted
were Lorraine Mahoney, Margaret Me Kim, Margaret Gray, Florence Hemen
way. Aileen Phillips, Margaret Casey. Agnes Easier, Adah McMurphey, Fran
ces Frater, Helen Hall, Tula Kinsley, Frances Talmadge. Marion McDonald,
Dorothy Dunn, Beatrice Thurston, Nita Hunter. Marjory Kay, Marion Grcbel,
Merle Hamilton, Ruth Trowbridge, Ada Otten. Lucille Stanton, Katherine
Hartley, Edna Howd, Louise Clausen, X ellie Warwick, Helen Anderson, Alice
Vanderslus, Helen Rhodes, Brownell Frasier, and Gertrude Cowgill.
85 «
On Saturday afternoon, the Kwama
sophomore girls’ honor society, entertain
ed the girls of the freshman class with an
informal tea from four to six at the Y.
M. C. A. bungalow. A profusion of bril
liant Autumn leaves, Indian blankets,
baskets, and pillows were used in dec
orating. The guests sat on the floor while
listening to the program which consist
ed of a piano solo by Margaret Hawkins,
a talk by Irma Kiethley on the “Ideals
of Kwama,” and a short speech by Fran
. ces Shoemaker. Pumpkin pie, cider, and
y doughnuts were served to the guests.
The active members of Kwama are Lil
lian Porter, Iva McMillan, Helen Bren
ton, Louise Wilson, Mildred Steinmetz,
Caroline Alexander, Dorothy Robertson.
Roberta Sclniebel, Katherine Twomy,
Helen Bracht, Edith Bracht, Ruth Pier
son, Mary Dunn, and Mary Murdock.
* * *
The upper class girls of Mary Spiller
hall entertained their sponsees and the
sponsors of thir freshman girls on Sat
urday evening. Many forms of amuse
ment were enjoyed and the evening pass
ed all too quickly according to the re
ports of the guests. „
£ # £
Last Saturday afternoon the girls of
Mary Spiller hall hiked to Young's pas
ture for the day. A hare and hound chase
proved exciting and entertaining ns a
pastime during the afternoon. Frances
i Elizabeth Baker and Marion Bowen acted
as hares and the rest of the girls took the
parts of hounds. A picnic lunch was
served on the banks of the river soon af
ter the arrival of the girls. Those who
enjoyed this trip were Miss Fox, who
acted as chaperone, Marion Harrington,
Marjorie Stearns, Helen Anderson, Ruth
Wilson, Cornelia Heess. Helen Whitaker,
Leudella Whittlesie, Helen Withecombe,
Ada Hall, Myrtle Campbell, Marie Ba
dura, Louise Davis, Hazel Neal, Frances
Elizabeth Baker and Marion Bowen.
# # £
The marriage of Miss Marion Eugenia
Stowe and Dr. Chester Arthur Downs,
on September 20, was of interest to many
University students as both Dr. and Mrs.
Downs are University of Oregon people.
Mrs. Downs was a prominent Delta Del
ta Delta and Dr. Downs was a Phi Delta
If Theta of the 1910 class. He later went to
1 Johns Hopkins University where he be
came a member of the Phi Chi medical
fraternity. He was graduated from Johns
Hopkins in 1914 and since then has been
doing active work in the United States
public health bureau. The young couple
left immediately for Changsha. China,
where Dr. Downs has accepted a po
sition in the Yale University hospital.
* * • f
Miss Margaret Mantague, of Portland,
was the house guest of Mrs. John Bo
vard last week during which time she
was quite extensively entertained. Miss
Montague spent her first year of col
lege at Oregon in 1012-13, and was a
member of Kappa Alpha Theta. She
was graduated from Yassar College last
June and will return this fall to her
Oregon Men
The Club
Cigar Store
811 Willamette St.
Phone 771
auun mater to act as assistant in the
psychology department there. Her sis
ter. Miss Corol Montague has recently
entered the University and is pledged
Kappa Alpha Theta.
# * #
On Saturday. September Lit!, occurrel
the wedding of two old Oregon stulents—
Frances Adams and Charles A. Reynolds,
both of Silverton. The bride spent three
years at the University and was a mem
ber of Kappa Alpha Theta. The groom
is a Beta Theta Pi and a graduate of
the class of 191 n.
# « #
Miss Beatrice Locke of Portland, a
graduate of the 1910 class of the Univer
sity, entertained recently at her home in
honor of Miss Anne McMicken who has
been spending the summer in Chicago.
The affair was for the purpose of an
nouncing the engagement if Miss Mc
Micken to Ileber Harrington Smith, of
Chicago. The wedding is scheduled to
take place in February. Both Miss Mc
Micken and Miss Locke are members ol
the Oregon chapter of (lamina I’hi Beta.
Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Allen, Mr. Colin
V. D.vment, Donald Dyment and Miss
Fox were Sunday dinner guests at the
Gamma Phi Beta house.
Alpha Phi entertained Mr. and Mrs.
William M. Gray of Portland at dinner
on Sunday.
Era Godfrey is spending the week-end
in Lebanon.
# * #
Mr. and Mrs. William Killingsworth, of
Portland, announce the engagement of
their daughter, Flauniee, to Ardel M. O’
Hanlon. Mr. O’Hanlon is a Portland
business man and a member of the Mult
nomah Amateur Athletic club. Miss Kil
lingsworth is a Gamma Phi Beta of the
Oregon chapter and is popular in Port
land and University circles.
# £ #
The sophomores of Gamma Phi Beta
entertained for the freshmen with a sup
per on Sunday evening. A delicious lunch
was served to the freshmen girls and
their guests. On this occasion only fresh
man men were invited, among whom
were Gerald Blackstan, Lay Carlyle,
Garnet Green, Hugh Thompson, Harold
White, Ned Fowler, Stan Anderson, Lyle
Bartholomew. Harry Jameson, Everett
Pixley, Carl Knudson and Herman Linn.
# « *
Sigma Xu announces the pledging of
Max Schafer of Eugene and Donald Dy
ment. of Portland.
Sunday evening the Oamma Phi Jun
iors enjoyed a picnic supper on Skinner's
butte. Only a few guests were invited
as the affair was gotten up on the spur
of the moment.
Bishop Walter T. Sumner of the dio
cese of Oregon spoke recently before the
Portland Rotary Club on the subject
of “Civics and Philantrropy." During
his talk he complimented the state upon
It is far better to
Than to gas with the Cook
Phone 28
the high efficiency of tlie University of
Oregon, "the“Oregon Agricultural college,
and Heed college. Bishop Suninef made a
number of trips to Eugene last year where
he received a cordial welcome from his
many friends both in the city and in the
# # #
The annual Y. M. U. A. and Y. NY.
C. A. reception at Yillard hall on Friday
evening was a decided success. The at
mosphere was most informal and cordial
and everyone present left with the feel
ing that the evening had by no means
been wasted. A musical 'program was
rendered and refreshments served.
# # #
Mrs. E. O. Tmmel recently entertain
ed in compliment to Miss Pauline rot
ter. a popular bride-elect. The guest prize
after an afternoon of “500’’ was present
ed to Miss Potter. It was au attractive
basket filled with dainty handkerchiefs,
each one a gift from the friends invit
ed. Those present were nearly all grad
uates of the University. Miss Potter was
a member of the 1012 class and a Gamma
Phi Beta. The list; of guests included
Mrs. C. A. Burden. Mrs. E. O. Potter,
Mrs. E. O. Potter, Mrs. F. G. Stick
els, Mrs. Addle Osburn, Mrs. E. S. S.
Smith, Mrs. David Graham, Mrs. F. C.
Ayer. Mrs. O. F. Stafford, Mrs. NY. L.
Cheshire. Mrs. G. II Schumacher, Mrs.
M. Starbuck, Miss Anne McMieken. Miss
Frieda Goldsmith. Miss Meta Goldsmith.
Miss Lucia Campbell, Miss Edna Hum
phrey. Miss Edith Buell. Miss Katherine
Wat#on, Mrs. R. S. Hamilton and Miss
Norma Hendricks.
£ #! #
Last week in honor of Miss Juanita
Wilkins who is soon to be married, Miss
Gladys Wilkins entertained at her home
with an attractive ribbon shower and
luncheon. The rooms were effectively
decorated with red geraniums and red
candles were used extensively in lighting.
Only the closest friends of the guest were
invited. The list included Mary Chambers,
Elaine Brown, Ruth Roche, Katherine
Watson, Helene DeLano, Evelyn Bristow,
Winifred Starbuck. Frances Mann, Mabel
Manerud. Nora Manereud, Grace Bing
ham, and Marjorie Williams.
4k * *
Mrs. John Bovard entertained on Fri
day afternoon for the freshmen of Kappa
Alpha Theta at her home on Eleventh
avenue East. The quests invited were
Plihena King, Corol Montague, Marie
Gates, Mildred Garland, Ada Often, Ruth
Connll, Elsie Fitzmaurice, Mary War
rock. Evelyn Tregilgas, Margaret Rogers,
Carrie Howard, and Jessie Garner.
# # #
Margaret Rogers, Kappa Alhpa Theta,
is entertaining a house party this week
end at her home in Salem. Her guests
from the University are Marian Coffee
and Ann Dawson.
* # #
Mrs. Charles Gray, house-mother of
Chi Omega, spent the week in Salem.
Mrs. Gray acted as a judge at the Salem
£ « #
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Chandler, alumni
of the University, were dinner guests at
Kappa Alpha Theta on last Saturday
# £ #
Aline Johnson and Nellie Reidt, of Chi
Omega, will spend the week-end in Port
# # #
Dinner guests at the Delta Gamma
house on Friday evening were Mrs. C.
Beals and Helen Brenton.
Clark Thompson, ex. TS. is spending
the week-end in Eugene. He is staying
at the Phi Beta Theta house.
# £ #
Mrs. Boyer, Kappa Alpha Theta house
mother. left on Thursday to spend the
day in Salem.
# #r #
Beulah Hayes, a former University
student, visited in Eugene this week.
Clarence Potter, of Baker, is a recent
pledge of Sigma Chi.
Washington State and Stanford May Ask
for Admission to Conference.
The coast conference will hold its first
meeting of the year in Seattle, Wash.,
shortly before Christmas vacation. The
Pacific Coast Conference is scheduled
to meet at the same time and place,
and it is likely that the delegates of in
stitutions that belong in both will attend
each meeting as representatives of their
It was rumored last spring that W.
S. C. would ask for admission into the
coast conference this year. It is also
understood that the fold is open to Stan
ford if she cares to enter the coast con
Prof. Colin V. Dyment, who is presid
ent of the conference, Graduate Man
ager A. R. Tiffany, Coach Hugo Bezdek,
and Bill Hayward, will probably attend
the meetings from the* University of
President Campbell went to Salem yes
terday to see the state fair. Ben Wil
liams, of th<* University extension de
partment, has been in Salem the past
week where he has had charge of the
University of Oregon exhibit.
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