Oregon emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1909-1920, March 16, 1915, Image 3

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    Alumni Section
President _Johf C. "Veatch, '07
Fenton Bldg., Portland.
Earl Kilpatrick, ’09, 1253 Ferry St.,
Nearly every class that has left
the University has placed upon the
campus some kind of a class memo
rial. Some of these gifts have served
their purpose admirably. Others,
lacking both beauty and utility, at
tract little attention. Each class has
Redded, through long debate, what to
leave as a memorial, and each gift
has been made without reference to
the others.
On this page today appears an ac
count of a plan conceived by the head
of the Department of Architecture,
for the erection of a building at the
north end of the first quadrangle.
Mr. Lawrence seems to feel that a
miniature, skeletonized building, high
enough to shut off the view of the
railway track and street car line and
low enough to permit a view of the
race and1 the river, would serve the
purpose best, and he seems to feel
that this would be a proper medium
for the expression of class interest
and loyalty
Alumni who visit the campus will
* be interested in the plans for such
a structure, which were drawn as an
examination exercise by one of the
classes in architecture
Harney and Malheur Counties have
less than one inhabitant to the square
mile, but there are several active
alumni of the University of Oregon
in each county.
Three of the leading educational
workers of Malheur County, includ
ing the County Superintendent, are
In Harney County there are:
James Carrol Cecil, B. A. 1913,
farming, Riley, Oregon.
Frank C. Dillard, B S 1905, civil
engineer, Burns, Oregon
► Harrison K. Shirk, B. A. 1908,
teacher, Burns, Oregon.
In Malheur County there are:
Fay Clark, B. A. 1912, teaching,
Vale, Oregon.
Lilah P. Clark, B. A. 1911, teach
ing, Ontario, Oregon.
R. June Gray, B. S. O. A. C., B. A.
1911, teaching domestic science and
Latin at Ontario, Oregon. v
Jessie Calkins Morgan (Mrs.), B.
A. 1911, farming, Owyhee, Oregon.
Oregno alumni occupy prominent
places in the business, social and pro
fessional life of Crook and Wheeler
& In Wheeler County there are:
Hamilton H. Hendricks, B. S. 1890,
attorney at law, Fossil, Oregon.
Robert H. Hendricks, B. S. 1912,
manager of Wheeler County Abstract
Co., Fossil, Oregon.
Leland L. Steiwer, B. A. 1910,
banker, Fossil, Oregon.
In Crook County live:
Forrest E. Dunton, B. S. 1912, prin
cipal high school, Kent, Oregon.
Ruby C. Edwards Ramsey (Mrs.).
B. A. 1913, Box 395, Prineville, Ore
Cecile Adams Foley (Mrs.), B. A.
1905, at home, Bend, Oregon.
John D. Newsome, LL. B. 1902, B.
A. 1898, lawyer, Prineville, Oregon.
Dorothy Schoolcraft, B. A. 1912,
teacher, Bend, Oregon.
Ada W. Sharpies Young (Mrs.),
M. A. 1893, B. A. 1889, Bend, Oregon.
Roseburg, Ore., (Special to Alum
ni Section)—Floyd Ramp, a gradu
ate of the ’08 class, is now managing
the Ramp farm of several hundred
acres, east of Roseburg. With him
is his wife, formerly Miss Elsa Un
terman, of Berkeley, California. Mr.
Ramp spent last summer along the
border and in Mexico. Then his ad
vanced work at the University of
California wa(s interrupted by his
marriage, and now he has charge of
a large farm, which was his home
f' during a part of his boyhood.
Many Leading Citizens Received Their
Training at the University
of Oregon
Nearly 300 graduates of the Uni
versity are actively at work in the
city of Portland. Hundreds of for
mer students who did not take de
grees are also residents of that city,
bringing the total number of full and
associate members of the Alumni As
sociation yell up toward 1,000.
For the convenience of Portland
alumni and others who may wish to
know oertain addresses, the list is
here given, in part. It will be con
cluded on this page next week.
Changes of address or additional
names will be thankfully received;
and will be noted on this page.
Earl Richard Abbett, B. A. 1906,
chief clerk to superintendent S. P. R.
& S. Ry., 590 E. Burnside St.
Lewis R. Alderman, B. A. 1898, city
superintendent of schools.
Adah Ardys Allen, B. A. 1910, 267
E. 45th St.
Homer D. Angell, LL. B. and M. A.
Columbia University 1902-03, B. A.
1900, lawyer, 726 Upper Drive, Port
land Heights.
Estelle V. Armitage, B. A. 1903,
teaching Latin in Washington High
School, 745% Hoyt St.
Ruth Gibson Bagnall, B. A. 1913,
Nortonia Hotel, Portland.
Edward Flint Bailey, B. A. 1913,
tax collector,'191 11th St.
Oscar E. Baird, B. A. 1900, mer
chant (Allen & Lewis), 1077 Williams
Rita Ellen Banfield, B. A. 1912,
teacher, 692 Vista Ave.
Joseph L. Barber, B. A. 1907, 483
E. 16th St. N., Portland.
Herbert L. Barbur, B. S. 1912, con
crete inspector with City Engineer,
784 E. Franklin St.
Neta Bartlett, B. A. 1912, design
er, 2053 E. Couch St.
Sadie Baum, B. S. 1898 ,teacher,
Fordham Apts., Apt. 36.
Agnes Beach, B. A. 1909, teacher,
530 Chapman St.
Alice Benson Beach (Mrs.), B. A.
1905, at home, 1015 Quimby St.
Condon R. Bean, B. S. 1903, sales
man John A. Roebling’s Sons & Co.,
665 Elliott Ave.
Eva Allen Bean (Mrs.), B. A. 1910,
at home, 846 Multnomah St.
Harold C. Bean, B. A. 1912, student
in Medicine, 665 Elliott Ave.
Ormond R. Bean, B. S. 1909, archi
tectural draftsman (Ellis P. Law
rence architect), 846 Multnomah St.
Kobert Sharp Bean, LJj. JJ. uni
versity of Oregon and Willamette
University, B. S. 1878, U. S. District
Judge, 665 Elliott Ave.
Benjamin B. Beekman, LL. B. and
M. A. Yale, B. A. 1884, lawyer, 308
Commercial Blk.
Oscar Peter Beck, B. S. 1907, ce
ment expert, 311 Borthwick St.
Walter M. Berry, B. A. 1908, chem
ist Portland Gas & Coke Co., 1551 E.
Flanders St.
Jessie Merle Bibee, B. A. 1912,
teaching, 658 Clackamas St.
Omar N. Bittner, B. A. 1907, teach
ing in Washington High Shcool, 700
E. 59th St. N.
Isabel Jakway Blythe (Mrs.), B. A.
1902, at home, 1496 E. Sherman.
Whitney L. Boise, B. S. 1880, law
yer, 308-309 Chamber of Commerce.
Florence E. Bonnell, B. A. 1913, 419
E. 21st St. N.
Greta E. Bristow, B. A. 1909, 414
Lawrence, Eugene instead of Port
Jerry E. Bronaugh, LL. B. 1894,
B. A. 1892, lawyer, 355 Hall St.
May Dorris Bronaugh (Mrs.), B. A.
1893, at home, 350 32nd St. N.
Harold J. Broughton, B. A. 1913,
timberman, 445 E. 15th St. N.
Fannie Hemenway Brumfield
(Mrs.), B. A. 1896, at home, 746 Pet
tygrove St.
William M. Cake Jr., B. A. 1910,
fire insurance, 300 Park St.
Kalph Harlan Cake Jr., B. A. 1910,
student at law, Ann Arbor, Mich., 330
Park St.
Anna Grimes Calef (Mrs.), B. S.
1899, at home, 495 E. 41st N.
Herbert Johnson Campbell, B. A.
1904, newspaper man, 88 22nd St. N.
James H. Carrick, M. D. Medical
Dept. University of Illinois 1902, B.
A. 1899, physician, 608 Oregonian
Louise Cecil, B. A. 1912, teacher*
615 E Madison St.
Herbert F. Clarke, LL. B. 1911, B.
A. 1909, 695 E. Ash St.
(Concluded next Tuesday.)
Department of Architecture Suggests
that North Opening be Closed
by Class Structure
A miniature skeletonized building,
to be erected on the northern end of
the campus, has been proposed by the
Architectural Department of the Uni
versity of Oregon as a home for Sen
ior class memorials, and students in
architecture have drawn plans for£he
Early in the school year the Uni
versity Board1 of Regents applied to
Ellis F. Lawrence, head of the De
partment, for a complete plan of the
campus showing the positions of the
buildings as they should be arranged
in future years. Villard, Deady and
the Library on the east, and the Ar
chitectural Building, McClure and the
Dormitory on the west, form two
rows on the campus. The new Ad
ministration Building, now in course
of construction, fills the southern gap.
Mr. Lawrence held that some kind of
a structure should be erected on the
corresponding end of the campus as
need arises. Then the circuit would
be completed and a perfect balance
The Architectural Department,
through its class in drawing, has ac
cordingly produced various types for
small buildings, but one general plan
has been agreed—that a small struc
ture should be erected of stone in
the vicinity of the oak trees, and
that places in the sides of the build
ing be reserved wherein each Senior
class, as it departs from the institu
tion, may affix its memorial. In ad
dition a. class may complete its gift
by erecting high seats at deseignat
ed places outside.
According to Mr. Lawrence, the
plans have merely been suggested to
the Board of Regents, in compliance
with the request to the department,
and are only in the stage of discus
Heyo the Emerald bent home.
J. w.
& Sons
Ninth Auenue
Hart Shaft her &Marx
Hear Him Friday Evening, Villard Hall