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Saturday, December 14, 1(112.
The inter-class and inter-fraternity
games now in progress at Oregon are
sufficient answer to the critics charg
ing that too much attention is given
to inter-collegiate sport and too little
to the campus sports. Nearly every
class and student organization on the
campus is represented by a team in
both the basketball series and the
handball tournament. Not far from
half of the students on the campus
get into the actual games and the
greater part of the remainder play in
the try-out games for their fraternity
This is as it should be. A true
sport is one in whicn every one not a
cripple can participate. I he highly
developed semi-professional sports
have a legitimate place even in our
colleges, hut certainly not to the ex
clusion of the other type of sports, in
which every student can take an ac
tive part.
The dance which Chi Omega gave,
last night to the football team, is dis
tinctly worthy of commendation.
Not half enough appreciation is
shown the men who turn out night af
ter night in every kind of weather
and work with almost superhuman
energy for three long months in order
to lit themselves to play the good
game for their University. The rest
of us are too much inclined to take
them and their work as a matter of
course and to offer criticism moie
often than praise
Last night’s dance was evidence of
real appreciation, and the men weie
sincere in their expression of gratifi
cation. The Oregon Spirit thrives on
such support as that offered by the
Chi Omega girls.
A new idea at Eugene, and ably
and gracefully carried out.
The annual opportunity has come
for us to contribute to the tubercul
osis fund established by the \ isitinji
Nurses' Associat ion, by buying Ked
Cross stamps I he work has been
localized in almost every community
in the I i.ited Slat. 1’he money is
utilized at thi‘ p i it i collected tor
the alleviation ■ >! tin suffering of
those who havi o ease and are
unuble to atVord tt Or .lit. or are ip
not ant of the pi
t )f course on.
whom he is he.
certai that the
uted at
seal up y
your letti
stamps ii
“st ickers.
comes whet
inp the w
I ’hristi
Wit a
ad i f
i means.
• it know just
it he may be
visely distrib
al jfood. So
■ i. Kapi's and
lied Cross
clow that
u are help
A footin',
the Ct 1 \ •>
near futon
t h<* hist i \
theoiii . v,
. opened at
min in the
at different
i the course
The An
ers have a
been pi act.
football 'i ..
bet ball play
.i and have
i e ot the
The tienei a 1
New Yolk '
for the eiuloa t . i t fund
Board of
ven $125,000
d Baker
Announce ments
Athletic Council—Will hold a reg
ular meeting next Monday evening.
Eutaxians—Will hold its regular
meeting next Tuesday evening at the
Lambda Rho house. The meeting will
be a social one, with a Christmas tree.
Cross Country—First cross country
race will be held next Wednesday af
Basketball—Sigma Chi vs. Zeta
Phi, and Kappa Sigma' vs. Avava,
Monday afternoon. Sigma Nu vs. Phi
Gamma Delta, and Phi Delta Theta
vs. Dormitory, Tuesday afternoon.
The Oregon Club gave a “fishing
party” last night, at which the guests
angled for Christmas presents. Pro
fessor Reddie caught a rubber doll
with a bald head. President Camp
bell, Professor DeCou, and the other
guests of honor, joined in the sport.
The program consisted of two
readings by Professor Reddie, a vocal
duet by Misses Imogene and Hazel
McCowan, and a talk by President
Campbell, after which refreshments
were served
Y. W. C. A. Girls Help Provide Two
Good Lungs for Every Plague
Gratifying results are reported for1
the sale of Christmas stamps today
at all the down-town stores, and at
the Y. W. C. A. Pageant. Both Uni
versity and High School girls were on
duty. While the receipts are yet to
taled, a tidy sum was realized for the
fight against the while plague.
So far the stamps' sold at college
have been confined to sorority houses,
where about fourteen dollars worth
have been disposed ot.
Those who sold stamps were: At
Eaton’s book store—Elizabeth Lewis,
Leola Ball. Edith Buell, Edith Still.
At S. H Friendly and Company—
Lora Ta-ylor, Charlie Fenton, Mildred
Waite, Hazel Rader. At Laraway’s
Jewelry Store—Myrtle Kay, Mrs.
Lloyd Bellman, Juanita Wilkins, Mar
garet Spangler. At McMorran and
Washburne’s— Norma Gray, Ethel
Risley, Florence Cleveland, Florence
Kendall. At Schwarzschild’s Book
Store Grace Bingham, Gladys Wil
kins, Majorie Williams, Helene De
hy ness LFWIS
Last evening the football squad
was entertained by Chi Omega with
a dancing party. The programs were
in the form of cunning little leather
footballs, and in a favor dance the
men were awarded football watch
fobs of questionable value but of
clever workmanship. The house was
decorated with Oregon banners and
footballs that had helped make the
athletic history of Oregon. The play
ers present were: Dean Walker, .John
Parsons, Edward Bailey, Dave Hart
suck, Carl Fenton, Lester Soden, Paul
Biiedwcll, Bill Holden, Vernon Gar
rett, Bob McCormick, Elmer Hall, Bob
Bradshaw, besides whom were Mr.
and Mrs. Hayward, Bill Main, and
Elliott Roberts.
The past week-end has been an ex
tremely busy one socially for the Uni
versity people. Of foremost interest
is the Sophomore dance in the Gym
nasium, where the class of 1915 has
done everything in its power to make
this dance one long to be remembered.
Saturday afternoon was the Y. W. C.
A. Pageant and the Beth Reah "at
home.” Friday evening the Oregon
Club held a Christmas party in Vil
lard and in the afternoon the Wo
man’s Council had its Annual Open
Meeting. Friday evening the football
tram was entertained at the Chi
Omega house with a dance.
The Sophomore danee is being held
this evening in the. Men’s Gymnasium.
The decorations of holly, mistletoe,
and evergreens give a most attractive
holiday aspect. An electrically illum
inated program, which Hashes one
hall" minute before each dance, gives
warning- of the approaching dance and
was planned to eliminate the usual
last mad rush. The programs are
very attractive and novel. Patrons
and patronesses are President and
Mis. P 1.. Campbell, Professor and
Mrs .1 K. Hovard. Professor and Mrs.
K II Dearborn, Mrs. Fllen M. Pennell,
and Miss M. Ruth Guppy.
The Heth Keah sorority issued 200
invitations for their reception given
in honor of their patronesses, Mrs. \l
ton Hampton, Dr. Hertha Stuart. Mrs.
Maurice Duryea, and Mrs. John
Straub. The receiving line consisted
of Margaret Powell. Dr Hertha Stu
ait. Mis Vlton Hampton, Mrs. Main
ice I Huy t a. Mis John Straub, Mrs.
Mable Holmes Parsons, and Mis D. t".
Powell. Miss Georgia Prather presided
at the tea table, assisted by Misses
Vera Williams, Kyla Walker, May
Smith, and Mildred Kiddie. I he dee
orations were red carnations and
The Delta Delta Delta Seniors on
tertained at dinner Fridav evening
for a number of their Senior triends.
Covers were laid for ninteen. 1 he
decorations and place cards carried
out tho color scheme ot the class col
ors those present were Florence
Cleveland, \nn McMieken, Mildred
Whittlesey Pauline Potter, 1 enora
Hansen, Hob Kuykendall, Harold War
ner. Dean Walker, Paul Kriedwell
Mason Roberts, Abe Blackman, An
drew Collier, Ed Bailey, and Karl
Several University girls assisted
the town ladies Saturday morning
and afternoon in the sale of Red
Cross Stamps in the downtown stores.
Those who wotked “for sweet chari
ties’ sake” were Faye Ball, Betty
Wagner, Leola Ball, Bess Lewis, Flor
ence Cleveland, Florence Kendall,
Elsie Guerney. Edith Buell, Ethel
Risley, and Norma Graves.
Kappa Sigma entertained last Sun
day at dinner for their sisters. Their
guests were the Misses Edith Still,
Ada Kendall, Florence Kendall, Mil
dred Whittlesey, Grace Bean, Bess
Cowden, Palm Cowden, Mildred
Waite, Nell Murphy, and Mrs. Ban
Zeta Phi had as dinner guests last
Sunday Doctor and Mrs. J. H. Gilbert,
Mrs. Shaver, Miss Pansy Shaver, Miss
Katharine Shaver, Miss Flora Dun
ham, Miss Lenora Hansen, and Miss
Beatrice Locke.
Miss Clementine Cutter, Oregon i
’ll, and Miss Florence Knapp, both of
Portland, are at the Gamma Delta
Gamma house for the week-end.
Miss Mabel Adams, of Silverton, is
visiting: the Misses Cowden at the
Kappa Alpha Theta house to attend
the Sophomore dance.
Miss Esther Carson, ex-'M, and
Miss Althea Moore, of Salem, are at
tlie Gamma l’hi Beta house for the
Sophomore dance.
Walter Tillard, Secretary of the
Universit) Law School at Portland,
has been a guest at the Phi delta
Theta house.
Neal Kendall, ex '1 1, is in town for
a few days, Earl Cobb, and Alfred
Clarke, are also back at the Kappa
Sigma house.
Miss t"a 1 la Marie Hand and Miss
Maud Kenworthy, both of Portland,
are week end guests at the Both Reah
Miss Vera Boniwell. of Portland, is
the guest of Miss Margaret Montague
for the Sophomore dance.
Gamma Phi Beta entertained Miss
Leona ('ass Baer at dinner Wednes
day evening.
Miss Lucille Epperly, of Lebanon,
is the guest of Bessie Bach, at Mary
Spiller hall.
fhc Mu Phi Epsilons entertained
ten couples Saturday at luncheon.
George Era. icr, ex-'lf), is visiting
at the Kappa Sigma house.
Alpha Tau Omega is holding initia
tion tonight.
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