Oregon emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1909-1920, June 05, 1912, Image 5

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Attendance Promises to Surpass All
Previous Weeks—Many Outdoor
Preparations have been practically
completed for the greatest Com
mencement in the history of the Uni
versity and, owing to the active par
ticipation of a large number of the
undergraduates in the proposed cere
monies, greater interest is being dis
played than has ever been in evi
dence in the past. A good majority
of the students have signified their
intention of remaining over for the
exercises and this number, swelled
by the home-coming Alumni, will
make the campus a ' scene of the
greatest activity. The entertainment
committee have prepared a program
that bids fair to equal the Junior
Week-End entertainment, and a good
live time, with lots doing, is the gen
eral program for the three days of
The official ceremonies will start
Sunday, at 11 o’clock, when the Rev.
Adolph A. Berle, D. D., Professor of
Applied Christianity at Tuft’s Col
lege, Massachusetts, will deliver the
baccalaureate sermon.
Monday, at 8 o’clock, the four
classes will hold picnic breakfasts on
the campus. At 9:30 o’clock, the
finals of the Alumni-Varsity Tennis
Tournament will be played off, and
the Annual Alumni-Varsity Baseball
Game will start. At one-thirty a
meeting of the Alumni will be held in
Deady Hall. At two-thirty, Shake
speare’s, “As You Like It,” will be
played on the Campus.
Directly afterwards the class of
1912 will hold the unveiling daHj|i|
Senior Memorial in front of hH
The May pole dance, under BBBH
rection of Professor Stuart,
held on the Campus at six fortyVpjl
while the day will end with a I^t®
ulty Concert in Villard Hall at eight
Tuesday will be given over to more
serious business. Tne Board of Reg
ents will hold a meeting in Presi
dent Campbell’s office at nine thirty.
At ten thirty the Alumni Association
will hold a special meeting in Vil
lard Hall. From three to five o’clock
President and Mrs. Campbell will be
“At Home” at their residence.
An open air Glee Club concert on
the steps of Deady Hall will be given
at seven o’clock, which will be fol
lowed by a Flower Procession.
The second day will conclude with
the Failing and Beekman Orator
icals, which will start at eight o’clock
in Villard Hall.
Wednesday will open with the
Commencement address, which will
be given at ten o’clock in Villard
Hall. The unveiling of the sun dial
will take place at 12:15 on the cam
pus. At one o’clock the University
dinner to the Alumni will be given
in the men’s gymnasium, while the
day and year will conclude with the
annual alumni ball, which will be
held in the gym at eight.
Clapp, of Yale, formerly held the
pole vault record at 12 feet 2 inches.
This stood for a number of years.
The record now is eleven inches
higher, held by Gardner, of the same
Other collegiate records that have
recently been broken, are the half
mile by Jones, of Cornell, 1:53 2-5,
and the two mile record which was
lowered by Withington, of Yale, to
9 minutes 25 seconds. T. C. Berna,
of Cornell, formerly held the record.
Maloney, the college pitching sen
sation of the East, a couple of years
ago, is now a Portland Beaver.
While with Fordham college, he
blanked Yale, Harvard, and the
Princeton Tigers.
Billy Martin, famous at Whitman,
Notre Dame, and the University of
Pennsylvania, as a sprinter, has ap
plied for the position of track coach
at the University of Washington
next year. Graduate Manager Zed*
nick, however, does not favor the
former Whitman star, and it is very
Sigma Chis Win With 30 Point*—
Sigma Nu, 24, Acacia 20
Representatives of ten or more
fraternities and clubs assembled on
Kincaid field last Saturday afternoon
in fantastic costumes, and entertained
the spectators with the latest near
Orpheum stunts, and not-so-near
jokes. After half an hour of playful
ness, the spectators got sore and told
the wierd duds to pull off the track
meet they were scheduled to pull off.
As soon as the officials put in their
appearance with a young cannon for
the starter, Jim Roberts presiding,
and a “Big Ben” for timer, the Mex
ican athletes went through all the
formalities of the A. A. U. champion
The Sigma Chi’s kept pretty well
in the lead in the various events, and
when in the two-mile,Watson walked
in without competition for third
place, the meet was cinched for them.
The Sigma Nus were in the money
all the time, taking second place, and
tying with Sigma Chi in the relay.
The special cup for this race was
won by the Sigma Nus on the flip of
a coin.
Johnny Parsons was the highest
individual point winner, taking three
firsts and two seconds for a total of
21 points. The best race of the day
was the 220 low hurdles, wherein
Jamie, who was well in the lead,
tripped and fell on next to the last
hurdle, but recovered in time to fin
ish second.
The score at the finish stood:
Sigma Chi, 30; Sigma Nu, 24;
Eia, 20; Oregon Club, 15; Dormi
14; Tawah, 9; Fiji, 8; Kappa
fi; Avava, 2.
Fern and Flower Procession to be
Unique Affair, Aided by
Glee Club.
Mrs. L. T. Harris has charge of
the Fern and Flower procession this
year and promises to present some
thing unique, and to present it at the
time it is scheduled for.
The Fern and Flower procession
was inaugurated at the University of
Oregon three years ago, and is held
on Tuesday evening, just before the
Failing and Beekman oratorical con
test. It is indulged in by the mem
bers of the alumnae and women of
the graduating class.
This year the steps of McClure
Hall will be decorated with flowers
in memory of Prof. McClure, who
was killed fifteen years ago, and the
Glee Club will sing Oregon songs
and lead the procession in singing
“The Toast” and the "Oregon Call,"
which has become almost extinct at
It is expected that there will be
three or four hundred women in this
procession, and Mrs. Harris says that
it will be pulled off on time, so as
not to make the oratorical contest
likely that he will not coach the
Washington cinder artists next sea
Mike Murphy, the veteran Penn
sylvania trainer, upheld his prestige
as a track coach, when his team won
the Eastern championship on Frank
lin Field last Saturday.
Score again for Bill Hayward. He
doped out the recent middle west
championships, held recently in Chi
cago, just about right. Christie’s
Californians won handily.
Huggins held the coast interschol
astic record for the mile before he
entered college. He traveled the dis
tance in 4:37, at Berkeley, while
running for Hood River.
Should Bloomquist, of Whitman,
specialize in the 440, it is the opin
ion of critics, that he would become
a record breaker. He covered the
distance in 50 1-5 seconds, in the
' conference meet.
82 E. 9th Sl Eugene
Aloha Theatre
“The Home of Good Pictures.”
Change of Program Monday, Wednes
day and Friday.
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