Oregon emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1909-1920, February 24, 1912, SPECIAL Y. M. C. A. EDITION, Image 6

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President J. Earl Jones Writes About
These Interesting Student
Perhaps the most interesting events
connected with Y. M. C. A. work are
the regular and special student con
ferences held at various places in the
state during the school year. During
the Association Year of 1911-12 four
such conferences were held as fol
lows: Officer’s Conference at Dallas,
March 11-12, ’ll; Student’s North
west Conference at Columbia Beach,
June, ’ll; “College Men and the
Church,” Albany, October 27-28, ’ll;
and the Twelfth Annual Convention
of the Y. M. C. A. of Oregon and
Idaho at Salem, December 8-10, ’ll.
There are several advantages to be
gained in attending these conferences
from the student’s standpoint. One is
enabled to see the Association work
in its broader scope and is better able
to appreciate what the Young Men’s
Christian Association is doing both in
Oregon and in the neighboring states.
Men of the highest calibre address the
meetings, making the lectures alone
well repay one for attending. Topics
of interest to students are discussed
by the leaders in such a way as to
make one feel his personal responsi
bility as a college man. The delegates
are usually men of clean character
and high ideals, permitting one to
form the most valuable of friendships
and acquaintances.
At the Officer’s Conference in
Dallas last Spring, much time and
discussion was given to the deltails
of College Association work. Differ
ent speakers presented the various
phases of committee work, calling
special attention to the more import
ant features which had proved suc
cessful through experiment in previ
ous years. Tentative policies of the
finance, meeting and Bible study work
were submitted, each college contrib
uting a share toward drawing up
what seemed to be the most practi
cable means of making these partic
ular lines of work successful. Con
siderable attention was given to a
discussion of the duties of each officer,
how by a systematic policy, he could
help increase the efficiency and effiec
tiveness of the general Association
The Conference at Albany was very
appropriately named “College Man and
the Church.” It was really a chal
lenge to college men to accept their
responsibility to the Church and the
moral and social life of the commun
ity where they reside. A strong ap
peal was made to college men for
leadership in Christian work. The ef
fectiveness of Christianity as a social
factor in the world today was clearly
demonstrated by some of the speakers
who addressed the meetings. Better
co-operation between the Y. M. C. A.
and the Church was urged as a means
of making more effective the worn of
both institutions. The addresses as a
whole were well prepared and highly
appreciated by all delegates present.
The Twelfth Annual Convention of
the Young Men’s Christian Associa
tion of Oregon and Idaho was held at
Salem last fall. The main purpose of
this convention is to review the gen
eral work of the Association during
the past year and especially call at
tention to the opportunities for new
work for the ensuing year. At this
time all state officers and general com
mittee men are selected to carry on
the state work for the ensuing year.
Reports covering the work of the past
year are read and acted upon. It is
safe to say that if one has never at
tended a state convention, it is im
possible for him to realize the extent
of the Association work being done in
the two states of Oregon and Idaho.
Prominent men, representing the var
ious departments of Association work
address the meetings. These men not
only review the important features of
the past year’s work, but also suggest
new methods for successfully carry
ing on the work for the next year.
While all the conferences held dur
ing the year are valuable and inter
esting, perhaps the one most antici
pated by Oregon men is the Northwest
Student’s Conference, held at the close
of the school year. This conference
is usually held at some summer resort.
where the men in attendance enjoy an
excellent outdoor vacation along with
the more serious part given over to
study and training. Last summer this
conference was held at Columbia
Beach. All the colleges from the four
Northwest states, including Oregon,
Washington, Idaho, and Montana,
were represented. The strongest type
of men from the colleges represented
are usually present as shown -two
years ago, when five student body
presidents were in attendance, otudy
classes are arranged early in the con
ference, taking up in detail the com
mittee and general work of the Asso
ciation. The afternoons are given
over entirely to athletics and such
amusements as appeal to the men
present. Last summer baseball, ca
noeing, and tennis, were the prin
cipal sports, although one track meet
was held on the beach. A student at
tending one of these conferences has
an opportunity to mix with a clean
bunch of fellows and form acquaint
ances and friendships, which he cher
ishes for years afterward. While there
were a large number present at this
conference, men of all temperments,
yet a notable feature was the dem
ocratic spirit that prevailed. A con
ference of this nature is not only a
treat from an educational standpoint,
but an excellent vacation for a short
time at a minimum expense. Oregon
has always been well represented at
this Northwest Student Confernece,
and it is hoped that the delegation
this summer will be no exception.
We strongly urge and recommend
that all men who can possibly make
the necessary arrangements, plan to
spend the ten days at this confernece.
For the purpose of boosting Oregon’s
delegation to the Northwest Confer
ence and stimulating interest along
this line, a secret organization, known
as the Kol-Be-Cons, came into exist
ence last year. Those desiring to be
come a member of this club, or those
who are in any way curious as to the
secrecy of its name and creation, will
do well to consult some trustworthy
Association man, who attended the
conference at Columbia Beach last
William Lai, sophomore at the Uni
versity, and last year a member of
the University of Oregon Glee Club,
has been chosen as tenor soloist in the
cantata “Hiawatha,” to be given by
the University of Washington on
February 14. Last year Lai distin
guished himself as a soloist on the
Oregon Club, and was this year chosen
by Prof. Irving Glenn for a similar
position on the Washington Glee
LOST—A pink chiffon scarf, at the
Freshman dance. Will the finder
please return to Hazel Wightman
or Book Exchange.
Outside of the religious and edu
cational work of the Y. M. C. A., the
major part of its activities center
around the book exchange in the
Men’s Dormitory. This is the center
toward which gravitate all of the
seekers for assistance or information
on the camtfus.
During the current school year the
book exchange has disposed of $282
worth of second hand books, and
turned the money over to the students.
The employment bureau, under the
management of Secretary Koyl, has
provided the men with work valued at
John R. Mott.
International Secretary Y. M. C. A.
Organizer of Local Association.
$356. During examination week the
Y. M. C. A. conceived the idea of sup
plying blue books to the students on
the campus. This ssved the students
innumerable trips down town. Prac
tically every blue book used in the
exams, was secured from the book
A show case full of Hersey’s choco
lates and chewing gum appeases the
appetites of the more frivolous stud
ents, while postage stamps and num
erous similar conveniences can al
ways be secured from the obliging
j secretary.
“The Men and Religion Movement,”
is but an expression of the new era
of social and spiritual uplift which
is sweeping the world today,” said Dr.
Robert M. Moore in an address before
a fair sized audience in Villard yester
day. "The attitude of lethorgy and
indifference which characterized the
Church and churchmen of yesterday,
is being changed. It is realized that
the Church in order to regain its hold
on the lives of men, must wake up
and interest itself in the evils and
problems of the day.”
l\ 1.. Campbell, President of University.
The University of Oregon School of
Music will give a student recital
Wednesday evening, February 28,'at
8:15, in Villard Hall. Every one is
invited to hear the following pro
1. Prelude and Fugilla.Bach
Dragon Flies .Chaminade
Ruth Dickey.
2. Jean . Burleigh
Maude Beals.
3. Consolation No. VI .Liszt
Erma Hendershott.
4. Flower Rain .Schneider
Leona Bish.
5. My Ain Folk ..Lemon
Lucille Yoran.
6. Puritan Days .
March Wind .MacDowell
Lloyd Casebeer.
7. Songs from the Life of a Rose
. Lehmann
June Rapture.
Summer Storm.
Florence Avery.
8. Of Thee I’m Thinking, Mar
guerite .Meyer Hilmund
Albert Gillette.
9. Impromptu . Schubert
Lena Newton.
10. Aus Meinen grossen Schmer
zen ... Franz
Er ist gekommen .
Alma Noon.
11. Tone Poems, Op. 3 Nos.Grieg
Lucile Arbams.
12. T’was April .Nevin
Vainka’s Song . ..von Stutzmann
Bessie Hendershott.
13. The Old Black Mare.Squire
Harold Humbert.
14. The Maid of Ganges.
. Mendelssohn
Waltz, Op. 87, No. 3.Schutt
Jessie Fariss.
15. Summer . Chaminade
Edna Miller.
16. Boat Song .Ware
Alma Payton.
17. Humoresque .Rachmaninoff i
Ruth Davis.
18. Nymphs and Fauns.Bunberg
Lois Powell.
He declared further that energy,
enthusiasm and efficiency were turn
ing the tide of affairs for the Church.
Dr. Moore is an apostle of his own
teaching. He is the pastor of the
largest church in Brooklyn, New York,
and is taking a prominent part in the
“Men and Religion Movement.” This
Movement is being carried on all over
the United States by teams of ex
perts, who work the largest cities in
each state, and the men there enlisted
are expected to carry it on in the
neighboring cities.
“The best, in many a day,” was the
unanimous verdict of his delighted
Chess is an activity which has never
received recognition at the University
of Oregon, and yet it is a game which
is supported by nearly every large
college in the country. Stanford and
the University of California support
teams and have yearly tournaments
under the auspices of the Associated
students. Washington and even 0.
A. C. have clubs to further the inter
ests of the players of the game. In
the East nearly all of the Universities
support teams, and Harvard Yale
Oxford Cambridge matches are yearly
The game is not one which attracts
a great deal of interest, and yet there
are a great many students who do
play it, and who would like to have it
Probably the services of Yell Leader
Busher Brown would be dispensed
with should outside matches be made,
and it is more or less certain that ar
rangements could be made to seat the
crowd. However, even though the
sport is not one which would appeal to
the bleachers or the “Rougher Ele
ment,” it is one which attracts a cer
tain element of the student body, who
are probably not reached by the other
activities. In order to make the As
sociated Students a cosmopolitan body
care should be taken that every line
of activity be farthered in proportion
to the number interested.
There are many of the men in the
University who are “Chess Bugs.”
By all means let us look to their inter
ests as much as to those of any other
body of students who are interested
in one particular activity.
(John Doe.)
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