Oregon emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1909-1920, February 22, 1911, Image 1

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    VOL. XII.
No. 33
In Previous Oregon Game North
erners Had Their Star Forward
Lowery on Disabled List.
The Varsity basketball squad will be
given a chance to relieve the sting of
the defeat at the hands of the Univer
sity of Washington quintet when the
Washington State College lines up for
the two games February 27 and 28. In
spite of their defeat by Oregon on its
own floor, the Pullman team is coming
with a determination to win back its lau
rels and get in the race again.
The score of the game at Pullman was
32-19, but this in no way indicates the
comparative strength of the two teams.
Lowery, the best W. S. C. forward, was
discharged from the hospital on the
day of the game, and insisted upon
playing regardless of his lack of strength
and practice. Lowery was an All
Northwest forward last year and was
chosen by the Spokesman-Review as a
running mate for Jamison in this year's
all-star aggregation. The other members
of the team were, Fenton, center, and
Dalquist, state guard, and Clemenson,
LT. of W., guard.
The second game with W. S. C. was
forfeited to Oregon and the Pullman
ites consequently do not think that they
have settled the supremacy with Ore
gon by any means. Manager Cocker
line expresses his opinion that Wash
ington State has the hardest team to
beat in the conference, as they are par
ticularly strong in the forward posi
tions. Lowery is a dribbling forward
that is hard to stop, and a sure shot,
dangerous from any position near the
The Varsity is to undergo a hard
course of practice in preparation for the
games, as Coach Hayward does not in
tend to take any chances with the foxy
Northerners. The two inter-frat league
leaders, the Betas and the Sigma Nils,
are to be matched against the Varisty,
also the Freshman and all inter-frat
team. Coach Hayward believes that
these new terns will give the Varsity bet
ter practice than the second team, which
knows the first team’s plays and sig
Harvard has instituted a system un
der which every Freshman has a Senior
appointed his adviser.
I lie past few days of good weather
have given the athletes of college the
tr ek fever. From fifteen to twenty
ni' a can be seen going through their
P;iCi-'s up and down the track.
lowever, it is an assured fact that
will be more raw weather, and
ai -icipating this, Bill has set aside the
Sym from 3:00 o’clock on, beginning j
",:h Thursday, especially for the track
although the track shed has been
ma-cted, the track itself is still too wet
to run on, and ways and means are
t'crig considered to get it dry so that
n can be used immediately. When
is dry. all training will be outdors,
miner under the shed or on the new
Much interest is being shown, espe
n. llv by the Freshmen, who have sev
erPromising men turning out.
Invitations have been sent out for a
formal dance to be given in the gym
March 3rd by the Delta Sigma frater
1 his is the first formal fraternity
dance of the year, and promises to be
quite a social event.
It is reported that the other frater
nities and sororities are planning to
gived ances of a similar nature in the
near future.
Unless You Are a Track Man
You Must Stay
The third annual indoor track meet
is scheduled for March 10 at 7:30 P.
M. From the number, class and nov
elty of events, it promises to outdo all
previous records.
The wrestling tournament is expect
ed to be the stellar attraction, as hand
some medals will be awarded the win
ner in each weight.
Beginning Thursday, February 23,
the gym will be used ex clusively for
track after 3 :00 P. M.
The list of track events is as follows:
30-yard dash.
30-yard high hurdles.
100-yard run.
300-yard run.
600-yard run.
1000-yard run.
2500-yard run.
High jump.
High jump (spring board)
High Dive (spring board)
Broad jump.
Pole vault.
16-pound shot put.
30-vard obstacle race.
30-yard potato race.
The inter-class cross country will
come off on March 4, a week earlier
than the indoor meet.
Delegates to State Oratorical Con
test Will be Entertained at
Frat Houses
On March 10th, fifty-four delegates
of the Inter-collegiate Oratorical Asso
ciation will visit Eugene as the guests
of the University of Oregon. They
represent six other colleges and univer
sities of the state.
Most of these delegates will be enter
tained by the sororities and fraternities.
Many of the houses have already con
sented to take their full share of vis
itors. A committee of seventeen, one
member from each fraternity, will be
appointed to meet the delegates at the
train and escort them to the various
houses. If each house entertains three
or four, as is expected, all will be pro
vided for.
A banquet will be given at the Ho
tel Osburn for the visitors after the
contest. This is expected to be as in
teresting an event as the contest itself.
Nearly two hundred were present at
the banquet given at Salem last year. ^
One and one-third rates have been
secured on the Southern Pacific. The
delegates will probably arrive on the
2:00 o'clock train and leave some time
the next day.
A greater number of men are interest
ed in swimming than in any ojtjher
branch of athletics.
Won. Lost.
* Beta Theta Fi_ 9 1
Sigma Xu _ 9 1
* Kappa Sigma_ 8 2
* Avava _ 6 3
* Beavers _ 5 4
* A. T. O. _ 5 5
__ Tavviah _ 3 6
* Dorm _ 2 6
* Delta ■ Sigma. _ 2 6
* Acacia _ 1 7
* Sigma Chi _ 1 8
* *
.900 *
.900 *
.800 *
.666 *
.555 *
.500 *
.333 *
.250 *
.250 *
.125 *
.111 *
Has Had Much Baseball Experi
ence in the Pacific
Charles R. “Dolly” Gray, of Portland,
has been elected to the position of
coach of the University baseball team
for the season of 1911. Dolly is a
Northwest leaguer, and has played three
seasons of professional ball, one with
Boise in the Inter-Mountain League, and
one each with the Spokane “Indians”
and Vancouver, B. C. He is an infielder
of no mean ability, but his work wilh
the willow has been light for the last
two seasons. He has had two years'
experience as coach of the Columbia
University team in the Inter-Scholas
tic League, and both seasons turned out
winning teams.
Dolly learned the game in the back
lots around St. Johns, and played semi
professional ball in the Tri-City League.
He also played on the Multnomah Club
team. Dolly has plenty of “pip” and a
vocabulary prolific in explosives with
which to arouse youngster to do great
deeds and hurry lagging ball players
to nervous prostration.
Who Will Coach Varsity Baseball
Statistics of last year’s graduating
class at the Wellesley College show
that out of a class of three hundred
young women, two hundred and for
ty-five are already married or about
to be.
I lie baseball germ is in the air, and
from present indications the epidemic
will become widespread throughout the
college before the season has advanced
Already a bunch of hopefuls headed
by "Bushes" Brown and Jack Luckcy
are practicing daily on the college dia
mond and chase the spheroid with an
avidity that bespeaks great things for
the future. No accidents have as yet
been reported.
Makes Selection of Best Players
Among Inter-Frat
Brooks, Beta Theta Fi. forward; Kay,
Sigma Nu, forward; Bradshaw, Avava
Club, center; Vierick, A. T. O., guard;
Bean, Sigma Nu, guard and captain,
constitutes the first all inter-frat team
as selected by Coach Hayward. The
second team is made up of Roberts, Kap
pa Sigma, forward; Fisher, Beaver Club,
forward; Broughton, Beta Theta Pi,
center; Motschenbacher, A, T. O.,
guard; Perkins, Sigma Chi, guard and
In speaking of the above selection,
Coach Hayward said: “I have not cho
sen the men who made the most bas
kets, but the most heady, all around
players; the men who were strongest
on team work and speed. There were
many men who showed up well in a
few games, but were off in others, and
I have tried to pick the most consis
tent players. There were also a number
of good men, as Harry Stine, for in
stance, who are good players, but who
did not play in enough games to account
in the final lineup.”
Many players also did not have a
good chance to show up account of be
ing on a losing team. Again one good
man could not play team work if his
teammates did not class with the iv
Juniors Appoint Committee to Ar
range for Canoe Carnival
This Spring
At the Junior class meeting on Mon
day evening, the feasibility of holding
a canoe carnival during Junior Week
End was discussed, and a committee
appointed to secure a date and lay out
plans for the undertaking.
It was voted to turn over the surplus
receipts from the Junior Prom to the
Oregana, and to print in that publica
tion individual pictures of the members
of the class.
The class selected as its delegates to
the Inter collegiate Oratorical Contest,
which is held in Eugene March 10th,
Birdie Wise and Leon Ray.
Harvard is to offer a course in the
technique of printing next term. Vis
it s to printing shops to study work
there will be made in connection with
the course.
Kansas University has a precedent
that a yell leader, if successful, shall
keep the position through his college
1 course and invent the color schemes
for the games.
Ex-President Roosevelt delivered a
lecture in the regular law course to
a class in law at Harvard a few weeks
President Gillis Would Have the
Library Closed at 10:00 on As
sembly Days.
At a meeting of the student body at
10 :(X) o’clock this morning, the Varsity
monogram sweaters were awarded to
nine of the members of last year’s fot
ball team. The men are Captain Tay
lor, Main, Grout, Latourette, Kelley,
Walker, Jamison, Bailey and Fenton.
All of these men having taken part in
two or more halves in conference games.
An amendment to the Associated Stu
dent Body Constitution was offered by
Burke, to award the “O’s” to the rep
resentatives in Varsity basketball who
play ten full halves in conference games.
The motion calls for a block “O four
by live and one-half by one inches. The
amendment will be read before the Stu
dent Body a week from Wednesday,
and voted upon at the following meet
ing. Due to the creditable performance
of the team this year, and judging from
the reception of the amendment by the
students, little opposition is expected to
arise against it.
A resolution was offered by Presi
dent Gillis, of the Senior class, having
for its purpose increased attendance at
the weekly assemblies, and asking that
the Library be closed on Wednesday
for the 10:00 o’clock meeting.
The resolution was adopted and the
action will be reported to the faculty.
Manager Huntington, of the debate
and oratory department, was called upon
for remarks on the oratorical contest
between all the state colleges, scheduled
here March 10th. Mr. Huntington gave
voice to a plea for the support of the
students and also for assistance in the
reception and entertainment of the vis
iting delegates.
A banquet at the Osburn Hotel for
the speakers, to follow the oratorical
competition, was announced.
Due to the near approach of the track
season, Trainer Hayward and Captain
Hawkins were called upon for remarks.
Hayward said, “Prospects for this year’s
track team are the best ever. The new
men are showing the right spirit and
we will wipe out our last year’s defeat
by Washington. Hawkins asked all the
new men to turn out and work with a
determination, and assured the candi
dates that a previous reputation was not
Cross country work is at the lowest
ebb this spring, due to the inability to
meet the O. A. C. team in the annual
dual race McClure is the only Oregon
track man who has commenced system
atic cross country work. The other men
who are expected to make a showing
in the long races this year are Mc
Guire, MartzlofT, Walls, Zimmerman,
Rast, Reynolds.
Trainer Hayward has called for all
cross country men to be out on the
course Monday afternoon. The inter
class cross country run will lie held
Monday afternoon, March 4th. From
| present indications, the meet will be
1 won by the Sophomores or Freshmen.
A club has been organized at Chicago
to study the drama and to write plays
for the University Dramatic Club.