Oregon emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1909-1920, October 05, 1910, Image 2

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Kditor-in-Chief.Ralph Moores, 12
News Editor.Wm. E. Eowell, ’ll
Assistant.A. E. Houston, ’12
Citv Editor.R. B. Powell, 'J2
Assistant.Fen Waite, '13
Business Manager.D. E. Iiobie, ’ll
Advertising.R. C. Kennedy, ’12
Circulation .
Published Wednesday and Saturday
during tlie college year by students of
Application made for second class mail
One year_$1.00
Single copy _ -C5
Wednesday, October 5, 1910.
Our Advertisers
No college paper ever received more
loyal and generous support than the Eu
gene merchants accord the Emerald.
Although it was necessary to raise
rates, the business men responded cheer
fully and promptly to requests for ad
vertising. They came through splendid
ly, and one day’s soliciting filled the ad
vertising columns. Only a few less
important concerns refused Manager
Oohie, and many asked for more space
than could he allotted them. The bus
iness houses thus showed in a substan
tial way their faith and interest in the
college and its enterprises.
The students should realize that it is
this support that makes possible the
college paper, for without advertising
the Emerald could not hope to exist,
and should these advertisers withdraw,
the Emerald would die quietly and
No proposition, however, should be
one sided, and in return for supporting
the paper, the students owe the mer
chants good will and consideration in
making purchases. These firms cannot
do business on sentiment, and in spite of
their loyalty to the University, the mer
chants in turn need the patronage and
support of the collegians. The adver
tisers buy space to attract the college
people and estimate the value of Em
erald ads'. In the return 'in college
trade. So, unless the students patronize
llic firms represented in those columns,
Kmerald advertising will become a
farce, a kind of thinly disguised char
ity, and the manager's business talks
will he met with a laugh. Die ad. col
limns will shrink and the Kmerald will
die a speedy and natural death.
Indeed, for students to support the
paper through the advertisers is even
more important than supporting it by
subscriptions, for the F.merald might
continue w ithout a subscription list, nut
it could not he published if the adver
tisers withdrew
In pa'.roai e advertisers, however,
does not call lor any sacrifice of taste
or money, tor lugriie stores are good
stores, and the hi -1 ones are repre
sented in these columns Hoveotts or
blackmail ot the unrepresented is not
to In thought ot, hut h\ discriminating
in their papou.ige student- should make
it impossible tor am to iy, “Kmerald
•>ds. make no difference \\ i get the
student tiade anywac " Such an atti
tude on the part of the students places
the local supporters of the paper at a
great disadvantage
\ leading I'ugem merchant expresses
the whole thing tersely in his ad. "Sen
timentalh wa are strong for this space.
It is up to you to give it commercial
In the death of Mrs Ihiff numbers of
us lose a close personal friend. She
was line of those rare characters who
never allow their hearts to grow old,
and had iust as bright and cheery smile
for 11 < and as deep and true an interest
in tis as any of our classmates. She
usually held court in a large chair
in die sorority house, and there was
generally as much fun and entertain
ment round the bright, cheer> old
lady as around the most popular co-ed.
Mrs. Duff had a wonderful memory
for the thousands of names and faces
that came and went, and a second intro
duction was never required to recall
you to her memory.
Hers will occupy a prominent part in
the memories of the many capable and
lovable women that have been associ
ated with the University of Oregon.
Boxing and wrestling will be an im
portant department in Trainer Hay
ward’s physical culture course this year.
Over fifty men have already signed
up for prospective “mills,” and discol
ored optics promise to be all the rage
this season. Last year boxing and wres
tling was introduced in the athletic de
partment, but the popularity was but
nominal, due to the novelty of the
Probably no regular boxing or wres
tling card or contests will be pulled off
this year, but bouts will be held along
with the indoor meets during the winter.
Later on boxing and wrestling may be
come recognized by the conference col
Yell Leader Robison’s idea of a smok
er rally is excellent. It should combine
sociability and college enthusiasm, get
us all better acquainted, and if the com
bined influences of good fellowship and
Oregon spirit cannot bring the bunches
closer together nothing can.
I hc initiation of this custom, which
will be made an annual event, should
mark a return to the old time democrat
ic spirit of whole hearted loyalty to the
Be careful not to make any conflict
ing dates, and come to the smoker de
termined to be a good fellow and loyal
Oregon man. If you can’t use the
weed, bring spearmint or gum drops,
but come anyhow.
After competitive trials, the execu
tive committee considered the matter
thoroughly and appointed a yell leader.
He should command the unquestioned
loyalty of every student, for none of
the “entrepreneurs” of college activi
ties fail more miserably and conspicuous
ly than does the yell leader without the
support of the student body. The qual
ity of the cheering is probably the sur
est indicator of the spirit prevailing in
a college and is the thing by which a
college is oftencst judged.
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I'ekiting 'l eant (member)__2
Debating Team (leader) _3
Orator _3
Clee Club (member) _1.5
( dee Club (leader) _2
Mandolin Club (member) _1.5
Mandolin Club (leader) _2
Editor Monthly _3
Editor Oregana ___3
Assistants on Emerald _ _
Assistants on Monthly or Oregana_l
Manager Emerald _2
Assistant Manager Emerald_1
Manager Monthly _2
Manager Oratory and Debate_z
Manager Glee Club _2
Yell Deader _2
Mldetie Team (winner “O”)_2
Athletic Team (captain) _3
Manager beam (track, football, base
ball) - _2
Assistant Manager (same three)_1
Manager Dennis _1
Manager Basketball _1
Member Tennis Team_1
Member Basketball Team_1
Do Ereshmen :
Ml freshmen interested in the fresh
man sophomore track meet. October 15.
hand in their names, with the events
in which they desire to enter, to Trainer)
Hayward by Saturday,
Track Manager.
flare tiibl ay, ex 13. is taking the
remainder of her college course in Il
Spirited Election Makes “Fat”
Bailey Sergeant at Arms
The first business meeting of the
Laurean Literary Society, on Saturday,
October 1, had for its prime attraction
the election of a new set of officers.
Those chosen were:
President, F. E. Dunton.
Vice President, Will St. Johns.
Secretary, C. E. Spencer.
Assistant Secretary, E. O. Smith.
Treasurer, D. C. Pickett.
Censor, P. M. Collier.
The selection of sergeant at arms
brought forth the usual number of as
pirants for political honors, but phys
ical qualifications and reputation for sta
bility in that position gave the office to
“Fat” Bailey.
The work of the society was dis
cussed and plans were formulated for
increasing its efficiency. Many new men
were present and the society was be
seiged with applications for member
ship, thus assuring a successful year.
If Washington Agrees, Coast De
bating League to Form
Debate Manager Huntington lias re
ceived a letter from Stanford Univer
sity which states that they are willing
to enter a triangular debating league
with Oregon and Washington.
Washington has not yet been heard
from as to such a proposition, but a fa
vorable reply is anticipated. In case
Washington does not want to enter the
Coast triangular league, dual debates
probably will be arranged with Wash
ington and with Stanford separately.
After withdrawing from the trian
gular league with Oregon and Wash
ington, Idaho has written to Manager
I luntington asking for a dual debate.
Idaho withdrew from the league last
spring, saying that oratory and debate
were dead at that institution.
"If Stanford is taken on,” said Mr.
Huntington, “it will be impossible to
debate with Idaho. It would he one
more debate than we could handle well,
even if it could be financed.'’
Established 1S69
Gillette Razors
Chambers Hardware
We would appreciate your ac
count. Interest paid on Time De
posits and Savings Accounts.
Merchants Bank
Corner Seventh and Willamette
T. G. Hendricks, Pres.
S. B. Eakin, Vice Pres.
P. E. Snodgrass, Cashier.
Luke L. Goodrich, Asst. Cash.
Darwin Bristow, Asst. Cash.
Capital and Surplus, $235,000
S'tudent Patronage Solicited.
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods
Men’s, Youths’ and Children’s Clothing
Phone,Main 42
Martin Miller
Hen’s half soles sewed 75c
Women’s half soles sewed 50c
Martin Miller
39 West Eighth
Depot Lunch Counter
For firs-t-class
Tamales and Chili Con Carne
Large Hamburger Sandwich
R. H. BAKER Phone, Main 886
First Class Workmen
565 Willamette Street.
Barber Shop
6 E. Ninth St., opp. Hoffman House
Students, Give Us a Call
Preston & Hales
Johnson Dyes Johnson Wax
Cbe Combination
Barber Shop
and Baths
Six Chairs. One door north Smeede bote.
606 Willamette Street
Thursday, Friday and Saturday-Evenings Only
Custer’s Last Stand
These pictures were made on the Original Battlefield, with Souix, Cheyenne and Crow Indians
and Soldiers used in this picture by special permission from the Government
A complete lecture with the picture, giving all the historical events connected