Oregon emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1909-1920, October 01, 1910, Image 4

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    Dillon Drug Co.
We serve the most
Delicious Drinks
at our fountain
Hotel Smeede Building
Alfred Benjamin
Regal and Stefson Shoes
Mallory and Stetson Hats
Star and Cluett Shirts
The best of everything
that money can buy at
Roberts Bros.
554 W illamette Street.
The different societies are beginning
!o feel the throb of reviving life, and
are busily forming plans for the com
ing year.
The Eutaxians will probably change
their hour of meeting from 7:15 to 7:00.
j Otherwise there will be no change of
The Laurean reunion will occur at
7 :00 P. M. Saturday in Deady. Officers
will he elected and plans for the year
The Philologians are evidently still
in the coma state and have not been
heard from.
The German Club meets Tuesday af
Subscribe to the Emerald
It is your duty to support the college
publication. Hand your name to either
of the following: Allyn F. Roberts, Rol
land C. Kennedy or D. L. Dobie. See
that your name goes on the subscrip
tion list. $1.00 per year.
Mrs. C. Sengstake is spending the!
v eek end with her daughter Lila at the i
Kappa Alpha Theta house.
“If you like our Candies,
Lunches, efc. fell others. If
not, there is something wrong
with you.”
The place where a sandwich is
equal to an ordinary meal.
Palace of Sweets
The new University book store has
been established in the basement of the
Library, and has been doing a rushing
It is in charge of Mr. Douglas, the
Librarian of the University, who buys
all the books both for the University
library and the store. Mr. Douglas
keeps in touch with the book markets,
and through his association with the
University is enabled to obtain all dis
counts for the store. The students are
given the benefit of these discounts with
only enough taken out to pay the cost
of operation. Through this arrange
ment the text books are obtained much
cheaper this year, also the store being
on the campus, it is much more con
As the rush of the registration is now
over, the store will not be kept open
the usual number of hours. However,
it will he open when books are needed,
and Mr. Douglass informs the Univer
sity students that he is able and willing
to order any books they may desire
for private use, making them the best
price possible.
Supplies have not been handled as
yet, but this may be considered in the
future, and perhaps will be an opening
for a co-operative store.
Happy Applegate Married
Leroy G. Applegate, familiarly
known as “Happy,” and his bride, form
erly Miss Betts, of The Dalles, were
the guests of the Alpha Tau Omega
fraternity Sunday. Mr. Applegate and
Miss Betts were married at The Dal
les in the latter part of July.
Mr. Applegate recently resigned his
position with the Southern Pacific Co.,
and it was on his way to his home in
Southern Oregon that he stopped off
at Eugene.
We are prepared to show one of the most complete stocks of popular priced new
Winter merchandise in Lane County. Come and be convinced.
All \\ (ml Suits
Regular $20, $11.85
Regular $25. _15.(X)
Regular $35_ 25.00
Steel Rod, 26x26 in.
One lot worth $1.25, for_$1.00
One lot worth $175, for_1.50
(lilt handled ones for ladies,,
worth $(>.00 _4.50
Most Complete Line in the City
$17.30 Suits at _$8.85
$19.70 Suits at_12.50
$25.00 Suits at _17.50
Eugene’s most
modern store
Dodge Department Store
Lane County’s
bargain center
Have you heard anybody say they didn’t like our new Fall Suits or Overcoats?
Society 3kan{t Clothes
9Wi «>»>•(?« :).( t
| 1910 Alfred Drckcr& Cohn jj
have been in business lor over 40 years and they are the best values we have ever seen
$15, $18, $20, $22.50 and $25
H. F RIENDLY, Clothier and Furnisher fo College Men
Librarian Will Introduce New
System of Checking Books and
References Given a Student.
Over sixteen hundred volumes have
been added to the University library
during the past summer. The books
represent a cost of approximately $4,000.
This brings the total number of vol
umes in the library up to thirty-five
thousand. The majority of the acqui
sitions are in the department of Europe
an and American history. Modern Eng
lish, Education, Electrical and Mechan
ical Engineering, Political Science and
Economics. A large number of valuable
sets of reference works are in the lot.
Among them are the three sets of Mod
ern Encyclopedias and a large ser of
Engineering treatises of considerable
value to the Engineering department
Another set added is the “Works of
Theodore Roosevelt.” A large number
of files of periodicals were bound this
summer, five hundred dollars being ex
pended for that purpose. In the neigh
borhood of two hundred periodicals,
American and foreign, are coming to the
library at the present time.
i o make room tor the books which
came in during the summer, it was nec
essary to add new cases in addition to
using additions to the shelf room in
the basement.
The new system of checking books
| was perfected just before registration
I began. All hooks are now provided
j with a card with the signature of the
student drawing the book. This sys
tem makes possible a more rapid, and
at the same time a nipre accurate,
charging of books.
Sophomores Confer With Presi
dent Campbell on Plan
A substitute for hazing was the topic
of discussion at a conference between
President Campbell and a committee of
the sophomore class. The committee of
sophomores consisted of Miss Florence
Bonnell, Mr. Harold Warner, Mr.
Dean Walker, and Mr. Fen Waite.
All the conferees were decided on
the point that there should be some
substitute for hazing adopted, but no
decision was reached as to the precise
nature of the plan. President Campbell
favored a pushball contest, but the price
of the pushball (four hundred dollars)
was found to he prohibitive. A com
mittee of sophomores has been appoint
ed to confer with the freshmen, and
some contest akin to the Nevada cane
rush or the flag rushes of other schools
will be adopted.
1 lmrsday the students in the engin
eering departments listened to a series
of interesting lectures delivered by Dr. I
J. A. L. W addeli, of Kansas City.
1 lie lectures consisted of chapters on
special subjects selected from a book
which Mr. Waddell is writing jointly
with his partner, Mr. Harrington,
Mr. Waddell is a clear, interesting
speaker, thoroughly familiar with his
subjects, and has a wealth of experience
to back up all his statements. All who
heard him were both instructed and en
Shoe Store
The Store that Sells
Good Shoes
The Leading Dry Goods Store
Ladies’ and Gent’s Furnishings
Drop in at 505 Willamette St.
and look over our 1500 suit and
coat samples.
It will take only
a minute
Broders Bros.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in
Fresh, Corned and Smoked
U. of 0. Students
The place to get your
Hot Drinks
Light Lunches
-is the
Koh-i-noor Parlor
5 33 Willamette Street
Dancing Pumps
Full Dress Shoes
Our Specialty
\\ ilcox Bros., 457 Willamette St.
Near new Postoffice