Oregon emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1909-1920, May 25, 1910, Image 1

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AT MAY 25. 1910.
No. 55
F.:'Test Sprinter In Northwest
To Pert or m On Local Track
Next Friday Afternoon.
On T'ricl:iv afternoon Oregon's sin
burned .athletes . il co, ■ with Pullman's
trac < team, whose records shoi to I
be one of the most f< rmidable college
teams in tlte United States. Such lias j
been the efficiency of the past three ,
weeks of sunsihne. ho.vever, in plotting!
Oregon's men in shape, that they have
an even chance of winning from tins j
team, which is can i, .end [loss; ly su
perior, to the University of Washington ;
X el son. Cooil. and Stooky are giants
in the dashes and runs. Nelson in the |
dasl’.es is a better man than the great j
Gish, of Washington. I is time in the '
recent dual nice: between Whitman and
Pullman, which Pullman won by the
overwhelming score of 117 to 23, for
the 100-yard d; sh was 9 3-5 seconds, and
for the 220-yard 21 1-5 econds, both
equaling world’s records lie has the
Northwest record in the quarter of 50
1-5 seconds. Cooil in the Whitman meet
lowered the Northwest record for the
mile and Irlf mile f<> 4mimitcs 31 1-3
seconds and 1 minute 59 4-5 seconds
respectively. S'o.rsy ••••■,>• cred the North- j
".(‘st record for the t ro mile, mnnerly
held by Henry, of Oregon, to 10 minutes
10 seconds.
Poll,nan. moreover, does not depend
!*; on the ■ ort o' these three record
holders entirely, for site has a well
bal; need team in every de vrtment.
Dalquist If.h ar - a feet S nich-s and
pole vaults 11 feet. Johnson broad
jumps 22 f a. Anderson. their best
weight man, nuts the shot 40 feet 3
inches and thro es the h: vr 1 '' feel
\-vainst litis r ■ Jou’-t ->hle scoring ur -
chins Tt aim r H tty: rd is < rg ni ting :
superb defense, (every man on the Ore
gon team is <•’ .: rf -'t coudit on and in
every event eNcept the 10d and jT70 yard
dashes, in v l ieh Kay nd ATcl' nwl
c; n -ot e::pe; t *o trt1- •' better than second,
should give -lie X< rA-mers hard
tussle for first place.
On the pole vault, the hammer throw
and discus throw, P>eu \\ illiams. Boh
Kellogg, Bailee and Jim Neill should
pull down first places, while in tlie jav
elin and shot put, honors should he
about even.
McDaniels, folms and (dlliott are hard
to heat in the quarter, and there is a
chance that one '< then will shatter
the Northwest record in this event.
McClure and Henry. strengthened
by their experience in former races,
which lrs taught them how best to
run their events, will give C noil, and
Stool.ey somethin".' to do in the md
and two mile.
rite outcome of the meet will un
douhtedlv he close, and there is sure to
lie some Northwest records, and possi
bly some world records, shattered by
men on* both teams. .
Students and Friends E.\iov W .
Formal Afiair He’d In
New Gymnasium
Junior Week kind was brought to a
brilliant elose by the Junior Prom on
Saturday evening. it was held in the
new gymnasium, h he floor, though
• ot yet periect. v\a s ;n otter shape than
at any of -the previous dances held
I his being the only class dance of the
year which is not exclusively for stu
dents and alumni, many out of town
guests were present and .the large hall
was well Idled. i I endershott's orches
tra furnished the music. The roof porch
of the gymnasium was decorated with
class colors and made bright by Ja> in
esc lanterns. The hall was decorated
.111 Indian blankets and cushions and
a large 1911 banner strung across the
north end.
Sixty-nine and thr r cent
the students attending Amber i Col
re have seen engage 1 i ■ athletic ac
Giiver Prire Wins Pt W.dency by
Narrow K. ryin In oft'.dent
Body Election
University of Idaho, Moscow, May 21
— Ystcrdny witnessed one of the closest
:nr -t y citin'? elections ever held at flit
University, Oliver Price, Idaho's dis
n m, ■ -■ :tled a yarn t Jolin IP w'
of delate fame, for the presidency of the
\ S. 1 l. P • "d on by a narrow mar
g: ■ I Yxales Ids track work. Price has
.hi all <;udent activities.
: ; r, ■ e mend er of the debate
co c’1 a 1 is Y. M. C. A. President
“or n xt yi" r. The « tie r officers elected
an : Vie- Pre-Pivot, (Yenrgo Seinher;
Secret r\ Ver nica Pole;, ; Treasurer,
Enoch I’*"rnanl; and the following
members T the debate council: Rowe
ITobuan, P ol Clemens, fosenb Adams,
Ida Tweedy, Paul Hurra and John
R< ck.
[’ ‘rbaijs the most interest centered
'round the election of the members of
the atbb tic board. I ones Montgomery
led in the race, defeat'-g Lloyd Pehn
hv but three votes and James Thornton
by eleven. The oilier-, elected, were Lo
land Case, Frit/ Lundstrum and Roy
Johnson. Wallace Strobccker and Amos
Hitt t’eing for the last place on the
boa rd.
Mtogether the students feel th 'f the;,
liave a grout) of able officer' to 1>»»!.• alii r
student affairs for next year.
Elaborate preparations are being made
for a (-"limns d"; which ■ ill he held
.Mend"v A!is. Permed f. french, who
has charge of the program, has secured
some good s; Tier : ml arranged :
schedule that will fill the entire d >y.
The miin thing to he accomplished is
the inv-rov uent of tin general appe-r
•nce of the camaus. „
1 lie first May fet« at the 1 ' ivet
ff Washington vas held by tlie vo aen
i of that University on May 17.
Harold Rounds Represents Ore
goon An"inst Universities of
Washington and Montana.
Tcgon has . .'Irtmv to win trie moro
championship wlfcn representatives ot
i ties of
.\!o:i : in,1 ■' Orey.o - representative
'a tii. i r.. •• to or con' ci I i !
Yiilard 11 i;rid i.v ••'•cuing. May 27.
•lie i ucv. >tc : rat a-It. contest is :ui |
ttruial event, but will l “ somewhat dif- j
i •: t! h .. r. For: erF the I’niv, •
situs of W"shuigton, hi din and Ore
mm took part, l at this year Itl.dio with
drew ami Montana w - invited to send I
a representative. The representatives
are: For Washington. Ml o II. Hoover;
for Montana, Mr. Uullerdick; for Or
g m, i l ■ void Rounds.
This contest is the only one of the j
- . 'a chioh there are my prizes of
fered. The King County. Washington. I
iV- ;• Assoe’at’on offers $75 ft r the
nor m] $25 for secoml ■ i ■ ca. Resides |
the orations. Manager Steel promises
to secure good music d mashers it lie h is i
to hire it. his is 'he hrst nd last
oji ;< rtmuty of the. year pi heir an ora- •
topical contest, and the support ol
every student is needed.
Pro CUnt Oratorio il Association
Clarence A. Steele, manager n; ra
tore and deli: le, is t'e I’resident >•:' tin-;
Interstate t )r:11■ riel Association this
vc r, and .as a h. will presale at the an
nua! contest in Viihird Hall next: Fri
day night. Steel is a senior from Port
land, is majoring in History, and has
always taken a lively interest in tom. ec
during his co'Kge c nrc \ ' i a mein
her i>! the Lau-reau Society, of which
he was president at the first of the year.
V- Manager of Oratory and Debate,
Stci 1 11 S r. .rdneVd the department ill
:iji .•■<!■( tio!i;111 y husiitess like manner,
.id ! • val- :;ned ]>een interest in fo
rensics In suite* of all he could do.
however, there will he a heavy doit • t
to face at th c1 * e ■ f th year, end he
urges f -a!,ful alt' >danee at the coming
m . . ■ :- O'] Present “Shoe
m >ker’s Holiday” On
Class Day
Walla Walla, May 22- \\ hitman won
fr mi W. S. C. yesterday in a game of
n :1 very loosely played by the visitors,
in i seore of 6 to 1 Whitman got three
to \V. S, ( two, and made only one
■ while the visiting team made
se ,eu
\\ Intm iti has been playing some of the
i i nail seen on the home diamond this
ek rim games where she broke even
llm l.\ of W. in thirteen and ten
■ g •..allies , ere hard to heat for col
s' nnes.
l.li girls of the Young Women's
I i nian Association conducted a eafete
inch counter yesterday evening for
purpose << raising money for the
■ mil-nee fund. After supper a festi
1 consisting of a Maypole datiee,
as ip, the (iirls' and Hoys' t llee Cluhs
i : , ..rioits drills, w as conducted for
, net'll of the patrons.
la - ,iior class this year will present
the "Shoemaker’s Holiday" for their
Mass day exercises.
t ■ her? Well, Look
n the O ’sc an i. Will Tell
; :j Did What, and
•re it douiii as l'i wliat lias
i ■ |- '‘ 1:« past year <»r as
ii-l 1 1 happened, tile 1011 ()rre
, r h \our memory ; for one
:. .■ ill lie a calendar of all
1; r . events. The deepest secrets
"o ijo.' pnhlicity in this depart
■ r 1 nnny surprises may he ex
e< ted.
dud< at ill 1 < astonished when
<h-.ar.-er hat : lot of things they
1 - during tie- yesr,” said h'ditor
im, ->.kirn* o. this department.
a r<< - : i't lio--.<• l<> keep your ren ml
\rd if \ai-.i really didn’t
yon did, don’t blame
W hy how could I make
i't <111 it r"
h. ' - -- k -. ill 1 e di-die.ated to the
ta '-iit body and University at large,
i'ttended as the Varsity year book
In fullest ease md this dedic.ation
f th least indie at ions of its t rue
-a are.
(in Wednesday \la\ 25, the rowing
- - the 1 "i 'it-, of \Vashine,-ion
- St nford \'l! me - on Lake \V- h
-v ' a, Seattle
-- t!iri< hundred students at the
ver it\ Washington nu-l their
ie'orioes K.--I •(. trim at me railway
- ion. and nurmlcd the streets of Se
I. ' ’ 'he I 'li- 1-rsil V hold.
t ’ e -tit an-"' - oi the trustees
< \ dunt’-i l 1 dvi r ity, it w as an
-I t! ih. institution had just
■ v\-ed o r s’Y.onfX) in gifts. Of this,
•") a. co-ttri’ tid'd»hy "it anonv
. mi i- and 'h mil is to lie ex
;. ■ ted utuli.-r the direction of President
C;a;k Comes in to Third and
:ylot Takes His Place at
^ enter Field.
lie Washington State College nine
11 i\ s on today's local lor two games
: h C aeh Kelly's hnnch. 1 he lirst
gam-e will he called at 4:011 I*. M . her
< 1 iii i• 111 llenkel has had a rest from Sat
ins,..vs games in which hick broke
him so badly, and is prepared
to take the measure of the I'ullmanites.
C at hi r l oin has unde a rearrange
ment of the team and expects better re
sults in the inlield. Captain Clarke will
e roMght hack into the inlield at the
d: cult corner, and Chuck 1 aylor, who
ha been playing gilt edged ball, will
go to Clarke's place in the center gar
Manager Jamison, while appreciat
ing the support given the team in the
last series, is a bit worried over the
Ihnnei I outcome, and appeals to every
body to help on this last home series.
I hough the W. S. C. is not at the
top of the league, they have a well bal
aut111 team and an especially strong
out ild. Oregon bases its hopes on the
fact that on the last series the teams
broke even, and Kelly expects to do
better at home.
Oregon will line tip today:
(i ihrielsi>n, c.
I leakel, p.
Jamison, lb.
II rbotir, 2b.
McIntosh, ss.
l I a rke, ( c) 3b.
( handler, If.
Taylor, cf,
' :i Marler, rf.
) ■ 1 " uieering ( lull will inert next
i ni. . r cuing ;ii 7:30 o'clock in
I) nlv II II. T'mfcssor I•'rink will de
liver .hi . dilress on "kailway I enni
().no rs ill In' elected for the
next year.
'I lir department of Mechanical Fn
ineering 11 ■ s just received an electric
> n meter for measuring high temper
atures. It registers up to 1,650 degrees
Fahrenheit. I he temperature of the ex
h ; -t gases of the gas engine in the
lurch:1 ii tea I laboratory was registered
h\ it at 620 degrees.
I here will he an important meeting
, she la an.mi.' Chili Thursday night
t 7:56 I In election of officers for
I a , 1 i nsurer's report, and final
itliii. of thv.v.. r's affairs are among
il in,:a a- . t considered. All mem
1 -ers : r. urg d to he present.
a -s' in aaler 11 - a no further expenses
,,i y he incurred.