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    'Desire Under The Elms
Next For Merely Players
"Desire Under the Elms,")
Eugene O'Neill's controversial'
play about life, lust and erccd
in midl9th century New Eng-j
land, is next up on Merely!
Players' production schedule,'
opening Thursday night at the
theatre on Melrose road. j
Don Baile, who has had pro-'
fessional exDerienra in hnth!
film and stage roles, is cast in!
uie male lead as Eben. Jean'
Fake plays the young wife of
old Ephraim Cabot, a selfish i
New England farmer, portrayed!
by Dr. Henry Hirschmann. j
Eben's two brothers, Simeon
ind Peter are played by Dick:
Anderson and Don Freeman.
Handling lesser roles are Geo'
Arndt, Dan C. Hill, Jay Bar
rett, Euarda Schlaefer, I r a
Byrd, Verdun Hockett, Judy
Knight and Chuck Lamm.
Director is Dick Lanier.
The story concerns an old
man, completely selfish, but
with a strong belief in. God,
who carved a farm out of the
rocky New England soil, and
his three greedy sons, who wait
only for the death of their fath
er so they might have the land.
When the father comes home
with a young bride, the two
older sons leave in disgus" for
the California gold fields, leav
ing Eben to run the farm.
How Eben becomes entangled
with his stepmother, the greed
and lust of them both leading'
to their eventual downfall, is
revealed as the story unfolds
Curtain time is 8:00 for the
six-night run of the play. Dates
for the production are Nov. 7
8 and 9, and Nov. 14, 15 and
Save with
1 State Farm's
How insurance
i rates for
Careful drivers.
'See me.
Roseburg Phone 679-5413
eewnoeiu mseewct cxmrtww
noma Office: Bloomirigton, Illinois
Nutrition And Health
Classes Prove Popular
An average attendance of SO
persons was reported for the
recent nutrition and health
classes held in the Roseburg
Junior Academy auditorium un
der the auspices of the Rose
bjrg Seventh day Adventist
The two-week series featured
material from the International
Nutrition Research Foundation
in Arlington, Calif., a division
of Loma Linda University. Lo
cal doctors and other qualified
land especially-trained person-!
jnel gave short lectures in pre
senting the material, according
to church spokesmen. Mrs. A.
B. Munroe was in charge of
the series.
Fri., Nov. 1, 1963 The News-Review, Page 3
WINNERS GET PRIZES Jim Donnelly,, chairman
of the annual Neewollah Parade, screwed up his
courage Thursday night long enough to.awqrd $5
prizes to two winners in competition. They were
Stephen Adams, who was named best goblin, and
Connie Cummins, right, who wore the most original
costume. (News-Review photo)
Open House Scheduled By Rcse School PTA
Open house will be held at
the Rose School Monday follow
ing a short PTA meeting to bo
held beginning at 7:30 p.m. Ac
cording to Mrs. Fred Dir.ster,
publicity chairman, teachers
will be in their rooms for visi
tation by parents.
Neewoflah Parade Winners Announced
Despite a comparatively small
turnout of weirdly dressed!
youngsters, the 'annual Neewol-j
lab Parade was called a sue-:
cess today by Parade Chairman
Jim Donnelly.
Again this year, the parade
through downtown Roseburg
was sponsored by the Roseburg
CARE Crusade Set
For Kickoff Here
Spearheaded bv the Douiilas
county State Bank, the 1963
CARE Food Crusade is being
launched in Roseburg as part
of a state-wide program, ac
cording to an announcement to
Junior Chamber of Commerce, pranks, soaping of windows and
Benson Elementary School trick - or - treaters out on the
won the trophy for large schools, prowl, Roseburg experienced a
with greatest number of par-! very mild Halloween Thursday
ticipants, and Eastwood claimed night.
the trophy for the smaller! Roscburg eitv Police report.
SCnoOlS. 1 niml0 f -.11. hn nnlh.
I Individual winners were Con-iing serious. The sheriff's depart-
me Cummins of Eastwood, for.ment got a report of tires on
"most original costume;" Deb-ja car being slashed, but other
orah Reber of Riverside, "bost wise' the situation appeared to
clown:" Kathy Willits from Ben-;be very orderly.
son. "best witch:" and Steve chief nf PnlU-e John t. Trin.ii1-
Adams of Rose, "best goblin reported there wcro about 800
costume." Each won $5. lyoung people attending the
Although only about 200 young-jounce at the Elks Terrace ball
steis took part in the parade,!"-0"1"- The teen-agers conducted
Donnelly said it would no doubt themselves very conimendably,
be staged attain next vear. ihe said.
j Meanwhile, aside from minor! Approximately 300 children
called at the prlice station for
candy treats, which was about
the number expected for a first
.year, said Truett. The dance
and treats were sponsored by
the Roseburg Police Benefit As
sociation, t
Truett stated he wished to ex
tend his thanks to the young
people for their cooperation in
not resorting to vandalism be
yond having a little fun.
Call 673-8356
South End Fuel Co.
The executive board of the
PTA met Oct. 30 in the school
conference room and plans were
made for the downtown baked
food sale scheduled for Satur
day, Nov. 2. Proceeds are ear
marked for PTA supported
youth programs at the school,
Mrs. Finster reported.
Subsidiary of P.N. Hirsch & Co,
with $2 minimum purchase
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The Price!
a glorious new feeling in stockings.
Unique new SEAMLESS hugs your leg
like "a Second Skin." Clingy new
nylon fiber, plus the fluent fit of Belle-
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of having. They feel like they
look like no other stocking you've
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heel style in Surf side a flatter-
ing suntan. Get SECOND
SKIN the newest way to say
Spoken Here
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V J I . I
V-neck, anyone?
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with or without racquet under arm.
By Jantzen, a terrific way to Indulge In
the sportif without strain.
Hand-washable wool and acrylic,
just wear a smile
Red Black,
36, 38, 40
the debut of
a superb
dry skin
Special Formula
Special Formula Concentrate is a
gf , golden, flowing interplay of rare
lubricating oils that performs ab
solute marvels for skin that's terri
bly dry. Each minule drop acts
svnereistically . . . that means the
oils merge to produce much greater lubrication
than the same oils would when applied one
by one. Special Formula Concentrate glides on
easily, disappears and goes to work helping to
soften, smooth and pamper dry skin as you
sleep or any time during the day. 510.00 and
day by CARE's regional office
in Seattle.
As a special volunteer serv
ice to CAKE, the Roseburg bank
is distributing Food Crusade ma
terial in the community while
serving as headquarters for the
relief program planned national
ly to reach 4 million of the
neediest people in 19 countries.
Special importance is given
the 1963 drive because of the
aid going to victims, of the re
cent hurricane disaster in Haiti,
where CAIiE has been asked by
the U.S. government to provide
food to 100,000 victims for four
months. . .
The $1 packages, each con
taining 27 pounds or more of
food, are delivered in the name
and address of the donor, with
deliveries supervised by
CARE's American staff in each
area of the 19 countries. Al
though contents vary, they consist-
mainly of powdered milk,
flour, corn meal, - processed
wheat, edible oils from - U.S.
Food For Pea'e donations of
farm abundance, plus items
CA'E buys to meet country
In addition to emergency pro
grams, packages will also go
to help people feed themselves
In the future. There are school-
feeding projects to aid educa
tion, to sustain refugees reset
tled on new farmlands until
crops come in, and to help vil-
agcrs while they build farm-
to market-roads, fishing boats
and irrigation systems.
Food Crusade information is
available at the Douglas County
State Bank.
Shoplifter Jailed .
Harry Carmichael, 21, Rose
burg, pleaded guilty to petty
larceny in the court of District
Judge Gerald R. Hayes Thurs
day. He was fined $100 and $5
costs and sentenced to serve 25
days in the Douglas County jail.
Carmichael was arrested by
Roscburg City Police on a pri
vate complaint from the man
agement of Byrd's Low Cost
Market, where he is alleged to
have taken certain magazines
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Th hind of hmdrtnt
you'd expect In a smaller care
Com on down and drlvss K
Tho kind of comfort you'd ;
xpsct In a largo Interior.
Coma on down and alt In It.
. 1 f --..r MeeaeseeeElssssseee,
y Only a car that looks a good a thl could I VJ
Only a car that looks as good as this could I yfj
corns between Chevrolet and Chevy IL
Come on down and stara at It.
New ChmlU Mali'! Sport Coup
Now-Chevy spirit in a new kind of car!
We built this one to do more than just stand around
looking beautiful. Held its weight down in the 3,000
pound range. Then built four lusty engines two sixes
and two V8's with output all the way up to 220 horses I
. And if that makes you think this is one frisky car,
you've got the right idea.
You've also got a roomy car here. Yet its 115-inch
wheelbase keeps it highly maneuverabie m
Ix.iT.n nnrl tfnrir ntalT f n tvirtr.
liaillli OUU Ttl J voy ft" afflHfiTMai
With it Full Coil suspension, it's got a rida Mi: 47:
that reminds you of the Jet-smooth, kind tho
war it muffles noise and cushions bumps.
And the fine hand of Body by Fisher craftsmen shows
up beneath this one's suave good looks, too.
Sound good? There's more. Like the fact that Chevcllf
comes in three series with eleven models convertibles,
sport coupes, sedans, wagons, even Super Sport model
with front bucket seat. Like tho fact that (and see if
this isn't one of the nicest Burrjrises of all) the
tinus P.nntrntlo enmna nf an alfA nrire!
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