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Page 4 The News-Review '
Sales Tax Idea Cains Steam
The sales tax movement is grow
ing. A new statewide organization
has been formed to put together a
sales tax proposal and promote it un
til next November.
It hopes to get the sales tax meas
ure on the 1964 general election bal
lot as an initiative measure.
Meanwhile, the talk is still strong
for a sales tax bill from the state
legislature at its Nov. 11 session.
Most spokesmen from the two hous
es seem to be toying with the idea of
putting together a tax and referring
it to the people. To expedite this
move, if it gets by strong opposition
in the House and Senate, the legisla
tive Interim Committee is studying a
possible sales tax measure which
might be introduced at the special
session. It has intended to introduce
the proposal at the 1905 regular ses
sion. Other groups, too, are studying
possible measures.
The new group announcing its
sales tax intentions is called the In
come and Property Tax Relief Com
mittee. Its acting chairman is Nor
man L. Easley of Portland.
He has outlined this schedule of
attack. "It is planned to have peti
tions ready for circulation early next
year. Preparation of the bill is ex
pected to take at least three months.
We have already started research to
gather basic information. After
agreement is reached on principles
to be embodied, a group of experts
will assist in drafting the measure."
Easley says he is committing him
self to the effort "because I am con
vinced Oregon faces a bleak future
unless we overhaul our tax struc
ture." He says the high level of ed
ucation and other government serv
ices has placed "a heavy burden on
' property and income, and has be
come a major obstacle to economic
Easley sees the recent rejection
of the state budget and income tax
proposal as an indication the people
might want another type of tax to
keep state services and still offer re
ductions in property and income tax
es. This is an interesting movement
in light of the frequent rejection of
the sales tax by voters in past years.
Now, more and more people are see
ing the thunderous vote against the
budget and income tax increase Nov.
11 as a signal that the voters are
changing their minds about the sales
It's almost certain the voters will
get another chance to make a deci
sion on the matter within the next
year. The legislature doesn't seem
about to take the responsibility of
passing a sales tax law without the
people's consent.
"The Trouble Is,. Doc, I Can't Tell Whether
It's a Nightmare or. a Premonition"
v dlFiWn& Mm
Seen In
By DICK WEST If you have a friend or rela
WASH1NGTON (UPI) r- Onejtive who stands out in the yard
of the comic strips I read hasat night with a flashlight hop.
i dog named Snoopy wnoing iu uuc . w
nrf hi tim watching leaveslfore bedtime, you can be cer-
ofvuu. .... - ... :.! that hi'i a annpr
fall from trees, i snumu m wm -
The terrible thing about a
falling leaf fixation is that the
leaf falling season is so short.
Soon they will all be gone, leav
ing long, bleak months of noth-
read comic strips.
Their power of suggestion is
so strong tha. r.ov Snoopy's :
got me doing it. In fact, over- :
jnmo it Tho nlnin truth is that i
I have become addicted to leaf' ingness ahead.
watching. It is possible, or course,
Once a person gets hooked on! to hire someone to climb a tree
something like this, it is almost and toss down some confetti,
impossible to kick the habit.
Moreover, he must try 10 cuii
quer it alone, there being no
organization, such as falling
leaf watchers anonymous, that
he caii turn to.
but it wouldn't be the same.
While watting for the next
leaf to fall, leaf watchers occu
py the time with musing and
meditation. I normally mediate
upon what a shame it is for all
Cjone d3y
Taken from the files of the
News Review
Timber Salvage Picture Brighter
Salvage operations of Oregon's
Columbus Day 1962 blowdown timber
is progressing at a rapid rate. ,
The U. S. Forest Service reports
it has sold about 80 per cent of the
two billion board feet which was
knocked down by the big wind. Re
gional Forester J. Herbert Stone said
abdut 450 million board feet remain
to be sold,
This puts the Forest Service over
the hump. Now the big job is gettjng
the timber out of the woods before
expected attack of bark beetles next
uummcr. An optimistic note is even
seen here, however. Stone says he es
timates 75 per cent of the total sal
vageable blowdown will have been
harvested by May 30, if bad weather
doesn't interfere.
Opinions From Readers
Editor's Corner
By Charles V. Stanton
The Almanac
By United Press International
Today is Tuesday, Oct. 29,
New Look Requested
For Board Standards
To The Editor:
at tho same time in the same Instead, Mr. Cooper seems to
plasK. This is not bad nsvchol- be promoting something akin to
ogically for the slower students, Darwin's theories on survival of!
but gives them much more .the fittest; that a struggle for
Uhnnnn fn n.a mr to nn in a 1 PVISt.-nPP Will nave S SeiCCMVG. .... i. n
In answer to Sen. Flcgel's re- i a VanVefffiPt in removing the unfit. In-,.ine hT. ' 'i'"".
m,oQt in Ihn Nnu,.rovinu; last?"'"'' . I7" j u V ;J-, -u..:... W 01 tne Bpiizenueig vuncij,
.hwUV ... ...w ........ .......... nun nnrt iicincr inp samp ma-'ueea it is meui 11 vuuui-y van- , . , i
....... -- ... . . :arn. Dcine sninneu iu uuuiia
week, hero are some of my(t , B j ind also that begin at home, that neighbors
lHAtie that m.n lna.l in enmn1 . ... . .. . . . . i . .1.-1 :i I
uvd tuuv iiiuj vuu h , imi. tt.-ntm wii ttnimintpri v npin npionior. mat suciai wci-
economy in the schools. h t ri , , sijEhtlv be- fare can be carried by commU'
My first suggestion is for the ln-v while the other groups are nities ra'.her than by govern'
laMiclolnn in lnnr inin 4l.a .1 1 1 .t in tn.i.'. Mimnlnv cn.
.i.s.i.uiu. " more aavancua auovu uie giaue niciiio. "r"" , . . , Jnllnro
standards that have been ap- iCVel. Thus, each chill has the ciety, communities are not able,Pa several tnousana noiiars
.... ' .... . fnm Ihn cohnnl mictIiPt nllfl?-
Droven nv ine sinie uoara 01 nnnnv ,.n hi tn ophiaup in ihp in upar imp maior resnonsiDii- l ak...uv.. .
ca xaiion. inese sianaaras are maximum of his ability, mere uy lor tne umoriunaie memuers
minimum requirements tor is no ercatcr challenge than of society
And no matter how hard he,f fh. ia. tn m t waetp
might try to hide his weakness, 0m. the years there has
little tell-tale signs will give.been a ot of talk about using
him away. !ule great tides of Passamo-
11 , nuoddy Bay as a source of use
ful energy. Well, it occurred to
me that there might also be a
way to harness the energy pro
duced by falling leaves.
Has Possibilities
It is true that a single leaf
doesn't produce much energy,
but when you consider the mil
lions of leaves that fall each
autumn you can see the possi
bilities. I also meditate on ways to
make use of leaves after
they have fallen. Leaves burn
well, so why couldn't they be
compressed into brickettes and
put on the cookout market in
competition wim cnarcoai.'
If someone wants to try that,
I know where they can pick up
a lot of leaves cheap.
Another bright potential is
the use of leaves as a breakfast
cereal. Crumpled up in a bowl
with a little cream and sugar,
they would make a mighty ap
petizing looking dish.
Leaves might not be nutriti
ous or flavorful, but that is no
Oct. 29, 1923
More than 100 tons of apples
were expected to be put up by
a local canning firm from this
year's crop which will exceed,
or at least equal last year's
production. The cannery is can
ning 20 tons a day with the em
ployment of over 100 persons
aprnca t in nation, wim musi
of them going to San Francisco, Almost every cereal
The Douglas County tax su
pervision commission has lop-
ets of the county. It is reported
the cuts will in no way affect
the 302nd day of 1963 with 63 to sphools, and the control of these teaching a child; there is noi in the colonial period and the tlle efficiency of the districts
r..iimi, ...wi.;n' . . .... 1 . ; oc VFAPS AGO
full phase
The cvoning stars are Jupiter
and Saturn.
On this day In history
In 1918, units of the German
fleet at Kiel began a mutiny in
demand of peace negotiations
with the Allies
follow. istandards rest largely within greater reward than to watch parlv hppinnines of our coun
The moon is approaching its the local school districts. Many that child learn; and, I will j try car: for the dependent mem-1
ii i nf Iho .ticli-inte ni-n nhni.n IIipcp Ljj .1 . 1 J:. . . ........ . .
v. ...... ........ ...a m.u ......... iluU) iiiciu is iiu gictuui ui- Ders oi society cnuuren, eiaer-
standards in many respects. ircss than to watch a child lv. the sick and disabled was
The one Item that I have in turn his head from the vast rppat-rlprl a Hip rpsnnnsihilitv
mind at the present time is the'amnunt of knowledge that is nf thB familv Wkptl im hv
expenditure for periodicals'presented to him every day. Ifriends, neighbors, and reli-'tiiig board recommended today
(magazines). The requirement! Here in Roscburg. aptitude Uns ernuns. Rv thn mirtrlln of, the nation's 'raiiroads withdraw
for periodicals for schools, em- 1,-ninine has come a long wa.v ihn imh ppntnrv nWvatn pharitv thpir demand for a 15 per cent
ploying more than one teacherand very successfully. I hope'organizations conducted the ma-reduction in wages. The board,
is two for each classroom. In that it can be attained over the jor responsibility for this care, appointed by President Roose-
iwjtums oliiuu. s, enure state wnerever possiDie.iAS social Droblems became vnlt last month to investigate
Oct. 29, 1938
Just as it is today, so it was
25 years ago railroads were
having their problems. The
emergency railroad mvesuga
you buy nowadays nas
trition and flavor added.
Finally, labor unions per
haps could use leaves as a
substitute for featherbedding.
I trust that someone in au
thority will get to work on this
right away. Autumn leaves can
save the world!
Recreation Is Suggested
For Pork Barrel Outlay
Robert B. Duncan, congressman from Oregon's! ,
n . . , ... . . . ill -LtrfeUi iui nvj wtvaiiie a i c-
J-ourtn Congressional Uistnct, says that rec amatlon,!puUllc and its fjrst president, there is an allowance of 40c our Oregon schools rank at the more comolex. municioal andiihp rail Twa-P Hkmite said that1 women will present weir an-
pev sc, is not bad. His Statement was made 111 re- Mustafa Kemal, announced he Per child for periodicals. This top. Lets keep them that way.! state governments started to!,aop nf rallwav labor "aro'2 . . .. T-I
n f .. i,i i, l . r.m.l ai. rinps not ppm kp a arsn n ii i ik. -j . """TT . , ... loervice in uie reiiuwsnip nuuin
Church Group
Slates Service
The Roseburg United Church
Women will present their an-
would be known as Kemal Ata
In 1929, prices collapsed on
spouse to a request from Life Magazine to comment
on a recent article extremely critical of the congres
sional "Pork Barrel." It purported to expose a huge
waste of funds on federal projects.
AHmittillnr fhnt nnnin m.ninnla nm.nuna nnnU l.n
rlniH ' I " n JrX": value were wiped out.
'vm, viiiivtlll lVflli:u 1,11(1 U IIIU (U LltlD WHO
not discriminating; that there is "another side to the
"Water Is tho lifo blood ofi: '
our nation." Duncan said In his'navo hit upon a now outlet
the New York Stock Exchangers much while there are no
and billions of dollars of stock,uoubt others which spend more.
However, if wi take this 4uc
ooes noi seem iiKe a largejf ,t iS necessary to raise the devise programs and services not high even as compared with
amount and perhaps there are; tuition in our colleges, then let for the needy. waEes in other comparable in-
System Fails Idustrics." The board said it was
many schools that do not spend us raise it.
letter to tho magazine "The
West has appreciated this for a
long time, becauso we all ap
prcciuto that which Is scarce.
Tho East Is coming to reallzo
Ihle Inn n Hip .1 n.
availablo' supplies Increase. Thclcnl'ltnl ls available for the
timo to meet tho need is now."isamo projects. Wo justify our
We're going for public power In
a big way. The federal govern
ment is spending billions to
build dams, reservoirs, trans
mission lines, generating plants,
etc. Yit wo find that private
In 1940, Secretary of War
Henry Stimson drew the first
draft number from a bowl at
the War Department auditorium
Mrs. Marlin (Fernne) Cox when the depression struck it now up to the President to stop
1G76 West Brown
Roseburg, Ore
per child as an average and
mnlljnlu il hu Avnrv philH an.
rolled in grades i through 121 Woman Raps Practice
in the state of Oregon wc Of Trick Or Treating
and the first peacetime draft,,0Id como "P wlth 8 P.rct,.v
Duncan's point, it seems to
me, is well taken, Tho article
to which ho refers was indeed
sensational. As is so often true
in such writings there appeared
to be a measuro of exaggera
tion, a lumping of tho good and
tho bad all under tho term
The "Pork Barrel" is an In
teresting institution In our po
litical operation.
Opportunity Offtrtd
Each member of Congress
has an opportunity to advocato
certain public projects. Con
gress appropriates funds for
theso projects. Then tho mem
ber of Congress has a chance
public expenditures under the
heading of "cheap power"
which, upon final analysis Is
nothing more nor less than "sub
sidized power" in which private
industry must help pay Its com
petitor's cost.
Pork Barrel still is being (lis-
was underway.
A thought for the day
American author Mark Twain
said: "Ono of the most strik
ing differences between a cat
and a lie is that a cat has only
nine lives."
To The Editor:
soon was realized that private a strike.
organizations were too small to
deal adequately with the magni
tude of the problem. Even state
Oct. 29, 1953
Douglas County gained
governments were unable to'seond Rotary Club with the in
handle the mass poverty andlotaiiatinn nf a nrovisional club
unemployment. By 1933 it was
generally recognized that the
Turkey Dinner Slated
For Riversdale Event
large sum of money. This is
only one small item. There arc
no doubt other, larger Items
that could be trimmed efficient- W;,cn thCy threaten to soaplpassae of the SocUl Security
ly and succcsully. Lv winHowS if I don't buy themi AVt of 1935 movide.l iht a
This next suggestion is to me Uf, it simpiy is blackmail. to teto ita to?.""
much more important and a i . ..,... neip suits ann locai-
lorn.i .inn fnr.J. in np. . . . "'"i J 'es care for persons already
c,.-... r ...- ... loans oi mem come wnen i taa nlH and nut nf ih
tion This is to convert a 11 iirst,livca at my home. I don't mindjrb un'emp Ument to'
grades in the schools into half.thc little onccs. but I do resent' " ?J l.i :yu. ' .
j . . 1 ... .irptnrv . li-pasnrer. Attending
three hour session from nine to Mothers used to drive chil- Lnd healtl services aid for thP! fro Roseburg were officers
WJ.lSr 'toliSCr!dICB ,0,my -F'f- Wb,J 1iind.- WW anTvocalbnat reV'ercy Croft, president, Roland
I, too, am digusted with the:foderal govcrnment mst take
canlipn nl "Triplf nr 1 'pal . j: . . . ..
....uv v. ...... . Kiinin nirppr rpcnnnciniiitt, -inn . ... ... . .
- ..rr... .,.,. ..v nrnvlsinna until oniciai oaners
are received from Chicago,
world headquarters of the or
ganization. Officers of the new
club include Bob Adams, pres
ident: Barney Root, vice presi
dent: and George O'Mealy. sec-
.. .. .... .out ante. Laic mr inp nrnn.inpri ' - '
ay Kinaerganen sessions unc ,he big oncs 19 0r 20-year-olds. rnd dependent children child retary " tfeasl,rer'
fhrpn hnnr apvcinn frnm ninp tn .i t j-i..- u:i . uvwuu mumm, lihiu., ,
in the Fellowship
of the First Presbyterian Church
this Friday at 1:30 p.m. The
theme for the day will be "Chan
nel to Peace."
The annual business meeting
with clectiot of officers will be
held at 1:30 followed by the
worship service. William Mcl
hoff, a teacher at Riverside
School, will show slides from
Wednesday night at Myrtlejhis two-year Peace Corps ex
Creek by 16 members of theporience in the Philippines im
Roseburg club. It will only beimediately following the worship
service, rne program wm cuo
elude with a tea.
All women in the community
are cordially invited to attend,
according to Mrs. Allen Inge
britsen, in charge of publicity.
Nursery care will be provided
for children.
-pn tn mv nlnrp what kinrT ui: 1 .. . .riornv rrnft nrpctrlnnt Knlanriia 1 m
- a 1 t 1 , J ' r -- -MKfu, uuiiu una vocational re-: ' . ' 1 -..aamb- i Kmi-
A turkey dinner with all thei " . -u .uf PC0P'e vUl tllcr.. .raisc? .-habilitation programs etc. I West, Bruce Mellis, and Vic, tUlllCll LCUM JCI f IV
dessert will be served at the!
going to school only one-half
iriuiuca on 01a formulas most' Kail Festival to be held by
of them obsolete, at least time. Riversdale Grangers at the hail
worn. (this Saturday. Serving will be
New Outlet Develops (from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The public
A new outlot, however, is de- isjinj;ltod ,0,j"ltoj1,d'
vninninB mn.i -...,mi iw nf. Following tho dinner, a coun-
...j. ...;,. , ,l. L .J
our biggest needs today is rec- ' ,' ",.. L"
of our
day, or threo hours. In this way
all children can get the advan
tage of kindergarten; they can
learn to work as a group and
to follow directions. The plan
would make the adjustment that
1. nu Au:i.t
. la imuaaaii iui caul unit!
andi,,,, , ,, ,,. ,,.
don't blame the children, it's j This illustrates one of the ba-Micclli, and board members. A rlinrrlf In Winctnn
their elders I have a bone to :. rasons fnr ,h vrcl ,! 1 AI UlUrCll 111 VTllISlOn
...111 1 ..1 aiaiunw
nun. nvig 111 viivkuii, us -..-Ik-i- ii i , . vi ii i. ii I u . i iiu uiai anil ouvuiivi
example, some 80 per cent ,ZTn thc-V w
rar recreational potential ,. to the committee In charge. coml)inrd into ono vcar tlt
in federal control, but tho ted
to toll the voters about his eral government is lagging far
achievements, liko Littlo Jack llellln(l tho local investment in
Ilorncr. "who nut in his thumh!l!V'lopnicnt of facility.
and pulled out a plum," andl ,f uur congressional pork bar-
proceeded to brag about It
But, as Duncan says, there
are certain projects with merit.
Congress, it seems to me,
rolcrs aro looking for a field
where public money can he
spent with a degree of merit,
they could, It seems to me, do
though, Isn't nearly as Interest-, " 1(11 Rood, at tho same lime
ed in the matter of merit as;PrM,rvin ,lH,r ability to
tn producing votes. "point with pride" and thus
For many years wo havo'K"'n votes, if they would direct
spent billions of federal dollars !omo of ,h,ir Project planning
on rivers and harbors. Develop-i'nto ,n Ureal recreational
tnent of facilities for maritime nr'0'-
travel certainly used tn have
much merit. Hut what has hap
pened to maritime trade? Are
wo justified in continuing to
spend our billions to build bet
ter harbors when the maritime
industry in this country has
51.1 SE. Main SI.
Puhllihwl Dally txcapl Sunday bv
Hoitburo, Orrfon
Talrpnona all-illl
dwindled to but a fraction of its t. ai m. pon nk at Rowtuio!
jSr-r a
is now the second grade. Al-
sic reasons for the existence of
govcrnment; that is, to protect
and provide for it's people when
they cannot adequately provide
.or memscives , of Vocational RehabiU.
NO Denial Made lalinn in rali-oinincr a nnrenn tn
No one denies that there are'oainfiil emnlovment. etc. Pub-lmnrnini? tirrieram was a eirls'
chicelers on public assistance uc welfare is much more than trio from Northwest Christian
rolls. I would like to quote from inci the evantins of financial ;Cnlleire in F.u.'ene. one mem-
To The Editor: a speech given by Mr. Juras, assistance: there are child wcl-!ber of the trio being Janet
The News-Hoview receniiyiui.n siraior ot tne state Pub- fare services, adoptions, train- Weber of Winston who is at-
puulislicn icners irom wr. it. nenare commission: "There jna for the vocational handi-
pick with.
Belle Crenshaw
Central Trailer Court
Roseburg, Ore.
Supervisor Of Welfare
Replies To Criticism
Services for the recent Lay
man's Sunday held at the Win
ston Christian Church were con
ducted by Noel Campbell and
Jack Nelson. Assisting with the
. lu4 twvu.iu.iu. . ........ ili;illlg IIIQ LUI-.UC.
IS nUCll talk tOdaV abOUt in-nnnnnH nnuncplinO fnf inriit'tfl- Pk..1. kA..J,. ol 9
chgibles being on the welfare uais 0r families with disrupted recent meeting took action to
roils, the Aid to Dependent Chil- interpersonal relationships, and raise the annual salary of the
flrens program fostering chil-dher services too numerous to minister of the chrrch, accord-
ing to Phebe McGuire, cor-
a citizen Decomcs rc-pondent.
former self?
Duncan Corrtct
Duncan is correct when
, toon. undar a(t
ij. V. Brannar
March f. !!
hp! ' Nawa-Ravlaw ia man-oaf of lha
speaks of the need for water. uan iiurrau oi citcuiaiwi an im c
Hut Is it smart to spend huge 'iw Pubimf ,vi.ik.
...,. i.. . " l Nallonal Advarlitno RacraiarilaMya II
sums to put more and more Na.wpar v.tni st,,ia co.. Run
land acreage into production ,"Um- FraniKo. Cam.
while, at the same lime, wc'rcl , uscRifTioN rtes
spending huge sum, of money! fSSSL.'SiSTT
every day to pay for farm sur- "
pluses? I fty Mall-ln Douolai Couni, ) rnonm,
, , , . , , ' '! J nxmlM. UK: t monlni, f tti
in laie years our pork bar- 1 yaar moo ovmoa x ooiiai ceuniy
relers" a, they m.y be called, Vsil ',5,'y STST" w "' 4
most the entire first half of the I.. Micklcy and Mr. A. M.
second grado is spent in re-.Cooper, who made critical corn-
viewing what the child was tojmcnts about the welfare pro
have lparnpH 'n Ihp first era Hp pram In Oreenn. I would liko
as our program stands at this to offer some comments in re-flrcn born out of wedlock, wcl- mention
time. This is necessary not be- ply. Icl'P'cnis not paying their When
ramp nf Inpffiripnpv hut hp. I M Mipklpv In hit lntlpr urff-0111S, Wellare rccimcnts not hf.!r r . r:i,,ni;n Ihnl toomt
cause of the great adjustment es the dropping of all able-bod-!n8 willing to work or look for. to be an abuse of the. welfare;
a child who has been free as a ied persons from the welfare job. and welfare standards be-iprogram, he has not only the'J'N !N PLEA
bird must make. He must learn rolls. I wonder if the public is n8 too high. There is genuineiprivilege but the responsibility! VA;ivrTnv fttpn Fnr
to pay closer attention, sit still aware that single-employable concern about the mounting to make his concerns known to; " pipVi.wi nY.hi n"irin
for a longer period of timo than persoi.s are not assisted by wel-'cost of welfare .in today's the local welfare department or u.Si!r..' Aifrpli
he wishes and learn to work faro commluions in Oregon, un-.wealthy society. From what one it's commission. Z.',h , ' il
with others. By having a half less they have a physical or hears and leads, it would ap- Welfare Described C"S, slTiJ!v
day session for the first grade, ner.tal Impairment prcventiiig Par that the welfare agency is What is publi? welfare? It is r, 1 X! , " ' J ! , . , ,
the teacher can keep his atten-thorn from engaging in gainful neia responsmie for the eco-!8n agency, established by law,. " " , j fi"'m "... i
Hon more effectively because employment. When employable "omlc status of the state and to provide programs for those fu fi, p," PJ , 4';.,'2
he docs not get so tired. Alsoladults are assisted, there are naUon, and there are those who who cannot get along by their p!l, .1 tPII iLzlT
. .1 nl.llMM All hahlll n. nmk-n.. .L .LIU .l.l.. . fcUHi. wi .guts iiufiiani.
niimi.i. a..T'.-p viiiniivii ui.uit-, . fiuunrnia own eiloris me ciiiiaren, Uie. ,
pH niirino neriods when harv-h enter around cersons receiv. i.Mk ik. infirm ih Minn! irutnthcr gave a progress
est work is available families ing public assistance." ;and disabled, and to aid those
hp r nf fpanhnra nniwiivl at Ihla M-ilh phitrlppn sro pvnpplnrl tn! PtrCttntaa Small ' n U. 4n...nHJ
IpvpI i. .-ii t.,pmpiv-pa nf thia u-nrk Fortunately. It vprv .mciF ... ..u . .... j tion with an article Eisenhower
Aptitude training should be; Cooiwr Sovtr ,percentage of welfare reciDi-nnrt- in mlnr rlpnpnrlpnpv1!"??6 '.or.
encouraged and established in! Mr. Cooper is more severe In 'Fnt who abuse the program, whenever possible and lo Reador 8
every school possible: that ls.ihls criticism. He seems to be But, unfortunately, it is this mi- strenethpn family life. It can'
dividing the children into class-'advocating that government dis--nority that is noticed and re- do an effective job only when
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Administrator Douglas
County Welfare Commis
sion P.O. Box 70.
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